Thursday, March 31, 2011

Big A's Birthday Extravaganza

As I mentioned before, Big A's birthday is on Saturday. Every year I go through exhausting efforts to make it one of the best ever (much to the dismay of my bank account and/or credit cards!). Whatever he wants, he gets. He wants to go out to dinner, we go. He wants to hang at home with his friends, we do. It's HIS birthday. He can do whatever he wants. It's his birthday week. He's not really into his birthday (or getting older), but I am, so he has to be. Haha. I just think that everyone should have their own special time during the year that is only about them. No one else. No drama. No doing things you don't want to. It's all yours. (And Big A gets this week and I get the other 51 weeks a year...haha...I kid I kid.) I was putting off buying his present because I SUCK at keeping it from him. I go through all of this crap to pick the perfect present and then I get too excited and give it to him. I bought him a small present Saturday night. I didn't get home until 1:00 AM and he was already in bed. I gave it to him Sunday night. Seriously?!?! It was less than 24 hours of seeing him. And I couldn't resist. I suck. This I know. With the impending "Nor'Easter" coming (which is Bull Shit because it is 50 degrees out and please explain to me how that creates 6-12 inches of snow) I figured I didn't want to go out tomorrow and get it. And since Big A actually has a Saturday off for once, I want to make sure that I am home for whatever he wants to do. So... I bought it on my lunch break. Aaaannnnd... I want to give it to him now. OY! I feel like I should leave it at work, but I'm afraid I will forget it. Then he will have no present. UG! Why do I have to suck so much at keeping present?!?! I just get so excited for him to go "WOW! This is awesome! The most perfect present in the entire world. Marry me tomorrow under the stars and be mine forever!" (OK, maybe not that last part, but you get my point). I just get so excited that he is excited. So happy that he is happy. And even MORE happy that I made him happy. I think I am more excited about his birthday than he is! HA! for the weekend, I am putting aside my control freak-ness and letting him decide what we do, when we do it, and who we do it with (that sounds strange, but you know what I'm getting at). I know we are going to his parents' house for Pizza, presents, and one of his mom's homemade ice cream cakes (which I am uber excited about because I LOVE his family - and no not just because I know some of them read this, (Hi Mrs. P!) they are high quality people so I LOVE spending time with them!). And I will (hopefully) be meeting my FSIL's new man who I have been DYING to meet. He needs the K stamp of approval. They all need to be good brother-in-law material or I just don't see the point in continuing seeing them. HAHA! So all in all it should shape up to be a nice little weekend. I get to spend it doing what I love best, doting all over my handsome man (well most of the time... sometimes it's all about me though ha!). Plus, I figure the more exciting I make his birthday, the more he will look forward to it, and the less he will freak out in 2 years when he turns 30...wishful thinking!

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