Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mr. Fresh and The Drunken Monkey

So today I brought Mr. Fresh over to meet my parents' new puppy, who I have dubbed as the Drunken Monkey. He has legs for days and still doesn't quite know how to work them. He stumbles a lot and unless the surface that he's walking on is pavement, rug, or grass...he will eventually trip or slide. It's pretty cute. It's been awhile since Mr. Fresh has been around another puppy at my parents' house. They took care of my Grandi's dog for awhile who he learned to tolerate, but this one is here to stay. This is how it went:

There was some sniffing.

Then Mr. Fresh ignored him and stayed as far away as possible to play with Granda.

Then Mr. Fresh decided it was time for the pool and sat in it until Granda filled it up.

Then the Drunken Monkey proceeded to sniff around the pool as much as he was allowed probably wondering what the hell it was and how he could get his giraffe legs to let him in there.

All in all I would say it was a pretty successful outing. Mr. Fresh tolerated the other dog's presence which is better than blind hatred. I'm sure they will learn how to get along, once the Drunken Money stops trying to bite his tail. I've been trying to explain to Mr. Fresh that soon that "Little Squirt" will be three times the size of him, so now is the time to make friends. He seems to think that he has some time. We'll see how that pans out.

It was funny to see Mr. Fresh next to the little guy. To me (at nine years old) he is still my baby. I got him when I was 15, so I remember that fuzzy little puppy that came home that Saturday morning. To me he is my little guy. He didn't look so little today though. That will change soon enough.

Now the adorable Mr. Fresh (who will forever be my baby puppy no matter what Big A says) is resting peacefully behind his Papa's chair, exhausted from a long night of being on his best behavior. I'm pretty sure that he is glad to be home, in his own space, without a little "Whipper Snapper" trying to bite his tail and follow him around. Maybe I should rethink this whole plan to get Big A to agree to another dog. Although he makes a good point that our apartment is too small for another dog. We should wait for a house. Then he says something else that makes sense and sounds adulty that sounds like "blah, blah, blah". Ya I know I know.

But who could resist getting another puppy when you see one this cute:

*Sigh* But I guess for now Big A has a point. Plus, I don't want my baby puppy to think that his Mama is replacing him. So for now we will remain a one dog household...and will visit the Drunken Monkey whenever I need a "puppy fix".

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