Friday, February 25, 2011


Guess where I am posting from? Ya. The airport in Columbus. My plane should have been in the air for almost an hour now. Guess who jinxed them self? Oh ya... that would be this guy! Or..girl rather.

I was super tricky and checked out the weather and thought that there was more than a good chance that I would get stuck in Chicago. So I booked a direct flight home thinking I could just skip all the bullshit. Good plan right? Well... in theory. So. Here I am.

According to the website, (which also says by the way that my plane was scheduled to take of 10 minutes ago) my old flight hasn't been cancelled. I'm pretty sure that those MF's are boarding their plane right now. Or... getting ready to take off. All excited to be heading back home. Sometimes I wonder why I try to fix fate. I mean honestly. If I am destined to get stuck somewhere it's going to happen. No matter how hard I try to avoid it. Lame.

Of course I go to try out my trusty new Nook, figuring hey, fate, you wanna be an asshole? Well I am going to read my new book and love it...haha how quickly we forget how much of a bitch fate can be. Despite the fact that I charged it all night to prevent this... the battery was dead. Apparently when you charge it, it automatically turns on. So you have to turn it off. But it was in slumber mode so I had no clue. Go Figure. F me right?

Can you sense the tension in this post? Because I can. Wah!

Ma Dukes was supposed to come pick me up since I was relatively in the realm of when she gets out of work to my arriving in Boston. who knows when I am getting home, so I told Big A that he was back on board. He wasn't too happy that he got himself all psyched up to drive all the way to pick me up, got out of driving to pick me up, I was going to be home early, and now it's all gone to shit again. Oh Big A... don't you know that fate is a pain in the ass?

I mean I suppose it could be a million times worse. If this were years ago then I wouldn't have so many technological ways to complain about my current situation. I mean really. Text, phone calls, Facebook, and blogging. Those are some great outlets so I can make sure that everyone I know, knows how upset I am in this current moment. Score!

I am starving and would die for a cup of coffee, but I am afraid that A) I won't hear them boarding if I go get food. B) I am going to lose my super awesome spot. C) If I drink coffee I am going to have to go pee and that means leaving my super cool spot and not being able to hear any announcements. I am a prisoner to my chair. Bummer!

Anyway, you have heard enough of my discouraged, annoyed ramblings to get the point. Cross your fingers and wish me luck. The quicker I get out of here, the less likely of part 2, 3, or maybe even four of God Damnit I am still stuck in this God awful airport!

Stay tuned...

I'm Heading Out to Boston....Woah..Oh...Oooohhh!

I may regret writing this, since I have yet to board my return flight home (I would hate to jinx myself), but this trip really wasn’t that bad. I think I have become more comfortable with travelling, the people I work with, and Ohio in general so it really isn’t visiting a foreign country anymore. In fact, a cab driver was having trouble locating my office, so I gave him directions. Like I know what I’m doing… HA!

All in all. Not so bad. Had a great dinner last night and then really just spent some time in my hotel room reading. My boss bought everyone on his Team Nook Colors (ya baby!) as part of a team building exercise. I spent most of the trip here doing my obligatory reading of the book that I/we picked out for everyone to read. That didn’t take long, and the book really wasn’t that bad, but I was excited to get to the new book that I had purchased. I love reading. I was dying for one of these, but my boss beat me to the punch… so… thanks for saving me $250!

It was nice. I was a little sad. A little lonely. And it was hard to say goodnight to Big A knowing that he wasn’t right next to me. But, not nearly the deep depression (mixed with the regret of why the hell did I come here in the first place, I want to be home now, oh I am never doing this again!) that I am used to with these trips. It will be a little harder next time since I am gone for two nights, but I am home Friday afternoon so I can see Big A as soon as he gets out of work. (I guess I can take some comfort in the fact that after almost four years I still miss him when he isn’t around…awww…. Ya I know… BARF!) I also have plans with a friend of mine who works at our office in Ohio, so we are taking advantage of my free night here and going out to dinner. A little girl talk. I can’t wait!

One thing I really must say about Ohio, and yes I know I only know about a small part of Ohio, but the restaurants here are amazing! They are everywhere. In these swanky little areas with night clubs. You can choose from a million different places to go and they are nothing like back home. Honestly, I have not seen a Dunkin Donuts (OK that part upsets me), a McDonald's, Wendys, TGI Fridays, etc. ever here. Just these great restaurants. LOVE them. Although I guess this would kind of compare to our Boston, but not nearly as crazy! It’s just enough city for some fun, without the gigantic cluster that is Boston. Which is why Big A and I stay clear. Worcester too. Plus, this place is clean! You hardly even see cigarette butt on the ground.

The only downside, so far… still trying not to jinx, is that the girl in the room to the right of me was giggling NON STOP. I went to bed at 12:30 and she was laughing. Then at about 6:30 I got to listen to the guy to the left of me take his morning pee. And then I got to listen to him take his shower…whilst humming some tune I don’t know… since apparently his bathroom wall was right next to my bed. At that point… Giggles the Clown to my right was still.laughing. Ya. I’m kind of glad that hotel was booked the next time I come here.

So, I am packing up soon and heading to the airport. I have about an hour and a half before my flight leaves. Thanks to Ma Dukes checking religiously, and the right flight this time, I know that as of now it is still on time. The snow has stopped. All I need is for the weather in Boston to behave itself and I am smooth sailing. Although…now that I remember…it was really nice not being woken up by a fire alarm going off all night…so I would say that this trip is a success in comparison. Haha!

Adios my friends. Cross your fingers for a safe trip home!

I'm off on the road to Ohio...

Seeing as how this sneaky hotel actually makes you PAY to use the internet (unless I want to sit in the lobby, then it’s free. Focus now… anyone can walk into the lobby and use it for free, but paying guests have to pay more for it) it looks like I will be writing some posts and then posting them later. So… for now… I will mark the date for the next however many I write. We all know I get lonely and chatty when I am on a business trip. Crappy hotel… ug!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I started my morning off like any other…whining and crying that I didn’t want to leave. Umm… OK maybe not like any other but we know I am always whining about something! It felt a bit like the last night before summer vacation. You didn’t want to go to sleep because you knew the next day would be a hardcore bummer! That was me last night… but today came and I sucked it up like a big girl, slapped on my big girl panties, and headed to the airport.

I had a slight ray of sunshine when I found out that my flight was cancelled and I imagined struggling, oh struggling oh so much to find a new flight, but oh I can’t… and then I can’t go and it’s soooo sad! No such luck. The bastards may have cancelled my flight without notifying anyone, but they made sure to book me a new flight leaving at the same time… swell!

So a quick jump to New York for a hot minute… and then I arrived in Ohio. The flights were pretty uneventful, minus my new one year old boyfriend sitting in the row ahead of me and the crazy woman in the aisle next to me that gasped anytime the plane moved… ya that was fun!

I made my way to my hotel and checked in and then headed over to our Ohio office, It was great to see the people I hadn’t seen in awhile and it was great to actually, kind of, know where I am going. I got in some good work and then we called it a day.

We all met for a delicious dinner! This place was a little hole in the wall place, but it was packed! They had my favorite raspberry beer ON DRAFT! (Sidenote: Great beer, unfortunately low alcohol percentage…and “their” glass is tiny. I attempted to ask for my second in one of the gigantic water glasses they gave us, but I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was joking…oh how little they know me!) I also decided to be adventurous and try something called Country Fried Steaksweet JESUS it was good! A little strange…the concept weirded me out a bit, but it was delicious. And SO filling. I didn’t get to finish it all because I was honestly concerned with vomiting all over the place from fullness (a little too graphic?). But, now I am STARVING again… guess the joke is on me. I considered a $12 bag of Smartfood, but decided on the negative!

Speaking of big brave adventurous me… I also tried these things I got in the airport called “Smart Fries” which are air-popped potato sticks. They are…well…not work the $2 I paid for them, BUT not the most horrible thing in the world. You get used to them.

So, let’s recap about how exciting 25 year old me is…(yeah…I’m still on that!)


….have taken a more relaxed, grown-up look on travelling and what it would mean for my career.

….have decided to make my career my bitch. This is MY year. I will look back on 25 as being the pivotal year in my career. I will be kicking ass and taking names. Hop on the train or get out of my way.

….have decided to try more new things. So far those include: a few new recipes (which is something exciting all on itself because I am a picky eater), a tequila shot (confession time…I poured half of it in Big A’s margarita before I did it…I know I’m a weenie!), “Smart Fries”, and now “Country Fried Steak”. Not a huge list, but it’s only February. Bear with me.

….have decided to make my house a home. Like…for real. Currently in the process of redecorating…you all know the deal (Sidenote # 8 billion: I have settled on what I’m doing…I figured you wouldn’t believe me anyway, so I’m waiting until it’s done to tell about it…it’s OK I wouldn’t believe me right now either).

….have become more comfortable with Big A and I and where our relationship is. I mean don’t get me wrong…there are things I would change if I could (If you like it then you shoulda put a ring on it…yeeeaaaahhhhh…..jk....well...kinda) but I finally just let go and realized that he’s not going anywhere and we are pretty damn good.

….have fully decided that I really don’t Give a fuck! No seriously…pardon my French but… I’m done pretending. I’m done biting my tongue. I’m done letting the bullshit get to me. I’m done. This is me. Don’t like it. Whatever! (haha Ya Cull…I did the whatever…just because you love it!). Case closed.

So…that’s the past 12 hours (and a little self-reflection). Interesting? Eh… probably not. But… if not just remember the last item from the list above. Insert sweet innocent smiley face here! Muah!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I go crazy... for you baaabaaaayyyy

Tomorrow I leave for Ohio. It’s just for a night, but I’m still hating it. I mean in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. But… I like sleeping in my own bed, in my own house, with Big A and Mr. Fresh. There is nothing more lonely than sitting in a hotel room by yourself at night. Really makes you remember how far away from home you are.

I’ve never been a gigantic fan of being away from home. I always preferred the sleepovers at my house. I once had a friend who had this house in the woods down this long driveway. It was pretty creepy. And I swear that every time I slept over her house, there was a huge thunder and lightning storm. My imagination may be exaggerating… but it felt like every time! So I wasn’t a fan!

This continued on into adulthood. Although, I’ve gotten too old to call mom and dad to come pick me up in the middle of the night… no matter how much I may have wanted to haha! But at least in those times Big A is there. My rock. Unfortunately, in this case, my rock is almost 800 miles away (I google mapped it!). Bummer.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this will all pay off some day. I mean you have to make sacrifices in life sometimes to get to where you want to be. It will all be worth it.

And it’s not that bad. It’s only over night. I have a trip in a couple weeks that is two nights. Which Big A hates. Can’t blame him. He doesn’t like sleeping alone just as much as I do. Bummer.

As for work, things are going pretty well. For the most part. Except I have been working on this project for the past few months that it slowly but surely causing me to lose my credibility that I worked so hard on for the past 8 months. I have never felt like such an idiot. And every time I think have it figure out, something changes. Then I get to e-mail 20 people telling them that it has changed… again!

The problem is that these people aren’t seeing what is going on “behind the curtain” they just see me pulling answers out of a hat and then changing them every few days. It sucks. And it’s frustrating. And it’s slowly giving me a migraine. WAH!

So… now I am waiting for a response back from someone else who is going to tell me that everything I have done so far is wrong and here is the new and improved way! UG! Really wishing that I could have a glass of wine right now. It is bad that it’s not even 10 AM yet and I am thinking about drinking. Ya… pretty sad.

On another note…Big A has been sick for the past few days. He even called out of work! I don’t know if he is really that bad, or is just getting smarter about taking care of himself (since his nagging girlfriend always yells at him about it) but this is the first time he has called out of work since I have known him. In almost 4 years! Craziness. He seems to be getting a bit better, but I think we are rescheduling our Valentine’s dinner…again!

We always do a dinner every year, but just not on the actual date. (Side note: did I do a Valentine’s Day post? Because, you really need to hear about how great our night was!) We were going to do it last week, but we got busy. We are supposed to do it tonight, but I’m thinking it might be another dinner at home, watching TV in bed night!

We shall see! Alright, back to ripping my hair out at work. Should be a fun rest of the day…6 ½ hours and counting…. Ug!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bows for an Angel

I know I posted already today, but something else needed to be said.

I recently became aware of a blog that I think could use a little support. A young mother lost her four month old baby, for reasons she is unsure.

Her world is crumbling as she faces something that NO MOTHER SHOULD EVER HAVE TO FACE!

You can read about her and her family here:

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 23, 2011 she lays her sweet little girl to rest.

She asks that tomorrow, you have your daughters wear a big bow in their hair in remembrance of Maddie. Maddie loved big bows in her hair. She asked that you also send pictures of your little ones wearing their bows, she would love to see the support.

If you don't have a daughter, join us in spreading the word about this family in their time of need. My heart goes out to them as they try and make it through this journey. My thoughts and prayers will be with them tomorrow as they say goodbye to their little girl for the last time.

Decorating, ADD, and Lack of Concentration

Sometimes I wish that I was able to confidently make a decision and then stick to it. It would really save me a lot of time that I use to re-do my former decisions.

For example: my spiffy new couch cover? HATE IT!

I’m over it. It’s too dark. Too yucky. I need some color.

So instead of continuing on my failure of a rug hunt… I have decided on buying a new couch cover. And a matching chair cover.

I feel like in the future, this will help my hunt for a living room rug. I mean blue and brown are in every.single.rug ever made. Seriously, it’s all I see.

I’m a little upset about this decision, since our bedroom has blues, browns, and golds. It feels like everything will be the same color. Since those are really the only two rooms that we have to decorate. Minus the hideous kitchen. It’s on life support. It needs saving. It may be beyond saving. Who knows.

Can I live with that? My entire house being the same colors? I don’t know. I’m having trouble making this decision. It’s pretty ridiculous.

I’m thinking that this might be a distraction from my upcoming trip to Ohio. We all know that I LOVE my trips to Ohio. It must be done though. Maybe I should wait until I get back before I make any rash decisions. (Maybe my mother should stop working so much and pay more attention to me decorating problems… can’t you see that this is a cry for help? Haha)

What I would really like is to have a whole new home to decorate. With unlimited funding. Dream on girl…

I’ve come to the realization that we are going to be in our apartment for awhile. Big A and I are being responsible adults and working on getting out debt down so that we can save more and get a better mortgage rate. Unfortunately, although it is a very smart decision… it’s not very fun. Wah!

So, this is my attempt to make my house more aesthetically pleasing. Don’t get me wrong… I am SO thankful to everyone to contributed to our apartment with furniture and such when we moved in… but the problem is that it was pieces from here and there. None of it really GOES. And it drives me nuts. But it was all “temporary” so I could deal with it. Well…it’s not temporary. It’s been 15 months. With many more to come. So… something needs to be done. Which is fine. If I could make a decision. Did someone say ADD? Concentrate!

I thought of green… a nice sage color. But of course the cheapo covers that I picked (not cheap…just a bargain!) don’t come in the color…well the couch does, but the chair doesn’t. Then we are getting into a whole bunch of color. Which isn’t my thing.

I really wish that I could have someone come in and just do it all for me. Any aspiring interior decorators want to take a shot at my apartment? No? No one. Cool.

I think I will start by returning the couch cover before Mr. Fresh leaves anymore of his fur on it…or we spill on it… or rip it. Which would be my luck. Start with that. Which stinks because I was really excited about the deal I got on it. But it’s also a one piece which is annoying as hell. I learned this lesson with Big A’s mom when we moved in. We bought a one piece and within days I hated it. I should have learned. I was blinded by the deal. I’m sure of that.

Well, stay tuned. I’m sure I will pick something else soon. And if you hate it and disagree? Don’t worry…I’m sure I will change my mind in a few days anyway!

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'm in decorating hell...

So…. the rug plan has backfired. The one thing I love about (and hate because it really gets in the way of my impulsive purchases) is that they have real customer reviews at the bottom of each product. Which is great… if everyone says they love it! Unfortunately, there were one too many complaints that although they love the rug, the color was a little more brown that it looked… and I just can’t have that.

So I continued on my search. And I found this one:

(Sorry the picture suck! You get the idea though)

Which I am madly in love with. However, the size that we can afford is a little too small (I think) and the next size up is a whopping $200 difference. Talk about crazy.

So, Ma Dukes and I set out to try and find the rug to see if it really was the one of my dreams. Except no one had it. They could special order it, but it was non-returnable. Meaning, if the color was off I was screwed! After 8,000 stops and a few rude customer sales people (Don’t you work off commission? Well… you didn’t get any!) I returned to the internet. I found that the price I got quoted from devil woman was the best around, so if I really wanted this rug, I would have to buy it from there. UG!

Our current rug is 6 X 9. I think that it is a perfect size for our living room. This rug is 5’ 7” X 7’ 9” (I think… around there) and I just think that it is too small. I know there isn’t much different between 5’ 7” and 6’, but there is a big difference between 9’ and 7’ 9”. And it just doesn’t feel right.

So, it’s back to the drawing bored. Which is fine, because I have myself distracted with the prospect of re-doing the kitchen. Now… this is all a pipe dream because I DO need to talk to my landlord… but I figure, hey, if I’m doing something to improve the look of the apartment and not going after him for any money… what will he care? So.. we will see. I haven’t even bothered to ask him. Yet. I need to get a plan in place.

Sidenote: If anyone out there knows how to get a discount on Couristan rugs so that I can get the bigger size and not break my bank… I’m pretty sure that I would love you forever.

Other than that… life is pretty much normal. I had a great time hanging out with Big A and some friends Friday night, and Saturday was our monthly girly wine night… which is always a favorite. Sunday, Big A and I were bums and then took Mr. Fresh for a ride so I can’t complain. All in all a pretty good weekend.

We got a little bit of snow this morning. Not enough to induce a giant rant of how I am all done with winter, but enough to be a pain in the ass. We are supposed to get more on Friday… which throws a wrench in the works since I am supposed to be flying home from Ohio then. So… here’s hoping for no snow. OR at least knowing there is going to be enough to cancel my trip ahead of time. A weekend in Ohio alone doesn’t exactly sound like a blast to me. Although knowing my luck, it will be my connecting flight that screws me. This way I get stuck in a city where I don’t know where anything is and I don’t know anyone. Yep. That sounds a bit more like it. We will see how it all works out.

Well that’s enough whining for now. Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well. And if you didn’t… well… at least we are one weekend closer to Spring! (How’s that for being an optimist?)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Day Dreaming Designing

So, we all know that I have been in a bit of a re-designing mode lately. Last Saturday, Ma Dukes and I went to a million different stores (no joke) to find a new rug for the living room. And.Found.Nothing!

I researched a bit before we went shopping to see if I could narrow down the parameters of what I was looking for. The one thing that Big A and I could agree on (well...the one thing that Big A said that even slightly resembled an opinion other than "looks good" and "I don't know, you always do great at this stuff") was that we wanted to channel our inner '70's-ness and get a shag carpet. We really liked the texture and thought it would be a great addition to our living room. Unfortunately, no one has what I am looking for in my area. Bummer. I really was trying to avoid online shopping since the rug is so big and shipping would be a pain... BUT came to the rescue!

I don't know if I showed you the pics of when I ordered our new bedding, but Overstock was our SAVIOR! We have a king-sized bed, which isn't cheap to buy for. I was able to buy a comforter set (with two matching pillows included) and a to.die.for set of sheets for only $85... match that with the cheapo shipping and this girl was in heaven! Here's what we bought!

Big A and I are HUGE fans of our purchases. The price was just right and the quality is amazing. So... if Mr. Fresh ever decides to throw another temper-tantrum while I am away and destroys this comforter... it won't break our bank to buy another one (side note: Mr. Fresh please be patient with me... Momma is travelling a lot in the next few weeks for work... please don't destroy the bed... I love it!)

Need new bedding? Check out their AMAZING selection in their Bath & Bedding section: http://

When Overstock contacted me to do a review about their products, it was a no brainer. They didn't have to even offer me anything (which they didn't... see disclaimer below) because I was already one of their biggest fans... so I took this opportunity to check into their rug selection.

They had MANY that I loved, but they weren't exactly what I was looking for. But, lucky for me they had an entire selection of shag carpets and I found this bad boy:

I'm In Love! And if my mom would get back from her stupid meeting and sign off on it - yes I need my mother's opinion for most things... don't judge (and if I had any way of getting a hold of Big A and having him look at it and approve) then it would have been ordered by now and I would have a lovely e-mail in my inbox saying... your order has been received.

However, over the years I have learned a small amount of self-control... so I'm waiting.
Here's the link for the Home & Garden Area Rugs: http:// - trust me... you won't be disappointed!

And do you want to know the best thing about self-control? It means that you have more time to look for other things that you want. Like this great ottoman!
I have been looking for a storage ottoman for awhile. I think it's the best way to add a little seating to our small living room, while giving me a place to store my blankets that I use all year round since I am always cold! This is PERFECT!

It might be a little too much gray with the rug (since the original plan was to get a rug with some color), but it is definitely on the list of wants...I would love to say "needs" but we all know that isn't true.

Check the ottomans out here: http://

I plan to continue surfing around their website and find a million more things to put on my wish-list, but I figured that I would at least keep it short(er) for you and stick to just the living room.

Now... want to hear the best part of all of this? It's pretty amazing. Overstock has offered you amazing people a little discount! 10% off their (already ridiculously low) prices!

Just enter the code: 121745 and receive 10% off (excluding books, movies & electronics)! The discount never expires, but it can only be used once with each e-mail address.

How absolutely fantastic is that? It's pretty unreal. These people sure contacted the right person since their website is pretty much the first place I look when I am looking to order something online. We talked about how I'm pretty cheap...but like nice things...and it's like we were a match made in heaven! So, what are you looking for? House items, clothing, jewelry, etc. Tell me what you are using your discount on!

All ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post. However, I was provided with this discount code.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Me? Control Freak? No way!

Thank God it’s Friday! I don’t think I could say that enough. It’s been a LONG week. I’m looking forward to a little relaxation this weekend. Should be nice.

Next week I have another big meeting that I have been planning. It really goes to show that no matter how much you prepare…people are always going to throw a wrench in the works. I think I have learned to just flow with it. I mean it’s annoying when two days before the event you have no information to print out and people are still switching up the invitee list… but honestly what are you going to do? I’m sure these people have someone else who is driving them batty waiting until the last minute to give them the information they need to give to me. I am well aware that I am a gigantic control freak, so I am using this as my opportunity to work on it.

I will be glad when it is Tuesday and the even it going on. I always feel like this big wave of relief over me when an event finally comes. I have done as much preparation has I could and from then on I no longer have control over what happens. Random people will show up. Someone will constantly complain about the temperature. And there will never be enough of something. All I can do is use it as an opportunity to get up and fix the problem, thus covering up the fact that I have hardcore ADHD making it almost impossible for me to actually sit at a table during a meeting for longer than 20 minutes. I guess I should be thankful then… I suppose.

I have some fantastic work trips coming up…she says with sarcasm…I know I have mentioned them before, but somehow the bravery that supported making the travel arrangements has disappeared and the anxiety of travelling alone to a place that I don’t really know. So… I think I am going to decide to make OH my bitch and become a professional of finding my way around. What other choice do I have? They aren’t closing the office there and they definitely aren’t moving the department somewhere else (Hawaii please…or California…maybe even Florida… I’m not picky)!

I’ve been dabbling in some more redecorating. I think I mentioned how I got a crazy good deal on a couch cover and couldn’t wait for it to come in. It shipped quicker than I thought it would, but was then delayed a day for whatever reason UPS decided to torture me. Finally, it arrived and much to my dismay… was NOT the color I thought it was. The color was “black”, but I looked at it on 3 different computers and it seemed like a medium-dark gray. I figured that was just their version of “black” since color names don’t always make sense…but wait… oh noo…it’s black as night. Which isn’t a bad thing, but just wasn’t what I was originally looking for. We decided to keep it anyway. It’s super soft and wasn’t quite as horrible as I thought it would be. “Unfortunately” our navy blue rug doesn’t go with our new couch cover. And since it would probably be easier to find a new, affordable rug, than it would be to find another couch cover we liked/could afford (Since I have been looking for over a year and have found nothing!) we are on the hunt for a new one. Do you remember this post?: Apartment Makeover Well… the redecorating kind of took a back-seat to the rest of life. I did a little in the bathroom and a little in the bedroom, but that was about it. Big A decided that this not NOT a necessary thing for us to be doing and that was the end of that. Unfortunately, my bank account could not support this mission on its own. Bummer!

However… last night I was talking to Big A about the issue I have with the clashing colors and he completely agreed with me. He said he liked the new couch cover and wanted to keep it and said that he thought it would be a good idea to get a new rug and “change things up a bit”. So you are all my witnesses… Big A approved the make-over! Well.. he approved a new rug… but we will see what we can get out of him. Muahahahahaha! So, I am on the hunt. I will be posting some before and after pictures… wait wasn’t I supposed to do that for something? Oh ya… the reorganization of the apartment. Ya… that will be coming. Some day!

So… that’s all for now. The hunt is on. The weekend is upon us… and the world is my oyster. I’m feeling relatively optimistic right now… should be a sure-fire sign that something catastrophic should be happening any minute now. Fun!

Well Lovies… I am off for now. Some day I will get off my ass and post the pictures I have promised… maybe this weekend? No promises…we shall see!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

A New TV... A New Outlook

Our TV in the bedroom is finally set up. It's pretty exciting. You know... it's the little things in life. Big A and I spent much of our time watching TV in bed for the first 2 1/2 years we were together "living" in my parents' garage because...well...there was nowhere else to sit. It was a garage.

When we moved in together, we only had the one TV. Goodbye watching TV in bed... it has been a sad year. I missed watching TV in bed on the weekends, or before bedtime, or when I was sick. The couch just didn't cut it. So, after over a year (and a week waiting for Verizon to come and set up our cable box) I am here watching TV in bed and it is wonderful.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but it's really the symbol of it all that is the most exciting. You see, when Big A and I moved in together we were... well.... we were broke as hell! We did pretty well in the first few months with saved up money, credit cards, and basically having no life outside of work and the apartment. Then the weather got nicer and we started to venture out a little bit and things got tight. As they do. We are 20-somethings still finding our place in our careers...that isn't exactly rolling in the dollahs!

However, slowly but surely we are paying down our debt, saving our money, and doing better managing our money. Thanks to Big A becoming our financial advisor, we have been doing pretty good (plus mixed with Mother Nature's bitchy mood swings, Big A has been doing pretty good with the plowing). So... as much as we would have loved to have an extra TV... it just wasn't in the cards.

Now that we have one, it really shows me how far we have come. That we could afford this big purchase. It makes me feel a little more stable. A little more comfortable. We can afford these extras. This isn't to say that we have all of a sudden become millionaires overnight, but we definitely have a little more breathing room now. I mean honestly, what's the point in dealing with all of the crappy parts of being an adult...(i.e. bills, responsibilities, etc.) if you can't enjoy the perks...(buying a nice TV for the bedroom, going away on vacation, buying your girlfriend beautiful jewelry... are you listening Big A? haha I kid I kid)

Monday, February 7, 2011

On the Up-Swing

Life's been a little boring lately. I can't say that I hate it. With the gigantic amount of snow that Mother Nature has thrown up all over us and the tremendous amount of bullshit that has been thrown my way... boring is nice.

Lately, Big A and I have been boring together. It's been nice. Thanks to the aforementioned Mother Nature's upset stomach, he hasn't really had the energy to be out and about. Am I a bad girlfriend for enjoying the fact that he is so exhausted that I get them all to myself? Because I am definitely loving it!

Especially, since I now have TWO trips to Ohio coming up. With in two weeks of each other. I'm not a fan of it. Big A is not a fan of it. And given the fact that our old comforter is torn to shreds... Mr. Fresh really isn't a fan of it! But... as I explained to Big A I need to put in my time. Especially for the fact that no one else in my position is really ever requested to travel anywhere. I have to put on my Big Girl Panties and Suck it up. There will come a day when this all pays off...I hope. And I really don't want to be labeled as the "girl who won't travel" which really won't get me anywhere in this company.

They like everyone to be willing to relocate. Which... I'm not. So... I need to be at least willing to travel every once and awhile. I don't have kids. I'm not married. This is the time that I need to do all the crappy stuff to get ahead. When I have kids and such... then I can be a little more picky.

Anyway... back to Big A. I've really enjoyed having him around. And I know I am totally going to jinx us but... things are going really really well. You know those times in a relationship where everything just meshes. You get along. You have fun. You appreciate the others. And life is just... dare I say it?? PERFECT!

I know it won't last. Eventually one of us will do something to piss the other one off and our beautiful little paradise will be shaken... but I love these times. Relationships are like roller coasters and I'm glad that we are on the upswing right now. I think we have finally become comfortable with our living situation, what each of our responsibilities are, and have settled into a nice little routine. Plus the fact that there is 3 million feet of snow on the ground keeps us home more, so more stuff gets done around the house... talk to me in the Spring when we are never home and the house is a pig-sty!

I know I complain a lot.. so I figured post about how things are going well was in order. Work is crazy. I'm exhausted all the time. And the weekends seem shorter and shorter. But I'm happy. And that's all that matters. Which should come in handy...and I should hold on for dear life to this feeling... since February is going to be pretty insane. March is kinda busy too! April isn't too exciting (yet!) and May is just jam-packed. So... I'm going to enjoy this... it might be temporary! Haha!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spicing things up a little...

Sooo... needless to say that we got more snow. Shocking I know. I worked from home and between 8 million hours of shoveling I managed to get some work done. Afterward, Big A was still out plowing (poor guy!) so I did what I do best when I have too much time on my hands and I'm home alone. I did a little jazzing up to the apartment. I decided to paint our DVD stand. Here it is:
I apologize for the pictures being sideways, but computer is being a special kind of special when it comes to editing pictures.
Here's the DVD stand in the beginning. I forgot to get a side shot, but it's plain white...BORING!
I started with blue paint and a stencil. Not a huge fan of stenciling since I had to fix the edges of
Then I layered on the green paint. I mixed in a little gray with it to make it match the green in our living room better.

Lastly, I added the gray. I think it came out splendid don't you?
Originally, I was going to use a dark purple instead of gray to match the curtains we have, but recently I started reading this blog: Young House Love and I am madly in love with it. I have spent my days drooling over their projects. Since Big A and I are living in an apartment we are limited in our updating activities I am unable to get out all of the amazing ideas they have inspired (although I have designed most of the rooms of our non-existent future house!) The recently bought an amazing charcoal couch and have gray accents that I loved. I figured the purple would have been too matchy-matchy as they would say and went with gray. And... I LOVE IT. I never would have thought of it before.
I loved it so much that I decided to get a new slipcover for our couch... in what other color... but gray! I have been dying for a Sure Fit one, but they are uber expensive. However... I found one at Macy's... originally $250...marked down to $125...additional 20% shipping...came to a total of $106. I had $104 left on a gift card so my grand total... $1.39! You can't beat that! I'm so excited.
I plan to get new pillow covers to bring in the wine color of the recliner chair and maybe some of the blue in the rug... that my mother says I should replace... however, one step at a time. This I managed... a rug would require monetary input from Big A... which means he would be coming with me to get it... which means over a month of me nagging him to go. So...we will see!
For now, I'm pretty excited about my little project and our new slipcover... who knows what I will do next!