Tuesday, August 24, 2010

House Hunting Update

As I formerly mentioned, Big A and I are looking for a new place to set up shop. After two weeks of apartment hunting (mixed with some interesting neighbor moments) we decided that we are ALL DONE renting. Yep, hasn't even been a year and we are all done.

So, we switched up our searching and now spend our day combing through MLSPropertyFinder.com (can I just say that it's a God send?). We find stuff, and then run home and show each other. We talk about what we like about it, what we would change about it. Then we move onto the next one. I mean, let's be real here...we have a little ways to go before we can sign papers. Plus it's hard to find a place where we want (yes, I still only have ONE town to look in), with the space that we need, and will be enjoyable for Mr. Fresh. The poor guy has been cooped up in this apartment for the better part of a year, he needs a place to run free.

Yesterday, when I called Big A on my way home he gushed all about this new place that he found (well let's be fair...Big A doesn't gush, but he got as close to it as possible). So I hurry home, look it up, and can not believe my eyes...it's HIDEOUS!!! Oh, my God. This can NOT be real. I can NOT live in this house. It looks like someone took some warehouse and threw a front door on it. When he got home later, he went on and on (and on) about this house and how it's "perfect". I tell him that I looked at it, it needs some work, and we will see. As we do with all of the houses. Only this time was different. Big A seemed to get upset that I didn't fall in love with the house that he has pictured with Mr. Fresh and our non-existent children playing in the yard.

So, I spend today looking at the house. Deciding it wasn't that bad and had some potential (if you completely gut it or maybe take some TNT to it...haha I kid I kid). I decide that if we fix the roof, change the design of the porch, and do a little rehab on the inside it could be quite nice (plus putting up a fence in the yard so Mr. Fresh and the imaginary children don't decide to take an impromptu swim in the lake behind it...ya...it's on the lake...I don't hate that). When Big A came home today he started talking about the house again (is it love?) and looks at me and says:

"That house is perfect. If I had the cash for the down payment in my pocket, I would buy it right now."
I sigh and think...OK now I really have to come clean about what I am thinking. I take a deep breath and say:
"Ya, but it needs some work done on it. There's some things that I would want to do with it..."
And as I brace myself to tell him my laundry list of things, he interrupts me and says:
"Ya. We would need to change the roof and I want to put a new deck on it."
I melt. Maybe this house hunting thing won't be quite the disaster he seemed it would. Could we be (*SHOCK*) on the same page about what we are looking for? There are times when I freak out about current situations that we face, thinking "what the hell are we going to do?" or "how is this going to work out?" and I forget in these moments who he is. I forget that he is Big A; the love of my life and my best friend. That we want the same things out of our life together. That we have the same ideas, the same hopes, and the same dreams. That we are very rarely NOT on the same page.
Oh, silly me! Well...now we are off to go take a drive by to see the area the house is in (Don't YOU do that at 8:45 on a rainy night? Drive around to look at houses?) hehe. Off on another adventure...

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  1. When you are on the same subject = At least you are speaking the same language.
    When you are are on the same book = At least you will both soon catch up or know the same place..at different times.
    If you are on the same chapter = It can seem that you are so close but...someone just doesn't get it.
    Never mind the same page...for obvious reasons, but if you are saying the same words...well, need I say more!


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