Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Stifled Creativity

I've been feeling mighty creative lately. I go through these phases when I get the urge to do something great. I want to paint, draw, redecorate, create! Anything. I can feel it in my veins. Something needs to be done.

The last time I had this feeling, I was sitting at work on a boring Friday afternoon and came up with the fantastic idea to rehab the old picnic table we had just received from some friends when they got a new one. I got the OK from Big Al, picked my design, and by Sunday afternoon it had been: sanded, primed, painted, and detailed. It came out pretty amazing. For awhile there I thought that it was going to be my break-through for picnic table designing. Shockingly, there isn't a high demand for crazy people who need to go through an extensive process to redecorate a picnic table. Go figure.

However, the usual happened when I was done. When it came time to clear coat my wonderful new design to preserve it in all it's glory forever and ever...I lost interest. The fun part was over, so honestly who cares. So...a couple months later it is still unfinished. I offered to pay Pa Dukes to do it, but I think he is trying to teach me one of those "finish what you started" lessons. UG. Dad, if you are reading this: PRETTY PLEASE WITH SUGAR ON TOP WILL YOU PLEASE FINISH IT!!! LOVE YOU!!! YOU'RE MY FAVORITE DAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!! Ya...I'm doubting that will work, but it was worth a try. See I am trying to finish what I started. I started to try to get YOU to finish the table for me! Lesson learned. TADA!

Ah yes, sorry about that. Back to my creative process. It all started around the time that Big A and I decided that we wanted to become home owners. Something about paying someone else's mortgage just didn't appeal to us anymore. Another shocker, I know. So I immediately began the process in my brain to decorate this imaginary house. I'm pretty sure I have the bedroom done. I have some ideas for the living room (and for those of you who know me (and my habit of buying things in purple despite no actual love for it)...it DOES NOT involve any purple...yet). I can't wait. It is going to be an amazing house. Full of fun, classy, sophisticated style. It's going to be a work of art. The house will be my canvas!

This is all well and good, but there's one problem...we don't have a house yet. And the selection in the area we want is getting a little thin. Who knows how long it will be. So, I'm stuck with all of this need to create...with no outlet. Imagine it similar to when you have to sneeze soooo bad and someone says "Bless you" right before you are doing to because they are a jackass who obviously doesn't understand (or does and thinks it's funny) that you are now stuck with the feeling that your head is going to explode. Yep, we are there. Big A dangled the idea of a house that I could decorate to my heart's content, and then the stupid real estate market said "Bless you!", snickered, and then walked away.

So what do I do? That is the question. Maybe I can re-do some of our furniture to get the process going. Stain some of our wooden pieces to match our bedroom. Buy a new bed set to match. Unfortunately, that brings up the fact that I should be SAVING money...not blowing it. Although, the other alternative is to sit here like a decorating crack head who needs her fix. There really must be some middle ground. You know how if you look directly at a light or the sun, you can make yourself sneeze again...finally getting that satisfying feeling you CRAVE? I need to find my decorating light to stare into. There has to be another way.

Isn't Big A going to be so excited when he hears what magnificent plans I come up with? He's going to be so happy! Haha...more like he will smile, roll his eyes, nod politely, and say "Sure honey, whatever you want. I've got nothing to do with it though". He knows better than to stand in the way when I have an idea. It's a dangerous path to be in. Now...what should I do?

Hmm...stay tuned...this could be a two-parter.

Monday, August 30, 2010

NEVER underestimate the value of a good friend

I have a great group of friends. I can't lie. They are amazing. Each and every one of them brings something extraordinary to my life. And with each one of them, I feel like I can be a different type of me, while still staying true. They each bring out different sides of me. I'm sure this will become apparent throughout this blog, but tonight's subject is L.

I became friends with L through a mutual friend. We both bonded over the fact that we generally don't get the female population and all of their craziness, and figured out that we possibly were separated at birth...if not we are just soul mates. I was meant to meet this girl and feel like she will be a pivotal player throughout the rest of my life. She's stuck with me whether she likes it or not.

On Monday nights L comes over and we watch our crazy shows. When our shows aren't playing, we go to the movies. It is always a good time. There are many occasions that involve one of us snarfing wine and I'm usually sitting on my kitchen floor trying not to pee my pants. It's just the way we are. We laugh, we cry, we get each other. No questions asked. I can be my complete and utter self around her, regardless of my mood. When I am happy she makes it better. When I am sad she sits with me while I cry and tells me it will be OK. When I am mad, she has my back. She is able to comfort me and validate my feelings while also being able to tell me when I am being beyond crazy. She keeps me grounded.

Monday nights are when I am most able to appreciate how lucky I am. My friends are my rock. They keep me going. They are my back up. My army. My partners in crime. They are honorary members of my family. I would be a shell of myself without them. They bring out the best (and worst sometimes, but we all need to face those demons and learn from them) and push me to become a better me. They are my cheerleaders. My sponsors. Everything that is wonderful. I hope that through our experiences, they all know how important they are to me and how much I love them.

To all of my girls (and boys) who have been there for me through the good and bad. The ones that have laughed and cried with me. The ones that have stayed true. I love you all and I thank you for each day that you are in my life.

OK...I've been mushy enough. Time for bed. I promise to follow this blog with something oozing with witty sarcasm.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

If I were a rich girl...

OK, let's play a game. What would you do if you woke up one day and you had all the money in the world? Do you know what I would do?

Well...I would tell you what I wouldn't be doing...CLEANING MY FREAKIN' HOUSE ON A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY!

I'm a procrastinator, we know this (let's face it, I am right now. Writing instead of finishing cleaning). This transfers to my house as well. I enjoy a clean house, don't get me wrong. Unfortunately, it usually takes a back seat to football games, going out to dinner, hanging with friends, a good show on TV, and pretty much everything else that seems slightly more interesting than cleaning. I usually let it get to the point where I can't stand it anymore and then it HAS.TO.GET.DONE.NOW! It drives Big A nuts.

"Really, you need to clean the house now?"
Lucky for me, he usually can deal with my craziness.
Today is one of those days that it NEEDS TO GET DONE!!! I was dreaming about it last night. Sad. I know. So...I get up, make some coffee, enjoy a nice cup, and then start on the dishes. Of course, that was a mess. I dumped water all over the counter, the stove, the floor. Yes, this is how we are starting our morning apparently.
Now comes the rest of the house. The bathroom. The bedroom. Sweeping. Dusting. Vacuuming. Cloroxing. Organizing. And...enter throat closing, nose stuffed, and a day filled with horrible allergies. All the loveliness that follows cleaning. You see, if I kept up on the cleaning it wouldn't be so bad when I did it. Ya, and I want to be "that guy" who isn't at the football game because I'm home cleaning...umm....no.
So, I decided that the first thing that I would do if I was rich, would be to hire a maid. She (or he) could do all my dirty work for me. I would never have to worry about dust, dog hair, dishes, etc. etc. They would be my best friend because I would forever appreciate them for doing this for me. It would be amazing.
Although, maybe I should have a couple since, if I were rich I probably wouldn't be living in this apartment. That would just be silly.
These are the days that I miss living at home. These are the days that I wish Mr. Fresh grew thumbs and finally helped out around here a little bit. I tell ya, he's the worst roommate ever when it comes to cleaning. Never does a thing. FRESH!
OY! Alright, let's get this over with. "A clean house is a happy house." UG! Who the hell came up with that saying? They obviously had a maid and didn't have a Mr. Fresh leaving dog hair tumbleweeds around the house.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sad Day for Football Fans

It is with sadness in my heart that I announce that the New England Patriots did not win last night.

I blame Big A. He didn't wear his Patriots shirt for the first time and we lost. I told him this would happen. (I'm also in charge of the laundry so I didn't push it too far...but in my defense he didn't tell me it was dirty)

The game was a little sad. A little bit of a nail-biter. But, that makes for a good game. I was sure that we had it in the bag. I mean here we are, in the 4th quarter, with three seconds left on the clock and we are ahead by 2. I mean really. What can happen in 3 seconds?

I can answer that questions. A mother f-ing FIELD GOAL! Seriously? That just happened. I was broken hearted. Sad story.

Patriots lost by 1 G.D. point. Not cool guys. Not cool.

Now, we have 1 more pre-season game, then a bunch of cuts (Bill if you are listening, #85 is one of my new favorites. Please keep him and play him often...he's doing great. Better than that other joker you had in last night. Thanks!), then the season officially starts.

I can't explain when I became so interested in football. I've liked it for awhile, but I'm REALLY into this year. Maybe it's because I missed seeing everyone, maybe it's because it's my third season watching religiously and I finally know who the hell the players are and why they do what they do, or maybe it's because I have been one of the only girls who has been there for the entire duration of the game so it's either watch it or sit awkwardly by myself. Who knows. But I do know one thing...

GO PATS!!! Woo Hoo!!!


Today is one of those perfect examples of a person with ADD... I.CAN.NOT.FOCUS!

Seriously, this is not a joke. I can not tell you how many things I have started to do today, that I quickly abandoned to so some other ridiculous thing (kind of like blogging instead of doing P Card statements); only to look down at my desk some undetermined amount of time later to say to myself "oh ya, I started that hours ago". Way to go me. I am THE star employee.

So, as I am answering e-mails and trying to schedule a meeting this crosses my mind... this year, me, Big A, and Mr. Fresh NEED to get a nice picture taken and put it on Christmas cards to send out to everyone. Yes. I am aware that it is August. But, if it wasn't for those damn e-mails from that personalization website I never would have known that Christmas cards are now on sale! How exciting is that! (I know, it's sad day when Christmas cards on sale in August are exciting). As I am planning this new task of mine, (and telling my mother about it, who was probably rolling her eyes at me - as she probably is now reading it -> quick little explanation; my mother does not discuss, address, decorate, etc. anything to do with Christmas before December 1st) I decide that now is also a great time to check for Uggs on sale! I mean if Christmas cards are on sale, they should be too.

Both pairs of Uggs that I owned, met their untimely demise last winter. I vowed to never be an Ugg wearer, until one day I tried on a hideous pair of bubble gum pink ones and realized that they were the most comfortable thing in the entire world. I know they are ugly as hell. I get that. They are also warm, fuzzy, and keep the bottom of my pants dry since we all know that I don't wear shoes unless I have to and wet pants are not friends with socks...oh how I hate wet socks! See...I'm getting off topic...ADD... anyway... so when the bottom of my black pair decided to detach from the rest of my shoe as I was walking in the wet snow at7:15 in the morning taking Mr. Fresh out before work. And my Chestnut pair suffered a life taking tear from one of the little cherubs from my former job...I have been left Ugg-less. (I still kept the Chestnut pair...I can wear them for quick trips out in the rain, but nothing super heavy). These are sad days seeing as how I used to religiously wash, condition, and water-proof them like it was my job. *sigh*

Needless to say, I CAN NOT (will not?) go a winter without them. The bad news is that since scoring these two awesome pairs four years ago...the price of my precious Uggs have gone up considerably. Ya...I'm also a cheap bastard so...here we are. I was wishing/hoping/praying to get some for my b-day or X-mas last year, but they both died so close to X-mas there wasn't enough time. *Sigh* And I CAN'T wait until the end of December for new ones. So unless one of my fabulous people wants to surprise me with an early present...I think I am on my own.

Sadness. Hopefully, I can find a good pair at an outlet. I don't need anything fancy. Just the classic tall ones...size 8 (*cough* *hint* *cough*). Now to narrow it down to a color...Black or chestnut. Decisions, decisions.

Wait a minute. Wasn't I talking about Christmas cards? Oh I give up!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

On to the next victim...

Pats play the St. Louis Rams tonight...
7:30 PM
It seems like only yesterday we were kicking some Falcon ass...
I'm getting pretty cocky...might want to knock it down a peg...but I CAN'T.
I LOVE Football season!
(And the fact that it finally stopped raining before I had to make my own ark and start rounding up the animals)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is this John?

So this is a true conversation...figured I'd share it since it is just one aspect of my absurd day:

I'm sitting at my desk and my work cell phone rings. Strange, but no big deal. Most people know I'm at my desk, so I don't get a lot of phone calls during normal working hours. And here's where it went from there:

*Ring* *Ring*

ME: Hello?

Caller: Hi, is this John?

WTF! Does it sound like John?

ME: Umm...no. Sorry, I think you have the wrong number.

Caller: Oh. Are you sure? This isn't John?

ME: Umm...no. This isn't John.

The call ended there. But it left me with a question. (Because I know that I DO NOT have a deep voice; especially when I have my "bubbly work voice" on) What the hell does John sound like if I can be mistaken for him? Poor guy. I want to find John and tell him I am sorry that he has such a strange voice. Either that, or call the woman back who called me and ask her what the hell her problem is thinking that I was John. Ya know. Either way.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House Hunting Update

As I formerly mentioned, Big A and I are looking for a new place to set up shop. After two weeks of apartment hunting (mixed with some interesting neighbor moments) we decided that we are ALL DONE renting. Yep, hasn't even been a year and we are all done.

So, we switched up our searching and now spend our day combing through MLSPropertyFinder.com (can I just say that it's a God send?). We find stuff, and then run home and show each other. We talk about what we like about it, what we would change about it. Then we move onto the next one. I mean, let's be real here...we have a little ways to go before we can sign papers. Plus it's hard to find a place where we want (yes, I still only have ONE town to look in), with the space that we need, and will be enjoyable for Mr. Fresh. The poor guy has been cooped up in this apartment for the better part of a year, he needs a place to run free.

Yesterday, when I called Big A on my way home he gushed all about this new place that he found (well let's be fair...Big A doesn't gush, but he got as close to it as possible). So I hurry home, look it up, and can not believe my eyes...it's HIDEOUS!!! Oh, my God. This can NOT be real. I can NOT live in this house. It looks like someone took some warehouse and threw a front door on it. When he got home later, he went on and on (and on) about this house and how it's "perfect". I tell him that I looked at it, it needs some work, and we will see. As we do with all of the houses. Only this time was different. Big A seemed to get upset that I didn't fall in love with the house that he has pictured with Mr. Fresh and our non-existent children playing in the yard.

So, I spend today looking at the house. Deciding it wasn't that bad and had some potential (if you completely gut it or maybe take some TNT to it...haha I kid I kid). I decide that if we fix the roof, change the design of the porch, and do a little rehab on the inside it could be quite nice (plus putting up a fence in the yard so Mr. Fresh and the imaginary children don't decide to take an impromptu swim in the lake behind it...ya...it's on the lake...I don't hate that). When Big A came home today he started talking about the house again (is it love?) and looks at me and says:

"That house is perfect. If I had the cash for the down payment in my pocket, I would buy it right now."
I sigh and think...OK now I really have to come clean about what I am thinking. I take a deep breath and say:
"Ya, but it needs some work done on it. There's some things that I would want to do with it..."
And as I brace myself to tell him my laundry list of things, he interrupts me and says:
"Ya. We would need to change the roof and I want to put a new deck on it."
I melt. Maybe this house hunting thing won't be quite the disaster he seemed it would. Could we be (*SHOCK*) on the same page about what we are looking for? There are times when I freak out about current situations that we face, thinking "what the hell are we going to do?" or "how is this going to work out?" and I forget in these moments who he is. I forget that he is Big A; the love of my life and my best friend. That we want the same things out of our life together. That we have the same ideas, the same hopes, and the same dreams. That we are very rarely NOT on the same page.
Oh, silly me! Well...now we are off to go take a drive by to see the area the house is in (Don't YOU do that at 8:45 on a rainy night? Drive around to look at houses?) hehe. Off on another adventure...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thanksgiving in August

Sometimes things happen in life that just stop you in your tracks. You have this overwhelming swirl of emotions twisting through you and you can't concentrate enough to figure out what they are let alone what they mean. All you do know are the random revelations that are known to follow things like this.

It's easy to get caught up in the world, traveling day by day through the monotonous trials and tribulations. You forget to stop and smell the roses. You forget to be thankful for the things that you have in life rather than take them for granted. When you do finally get a minute to yourself, you take those few precious seconds to be thankful for a roof over your head, for food on the table, for the job that provides it, for the people that love you. These are all normal and noble things to be thankful for. Unfortunately, in those spare moments the magnitude of what these things actually mean isn't properly expressed. It's times like these that it really hits you like a brick. Knocks the air out of you. Brings you back to center a little bit more. These are the things that I am thankful for. This is how they make me feel.

I am thankful for the family and friends that I have around me who love me unconditionally. There is never a moment in my life where these people have let me down. These people have been an incredible force in my life. They have been the backbone to my impenetrable support system. I have never had to feel alone. I have never had to feel like there is no other option but to give up. I have never had to hit rock bottom without knowing whether there will be a helping hand there to help me pick myself back up. Because of this and these amazing people, I attribute all the success I have had in my life.

I was taught early on in life that if you want something, you have to work for it. No one is ever going to hand you anything. Your blood, sweat, and tears is the only thing that will earn you success. That is life. It's not fair, it's not easy, but it's reality. So, for as long as I can remember I have spent the majority of my time working. Whether it be a job, school, or myself; I put everything I had into it. It didn't always work out, but at the end of the day I knew I had tried my hardest and sometimes things just don't go the way that you plan. Sometimes it's out of your hands. The universe works in mysterious ways. Through this hard work and dedication, I feel that I have gotten myself into a comfortable place in life and have become relatively successful when it comes to the goals I have created for myself.

However, it would be vain and incorrect to say that I did this all on my own. Without my family and friends this would not have been possible. Every failure would have been magnified. Every dark day would have unbearable. Every moment of panic when I was tired, and had hit rock bottom, and was ready to give up would not have been met with a kind face, a shoulder to cry on, and a hand to hold. Without this is would have been easier to sink down into those dark moments until I was unable to get claw my way out.

These are the things that you can take for granted. We see poverty and think of how grateful we are to have houses, food, and money to survive. These are the physical things that we need to survive. It's easy to forget about the emotional needs we have because they aren't as visible. There are people out there who do not have these support systems which result in them succumbing to those dark moments. It's sad and it's tragic. We sit and ponder what happened to them and why they gave up. Why didn't they ask for help or accept it? We can sit forever and discuss the logistics of these situations, but emotions aren't logical. They can not be explained away.

I'm rambling, I know. I'm trying to get all of reflect through these words so they are clear, however I am just trying to figure them out myself. I guess my point is that every time you see a family member or a friend and you feel their warm arms around you, every smile you give or receive, every time your heart is filled with so much love you feel that it could burst...be thankful. Know that similar to how there are people out there who are homeless and starving, there are those who go through life without ever knowing love. This is not to deter from the severity of poverty, problems like these are just a little less visible. And a little less relevant to my current emotional state.

2 down...2 to go...for Pre-Season that is

For the record...

The Patriots beat the Falcons last night

28 - 10

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr. Fresh and The Drunken Monkey

So today I brought Mr. Fresh over to meet my parents' new puppy, who I have dubbed as the Drunken Monkey. He has legs for days and still doesn't quite know how to work them. He stumbles a lot and unless the surface that he's walking on is pavement, rug, or grass...he will eventually trip or slide. It's pretty cute. It's been awhile since Mr. Fresh has been around another puppy at my parents' house. They took care of my Grandi's dog for awhile who he learned to tolerate, but this one is here to stay. This is how it went:

There was some sniffing.

Then Mr. Fresh ignored him and stayed as far away as possible to play with Granda.

Then Mr. Fresh decided it was time for the pool and sat in it until Granda filled it up.

Then the Drunken Monkey proceeded to sniff around the pool as much as he was allowed probably wondering what the hell it was and how he could get his giraffe legs to let him in there.

All in all I would say it was a pretty successful outing. Mr. Fresh tolerated the other dog's presence which is better than blind hatred. I'm sure they will learn how to get along, once the Drunken Money stops trying to bite his tail. I've been trying to explain to Mr. Fresh that soon that "Little Squirt" will be three times the size of him, so now is the time to make friends. He seems to think that he has some time. We'll see how that pans out.

It was funny to see Mr. Fresh next to the little guy. To me (at nine years old) he is still my baby. I got him when I was 15, so I remember that fuzzy little puppy that came home that Saturday morning. To me he is my little guy. He didn't look so little today though. That will change soon enough.

Now the adorable Mr. Fresh (who will forever be my baby puppy no matter what Big A says) is resting peacefully behind his Papa's chair, exhausted from a long night of being on his best behavior. I'm pretty sure that he is glad to be home, in his own space, without a little "Whipper Snapper" trying to bite his tail and follow him around. Maybe I should rethink this whole plan to get Big A to agree to another dog. Although he makes a good point that our apartment is too small for another dog. We should wait for a house. Then he says something else that makes sense and sounds adulty that sounds like "blah, blah, blah". Ya I know I know.

But who could resist getting another puppy when you see one this cute:

*Sigh* But I guess for now Big A has a point. Plus, I don't want my baby puppy to think that his Mama is replacing him. So for now we will remain a one dog household...and will visit the Drunken Monkey whenever I need a "puppy fix".

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Failure as a Pseudo Housewife

I have a confession to make:

I did NOT make some fancy meal for Big A last night.
I know, I know. I'm a failure. In my defense though, the second I got in my car to drive home the sky opened up and a torrential downpour that would have made Noah shake in his books occurred. I thought about it as I drove by Stop & Shop...but decided...NAH!
I felt bad though. Here I was planning this delicious meal (that Big A knew nothing about) and now I felt guilty like I was depriving him of food. I went home and cooked this yummy Zesty Chicken Noodle Casserole that he loves instead. I chop up the onions and cut up the chicken, I cook them, boil the water and cook the pasta, and then get all set to start making the sauce...Pour oil into pan with flour and whisk, then mix with two cups of milk and Parmesan cheese...OK two cups milk...umm...uhhh...NO MILK!
So, I turn off the burners and the oven and run down to the store to get milk. Leaving Mr. Fresh to stare at me like, "What the hell are you doing?". I return and complete aforementioned sauce without any more trouble.
I mean c'mon...I'm too lazy to get out of the car when it's raining to go to the grocery store and I don't have any milk in the house (although it had stopped raining by the time I went to get the milk) what kind of house is this?
Big A constantly makes fun of me because I HAVE TO BE PERFECT ALL THE TIME. If it's something that I care about...everything needs to be just so or the apocalypse is coming. I made cheeseburgers on the grill that were...let's say...a little Cajun style and thought that I was the worst person in the entire world. I know what it's like to be starving and the food comes out crappy and it's just such a let down. I don't need to be the reason that happens to someone else. Especially Big A. He's a hardworking man, he needs his dinner. It also didn't help that when I burnt said cheeseburgers Big A goes:
"Are you alright? This really isn't you. Do you need to talk about something?"
Ya. That happened. Big A didn't mind the casserole. To be honest Big A will eat just about anything that you put in front of him. He is NOT a picky eater. Which make things easier for me since I totally am. I like what I like when I like it. That's it. My wonderful parents can attest to the fact that they would make a perfectly lovely meal and I would either complain because I didn't like it, or I would say I didn't like it (even though I had just eaten it last week and thought it was just delightful) because I wasn't in the mood for it.
I find myself struggling sometimes with this whole "House Wife" ("House Girlfriend"? I don't know what you would call it...how about "Domestic Goddess") thing. I work full-time. (It was even less attainable when I worked two jobs and hated life) When I get home, I don't want to clean, I don't want to wash dishes, and most of the time I don't want to cook. I hate going food shopping because there isn't anyone there to play with (I blame my mother...Hannaford's Karaoke and Toilet Paper Basketball ruined me for solo shopping) but can't bring Big A because our grocery bill will be a thousand dollars. To be honest sometimes it's just hard to balance it all. How do you work 40 hours (at least a week), keep the house clean so you aren't embarrassed when people come over, keep up on the dishes, cook dinner every night (because you can't afford to eat out every night), and go food shopping; all the while having a life and trying to relax? Throw a kid in there and I think I would go on strike. I admire those people who can juggle it all, because it seems I either go completely anal keeping everything together, or just slack off and everything is gross.
I guess maybe I need to just lay off myself. I mean no one else cares about this crap except for me. Big A is too wise to comment on my slacking when he doesn't do it at all and I'm sure Mr. Fresh doesn't mind as long as he has food, water, and the occasional treat. So pretty much all of this pressure comes from...ME...ya.
I'll have to work on that...I'm sure it will be a piece of cake...although it does make some great conversation for my blogs. If I didn't have my OCD and the need to do everything perfect then what would I write about? Life would be boring. There would be nothing to strive for...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Friends, Family, and Puppies

It was a big weekend for this little chickie...well...not really. But I always find myself EXHAUSTED by Sunday night, so they always feel big.

Friday was pretty low key. Big A and I hung out with J$ and her hubs. Nothing too exciting. Saturday, Mr. Fresh and I were VERY productive. We did the dishes, folded the laundry, and cleaned up the house a little bit. Then we went for a nice long walk at this little park Big A found. Unfortunately, people seem to have caught onto our little plan because it was PACKED!
Mr. Fresh and I like our quiet time when we go for walks. We don't want to talk to other people. We don't want to play with other dogs. (You should have seen him when this dog ran full speed across the field and wanted to play with him...he sat there with this annoyed look on his face like, "Mum, c'mon. Let's get away from this clown!" He has very easy to read facial expressions I swear.) By the time we were done with our healthy walk (with only a few interruptions from the outside world) we met up with Big A. Of course, who can refuse an adorable puppy, so he got played with by EVERYONE, including Auntie J$ who kept bringing him for mini walks. Then we all went to J$ and the hub's place (including Mr. Fresh) and had a nice fun-filled evening, complete with White Zin Sangria (Tip: J$ put apples, strawberries, and grapes in it instead of the normals berries...it was AMAZING).

Sunday was a bit of a family day. Big A and I hopped in the car and drove over to my parents' house to meet the new puppy. He is by far the cutest thing I have ever seen (other than Mr. Fresh of course). He grows so big so fast so all he did was sleep because he was so tired. Such a good little boy. Here are some pictures of the handsome:

Please note that this two month old puppy's paw is almost as long as a playing card. This guy is going to be HUGE! Full grown: 3ft tall (on all fours - almost 6 ft on hind legs); and anywhere between 140 and 160 lbs. Yikes!

After some good family time, Big A and I went to his parents' house to fix something on one of his trucks. I was very helpful and read the newspaper, making sure to stay far away from his tools and his truck. Then we spent some QT with Mr. Fresh and then headed back over to my Aunt's house because my cousin and her four kids were here visiting from Ireland. You want to talk about high energy! I need to figure out what those kids were doing because I could use some of that bounciness lately. They were great kids and it was great to see her and everyone again.

Unfortunately, like most good things, it needed to come to an end so we piled our tire behinds in the car and headed home. We decided to try a wicked cool "shortcut" home. Big A promised that it would take so much time off of our trip. It didn't. It was about the same. Just back roads. One of these days we will finally come to the realization that it takes 45 minutes to get to my aunt's house and there isn't any way of getting there any sooner. *Sigh*

So here we are back to Monday. Miss Sass is back today THANK GOD!!! I would be lost without her. We all went out to lunch because it was her birthday yesterday. Deliciousness. I think I am going to explode I ate that much food!Tonight is girls' night with L too! Always makes for a good Monday!

Tonight (if I have the energy to stop at the grocery store on my way home) I have decided to create a new recipe. (Thank goodness I ate a big lunch in case it doesn't taste good) I'm trying to be brave and think outside the box a little. Little Miss OCD has trouble straying from a recipe or cooking something different. So, we will see how it goes. If it sucks...then I'm SOL. If it's great maybe I'll take some pictures and post the recipe. I mean there's got to be a least one person in the world interested in my make-believe recipes (Mom?!?!)

Well, wish me luck and we will see how this goes. Hopefully for Big A's sake it doesn't taste horrible or else he may be making a nice trip to BK tonight for a lavish dinner of a Whopper Jr. and Onion Rings.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Welcome to the Family!!!

I would just like to announce the newest member of our family...

I would like to introduce...


I'm sure I will come up with a "blogger" name for him, but for now he should be introduced with his given name. I am so excited for my new "brother" and Mr. Fresh's "uncle" (and Big A's "brother-in law") We are so excited to meet him and could not be happier to welcome him into our family.

Love you already!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramble On...

To say it has been a slow week would be an understatement…snails have done more this week than I have. It’s feast or famine here and after a month of non-stop stuff…I’ve finally run out of “food” to keep me busy.

We have a couple meetings coming up that are kind of at a stand-still, but at least I can rest assured at night that I will be busy again before I know it. Remind me to refer back to this post when I’m complaining that my head is spinning.

I’ve really gotten into this event planning lately. I think I have found my calling. Although, short of them creating an event planning position for me (that ONLY involves Massachusetts as I hate traveling) I think I’m SOL. However, that doesn’t stop be from throwing my all into it whenever given the chance. When the Big Boss (BB) says, “I need you to plan this meeting, find a date and a place” and I say “Do you have any ideas or preferences?” and BB replies with “No, do whatever you want”…I’m in the front row. That’s one thing I love about my bosses. They give me assignments and they don’t care how I do it as long as it gets done. They even find my love of all things colorful and my over-enthusiastic attitude (mixed with a little OCD) charming. I have found my home. This is where I belong. If you know me, I like to do things MY way. If I can find someone who has a similar idea of how things should be done that’s great… congratulations you know how to do things right. However, if you tend to disagree and your idea is not better than mine (in my opinion, as that’s all that matters in that moment) then please note that you are wrong.

Big A has become very aware of this fact. I am not an easy person to persuade into doing something I don’t want to do. However, I’m learning. When we moved in together I made a big deal about him being involved in what we bought for the apartment because this was “our life” together. And short of a mental breakdown that involved many tears in a Wal-Mart aisle (my tears not his obviously) he sucked it up and gave his honest opinion on shower curtains, dish towels, mats, rugs, cookware, etc. which I am SURE he couldn’t have cared less about. I quickly learned (through him) that if I expect him to do these things for me, that I need to compromise with him about certain things like:

  • If it’s his turn to do the dishes, and he has the day off the next day, he does not need to do them at 10:30 at night. He can do them while I am at work and they will not be in my way when I get home and need to cook. (This took a little longer due to the fact that they often still were not done when I got home from work.
  • There is no logical reason why he needs to go grocery shopping with me. He doesn’t like it, he can give me the money for his half before or after I go, and the bill is about $100 more when he comes along. Me being lonely is not a good enough excuse for him to go.
  • Although the more tired I get the chattier I get, 11:oo PM is not the time to discuss our weekend plans, decorating ideas, life, etc. These can all wait until a better time. In case of emergency, this item can be bent a little but otherwise it’s pretty firm.
  • Not everything in our house needs to be purple. (When we moved in, everything I unpacked from my previous apartment was some shade of purple…it’s not even my favorite color)

These are just a few lessons he has taught me. For the most part, the lesson is that compromise is key. Which I can work on, that’s fine. Big A is a great guy and I don’t need to run him off because I am a crazy control freak. Especially when I can be one at work and they just think that I am a great worker with a “can do” attitude!

So…back to work… I’m working on an event that is taking place in October. Date TBD. Attendee list TBD. Kind of makes it hard to nail down some plans when it all depends on the number of people and when it is. Apparently when it’s August you should have made your plans for October months ago. A point, that was made all too clear this morning. “Yes, I get it. You don’t have room? Then why are we still talking?” (I’m a great people person, can you tell?) The woman who told me “You’re breaking my heart” when I told her that the event could not be moved from October was probably my favorite, until I realized that she was probably just upset that me and 100 other people will be going elsewhere with our big green corporate dollars.

So, could this be a calling? I mean I am having fun with it now (and it’s a great OCD outlet), but could I love doing this forever? I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Although I’m thinking that professional writer is out of the question, due to the fact that this blog is all over the place! Who knows? Does anyone ever know? I mean how many people either:

A) Knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up and did it
B) Know exactly what they want to do forever and are working on it
C) Are doing something that they sincerely love?

If I had more readers on here than just the random person who probably comes across it and my mom (although I was pushing J$ to start reading it regularly. I even put her on the e-mail list…haha you can’t avoid it!) I would ask for a poll, but no one would respond. Maybe some day I will have a big following and we will all have big long talks about life and love and our weekend plans…but not at 11 PM I promise!

3 Magic Words...

Suck it Saints!

How'd that feel? Super Bowl Champs to losers in 6 short months... told ya we would win!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Who's ready for some football?

Guess what time of year it is?

Time for Football!!!

Tonight marks the first pre-season game for the New England Patriots. I became a fan of football against my will a couple years ago. I never really hated football, but watching sports wasn’t really my thing. But then it came down to, A: Suck it up and learn to enjoy it or B: Don’t see Big A at all on Sundays from August to January.

Ya…I learned to love it!

So every game we head over to a friend’s house, sit by the bon fire, have some food and a couple adult beverages; and spend the next several hours yelling at the TV. Rain or shine. Sunny or snowy...we are out there EVERY game. When the Patriots were in the Super Bowl in the 2007 season...we were out there...snow pants, boots, hats, gloves, mittens...it's pretty intense.

This year has been made even more exciting by the three day event that my work had at Gillette stadium. I don’t know if any of you guys have been to the Hall of Fame and watched the movie on the Patriots, but it will make a fan out of ANYONE. I’m talking diehard Steelers fans admitting that the Patriots are a good team. I’ve seen it three times and every time I get goose bumps and tears in my eyes. It’s THAT good of a movie.

So I’ve been ready for football season. Especially after watching them practice the second day of training camp. Plus….guess who’s back…

My boy Welker got cleared to play…so I would think that the other teams should be shaking in their boots by now. It’s just a matter of time before we play you and then…ultimately…kick your ass.

That’s not trash talk. It’s a fact.

So tonight, I will be sitting in my brand new Welker jersey, with a beer in my hand, watching the Patriot’s 2010 – 2011 debut. It’s gonna be a great season. I can feel it!

I came across this great websites that has some good quotes about football. Read them: enjoy and get pumped for 7:30 tonight!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lucky in Love

In a time where I feel like the entire world is whizzing by me: everyone getting engaged, married, having babies, buying houses., etc. it’s hard to keep sight of what I do have instead of feeling left behind. I’m sure everyone who has ever reached “that certain age” and dated someone for “the right amount of time” feels the pressure. Not only from outside forces, but also themselves.

I get caught up in the fact that Big A and I have been together for over three years, live together, and aren’t married, engaged, parents, or buying a house (for the record I’m REALLY OK with the fact that we don’t have kids yet…trust me…I am). I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with us. If there is a reason why we aren’t there yet, and it’s hard to remember that it’s purely because we aren’t everyone else. We are us. With our own lives, our own time lines. Some day I know that we will settle down and start the family life together, but today is not that day. We are slowly but surely walking our way down our own path and we will get there when we get there.

What I can remember is that we have a (somewhat decent) apartment that, although we don’t love, gives us a roof over our head. We have a dog that might as well be our own son. Anyone who knows us, knows how much we love Mr. Fresh and he is one of the most spoiled dogs in the world. He gets scraps of our food, licks every plate when we are done with it, hangs out outside with us, gets special treats all the time, and gets as many scratches, kisses, hugs, etc. as he can stand (and shockingly from living with us he has actually LOST weight…go figure…I need his secret haha).

In life we all have those special moments where we step back and really get to appreciate what we do have. Last night was one of those moments. Big A and I had finished dinner and he suggested the wonderful idea of going to get ice cream. So I get my stuff together and put on my shoes and hear the ever so familiar:

“Wanna go for a ride?”

Big A LOVES to get Mr. Fresh all worked up. Whether it be going for an r-i-d-e, going o-u-t, or giving him a t-r-e-a-t…it is all done with a loud excited voice and he doesn’t stop until Mr. Fresh is about jumping out of his fur, three feet off the ground, and barking. Which is usually the point that I start yelling at him to shut up. But I digress…

So, since Mr. Fresh knows what all the words above mean (and even most of their spellings) he immediately starts wagging his tail and runs to sit down in front of his leash (sometimes I think he thinks we forget where it is since he needs to show us every time he wants to go anywhere). I look at Big A like he’s crazy and say “We’re bringing the dog?” He looks at me like I’m crazy and says “Ya. We are going to get him a doggie ice cream”.

Now anyone who knows Big A knows that he was never a dog person until he met me. And even for the first year or so he was NOT a huge fan of the dogs. Slowly, but surely they grew on him and when we moved out and him and Mr. Fresh works out their differences they became the best of buds. However, I never thought I would hear those words coming out of his mouth. I would get him an ice cream, not Big A though. Or so I thought…

The three of us pile into my car and drive down to the ice cream place where we leave Mr. Fresh in the car and head up to the counter. We order our ice creams and Mr. Fresh’s and out comes this vanilla soft serve ice cream that is shaped like a dog face with the dog bone ears to match. Too funny. Now Mr. Fresh has had tastes of ice cream, he has licked empty ice cream bowls, but he has never had his own. And my goodness…I’ve never seen a dog so happy. I let him eat it in stages so he would get sick and I tried not to let him eat the whole thing, but he’s too quick for me. When we got home he rubbed his face in the carpet for about 5 minutes…showing us how happy he really way.

Our first family trip to the ice cream stand. It may have just been me, Big A, and Mr. Fresh, but that is our family…for now. So I may not have a big engagement ring, or a diamond studded wedding band, a fancy house that I own, or a baby bouncing on my knee. But, I have Big A: a man who is my best friend, who keeps me laughing, holds me when I cry, loves me for who I am (and accepts all the strange little quirks that come along with me), and loves my (now our) dog as much as I do. And I have Mr. Fresh: the cutest puppy in the entire world, who loves me unconditionally, gives me kisses the second I get upset about anything, lets me scratch his ears every day, and offers to help me finish eating anything that I am too full for.

And for that…I’m a pretty lucky girl. Not everyone has a Big A and a Mr. Fresh…but I do!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

Yesterday someone sent me a link to a game...so I figure I'm a little bored...why not? Come to find out it's Spongebob Squarepants Bowling. So what do I do? I play it of course.

I watch the little shell move back and forth, back and forth, back and forth....and....STRIKE! I was so excited. Then I got another strike, then another. This lasted for about 7 frames until I got the dreaded spare. I was doing so well and I'm slightly ashamed to say that I got a little upset. I decided to act like a big girl and keep playing. I got a 253 for my final score and was a little proud of myself. First time playing, not too shabby. It wasn’t long before my competitive side reared it’s ugly head and I decided “hey, I bet you I can get a perfect score”. I would NEVER be able to get a perfect score in real bowling…so what’s the next best thing? Spongebob bowling.

So, I try again. It goes a little something like this:

Strike, strike, strike, strike, spare…reset.
Strike, strike, spare…reset.
Strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, spare…reset.

This went on a few more times. More than I am willing to divulge. I finally put the computer away when I began to have thoughts of punching one of these little sea creatures in their smug little faces. Mrs. Puff…Sandy Cheeks…Mr. Crabs…I wanted to smack the smiles off of their faces (for the record, I worked with kids for 8 years…that’s how I know the names…and I may or may not have dated a guy once who was obsessed with it). I knew Big A was going to be home soon, so I decided it was time to shut down for the day. I don’t need him coming home to me throwing a hissy fit about not getting a perfect score on a Spongebob Squarepants game. I cam imagine the conversation going like this:

Big A: Um…why is the computer broken?
Me: Because Spongebob was pissing me off?
Big A: Who?
Me: UmmSpongebob Squarepants, duh!
Big A: And how was he pissing you off?
Me: I couldn’t bowl a perfect score!
Big A: Ya, I don’t think this is working out.
[Enter sounds of footsteps walking away, door slamming, and his truck peeling out of the driveway]

There are some parts of yourself that you should keep hidden from other people, especially when in a relationship. Becoming slightly violently enraged because you can’t beat a Nickelodeon game is one of those things…I can’t help it though. I get a little competitive…just a little. When Big A did come home, I did my best to smile and pretend that Spongebob wasn’t dancing in my head going “na na nah pooh bah!”

Anyways, this brings us to today. The office has been very quiet this week. Most people are travelling, on vacation, or out for whatever reason. Miss. Sass is one of them. So I have pretty much been by myself for the past two days and it will continue the rest of the week. Today, instead of having lunch partners, I ate at my desk. I was checking my e-mail when I saw the e-mail that contained the link to the game. Hmm…I thought. I wasn’t doing anything. Why not? I mean it was my lunch break. Plus I was still answering phone calls and e-mails while I was eating, so it wouldn’t really be that bad if I just played a couple games…right? So it went a little like this:

Strike, strike, spare…reset.
Strike, strike, strike, strike, spare…reset. (Insert frustrated grunt here)

My patience level was very low today. Probably had something to do with the Spongebob nightmares last night. But I was also pretty sure that I had just heard him call be a baby, so I couldn’t lose this fight now. So I tried again

Strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, strike, (deep breath) strike, strike (holding breath), strike (just need two more for the bonus frames) strike, STRIKE!!!!

I couldn’t believe it! I gave Spongebob a smug little smile and silently told him where he could go and what he could do there. My glory was short-lived though because I came to the realization that I had nothing to show for it. So I decided to learn how to do a screen shot (forget the fact that I have never bothered to learn this before, but now I HAD to learn). Here it is ladies and gentleman:

I know this post may seem a little silly, but when you are sitting quietly by yourself for 8 hours; hoping that the mail guy comes around so you can have some human contact with the outside world…little accomplishments like this mean a lot. Hopefully, when Miss. Sass comes back next week things will return to normal…well as normal as they can get. But for now, Spongebob can eat it, because I kicked his butt and won his stupid game! Woo hoo!

And for those of you who would like to try it for yourself…do so with this disclaimer:

“Playing Spongebob bowling may elicit a high competitive and violent reaction. Screaming, swearing, and trash talking about sea creatures’ mothers may occur.
Play at your own risk!”

Here ya go: http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/full/ap/3040935/graphic1.swf

Friday, August 6, 2010

The search is on...

So, Big A and I got to talking recently and we decided that although we love our apartment...we DO NOT like our electric bill in the winter. I mean the loft is cute and all, but not worth the money especially since we NEVER use it. So... the search is on for a new place.

I find myself back into the same position that I found myself almost a year ago. However, at that point I had been looking for a year and a half so I was quite done with the process. You will be "surprised" to know that...I'm still done with the process. I HATE looking for apartments. The daily searches, the e-mails, the phone calls, the walk-throughs...all to find out Joe Schmo (who you are pretty sure was featured on America's Most Wanted) has decided that his little no-window basement apartment that smells like mold and body odor is so great that you can fork over 90% of your paycheck for it. Thanks, but no thanks JOE!

I understand that owning property is a great way to make money. It's a great investment (present economy excluded) and done right can be quite beneficial. However, this does not give you the right to mark up your hell hole at 10 times it's worth because it's in a "location". Really? I'm pretty sure that I saw someone getting mugged outside on my way in...LOVE the location.

I have been actively looking for about a week now. A week way too long. I decided to conduct my daily search a little early today and eventually found myself looking at houses. (A girl can dream can't she?) I began looking at very modest houses somewhat in our fictional price-range in the town that Big A has decided that we are staying forever. (Ya add that to the fun list of criteria...I HAVE ONE FREAKIN' TOWN TO LOOK IN AND THAT'S IT!!!) However, looking at houses in our pretend price-range isn't fun. And they aren't very pretty...so I decided that if we were going to be living in a fantasy world then I might as well make the most of it. So here's what I found:

"Amidst 55 acres of rolling fields with covered bridge over a trout brook and backed by an open hillside with views, this stunning custom 7662 sq ft estate home has every amenity for quality living. Fourteen spacious sized rooms with 3 full + 2 ½ baths, lower level billiard room, bar, fireplaced family room with walkout to beautiful stone patio, gunite heated pool, attached 3 car garage, 52'X80' new barn with second floor and a 5 offices over a 3 car garage. Truly a beautiful country estate"

So I know what you all are thinking right? "She NEEDS this house!!!" Haha! I mean really people. Unless you are like the Duggars and have 30 kids...who needs this type of space? It seems a little over the top for me. That being said, if someone handed me the keys and told me I could live there for free for the rest of my life, I wouldn't turn it down.

Unfortunately, until that happens I am stuck spending my days on craigslist, mls, rent.com, houseforrent.com, and every other place on the internet that will give me listings of places that are a little more in my price range. I can see a hissy fit and a total dramatic break down resulting from this. But for now I will put on my big girl face and try to find the most perfect place for me, Big A, and Mr. Fresh (our too cute puppy...who is fresher than any dog I have ever met). Hopefully this time we can find a place that doesn't look like a five year old was their carpenter and won't have neighbors who allow 15 different people to live with them in a one bedroom basement apartment. Although, I'm thinking that's going to be as unattainable as the aforementioned mansion. *SIGH* Well, a girl can dream can't she?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just two more hours...

OK, so I can already tell that at least part of this blog is going to be whiny. I apologize ahead of time and feel free to stop reading now and find something more entertaining to do.

I...am...EXHAUSTED!!! I have no idea what my problem is. I overslept this morning waking up at 7:37 AM when I am supposed to leave my house at 7:30. Not good. Last I remember I was having dream that Big A and I were hanging out somewhere that was infested by giant robot bugs.

"See, this is why I am telling you we need to move out of this apartment. Look at this!" he picks up a giant white robotic caterpillar that slightly resembles a storm trooper from Star Wars (that's what they are called right? those white guys? I dunno, I've never seen a full Star Wars in my life).

Regardless...this is the last thing that I remember before I woke up and the "OH SH*T!" alarm went off in my head. I didn't even have time to make coffee. And I forgot to buy half & half yesterday so it wouldn't have mattered if I did have time. So I drove to work without coffee. I'm surprised everyone is still alive. Me - coffee = not very high functioning / kind of grumpy. It was really one of those mornings where the deck is just stacked against you. I knew I had a morning filled with crappy work. Remember this fun post: Patience? Ya, that's what I had waiting for me. I started it last night and could not bring myself to stay late as I made 16,000 different types of arrangements. It was exactly how I expected it. The website all but died on me at one point. I think that it's possessed and does it to torment me.

So, now here I am at 2:30 in the afternoon fighting the urge to crawl under my desk and take a nap. The annoying part is that as soon as I get home today I will feel fine and won't go to bed any earlier because I won't be tired anymore. Which means I can expect this tomorrow. Oh Joy!

OK...I'm getting off my point now...let's get back on track. My point is that everyone has had those mornings when they wake up late and things go wrong and you just KNOW your day is going to be a wreck from that point on. You might as well just crawl back into your bed and cut your losses. These are the days when you might as well just call into work by saying:

"Look, it's been one of those mornings. I woke up late. I stepped on the dog and now he hates me. I tripped down the stairs. I slipped in a puddle of water. I got deodorant stains all over my ONLY clean shirt. I'm thinking it's in every one's best interest that I don't come to work today. I mean, I'm just going to mess up everything anyone and then spend the next day trying to clean it up. So why don't I just stay home and then we don't have to clean up any messes."

I'm thinking that might honestly work. Never tried it though. Plus, even if your boss says that you still have to come into work and it isn't a good enough excuse, I'm pretty sure that you can get them to change their mind by promising to park your car next to theirs (you're pretty likely to accidentally ding it with your door / back into it / blow it up etc.) which is almost a guarantee that they will tell you to stay home.

Otherwise, worse comes to worse. Go into work and make sure that you are near your boss at all times so whatever does goes wrong, effects them too. That way the next time you have one of those mornings, they will probably suggest that you stay home before you even ask.

It's something worth trying. That being said I absolutely LOVE my bosses. And short of giving me crap saying "are you ever planning on coming into work?"(because they think they are funny) when I ask for some time off, they are incredibly understanding.

So I have managed to entertain myself for a total of ten minutes, which was part of the plan, but I was kind of hoping it would last longer. Unfortunately, when the energy goes...so does the wit.

Until next time... unless I somehow manage to hit my head on my desk when I inevitably pass out and forget that I even have a blog from temporary amnesia.