Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Recap

Well Ladies and Gentleman....it's official. I am now 25. Not a gigantic fan of it, but we all have to get older. It is a way of life. Let's recap shall we:

Friday night J$ took me out for some pre-birthday drinks. Then we met Big A and some of the boys back at our apartment and hung out for a bit. It was a great way to start birthday weekend.

Sidenote: Yes. I said birthday weekend. I LOVE my birthday (well I loved it a lot more when getting older was more fun)! With that being said, we always get a gigantic snowstorm every year, so I like to give myself a whole weekend to make sure that I get in enough birthday time. With that being said, this is the first year in a long time we didn't get a blizzard!
Saturday we had our friends over to continue the birthday celebration. We had a great time and it was really nice to have everyone together. With Christmas coming up, and everyone having different New Year's plans, it was the last time we would all be in the same place at the same time until the New Year.
Sunday, I had a great lunch with my dad and brother (Ma you were dearly missed, but we know Auntie B needed your baking expertise!) Then Big A and I met up with some friends and went to see Christmas lights. There's this guy who owns a local car dealership and has more money than God! To give back a little, he decorates his house and yard with these AMAZING Christmas decorations and lights and lets you drive through. It was great. Then we finished off the weekend with a nice big W!!! for the Patriots (no thanks to the refs who were either bought by the Packers or on some serious crack). It was an amazing end to the weekend.
Monday, I went out to lunch with some work people. We had so much fun, but I was swamped with work (another side note: I apologize for being a crappy blogger, but the amount of work I have piled up is ridiculous and it all needs to get completed by the end of the year. And by the time I get home... I'm exhausted. I don't think I've cooked dinner in a week!). I finally peeled myself away from my computer and headed home only 45 minutes later than I should have.
When Big A came home, he had these for me: (please excuse the crappy camera phone picture but they are beautiful!!!)

Along with that, he got me a gift certificate for a massage and the sweetest card. I was going to take a picture and show you all how romantic my boyfriend is, but I decided that it was a private thing that should be kept between the two of us. Let me tell you though, it further proved to me that he really is the one for me. He's amazing. He spoiled me all weekend. If there was something I wanted...he got it. If I was hungry...he bought food from wherever I wanted. If there was music I wanted to listen to...I got it. He was amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend or a more perfect boyfriend. I owe it all to him (and our amazing friends...but Big A was a huge part of it).

After he gave me my gifts, we went to my parents' house for dinner. Mr. Fresh was already there, and my mom, dad, brother, aunt, Big A, and I (and yes, Mr. S was there too. I'll have to post a picture of him soon to show you how much he has grown) had a delicious dinner of crab legs, fish, rice, and veggies. I'm pretty sure that I ate my weight in crab legs. It wasn't a pretty sight. I was a mess by the end of it and vowed never to eat again, but it was fantastic. Then it was time for presents. I wore my tiara (as I did all weekend and do every year) and opened up some fabulous presents. I got a beautiful new purse, a wallet, some comfy pj pants, a gift card to Victoria's Secret, and a great fondue set (that I am totally going to be using at the upcoming girl's night). Add in the beautiful scarf that Big A's parents gave me, along with a gift card to Target (where I might as well live); the awesome wine glass with pink rhinestones shaped in a K that J$ gave me; and the bottle of wine JL gave me...I was really spoiled. They are all too good to me.

I am a lucky girl. I have some amazing friends, and a great family. But now... the day has come and gone and I have a whole year until the next one. I'm OK with that though. 25 is starting off to be a great year. I'm in a great place, and I have no wish to rush into the big 2-6.

So my friends, that in a nutshell was my birthday weekend. Next up should be some great holiday chat. Give me some time to make it through the next 1/2 days of work, and I should be around a lot more. Hang in there...I promise I'll be back!

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