Sunday, August 29, 2010

If I were a rich girl...

OK, let's play a game. What would you do if you woke up one day and you had all the money in the world? Do you know what I would do?

Well...I would tell you what I wouldn't be doing...CLEANING MY FREAKIN' HOUSE ON A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY!

I'm a procrastinator, we know this (let's face it, I am right now. Writing instead of finishing cleaning). This transfers to my house as well. I enjoy a clean house, don't get me wrong. Unfortunately, it usually takes a back seat to football games, going out to dinner, hanging with friends, a good show on TV, and pretty much everything else that seems slightly more interesting than cleaning. I usually let it get to the point where I can't stand it anymore and then it HAS.TO.GET.DONE.NOW! It drives Big A nuts.

"Really, you need to clean the house now?"
Lucky for me, he usually can deal with my craziness.
Today is one of those days that it NEEDS TO GET DONE!!! I was dreaming about it last night. Sad. I know. So...I get up, make some coffee, enjoy a nice cup, and then start on the dishes. Of course, that was a mess. I dumped water all over the counter, the stove, the floor. Yes, this is how we are starting our morning apparently.
Now comes the rest of the house. The bathroom. The bedroom. Sweeping. Dusting. Vacuuming. Cloroxing. Organizing. And...enter throat closing, nose stuffed, and a day filled with horrible allergies. All the loveliness that follows cleaning. You see, if I kept up on the cleaning it wouldn't be so bad when I did it. Ya, and I want to be "that guy" who isn't at the football game because I'm home
So, I decided that the first thing that I would do if I was rich, would be to hire a maid. She (or he) could do all my dirty work for me. I would never have to worry about dust, dog hair, dishes, etc. etc. They would be my best friend because I would forever appreciate them for doing this for me. It would be amazing.
Although, maybe I should have a couple since, if I were rich I probably wouldn't be living in this apartment. That would just be silly.
These are the days that I miss living at home. These are the days that I wish Mr. Fresh grew thumbs and finally helped out around here a little bit. I tell ya, he's the worst roommate ever when it comes to cleaning. Never does a thing. FRESH!
OY! Alright, let's get this over with. "A clean house is a happy house." UG! Who the hell came up with that saying? They obviously had a maid and didn't have a Mr. Fresh leaving dog hair tumbleweeds around the house.

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