Monday, August 30, 2010

NEVER underestimate the value of a good friend

I have a great group of friends. I can't lie. They are amazing. Each and every one of them brings something extraordinary to my life. And with each one of them, I feel like I can be a different type of me, while still staying true. They each bring out different sides of me. I'm sure this will become apparent throughout this blog, but tonight's subject is L.

I became friends with L through a mutual friend. We both bonded over the fact that we generally don't get the female population and all of their craziness, and figured out that we possibly were separated at birth...if not we are just soul mates. I was meant to meet this girl and feel like she will be a pivotal player throughout the rest of my life. She's stuck with me whether she likes it or not.

On Monday nights L comes over and we watch our crazy shows. When our shows aren't playing, we go to the movies. It is always a good time. There are many occasions that involve one of us snarfing wine and I'm usually sitting on my kitchen floor trying not to pee my pants. It's just the way we are. We laugh, we cry, we get each other. No questions asked. I can be my complete and utter self around her, regardless of my mood. When I am happy she makes it better. When I am sad she sits with me while I cry and tells me it will be OK. When I am mad, she has my back. She is able to comfort me and validate my feelings while also being able to tell me when I am being beyond crazy. She keeps me grounded.

Monday nights are when I am most able to appreciate how lucky I am. My friends are my rock. They keep me going. They are my back up. My army. My partners in crime. They are honorary members of my family. I would be a shell of myself without them. They bring out the best (and worst sometimes, but we all need to face those demons and learn from them) and push me to become a better me. They are my cheerleaders. My sponsors. Everything that is wonderful. I hope that through our experiences, they all know how important they are to me and how much I love them.

To all of my girls (and boys) who have been there for me through the good and bad. The ones that have laughed and cried with me. The ones that have stayed true. I love you all and I thank you for each day that you are in my life.

OK...I've been mushy enough. Time for bed. I promise to follow this blog with something oozing with witty sarcasm.

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