Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So, I know that I have been neglectful to this wonderful blog lately. Let me just explain that things are CRAZY right now. Big three day event for work starting today and most of my time has been spent either preparing for this event or recovering from preparing for it. It's a big deal! I can't say that it's all bad...there will be lobster...a girl can't complain about that. However, here are some talking points for my next post (this way I can stay on top of things):

  • KP Fundraiser
  • Bob-o-palooza 3
  • Ladies' night with J$
  • Silly time with L
  • Review of how the event went

Ta ta for now... off to go run around like a crazy chicken without a head for three days...then hopefully some relaxation!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I had a BBQ Stain on my white T-shirt...

So today's wonderful post it about music. I was sitting, talking with my office mate...we will call her Miss. Sass (trust me if you met her, you would know that this fits perfectly...LOVE her). And she was singing some song that she couldn't get out of her head. Ofcourse, me being the google Queen's daughter...I immediately had to find out what song it was. It was...(insert scary music here)...a country song.

I am a self-proclaimed hater of country...until I realized...there are some country songs that I like:
  • Tim McGraw's "Something Like That"
  • Julie Roberts' "Break Down Here"
  • Le Ann Womack's "I May Hate Myself in the Morning"
  • Trisha Yearwood's "She's in Love with the Boy"
  • Most everything that Carrie Underwood sings
  • And the occasional other funny song

So, I sit here astonished...I....(gulp) country music. I mean don't get me wrong. I don't think that it's a horrible thing to like country music...I'm just saying that I find it surprising. The girl with tattoos, piercing, who has had hair almost every color of the rainbow, who spent her youth listening to barely understandable metal music. Just not exactly where I saw my life being at 24.

However, life isn't the same as it was back then. The only piercings I have left are two small, white gold hoops in my ears. I don't even have any other earrings in the other holes. The eyebrow ring, nose ring, tongue ring, lip ring, and four belly button rings...GONE! It's been almost 3 years since I got my last tattoo. Pretty funny seeing as how last I checked I was designing a full back tattoo.

I work in the corporate office for a gigantic nation-wide company, (well at least the right half of the nation). I wear dress pants, nice shirts, and heels every day to work.

My music: I still listen to the good old metal music when in the mood, but also rap, R&B, Pop, 80's, 60's (not always by choice - Thanks Big A), and of course....(gulp) country.

If I was talking to my 14 year old self...she would have called me a sell-out and told me to go F myself. She had different dreams and ideas of her future. She also had a bad potty mouth! (Not much has changed Little Me)

I don't know where I thought I was going when I started writing this, but I can tell you that I didn't know that it was going to end up here. So... the question is: "Did I sell out?" or can you not really consider it selling out when you, yourself change.

I mean think of it this way. If I was that same girl as I was 10 years ago, yes, I would be a total sell-out. Back then, I was going to save the world. Change something. Help people. I was going to do something miraculous...I just hadn't figured out what yet. However, over time I realized that I can obtain those goals, but just not how I thought. It isn't a straight path. You aren't 14 and just travel merrily along a sunny flower filled path until you ultimately reach your goal and full-fill all of your dreams. Eventually you are going to run into the Big Bad Wolf and have to take a little detour. Fight a few fights. Life isn't all sunshine and roses. It's also not all thunder and dark spooky roads either. It's both.

Now back to the music...ready to bring it all back full circle. I was stuck on one type of music because I have always been a person who listens to music depending on my emotional state. When you are a brooding, pissed-off teenager, then heavy metal is the obvious choice. However, over the years I have been able to expand myself, my emotions, and now my musical selections. So take that 14 year old self. I'm no sell-out...I'm just not so one dimensional anymore. If that means liking country music...then so be it. And for the record...that Tim McGraw song has been stuck in my head for two days:

"I had a BBQ stain on my white t-shirt, she was killin' me with that mini-skirt. Skipping rocks down at the river by the railroad track. She had sun-tanned skin and red lipstick. I worked so hard for that first kiss and the heart don't forget something like that."

I guess I'm just in a honkey-tonk kind of mood.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Another weekend come and gone

This weekend was just as busy as the past few have surprise there.

This weekend was filled with "girl time". L had a ladies' night Saturday night to celebrate being child/future hubby free for the weekend. She made delicious Sangria and lots of food. I was a good friend and helped her drink most of the Sangria. You can always count on me! Hmm...I wonder if that contributed to the pounding headache that I had all day Sunday...hmmm...nah. Prob not.

Sunday was filled with more girly time. I sadly said good-bye to Big A (who I'm beginning to forget what he looks like) and headed out for L's wedding dress appointment. She's been waiting for this for a year and a half. It was about damn time! She looked amazing in everything she tried on (brat haha JK LOVE her!) and decided on this amazingly beautiful scalloped-top wedding dress that looks like it was made especially for her. I'm so happy for her and honored that I got to be a part of that special day. The count-down begins to the wedding...there are going to be some crazy months ahead!

Sunday night was filled with a little bit of family time (stopped by to hang out for a bit, but the aforementioned headache kind of took over and I went home a little earlier than usual) and then some much needed QT with Big A. I wasn't being dramatic about forgetting what he looks like. With the normal Mondays with L coming over, work trip, girly weekend, I have barely seen him. He was a sweetheart and came home when I came home to see me. You would think after 3 years we would be able to adapt better to going through busy periods of not seeing each other, but we are just as crazy about each other (if not more) which makes time apart seem almost unbearable sometimes. I know, I know...enter gagging/vomiting sounds here. I love the guy, I can't help it!

So tonight we are planning on sneaking in some QT before L comes over. I know it's going to be a million degrees out, but I think I can get away with stuffed shells. They are the kind of food you can walk away from when they are cooking. S0 you don't melt. I'm really re-thinking this whole AC debate. Big A insists that he is going to put it in whether I like it or not. Haven't seen anything yet...can't say I'd hate it. But, I can't tell him that. Have to stand my ground. Look tough. I said no damn it! Haha. We'll see how it works out.

Oh and BTW...comforter shopping with Ma Dukes turned up NOTHING (although I did get some great new clothes...enter ADHD here) and there were plenty more hideous animal prints to choose from. Even David's bridal had zebra/leopard print satin dresses...GAG! What is this world coming to? Whoever in the fashion industry thought that animal prints would be a good idea, should be dressed head to toe in all animal prints available and then slapped in the face. Just sayin'.

Oh and promised...we named the Baby Deer. Her name is Sophie Grace! I know I put far too much time into naming animals, but whatever. I am who I am.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to the Jungle

So, my wonderful furry Felix decided to take revenge on his mother for leaving him and ripped a huge hole in my comforter. Not on Big A's side...on mine. Right by my face. Big enough for me to continuously get my hand stuck in it while I am sleeping.

Big A did it the first time. I laughed at him and called him a dummy. Instant Karma. I spent the whole night getting my hand stuck and waking up. I will never call him a dummy again! That's a lie..we all know I will.

So I took this as the chance to be able to buy a new comforter or duvet set. There is no way that I can sew it all back together without it looking crappy. I refuse to sleep like that. Plus...I've been trying to buy a new bedding set for a year.

Unfortunately, I am one of the pickiest people I know. And find most of the selection out there to be disgusting. I mean even most cheap hotels wouldn't even dare use them in their rooms. You know that's pretty bad. If I did like the set, then it was somewhere around $300. Not really in my budget.

However, I began to notice a trend amongst most of the bedding designers...they must have been listening to a little too much Guns 'n Roses...because here's what a lot of them looked like:

I mean who wouldn't want to sleep on those bad boys every night? There were millions of them. Zebra, giraffe, lion, cheetah, etc. The whole animal kingdom was there. I'm pretty sure that if I brought this home, Big A would take one look at me and just walk out of the room. His single for "I do not agree with what you are saying/doing/buying etc. etc." I'm pretty sure I would be returning them in no time.

So, I continue on my search for a new bedding set. Hopefully, I can find one soon. One of these days I am going to wake up from suffocation from having my head stuck in the damn rip. Not really my idea of a good morning.

I'll keep the bedding though. Big A can put it on the bed the next time I go out of town. Felix can do whatever he wants to it.

Vacation, Business Trips, and Baby Bambi

Look at that beautiful sign...every vacationers dream!

Big A and I found this place last year when we made our adventurous trip to the Cape. Big A decided that it would be "fun" to just drive there and see if we could find a hotel to stay at. Fun right? Not when you are an OCD invested control freak who envisions "no vacancy" signs and thought she would be sleeping in the back of 1999 Chevy extended cab.

We found a hotel though...and this place. So we were excited to go back again this year.

We drove down early Friday afternoon with the weather prediction spinning in our heads... thunderstorms all weekend. Fun. Of course, we go on vacation and it is supposed to rain for the first time in weeks. It rained a little on Friday and a little on Saturday. No more than 15-20 minutes at a time though. The weather Gods were kind to us. They knew we needed this!

Margarita Bar was Friday night. They have everything you could ever have dreamed of. Plus a cute little outside patio you can sit at. We had a great time. Very sad to come back home though. Big A and I decided that we need to win the lottery soon so we can go on vacation more often... maybe we should start by actually playing the lottery. That might help.

We got back from vacation Sunday afternoon and spent the next day and a half soaking up each other's company because Tuesday morning I left for Columbus, OH.

When I sat for my interview for this job, they had talked about doing a little traveling. At the time I thought it was so exciting. I felt like a grown-up. I imagined saying... "oh sorry, can't make it that day, I'll be on a business trip" feeling special and proud. Like the cool group of people who get to travel to amazing places for work... ya Columbus isn't one of those places.

Traveling for the first time, my anxiety was through the roof. I envisioned fiery crashes, muggings, etc. Everything that could go wrong was passing through my head. However, I made it there and Columbus wasn't as bad as I thought it was. I even...dare I say it...had a little fun. But I was DYING to get back home.

Here is a shot I took from the plane ride from Columbus to DC. I thought the clouds looked so cool.
I don't think I have enjoyed a plane ride in a long time...this one was amazing.

I have a thousand more pictures like this. I wanted to show them to Big A because he has never been on a plane and I thought maybe it would help him be more excited about the idea.

He looked at the pictures, said "Wow, that's cool" and then continued on with what he was doing.

I think it is going to take more than some pretty cloud pictures to get him on a plane.

So Thursday, I drag my exhausted behind back to work and try to get back into my normal routine. Easier said that done. I did at least three stupid things within the first 45 minutes that I was there. Needless to say, I was NOT on my A game. And unfortunately, people noticed.

For example: I made a suggestion that we have something pointing to the parking area on a map we were working on for an event. I got a very nice e-mail saying, "The parking area is highlighted in yellow and written in bold letters it says PARKING. Is that what you meant?" Yes, that was what I meant. I apparently had overlooked the gigantic neon yellow area marked parking, directly in the middle of the map. I felt like a fool.

By lunch time I was stressed out and even more exhausted than I thought possible. The project of scheduling a pick-up for a package on UPS almost sent me into a full-blown anxiety attack. Awesome! So I took a deep breath, took the elevator down to the cafeteria and guess what I saw:

A BABY DEER!!! This little guy (or girl) was so stinkin' cute! He was in the field next to the cafeteria and kept running up to the window.

I immediately named him Dexter Finnigan. I thought it was perfect. However, someone told me they thought it was a girl.

So I thought of Annabelle...that was veto-ed as well. These people need to understand that naming animals and inanimate objects is kind of my thing. I don't take input. I name them on my own.

That being said...I'm back to the drawing board. The longer I look at her, the more I realize she wasn't an Annabelle anyway. I'll come up with's just going to take some time.

Well folks, Friday is finally here and I am looking forward to the weekend. Hopefully this weekend doesn't involve bratty children running a muck. I think I will stay away from the mini-golf sanity needs the break!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Something positive

If you made it through my last rant...then I have decided to award you with something great to feast your eyes upon. If you didn't make it through my rant...enjoy anyway. This is my furry little boy...looking as cute and innocent as ever.

Oh and by the way...I'm the first one to yell at him when he does something wrong and then threaten corporal punishment...unfortunately to him I mostly sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown so he doesn't get my threats...I would never hurt him, but I have put him back in the car/house when he is misbehaving...Mr. Fresh will not act a fool and get away with it.

Pet Peeve of the Day: Adults that act like children, and children who weren't taught to behave any better

So this revelation began many moons ago, but recently reared its ugly head again. Let me start from the beginning of this story:

So Big A and I went away for the weekend to the cape. Three glorious days of just the two of us, some good food, nice sights, and a fabulous margarita bar. What could go wrong? Nothing right? WRONG!

On Saturday, cursed by a cloudy day we decided to skip the beach and head out for a "friendly" game of mini-golf (the quotations are because although mini-golf isn't supposed to be a full contact sport, it can easily turn ugly when you have two competitive people like Big A and I). We get there and the sun shoots out from behind the clouds, the place is packed, and it's a million degrees out. Fun right? If we hadn't been talking so much crap to each other about who would win for days on end, we probably would have left...but there was too much at stake here. So we went on with our plans. We knew that we would have to wait a bit at each hole, but didn't mind until they came and started to play behind us. The typical non-involved parents and the children who don't know any better because they have rarely heard the word "no". The children were running crazy around the mini-golf place like they had been locked in a closet for the past month. They were running across the green, hitting you with their putters, jumping off rocks, climbing over walls, it was HORRIBLE. Now I have a lot of patience for children and tried to remind Big A to keep calm and try to force that vein in his neck back inside where it belonged. He soon started to chill out...but then I began to lose it. These kids were insane. And after the millionth time that they almost knocked be down stairs or tripped me, I had had it. The mother was screaming at them for the thousandth time "If you don't stop it right now I am taking you to the car!" Now, I know I don't have children, but from my experience if you keep threatening to take them to the car and they continue on not caring what you say and you don't take them to the car...then really what do they have to fear? So as the little pip-squeeks ran across the green on hole 15 and started jumping off the rocks, and I realized every second they held me back was one more second that I was standing in the hot sun...I was done. I yelled at the kids to get off the green, looked at the mother and told her that she had already threatened the kid without consequences so what did he care, and then proceeded to take 5 shots until I finally got the damn ball in...not my happiest moment.

So my point is this: I know that I do not have children of my own. However, I have nannied and baby-sat enough to know that when a child is acting up in public and they are no longer capable of controlling themselves or acting appropriately...please remove them from the general public so that they do not ruin everyone else's day as well. I know that it is a bummer so go sit and wait in the car when you would rather be out in the real world, but bottom line...things will be a lot easier in the long run. For you and me. Oh and for the even more un-involved father (not dissing Dads could be the mother in some situations, it was the Dad in this one) buck up and help your other half out. Do not sit there and roll your eyes looking annoyed at the audacity of these children to behave like this. These are your children. You are responsible for them as well. I can be annoyed because I have no control in a situation that is negatively affecting me. You on the other hand are responsible for bringing these little "angels" into the do something about it.

A very important game of mini-golf was at stake here and you are lucky that I still managed to win. Unfortunately, Big A keeps using the little hellions as an excuse for why he lost...obviously missing out on the extreme skill I have...but will not admit that.

And if for some reason in the future, you come across me and my future little "angels" (we all know what kind of karma children Big A and I will get) and they are acting a fool and you see me transformed into the screaming dragon mother without really doing anything to stop it...please promise to slap me and remind me of this situation. I give you full permission. Thanks!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Patience is a virtue

I'm sure as many of you are aware...I sometimes lack the proper amount of patience for a normal human being. Once I get something into my head, or have to do something, I want it done then and there. I don't want to wait. The time is NOW!!! And for those of you who know me, I'm sure you know the aftermath of when this isn't an option.

Case in point:

Every so often my job require me to make travel arrangements for my two awesome bosses. This is fine. I don't mind, I have no problem doing this at all. My problem is that the website we are required to use to make said arrangements is the slowest, most pointless, incredibly frustrating thing I have ever encountered in my life. What usually happens is that I can feel my blood pressure rising with every minute that I am stuck on this site. My head hunches down, my neck and back get tight, and before I know it I am usually tightly gripping the mouse, talking myself out of throwing it as far as I girl + destroying company property = Bad bad outcomes. So I take a deep breath, and dare I say it...try to RELAX...and try to get through it.

Today was no different. As soon as I got that e-mail about making arrangements, I could feel my body tense. However, I was able to keep my cool and eventually triumphed over the silly little website...I felt excited, I felt joyous, I want to sing and dance and skip down the hallways...until I noticed that I made the arrangements for the wrong day...FML. So I went back in and re-did the arrangements like a good little girl. For now, the mouse and computer are safe. Neither got thrown, punched, kicked, or set on fire as much as I felt the want/need to.

I feel that this is somewhat of a victory for myself...especially since this is my last day of work until me and Big A take off for a long weekend on the Cape. Yes, two hours before vacation starts and I refrained from throwing a tantrum. I am very proud of myself. I think I deserve a cookie. Or a giant margarita! On second thought, screw the cookie, I need a margarita!

To Blog or Not to Blog

I first became obsessed with online posting when I was in high school. Back then I thought that my life was interesting and everyone would want to read about the trials and tribulations of a 14 year old girl. I limited who could see it so that I could thoroughly bash my boyfriend in a public setting without him even knowing about. Very mature I know. Then I slowly, but surely grew tired of the habit. Until now. Blogs, seem to be up and coming again. The thing to do. I contemplated starting one, but then wondered what I would talk about. Most people talk about their upcoming weddings, buying their first house with their husbands, their upcoming deliveries of their first child (or second, or third) and what do I have to bring to the table...NOTHING. However, I did decide that it would be a great way to stay in touch with family. A very special cousin (yes Karen that's you) gave me the idea. I mean I have family in Louisiana, Washington (I think Kim & Kevin still live there, right?) Ireland, this will be a great way to keep people involved. Also, it's a nice little place to vent. As mentioned in my little "All about me" blurb, my bf and I moved in with each other in November. First time living with a significant other for the both of us. As much as I love it, we are still working out the kinks. I also started a new "grown up" job about two months ago. My life went from care-free and fun, to washing dishes and discussing 401K options...not quite sure how I feel about that one. But, bottom line is that we all have to grow up sometime. And as much as I would love to kick and scream and throw myself on the floor (hey mom having any flashbacks of the grocery stores yet?), I'm trying to just suck it up and take life as it comes. But at least now I have a public forum to complain on. Well, sit back, enjoy the ride, and I'll try to keep it interesting for ya.