Friday, August 13, 2010

Ramble On...

To say it has been a slow week would be an understatement…snails have done more this week than I have. It’s feast or famine here and after a month of non-stop stuff…I’ve finally run out of “food” to keep me busy.

We have a couple meetings coming up that are kind of at a stand-still, but at least I can rest assured at night that I will be busy again before I know it. Remind me to refer back to this post when I’m complaining that my head is spinning.

I’ve really gotten into this event planning lately. I think I have found my calling. Although, short of them creating an event planning position for me (that ONLY involves Massachusetts as I hate traveling) I think I’m SOL. However, that doesn’t stop be from throwing my all into it whenever given the chance. When the Big Boss (BB) says, “I need you to plan this meeting, find a date and a place” and I say “Do you have any ideas or preferences?” and BB replies with “No, do whatever you want”…I’m in the front row. That’s one thing I love about my bosses. They give me assignments and they don’t care how I do it as long as it gets done. They even find my love of all things colorful and my over-enthusiastic attitude (mixed with a little OCD) charming. I have found my home. This is where I belong. If you know me, I like to do things MY way. If I can find someone who has a similar idea of how things should be done that’s great… congratulations you know how to do things right. However, if you tend to disagree and your idea is not better than mine (in my opinion, as that’s all that matters in that moment) then please note that you are wrong.

Big A has become very aware of this fact. I am not an easy person to persuade into doing something I don’t want to do. However, I’m learning. When we moved in together I made a big deal about him being involved in what we bought for the apartment because this was “our life” together. And short of a mental breakdown that involved many tears in a Wal-Mart aisle (my tears not his obviously) he sucked it up and gave his honest opinion on shower curtains, dish towels, mats, rugs, cookware, etc. which I am SURE he couldn’t have cared less about. I quickly learned (through him) that if I expect him to do these things for me, that I need to compromise with him about certain things like:

  • If it’s his turn to do the dishes, and he has the day off the next day, he does not need to do them at 10:30 at night. He can do them while I am at work and they will not be in my way when I get home and need to cook. (This took a little longer due to the fact that they often still were not done when I got home from work.
  • There is no logical reason why he needs to go grocery shopping with me. He doesn’t like it, he can give me the money for his half before or after I go, and the bill is about $100 more when he comes along. Me being lonely is not a good enough excuse for him to go.
  • Although the more tired I get the chattier I get, 11:oo PM is not the time to discuss our weekend plans, decorating ideas, life, etc. These can all wait until a better time. In case of emergency, this item can be bent a little but otherwise it’s pretty firm.
  • Not everything in our house needs to be purple. (When we moved in, everything I unpacked from my previous apartment was some shade of purple…it’s not even my favorite color)

These are just a few lessons he has taught me. For the most part, the lesson is that compromise is key. Which I can work on, that’s fine. Big A is a great guy and I don’t need to run him off because I am a crazy control freak. Especially when I can be one at work and they just think that I am a great worker with a “can do” attitude!

So…back to work… I’m working on an event that is taking place in October. Date TBD. Attendee list TBD. Kind of makes it hard to nail down some plans when it all depends on the number of people and when it is. Apparently when it’s August you should have made your plans for October months ago. A point, that was made all too clear this morning. “Yes, I get it. You don’t have room? Then why are we still talking?” (I’m a great people person, can you tell?) The woman who told me “You’re breaking my heart” when I told her that the event could not be moved from October was probably my favorite, until I realized that she was probably just upset that me and 100 other people will be going elsewhere with our big green corporate dollars.

So, could this be a calling? I mean I am having fun with it now (and it’s a great OCD outlet), but could I love doing this forever? I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. Although I’m thinking that professional writer is out of the question, due to the fact that this blog is all over the place! Who knows? Does anyone ever know? I mean how many people either:

A) Knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up and did it
B) Know exactly what they want to do forever and are working on it
C) Are doing something that they sincerely love?

If I had more readers on here than just the random person who probably comes across it and my mom (although I was pushing J$ to start reading it regularly. I even put her on the e-mail list…haha you can’t avoid it!) I would ask for a poll, but no one would respond. Maybe some day I will have a big following and we will all have big long talks about life and love and our weekend plans…but not at 11 PM I promise!

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