Friday, August 27, 2010


Today is one of those perfect examples of a person with ADD... I.CAN.NOT.FOCUS!

Seriously, this is not a joke. I can not tell you how many things I have started to do today, that I quickly abandoned to so some other ridiculous thing (kind of like blogging instead of doing P Card statements); only to look down at my desk some undetermined amount of time later to say to myself "oh ya, I started that hours ago". Way to go me. I am THE star employee.

So, as I am answering e-mails and trying to schedule a meeting this crosses my mind... this year, me, Big A, and Mr. Fresh NEED to get a nice picture taken and put it on Christmas cards to send out to everyone. Yes. I am aware that it is August. But, if it wasn't for those damn e-mails from that personalization website I never would have known that Christmas cards are now on sale! How exciting is that! (I know, it's sad day when Christmas cards on sale in August are exciting). As I am planning this new task of mine, (and telling my mother about it, who was probably rolling her eyes at me - as she probably is now reading it -> quick little explanation; my mother does not discuss, address, decorate, etc. anything to do with Christmas before December 1st) I decide that now is also a great time to check for Uggs on sale! I mean if Christmas cards are on sale, they should be too.

Both pairs of Uggs that I owned, met their untimely demise last winter. I vowed to never be an Ugg wearer, until one day I tried on a hideous pair of bubble gum pink ones and realized that they were the most comfortable thing in the entire world. I know they are ugly as hell. I get that. They are also warm, fuzzy, and keep the bottom of my pants dry since we all know that I don't wear shoes unless I have to and wet pants are not friends with socks...oh how I hate wet socks! See...I'm getting off topic...ADD... anyway... so when the bottom of my black pair decided to detach from the rest of my shoe as I was walking in the wet snow at7:15 in the morning taking Mr. Fresh out before work. And my Chestnut pair suffered a life taking tear from one of the little cherubs from my former job...I have been left Ugg-less. (I still kept the Chestnut pair...I can wear them for quick trips out in the rain, but nothing super heavy). These are sad days seeing as how I used to religiously wash, condition, and water-proof them like it was my job. *sigh*

Needless to say, I CAN NOT (will not?) go a winter without them. The bad news is that since scoring these two awesome pairs four years ago...the price of my precious Uggs have gone up considerably. Ya...I'm also a cheap bastard we are. I was wishing/hoping/praying to get some for my b-day or X-mas last year, but they both died so close to X-mas there wasn't enough time. *Sigh* And I CAN'T wait until the end of December for new ones. So unless one of my fabulous people wants to surprise me with an early present...I think I am on my own.

Sadness. Hopefully, I can find a good pair at an outlet. I don't need anything fancy. Just the classic tall ones...size 8 (*cough* *hint* *cough*). Now to narrow it down to a color...Black or chestnut. Decisions, decisions.

Wait a minute. Wasn't I talking about Christmas cards? Oh I give up!

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