Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is this John?

So this is a true conversation...figured I'd share it since it is just one aspect of my absurd day:

I'm sitting at my desk and my work cell phone rings. Strange, but no big deal. Most people know I'm at my desk, so I don't get a lot of phone calls during normal working hours. And here's where it went from there:

*Ring* *Ring*

ME: Hello?

Caller: Hi, is this John?

WTF! Does it sound like John?

ME: Sorry, I think you have the wrong number.

Caller: Oh. Are you sure? This isn't John?

ME: This isn't John.

The call ended there. But it left me with a question. (Because I know that I DO NOT have a deep voice; especially when I have my "bubbly work voice" on) What the hell does John sound like if I can be mistaken for him? Poor guy. I want to find John and tell him I am sorry that he has such a strange voice. Either that, or call the woman back who called me and ask her what the hell her problem is thinking that I was John. Ya know. Either way.

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