Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything

So, you all know about the Shutterfly post I made a couple days ago right? Well, wouldn't you know the damn thing actually came through. I got an e-mail today with the promo code for my Christmas Cards. I was beyond excited. It's the little things in life ya know. I found some great pictures that I LOVE and hopefully they will get here in time for me to be able to send them out for Christmas. I'm sure it will be fine... but we all know that I wouldn't be me if I didn't freak out just a little over something unnecessary.

Other than my over-excitement about Christmas cards my day was pretty uneventful. I woke up as the ass crack of dawn (or 7... ya know... same thing), pealed myself out of bed, (which is getting harder to do every morning), and had to drive to Brockton for some employee meetings the head guys of my company were running. I also managed to escape climbing a big ass tower because I was wearing heels and they were afraid they would get stuck in the stairs... score! Although, they told me that I could come back anytime for the tour. They are nice guys, but I don't think they fully understood the fact that I REALLY didn't want to walk up to the top of the tower. I don't think they need to see me in full blown panic attack as I have to be pealed from the landing and carried back down the stairs. I think it would ruin my street cred... so I think I will just stay on the ground.

In other exciting news... tomorrow.... marks..... the first day of.... BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! Ya, I'm 5 and still get excited about my birthday. It's just the way of life. One of my favorite things about Big A is that he gets this. When I told him I was excited for Thanksgiving to be over because the next holiday was my favorite he replies Ya, ya, I know, your birthday is coming up! The sweet man recognizes my birthday has a holiday. He's perfect! Now, if I could only convince the rest of the world....

Currently, it is 20 days until my birthday! Take that time to go shopping and pick out the perfect present. I know you will all put the effort in. Haha. Unfortunately, this birthday will be met with a slightly bittersweet attitude. Yes, it's my birthday, but in case I haven't mentioned this enough... I have a bit of a Peter Pan syndrome... I'm not exactly excited about getting older. I mean I know that it's only 25... but as Big A so sweetly reminds me (and my darling brother) I'm almost to 30 and that is PET-RI-FY-ING!!!!!!! I've decided to hold out on the freak out and maybe have it disappear all together, but we know that isn't possible. UG. Wish me, Big A, Mr. Fresh, and my friends & family good luck this next month... I'm sure something crazy is coming!

Either that.... or I'll just pretend that I'm turning 21 and get completely black-out drunk so that I don't have the mental capacity to freak out... which takes a lot of hard work. You have to be that "special" kind of drunk. Too little and it fuels the fire. Too much and well.... anyone know which hospital is closest to my house? I kid. I kid. We all know I am too much of a baby to get fall down drunk anymore... oy... with age comes responsibility. UG

Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Have a Distorted View of Your Relationship

Ahh... Monday morning. It was pretty difficult to get my lazy behind out of bed. It was so nice and comfy and warm. Plus, Mr. Fresh decided to sleep in a bit this morning too so there wasn't any rush to get up. I'm pretty sure that he was laughing at me all curled up on the couch as I put on my winter coat and begrudgingly left for work. It's not fair. For one day I would LOVE for him to go to work instead of me. I will lounge around all day and eat. It will be fantastic. And Mr. Fresh will no longer mock me as I walk out the door into the freezing cold.

(Disclaimer: I may or may not be taking my anger of having to work today out on the dog. However, since he does not have the ability to turn on a computer and find this website... I think we are clear of him getting his feelings hurt. I will forgive him on my way home)

So, I get to work this morning, sign onto my computer, catch up on my e-mails, fill out and approve some time sheets, and then set about to my morning ritual of surfing the Internet until a project comes along (we've talked about the whole feast or famine thing at work right?). I somehow find my way onto the Cosmopolitan website and find this little ditty. Go ahead and read it, I'll wait.....

Seal the Deal and Make Him Commit

Now, I'll admit the first reaction I had to this article was "oh my God, are they right?". For those of you lazy people who didn't read it, the gist of the article is all about "following the rules" that are based on some book that I've never heard of (Called "The Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right"). The whole intent is that if you "follow these rules" from the second you meet a man, he should propose to you withing 15 months. Anything longer and it is now time to re-evaluate your relationship and give him an ultimatum... "Propose or I walk". Ya. I'm ashamed to admit that my mind wandered to... "does this mean that Big A won't commit if it's been this long and there's no ring?" Ya, not my proudest moment. They did mention that if this is the case that it's my own fault if I live with them because I have "allowed him to be with me indefinitely without making a commitment" and if this is the case then I should say that if he isn't ready to propose then I should look for another apartment, make him miss me, and if he doesn't chase after me, then I don't want him.

Hmm.... where to start with that one? First of all, I think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion about when to move to different levels of relationships. Getting serious, getting engaged, moving in together, getting married, having kids... the order is all up to you. Personally, I think that you should live with someone for a little bit before you decide to get married. I knew a woman who dated a man for over 4 years, only to get divorced 3 months after marrying him because they realized they couldn't live together. It happens. Big A and I had a rocky first year living together, but that's normal. I can't imagine how much more scary it would have been if we were married. It would have been too much all at once and I'm pretty sure I would have had a mental breakdown (well... more than I did).

Secondly, if after 3 1/2 years of dating, (and a year of living together) I look at Big A and tell him to propose now or I am moving out... I wouldn't expect him to chase me. That's pretty much telling him that the past has meant nothing, that he needs to do what I say now, or I'll flip him the bird and walk away. Wow, who wouldn't want to marry that girl? She sounds fantastic! Every time she doesn't get what she wants she threatens to leave... that's a healthy relationship.

I don't know who wrote this article, but I would either guess that they either aren't married or their significant other is petrified of them and thus these tactics have worked. It's easy to get caught up in everyone else's life and wonder why isn't that me? The bottom line is that, that's the point. THEY aren't you. So to answer the thousands of people who ask us constantly... we will in our own time. (If I haven't screwed up my chances already by living with him haha). Our relationship is exactly where it should be. Of course we talk about spending the rest of our lives together, but we aren't going to rush into it because we are being pressure and "it's time". We will because it's what we want... that being said... any time now Big A or I walk! hahaha. Can you imagine if I was that crazy? Good Lord!

So here's the lesson of the day. Don't let someone else (especially someone with a skewed view of relationships) pressure you into thinking that you should be somewhere that you aren't. Everything happens for a reason. Are there men (and women) out there who can't commit? Yes. Do some of them string significant others along for years before they finally get frustrated and leave? Yes. But those are the exceptions, not the rule. Just go with the flow. If you spend too much time thinking of where you should be then you might miss some great things about where you are.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

OK... not really, but some people have said that they have seen snow. So... that means that it is only a matter of time, right? Let's get matters straight here. I want it to snow. I LOVE snowstorms, up until Christmas... it makes everything magical. But, I DO NOT want snow on my birthday. Got it? No snow getting in the way of my birthday celebrations or Christmas travels. Those are the rules. Got it Mother Nature? OK good!
Alright, now that we got that out of the way. Another Christmas topic. I have been going back and forth on the whole Christmas card issue. Since last year was our first Christmas living together I decided that I needed to send out Christmas cards to everyone in mine and Big A's family. This year, I wanted to do those great photo cards, but couldn't find ones that I loved and could afford. Big A was no help. He thought that I shouldn't do it at all. I think that he just wanted to get out of helping. So, I set the issue aside and figured that I would deal with it later.

However.... Shutterfly has come to my rescue! Now, let me preface this by saying that I LOVE Shutterfly. I would use them SO MUCH more if I could actually afford to support my habit. Some day.... some day.
Moving on... so Shutterfly has offered to give bloggers 50 free Christmas cards! How amazing are they! Watch out Big A... looks like we will be picking Christmas cards after all. Haha. Poor Big A! I decided to take a little look on their website to see which ones I like and I found these two:

Aren't they cute? I long ago gave up on trying to find one that we could have a family photo on. Mr. Fresh succeeded in making that completely impossible. Big A and I tried numerous times, but Mr. Fresh doesn't really enjoy being forced to sit and smile pretty while we take 100 pictures to get the "perfect" one... go figure. So I decided that I could just find a few good pictures and it will look like we have it all together. Good plan? Good plan.

So thanks to Shutterfly, my family and Big A's family will get to look at our beautiful faces even when we can't be around! You lucky lucky ducks!

You can check it all out at Shutterfly! They have some great stuff on there.

I was also looking at these calendars: http://http://www.shutterfly.com/calendars Then Big A and I can look at our pretty face all the time!!!

Or since my birthday is coming up I can make up thank-you cards like these: http://http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/thank-you-cards

Or you can send me some of these: http://http://www.shutterfly.com/cards-stationery/birthday-cards-stationery

Alright, that it's for now. I'm off to go attempt to be domestic for a little while, but I'm sure that I'm just going to forget all that and just go hang out with Big A's sister. That sounds like more fun! ALSO check out Shutterfly... I'm not one for shameless plugs, but they do some pretty great stuff!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

I know it's been a few days, so I apologize for slacking. I had started to write a post on Wednesday, but getting ready for Turkey Day kind of took over. Let's do a little recap shall we?

Wednesday was busy. I worked for most of the day and despite my attempts to leave early (and my boss' insistence) I left a whole 15 minutes early. Woo hoo! When I came home, I got right to cleaning the house for our Pre-Turkey Day Extravaganza. Big A's sister (my FSIL) came over and we did our annual Thanksgiving baking. I felt bad that I was cleaning most of the time, but she understood and it was great to catch up anyway. We had a fabulous time. Big A came home and was FABULOUS! I was in the shower when he came home and he put away the dishes, and got into party-prep mode without me even having to say anything. He knows how I tend to freak out about these things (especially when the minutes are counting down) so it was great to know that he was there to help.

After we had prepped the house and Mr. Fresh had left for his sleepover with his grandparents (thanks again Mom and Dad!) it was time to party. Our friends came over and we had a GREAT time. We were thrilled that everyone showed up and so happy that they all didn't mind cramming into our tiny apartment. Everyone brought some great food, so we were able to chow all night long. It was fantastic. We're so happy that everyone could share this special time of year with us.

On Turkey Day, I went to pick up Mr. Fresh from my parents' house and we all went for a long walk. Me, my mom, dad, brother, and Mr. S. It was nice. This is a family tradition that we started years ago and it was really great that we got to continue doing it despite the fact of all that has changed over the years. After that, Big A and I headed over to his parents' house and had an AMAZING dinner. It was filled with delicious food, great family, and of course... the Patriots kicking some Detroit ass. It was a great game! After dinner we sat down and enjoyed a little turkey coma. Big A and I then pealed ourselves off of the couch and headed over to my aunt and uncle's house for some more quality family time. All in all it was a great day. At the end of it, Big A and I came home, changed into our pj's, heated up some munchies, and just spent some good time together. It was pretty perfect.

The whole day really reminded me of how lucky I am to have a great group of friends, not one but TWO amazing families, and a boyfriend who I still love to come home and cuddle on the couch with after all this time. I really couldn't ask for more. Life is pretty great right now.

I am also thankful for those special moments when everything comes together just right so you can stop and reflect on it all. There was a moment at Big A's parents' house when I went outside by myself to get a little fresh air. Everything was silent. There were no cars driving by, no sounds of people, the only things I could hear were the birds rustling in the trees and my own breath. It was a perfect moment. It was a great way to stop and reflect on it all. A perfect moment to gives thanks for all I have.

Well, I hope that everyone else was lucky enough to have a phenomenal Thanksgiving like I did. The holiday season is upon us and the weather is getting colder. It's only a matter of time before snow starts to fall. I can't wait. It's a pretty magical time of year. It's hard to remember that with all of the hustle and bustle, but next time you get a chance I recommend you find that perfect moment. That moment where you can forget about everything else is your life other than what is great. Reflect on it all, take it in, and give thanks for everything you have. It's pretty great.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lessons Learned

This is just a short little post to let you in on a little lesson that I learned about patience today. I'm sure you remember my post where I promised to avoid becoming a holiday Grinch this year and it's already started.

At around 11:30 this morning, I decided that this was a perfect time to go run an errand. I have a thousand things that need to get done before tomorrow night (and Thanksgiving) and I figured I would try and get something done at lunch. I left earlier than usual to avoid the traffic, I used the sneaky back-road way, and as I am about to tap myself on the shoulder for being so damn smart the cars in front of my come to a complete stop.

I see a police officer in the middle of the road and no one is moving. There are, however, cars coming the other way and turning down the road that I want to go down. There are a MILLION of them. And the cop if just letting them all go, as I watch the train of cars behind me grow further than I can see. What the hell Mr. Police Officer... I think to myself... I've got places to go. Look at ALL of those cars that you are letting go. It's going to take me FOREVER to get where I am going now. There isn't even anything wrong....whyyyy are you making me stop?!?!?!?!

That's when it hits me (and it took far longer than I am proud to admit)... it was a funeral procession. They all had their hazard lights flashing. One by one they were heading down the road. And I realized... if getting stuck in traffic on my lunch break is the worst thing that happens today... my day is probably still a lot better than theirs. I'm not burying a loved one today.

So, I took a deep breath. Calmed myself down. Told myself to be thankful that I have this time and realize that I will get to my destination when I am supposed to be there and not a minute before.

Like I said before... in the hustle of the holiday season, it's easy to forget these small things and get swept up into the chaos. Take some time to kiss or hug your loved ones today. Take a few extra seconds to take a deep breath and slow down. Enjoy the scenery, smell the roses, you will get to where you are going when you get there. Because, these moments are guaranteed forever. Enjoy them.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Remembering A Furry Friend

I attempted to write this post earlier today, but had a hard time making it through while maintaining my composure. And since I'm still new at work, I decided that I don't need to become "that girl who spontaneously broke into tears at her desk". I decided it would be better to write this at home. Here goes attempt number two.

Today is a hard day. A year ago today, my family and I said goodbye to our dog Odin who we had the pleasure of having the past 15 years ago today. It was heartbreaking and sad and a feeling that I would never wish on my worse enemy. Let's start from the beginning though.

Sixteen years ago my family and I were living in the only town my brother and I had known as home. My parents were in the midst of moving us to a new town that they thought would be better for our well-being. The place had been rented, the boxes had been packed, and there was one more item to take care of... picking out the family dog. In our old apartment, we weren't allowed to have a dog. Needless to say, when my parents were looking to move us it was a priority that we find a place that allowed a dog. When everything was settled, we went out a found our handsome man. We weren't moving for a couple weeks, but like the true rebels we were... we refused to wait.

I remember when we were in the store looking at different dogs there was something special about Odin. There were a few other people looking at puppies while we were there so there were fuzzy little beings running around everywhere. One dog in particular, a big, fuzzy ball of fur set out to be the dominant one. Needless to say, Odin set out to prove the dog wrong. A couple disappearing dogs, and a brief moment of barks later, Odin returned with a big mouthful of white hair and the other dog seemed to have been successfully knocked down a peg. He was ours.

When we moved to our new town it was during Summer vacation and my brother and I struggled to adapt (OK, maybe me more than him). Our friends were half an hour away, we didn't know the new town, and we were pretty much stuck with each other. I was going through a particularly hard time since my best friend since Kindergarten had taken it as a personal attack against her that I was moving and the last time I had seen her it ended in a particularly dramatic scene for 2nd graders (almost third) to have. But... throughout it all we had Odin. Our first dog. Our little brother. Our buddy.

Odin was a special breed of dog and I don't just mean his Australian Shepherd, Border Collie mix. He was almost human. If you cried, he was right there to wipe away your tears. If you were upset, he was right there to offer you a toy to play with to cheer you up. He was emotionally connected to each one of us. I know some people think it's silly to attribute human characteristics to a dog, but if you have ever had one that has touched your heart then you know exactly what I am talking about.

We had thousands of great memories with him. The time that he jumped off of our second story deck in order to chase a female dog in heat (typical male hehe). The time he decided that he enjoyed Bailey's Irish Creme and drank the last drop of it from my mother's glass. Attempting to survive his "chewing" phase. We survived, but eight thousand remotes, a photo album, a bible, a book report book, countless pairs of shoes, and millions of napkins weren't so lucky. It was a rough phase, but he was lucky he was cute.

Over the years, his age started to catch up with him a bit, but his loving attitude never changed. His hips started bothering him a little, but that never slowed him down. He was still a cheerful, loving, furry little man. Last November, when he was fifteen his health started to take a turn for the worse. He had a burst abscess under his tail that required surgery and unfortunately that was the beginning of the end. They did tests when they did the surgery and found that he had cancer that had spread throughout his body. It had come on pretty quickly and spread before we had time to do anything to stop it.

During this time, Big A and I had found an apartment and had plans to move. I begged our new landlord to let us move in the beginning of December so that I could spend some more time at home with Odin, but he wouldn't let us. A week after we moved I got a call from my parents that it was time to say goodbye. It was something that we had talked about, but none of us were ready to make that decision. That Sunday we all decided that it was time. He could barely walk and wasn't really eating anymore. He was in a lot of pain and it just wasn't a way for him to live. He gave us fifteen years of love and asked nothing in return; this was something that we needed to do for him.

It hurt us to let him go and none of us wanted to say goodbye, but it was the best thing that we could do for him to say thank you for everything he had given us. I remember when we were in the vet's office he told us that we needed to tell Odin that it was OK to go. That we loved him and we would miss him and thank you for everything he had given us over the years. And we did. We smothered him with hugs and kisses and held him close until he left this world. It was one of the hardest things that I ever had to go through.

Afterward, we were all pretty quiet. None of us really knew what to say. We were all hurting and it was too much to talk about right then. When we got back to my parents' house it was clear that someone was missing and that made it so much worse. We hung around for awhile, but eventually we all went our separate ways. It took some time for us to all really start to deal with it and the wounds were opened up again when we eventually got his ashes back. Over time we began to heal, but a year later it isn't any easier to accept. He was my buddy and I will miss him forever. He was a member of the family and nothing will ever change that.

There's a bunch of different opinions when it comes to pets, especially dogs. Some people look at them purely as four legged animals. Others look at them as family. It doesn't matter to me what you think because honestly to each their own. However, for those who have ever had a dog that has been a part of their family... a part of them, you know what I'm talking about.

So today, I think of Odin as I do every day, and thank him again for being the best friend I have ever had. He never hurt me, he was never selfish, he was never cruel. He gave 100% of his love to me and never asked for anything in return. We miss you handsome man. You may be gone, but never forgotten. I love you.

Friday, November 19, 2010

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR...

So, after a few days (weeks?) of denial I have decided to give in and accept that the holiday season is upon us. When the weather was still kind of warm and the trees were still filled with beautiful leaves so bright that their color exploded in the sunlight…it was easy to stay in denial. However, if Mother Nature can get with it than I suppose I can put on my big girl panties and deal with it as well. Yes people… the holiday season is upon us. The countdown is on.

6 Days until Thanksgiving

31 Days until My Birthday

(Yes that IS a holiday and should be marked on ALL of your calendars)

36 Days until Christmas


42 Days Left of 2010

(Can you believe it?)

I am in awe. This year has FLOWN by. Does anyone else feel that?

Falling in with my new found acceptance, I decided to start my Christmas shopping. It IS pay day after all and there were some things I wanted to order online before I forgot. And… I’m glad I did. I ordered something for Big A today that could possibly not get here until December 14th! *Enter crazy surprised response here* Ya, I get that the USPS has a lot on their plate this time of year, but I NEVER thought that you actually had to plan ahead in order to get things online in time for Christmas… I suppose I am spoiled from ordering things online and having them show up between 3-5 days later. So THIS is why all of you crazy people get your stuff done so early… shipping dates, crowds, etc. You all may be on to something.

Every year I find myself DREADING Christmas shopping as I’m sure most of you do. I just can’t stand the crowds. It’s supposed to be the “most wonderful time… of the year” (can you hear the music?) and it turns everyone into a bunch of rushing, greedy, annoying, rude people. You can only fight it so much before their behavior rubs off on you and you find yourself scowling at the old woman who is really taking too long to pull out of that parking space… I mean c’mon lady… what are you doing? A 36-point turn?... I have places to be…. Is that guy going to steal my parking space?.... Woah!... No way buddy!... I’ve been waiting for Grandma forever… Get your own damn parking space! That’s not attractive. No body likes that person. I don’t like that person.

So, this year I have decided to do things a bit differently. I’m going to plan ahead a little. Slow down a little. Relax. Christmas is about family and friends… not wishing harm on old women who you think really could move faster if they wanted to and the jackass who is trying to steal your parking space. I WILL NOT become a Grinch this year. I am going to enjoy every minute of it. I will stuff my face full of delicious food on Thanksgiving and I will appreciate every second I get to spend with my family. I will graciously welcome my birthday (and promise to keep the crying in the corner to a minimum of 5 minutes per hour). I will anticipate Christmas with the excitement of a five year old who has been good all year and can’t wait to see what Santa brings them. And… I will spend the remainder of 2010 feeling grateful for every memory I have made and look forward to the new year. (Side note: I will also bring back my New Year’s Resolution tradition. Every year before the end of January 1st I write down a list of things that I wish to do / have happen in the next year. Then I seal the envelope and write threats all over it that it should not be opened until the following year. Bitter from a crappy ending to 2009 I refused to do it this year. I will return to this. Good year or bad… a New Year is a New Year… a chance to start over again.)

So, how are you all feeling about the holiday season? Is everyone freaking out like I was (and maybe still am underneath this cool, calm, and collected exterior). Well to everyone… the Grinches, the Old Women, the Jackass Parking Spot Stealers, My Awesome Family, and My Amazing Friends… the holiday season is upon us… buckle up… it’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Holiday Season

I CAN NOT believe that Thanksgiving is a week away. Literally, a week from today. It’s nuts. Big A and I are doing our second annual Pre-Turkey Day festivities so that should be a nice addition to the holidays.

In previous years, (only two for me, but many more for Big A), we had gone out the night before Thanksgiving. However, the novelty of this adventure was lost on me as I sat in the corner by myself why Big A had a high school reunion and I imagined all 3 billion people (OK, that’s an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like. The bar was literally filled to capacity) attempting to run towards the exits in case of a fire. Ya. The entire world is drinking and I am looking for the nearest fire exit. It just wasn’t any fun. I did it for two years and when we got our place last year I said no more. Big A agreed, and thus our Pre-Turkey Day festivities started. This way, we get to see all of our friends, we don’t have to worry about driving anywhere, and I don’t have to have an anxiety attack thinking about all of the possible things that can go wrong when you have too many people in too small of a space. I imagine all of those Looney Tune shows where someone was trampled and flattened like a pancake… although this scenario wouldn’t end as funny. Getting an air pump will NOT return my body to it’s normal shape, no matter how much I wish it would.

Then comes the Thanksgiving shuffle. Big A and I have become pretty good at managing the holidays. The first year we were dating we decided rather than dealing with it, we would just celebrate holidays separate since we hadn’t even been dating a year. Ya. That didn’t go well. Our families questioned us about where the other one was and we knew that this would be the first and only year that we could do this. Plus as the time went by, we fell in love with each other’s family, so this was definitely no longer an option. So… in the beginning of the day my family usually finds some place to go for a walk. It has become quite the tradition. It gives us a chance to get in some quality time before the craziness of the holidays begin and also time to reflect on everything that we are thankful for. Then we go to Big A’s house where his parents successfully feed us into a food coma. Most years we then head over to my mom’s family’s house, but last year we literally COULD. NOT. MOVE. We are going to try to be better this year. We promise.

Once Thanksgiving is over, I feel like it’s light-speed ‘til Christmas. I mean think about it. The whole year goes on, you finish Thanksgiving dinner, and then BOOM it’s Christmas season. Crazy right? Indeed. Although we can’t forget about another holiday before Christmas. Does anyone know what it is? Anyone? Bueller? It’s my BIRTHDAY!

As many of you know, I tend to get a little into my birthday. To me it’s a national holiday celebrating ME! It’s just the way that I am. My name means celebration, so it is only natural that this day would be my favorite. Blame my parents. It’s totally their fault. I may or may not wear a tiara every year that I may or may not have bullied my mother into buying me. Don’t judge. It’s my birthday.

This year is a little different. Seeing as how there is the blizzard of the century every year, my birthday tends to have a black cloud over it. Big A has to plow, people go back and forth about coming out because they don’t want to drive, and I end up pouting in the corner because my day is ruined…enter melo-dramatic hissy-fit here. It’s a bummer. On top of that, I am turning the big 2-5! Ya, that’s a little too grown-up for me. Let’s recap the ages shall we:

· Years 1 – 5: You either have no clue what is going on, or slightly

get it, but probably won’t remember the excitement.

· Years 5 – 15: Each year continues to become more dramatic as you

become more involved with the planning.

· Year 16: YOU.ARE.MOBILE – for most people this is when

you get your permit and your license. FREEDOM!

· Year 17: Meh. Just another year.

· Year 18: You are now a legal adult. You can vote, buy cigarettes

and legally buy porn. None of this is as exciting as it

seems and you quickly realize this.

· Years 19 – 20: Meh.

· Year 21: WOOO HOOOOO bring on the BOOOZE! You spend

the next several months in a drunken haze and then it gets a bit old.

· Year 22 – 23: Meh.

· Year 24: Woah! OK there slow down…

· Year 25: You have transferred over to the mid to late 20’s. You

are no longer able to check the 18-24 box. 25-30 here you come.

· Year 26 – 29: I can only guess (not having experienced them yet)

they go a little like this… “no, no, no, no, nooooo!” If you watch Family Guy, this would sound similar to when Peter hits Cleveland's house with whatever craziness he got himself into and blows a hole in the side of Cleveland's house...and Cleveland falls helplessly to the ground while stuck in his bathtub. Yep. That's what I imagine.

· Year 30: SHIT!

So, as you can tell from the previous paragraph that I am transitioning from the fun or even apathetic years into…. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s like when you slip on ice and you start to slide down a hill, and no matter how much you kick, scream, or yell you just pick up speed and keep going. Ya. That’s how I feel. But… regardless I am going to try to make the best out of it. Snowstorm or no snowstorm. I will be wearing my tiara and demanding attention… even if it is only from Mr. Fresh.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, I talk about this anniversary post and then I disappear. I am well aware that I suck. This weekend was insane with Big A’s sister’s birthday festivities and the Patriots dominating over the Steelers (and then recovering from the game). So let’s recap.

Sunday was what I dubbed as our Apartmentversary. It was one year to the day when Big A and I moved in together (I also celebrated Mr. Fresh’s which was Monday – he came the next night because we didn’t want him freaking out in a new place when were moving stuff around).

Big A and I had been looking for a place for what felt like forever. We had been talking about moving in with each other and decided to wait until I graduated from college. Unfortunately, we had a little too much fun that summer and by the time we had caught up my student loans had started up. Fun. So, we waited and waited, talked about how we were going to buckle down and save money and it never happened. So on tour 3 (or 4, or 5) of apartment searching, I found the one that we live in now. I took my FSIL with me and we checked it out. We were in love. I quickly scheduled another appointment for Big A to see it, and he was in love. So I made it VERY clear that this was the apartment that I wanted, it was a good price, in the town that we wanted, and it’s now or never. Big A agreed and we jumped in head first.

It was a rough few weeks saving every penny for the move-in fees and packing everything up. It was highly emotional. It was exciting, it was scary, it was wonderful, it was sad… I could go on. In the word of Mr. Ron Burgundy I was “in a glass box of emotions”. Finally moving day came and my parents and I spent a good part of the day moving my stuff from one place to another. Of course it poured rain all day until everything was moved in… because… well… why not. We had some great friends come over and help up get settled in… including those who decided that we should put large pieced of furniture up in our loft by handing it to each other over the railing since it couldn’t fit up the spiral staircase. (I still expect every single one of them to be there when we eventually move out to get all of that stuff down – I was against the idea from the start so it’s theirs and Big A’s responsibility).

At the end of the day, when everyone had left, it all seemed a little surreal. I was on my own again. I have previously moved out of my parents’ house with a couple of friends when I was 20, but that only lasted 6 months. I was nervous all over again. And this time I was living with a boy. All these thoughts ran through my head: Can we afford it? Will we like living together? Will Mr. Fresh be OK? What if we can’t stand each other? What if I miss my parents too much? What if Big A can’t stand me? Is this too much? Is this too fast? Ya, I went a little nuts.

I cried when I picked Mr. Fresh up from the parents’ house the next day. Sad that I was taking him from his home. Sad that this was no longer my home (yes Mom I know it will always be my home, but I don’t LIVE there, it’s different). Big A comforted me when I got home, as I will still sobbing 20 minutes later. He was the strong one in all of this. While I was scared shitless and worried that everything was going to blow up in my face, he never doubted that it was the right decision for us (And if he did – he never told me).

The next year was a whirlwind. I honestly can’t believe that it’s been a year. It FLEW. There were ups and downs. Great moments and sad ones. I was talking about all the things we had been through in a year the other night while we were laying in bed. It has been a hell of a year. I told Big A that they say that the first year of living together is the hardest, he didn’t skip a beat and said “Well, we proved that one right”. At least he’s honest right? But good and bad, I wouldn’t take this last year back. We have learned so much about each other and become so much closer that I would relive every single moment again. Plus, we made it through the first year together everything else should be cake right? Right? Ug!

Let’s do a little re-cap of the past year:

  • Big A and I moved in together.
  • I said good-bye to the first dog to win my heart. Our family dog Odin left us a week after we moved in. It was horrible, but the best decision for him. I miss him every day, but know that he is now in peace.
  • Big A learned what it meant to have a dog and Mr. Fresh finally won his heart after months of fighting.
  • We celebrated our first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s in our first place together. Equipped with our first ever Christmas tree.
  • We figured out that our first Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Alarm was defective when it went off ALL.DAY.LONG resulting in Mr. Fresh completely TRASHING the entire house. Poor little guy. But, honestly, who knew?
  • We learned that the volunteer fire station is like 2 ft away from our house and the “Doom’s Day Alarm” goes off whenever they are needed – I may or may not have thought that the world was actually ending the first time I heard it
  • The honeymoon was over and we started getting on each other’s nerves. This is what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting REAL!
  • We celebrated our first Valentine’s Day that went completely WRONG – our delicious looking Lobster Tails turned out to be no good. After cooking the meat was black and they smelled similar to urine. After hours of preparation and cooking the “perfect mean” we ended up back at the grocery store, returning the bad seafood, and going home to cuddle on the couch with a frozen pizza. Spontaneously bursting into laughter over what a disaster the night was.
  • We started figuring out what got on each other’s nerves and started working on not doing said things. Fights over the dishes continued however.
  • We made it through our first winter season and our skyrocketing electric bills.
  • We had a great summer. Grilling. Going on vacation. Enjoying the outdoors. Celebrating low electric bills again.
  • We finally settled said dishes fight. 10 months later. Yay us!
  • We talked about buying a house. We talked about moving to another apartment. The reality set in that although we are quickly outgrowing our apartment it will always be the first place that we lived together and nothing will ever change that.
  • Moving didn’t work out. All nostalgia was gone as I realized we were stuck in this apartment indefinitely.
  • We celebrated (survived?) our first year living together. The little things don’t bother us as much anymore. We have settled into a groove of who does what around the house. (Big A takes out the trash and brings Mr. Fresh out every night and ever other Sunday and I do everything else. Haha. I kid. I kid.)
  • We realized that Big A was right (this doesn’t happen often so he gets REALLY excited) and moving in together was a great choice for us.
  • We started year number 2! I’m looking forward to what this next year holds for us.

Friday, November 12, 2010


It's Friday my friends... the day we all look forward to starting Monday morning... well everyone except Big A... he works Saturdays.

This has been a CRAZY week. After my last post of whining and complaining about having to go grocery shopping, I ended up getting stuck at work a few hours later than usual. Not fun. By the time I got home and crawled through my front door, grocery shopping was last on my list of things to do. However, it needed to be done. Big A was gracious enough to come with me. (He didn't really have a choice, but he could have fought it a lot more). He was GREAT. We got everything we needed, he helped bring everything in, put it away, took out the trash, and put the dishes away. It was GREATLY appreciated. I am lucky to have a guy who is willing to be so helpful when I need it (well... most of the time... he's been trying a lot harder lately).

At work, I have been working on this project for the past week that has literally caused me nightmares. Yesterday morning I kept waking up from nightmares about it so I finally got up and just went to work. I was pretty early, but it was better than being at home and helpless in case any of my fears did come true (like the pages rearranging themselves...because...ya that happens). After 3,000 drafts we finally got it finished. Done. Finito. I can't tell you what a relief it is. Seriously, this project was insane and had a tremendous amount of pressure along with it. But, between my boss and I we were able to figure it all out and I am pretty sure we will both be having a few adult beverages in celebration tonight. I am under strict orders to go home and relax. He's great.

The weekend is here and all of the wonderful chores that I have been avoiding can NOT be put off any longer. I can justify going home and sitting on my butt, or just doing the things I actually want to do on my to-do list when I am crazy busy at work. However, now that this project is done and the weekend is here... it's time. Time for cleaning, laundry, and a whole lot of sneezing. FUN. I did however get most of the supplies for my new decorating project, so I have that to look forward to. And the infamous shelves are finally up and decorated. I will post pictures as soon as I remember while I am actually sitting in front of my computer at home.

The apartment is coming along... slowly. Unfortunately, due to my busy schedule, ever-growing to do list, and the dwindling of funds due to bills and upcoming holidays, I am beginning to run out of steam. But little by little, I'm still able to do some things and I'm sure sometime in the next decade it will be perfect. Big A is becoming more supportive of my plans and ever so appreciative when I actually follow through and do some of the things I talk about. I got so excited to have the shelves up last night I couldn't wait for him to come home and see them. So... I sent him a picture. Because that's what all mechanics want to see while they are at work... a picture of pointless shelves decorated in a Fall theme from their girlfriends. But he texted back like a good boy and said... "beautiful". I love making our place a home. With our apartmentversary coming up I'm really looking at everything that has changed... with the apartment and us (another reminder to stay tuned for the anniversary post coming up).

Well, it's almost quitting time, so I am going to finish up what I need to do and get ready to go home. I'm looking forward to some relaxation. Big A actually found plans for us to go see a band tonight, so I'm pretty excited about that. And tomorrow we are going out for Big A's sister's (My FSIL - fake sister in law; future sister in law - depending on when you ask me) birthday which should be a good time. Hopefully you all have some fabulous plans too. Ta ta for now.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Food Shopping DRAMA

Have you ever had one of those things on your to-do list that you REALLY just don’t want to do? The thing that you leave at the bottom, making sure that EVERYTHING else is done first (and you may or may not have added other things in order to procrastinate a little more). Ya… mine is grocery shopping.

Every two weeks (because I REFUSE to do it sooner) I go through this. The whining, the procrastination, the excuses, and then finally we are out of something SO important that it no longer becomes an option. I.HAVE.TO.GO. This morning, this particular situation hit me. We were out of Half & Half. And milk. Which meant that coffee was NOT an option. Usually, in this situation. I would make two cups as per usual, put milk in one of them, choke it down on the way to work to prevent anyone from dying, and put Half & Half in the other one when I get to work. Problem solved. Umm… no. No coffee today. I had to drive ALL THE WAY to work before I could have a cup of coffee. It was not pretty.

So… we need Half & Half. OK. I could just run to the store quick for that. But, tomorrow most of the building has the day off so the rest of the people here and I are all doing a yummy luncheon that we all have to make something for. So, I need to buy stuff for that. And, if I am going for all of that, then I might as well do the rest of my shopping, right? UG.

Every time, I think of ways to bribe Big A to do it for me… or at least come with me. But, he refuses and then reminds me of how much extra the bill is when he comes (he tends to buy everything that looks somewhat edible). We have been living together for almost a year (keep a look out for the mushy 1 year post to come soon!)… and I go every two weeks… so doing the math… there have been 26 unwanted trips to the grocery store (OK, maybe 24… the first two were still exciting because living together was still so new…and Big A came with me). UG. You would think that I would get over it by now. Or actually gone through with ordering through Pea Pod. Every time, I go online, make a list, and then get upset because I need the groceries THAT NIGHT and the quickest they do is next day delivery. WAH!

OK, enough whining. We all know that I am going to drag my ass, kicking & screaming, to the grocery store…pout the whole way through, and then be done with it. Let’s go on to a more enjoyable subject.

So, I’m still in my redecorating process. Big A has limited the amount that I can do, so I need to be creative with what I do, so his patience doesn’t run out too quick. I used a little too much of it the other day when I spontaneously decided I wanted to rearrange the living room, did half of it, make Big A help me do the rest two days later, only to decide that I hated it 5 minutes later, and moved it back. I can’t be doing that too often. Tonight, I have convinced him to finally help me put the shelves up in the living room. We tried the other night, but after the rearranging fiasco and the fact that my drill sucks… I set the project aside for another day until Big A could get some good tools to use. So tonight… they should finally be up. Just in time for me to enjoy 2 weeks of my Fall decorations before I have to switch them over to Winter… fun. Whatever, I’ll fully enjoy all four seasons next year.

So, cross your fingers that I make it through grocery shopping alive (as does everyone else), the shelves go up, and I actually go through with making something for the luncheon tomorrow. It all sounds like a lot to do… but I guess the fun never stops when you are living on your own (or with a handsome man and a cute puppy). Hoping to post some redecorating pictures soon… maybe I will feel inspired by the new shelves!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas... and Thanksgiving... and My Birthday

I’m really trying to stay positive for the holidays. I enjoyed most of September and October, choosing to marvel in the beautiful landscape rather than notice that the weather was getting colder and the days were getting shorter. Now, I am attempting to choose to enjoy the magic that comes along with the holiday season. The family visit, cozy snowy nights, good food, and overall cheer. Plus, the countdown is on for my birthday… I should be THRILLED.

Unfortunately, I instead find myself slowly creeping into the frantic anxiety that encompasses most of us this time of year. Instead of feeling the magic, I have a swirl of thoughts running through my mind at any given moment.

  • Getting my work computer all set up so that I can work at home
  • Somehow trying to comfort myself that yes, I will know when a storm is coming soon enough to bring my stuff home so I CAN actually work at home
  • Thinking about how I am going to buy everyone presents when I slowly watch my checking account dwindle down to nothing every two weeks (and WAY too quickly after getting paid)
  • How I am going to buy four new tires and front brakes for my car
  • How I am going to once again pay more presents, when I have no money and my car needs work
  • How can I set aside my selfish princess ways and accept Big A’s offer to 2 of my tired for me for my birthday when all I can think of is how crappy tires are as a birthday gift (I’m struggling with this one)
  • How big the heating bills are going to be THIS year
  • Silently (and sometimes not so silently) sulking about the fact that we DID NOT get the bigger apartment which would solve so many of my problems
  • Trying to not hate the nice old woman who moved into the bigger apartment (I mean REALLY does she NEED all of that space??? It’s a HUGE apartment!)
  • Trying to figure out how I am going to get my poor dog out of the house (who I am beginning to think has seasonal depression) when it is dark out when I get up and get home from work.
  • How am I going to keep up with all of the chores around the house that seem to be multiplying… especially now with the leaves and gross weather I can’t get away with going a couple weeks without washing the floors
  • Am I REALLY turning 25? I mean, do I have to? I could think of so many better ages that I could go be… but 25 isn’t one of them
  • Will I once again spend my birthday and celebration in a funk due to some impending snowstorm
  • Should I really even bother putting myself through trying to have a birthday celebration when it only ends in chaos due to said impending storm
  • How can I get through the holiday season without killing someone when it seems like a plausible outcome to most days

Sometimes I wish I could go back to being a little kid when all of these times seemed so different. You never worried about all of this crap. Your biggest concern was putting in some face time to show Santa that you REALLY DO belong on the Good List. I think I will once again go with the old saying that Being an adult SUCKS. I’m a big whine fest today. Don’t mind me. I’m sure one of my other personalities will come out soon and post a big happy entry about rainbows and butterflies. She’s good for that. For now, I will go back to work and attempt to make it through the day without losing it on someone because no one knows that is going on inside my head… so instead of being understanding and saying “Ya, she’s been under a lot of stress lately”, I’m pretty sure the people that I work with would just whisper “What the HELL is wrong with that chick? One minute she is talking to someone at the help desk about a simple problem, and the next she is screaming like a crazy person threatening bodily harm and throwing her wonderfully color coded office supplies around the room.”

Ya… I don’t need to be that guy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

To Vote or not to Vote

Today is voting day! People all across the United States made the trek out to vote today and I made sure that I was one of them.

After a quick visit with Ma and Pa Dukes I set out on my quest. I had researched earlier where to go since this is the first time I would be voting in this town. I took a sneaky way home to avoid traffic and pulled into a mostly empty parking lot at the local elementary school. I was so excited that this was going to be quick & easy.... WRONG! I walked in to find a couple parents picking their kids up and NO voting signs. Ya, that should have been a hint. I stopped a very nice woman who explained to me that voting was at the OTHER elementary school.

So, I went back out into traffic, now having to go back the way I was and yes... hitting all of the traffic. I then circled the parking lot no less than 5 times before a very nice man offered me his spot. I thanked him profusely, gave him a giant thumbs up, and then pulled in the parking space. I walked in the building (now knowing that I was in the right place due to the thousand people and the VOTING signs everywhere). I looked at the list, found my precinct, and looked at all the HUGE lines that people were waiting in. I walked over to my precinct that had NO line... hahaha FOOLS!!!

Ya, so they had no record of me. Apparently when I changed my address last year, the registry never notified them. I then had to fill out a special form and was then informed that since it was only a provisional ballot, that my vote would only count in the event of a tie. Ya.... so I voted anyway. I figured I had made it this far, I might as well go the distance. Plus, although I doubt that "1 vote can make the difference" I figure that if I don't vote, I have no right to bitch and moan for the next year (or more depending on the candidate).

So my lesson here is... that if I could go through all of that crap and still vote, then you can too! I'm pretty sure that all of you know where you are going and most of you know that they will have you registered there. There's no excuse. Get off your butt and go! Not some great candidates this year, but at least one of the questions is about lowering tax on alcohol and who couldn't appreciate that! Haha. No, but really you should all go.

So that's the end of my voting story. On a side note, I LOVE the fact that people leave comments (although I'm still learning the difference between when people send them to me and when I actually publish them to the blog), but please please please leave your name. I would LOVE to know who is reading and who I am talking to. Also, love the blog? (and by my stats I know a good amount of people read this thing... it isn't all me checking haha) Follow me! That way you can get great updates on all the crazy adventures I go through without having to check back all the time to see if I am slacking or actually on my A game. Thanks loves! Alright, after that I'm out! I got a dinner date with Mr. Fresh and then L is coming over to drink some wine and have some MUCH needed girl time.

It's beginning to look a lot like TURKEY DAYYY

Let’s re-cap the Halloween weekend, since we all know that I got a little too excited about it all.

Last November, I came up with the wonderful idea for Big A and I to be Al and Peg Bundy. Anyone who knows us, KNOWS that this was the perfect costume for us. However, a frantic trip to the Halloween Outlet kind of shut the idea down. The wigs were too expensive and I could find anything I liked. Every year we go to the Halloween Outlet and EVERY YEAR I don’t find anything and end up putting my own costume together. I don’t know why I still think I am going to find something magnificent. What’s the definition of insanity again?

So, I went out and bought some stuff to be a gangster. I figured, I could use the pants again for work and the hat was pretty cool. Everything else, I already owned. However, when I mentioned this plan to a friend, he expressed his pure disappointment that I wasn’t following through with my plan. I mean I had been talking about it for 11 months and Halloween was 2 days away, it was time to put up or shut up. So… I changed my mind AGAIN and went back to Peg. And I’m glad I did!

Saturday, Ma Dukes and I went to Marshalls to find some Peg-worthy clothing. Fueled by Starbucks, we were on a MISSION! It was scary to see how much we had to choose from. We ran around the store like crazy people finding the most hideous 80’s-esque clothing with some sort of animal print on it and came up with WAY too many options. It’s kind of upsetting that clothing designers are still making clothes like that.

So $60 and a trip to Target later, I was set. I spent the better part of my afternoon attempting to make my hair look like Peg’s. I wrestle with my hair multiple times a week in order to get it straight and smooth and on Saturday, I had a hell of a time trying to make it poofy and curly. Who knew? So I did my best. My hair could have been bigger, but I ran out of time (and patience). It was hard work trying to turn MY bangs into big, flipped, front bangs like she rocked. I did my best and I think it came out great. As usual, I completely forgot about my camera and only took a couple pictures. They will be posted on Facebook once I get off my lazy behind and upload them. Big A was a GREAT Al Bundy. He made sure to look beaten down by life and miserable to be standing next to me in EVERY picture… which is what Al Bundy would look like. It was a good night!

People had some great costumes. We saw witches, dead gangsters, a hunter, a deer, The Joker from the later Batman movies, Eggs & Bacon, Michael Jackson, a Greek Goddess, Thing 1 & Thing 2, Count Blackula, Johnny Cash, An Old Couple (great job btw J$ even though it meant I couldn’t go near you – elbow five!), another Vampire who was performing questionable acts with a blow-up doll that I felt bad for, and a few more that I can’t remember off the top of my head.

Now that Halloween is over… it’s time to start the countdown to Turkey Day, My Birthday, and CHRISTMAS!!! I LOVE this time of year. It’s the one time of year the my extended family gets together and Big A’s extended family gets together. It’s a great time. We have worked out a PERFECT holiday schedule for visitation rights with our individual families (although Christmas is on a Saturday this year so we might be screwed with that). AND I think Big A’s sister and I are going to continue our tradition of “Day Before Thanksgiving Baking” (and I promise not to be a freak-show about my kitchen getting dirty this year, if she promises not to make it look like a tornado swept through there with a bag of flour! Hehe LOVE YOU!!!)

So, some great times to come! I can’t wait. First on the agenda… getting our “seasonal shelves” up on the wall FINALLY, and getting out Christmas cards in order. Let the fun begin! Bring on the HOLIDAYS!!!