Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lucky in Love

In a time where I feel like the entire world is whizzing by me: everyone getting engaged, married, having babies, buying houses., etc. it’s hard to keep sight of what I do have instead of feeling left behind. I’m sure everyone who has ever reached “that certain age” and dated someone for “the right amount of time” feels the pressure. Not only from outside forces, but also themselves.

I get caught up in the fact that Big A and I have been together for over three years, live together, and aren’t married, engaged, parents, or buying a house (for the record I’m REALLY OK with the fact that we don’t have kids yet…trust me…I am). I sometimes wonder if there is something wrong with us. If there is a reason why we aren’t there yet, and it’s hard to remember that it’s purely because we aren’t everyone else. We are us. With our own lives, our own time lines. Some day I know that we will settle down and start the family life together, but today is not that day. We are slowly but surely walking our way down our own path and we will get there when we get there.

What I can remember is that we have a (somewhat decent) apartment that, although we don’t love, gives us a roof over our head. We have a dog that might as well be our own son. Anyone who knows us, knows how much we love Mr. Fresh and he is one of the most spoiled dogs in the world. He gets scraps of our food, licks every plate when we are done with it, hangs out outside with us, gets special treats all the time, and gets as many scratches, kisses, hugs, etc. as he can stand (and shockingly from living with us he has actually LOST weight…go figure…I need his secret haha).

In life we all have those special moments where we step back and really get to appreciate what we do have. Last night was one of those moments. Big A and I had finished dinner and he suggested the wonderful idea of going to get ice cream. So I get my stuff together and put on my shoes and hear the ever so familiar:

“Wanna go for a ride?”

Big A LOVES to get Mr. Fresh all worked up. Whether it be going for an r-i-d-e, going o-u-t, or giving him a t-r-e-a-t…it is all done with a loud excited voice and he doesn’t stop until Mr. Fresh is about jumping out of his fur, three feet off the ground, and barking. Which is usually the point that I start yelling at him to shut up. But I digress…

So, since Mr. Fresh knows what all the words above mean (and even most of their spellings) he immediately starts wagging his tail and runs to sit down in front of his leash (sometimes I think he thinks we forget where it is since he needs to show us every time he wants to go anywhere). I look at Big A like he’s crazy and say “We’re bringing the dog?” He looks at me like I’m crazy and says “Ya. We are going to get him a doggie ice cream”.

Now anyone who knows Big A knows that he was never a dog person until he met me. And even for the first year or so he was NOT a huge fan of the dogs. Slowly, but surely they grew on him and when we moved out and him and Mr. Fresh works out their differences they became the best of buds. However, I never thought I would hear those words coming out of his mouth. I would get him an ice cream, not Big A though. Or so I thought…

The three of us pile into my car and drive down to the ice cream place where we leave Mr. Fresh in the car and head up to the counter. We order our ice creams and Mr. Fresh’s and out comes this vanilla soft serve ice cream that is shaped like a dog face with the dog bone ears to match. Too funny. Now Mr. Fresh has had tastes of ice cream, he has licked empty ice cream bowls, but he has never had his own. And my goodness…I’ve never seen a dog so happy. I let him eat it in stages so he would get sick and I tried not to let him eat the whole thing, but he’s too quick for me. When we got home he rubbed his face in the carpet for about 5 minutes…showing us how happy he really way.

Our first family trip to the ice cream stand. It may have just been me, Big A, and Mr. Fresh, but that is our family…for now. So I may not have a big engagement ring, or a diamond studded wedding band, a fancy house that I own, or a baby bouncing on my knee. But, I have Big A: a man who is my best friend, who keeps me laughing, holds me when I cry, loves me for who I am (and accepts all the strange little quirks that come along with me), and loves my (now our) dog as much as I do. And I have Mr. Fresh: the cutest puppy in the entire world, who loves me unconditionally, gives me kisses the second I get upset about anything, lets me scratch his ears every day, and offers to help me finish eating anything that I am too full for.

And for that…I’m a pretty lucky girl. Not everyone has a Big A and a Mr. Fresh…but I do!

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