Friday, March 18, 2011

Bridal Showers, Bathing Suits, and Boredom

I can NOT believe that L's bridal shower is tomorrow. It is blowing my mind. I seriously feel like it was yesterday that she called me up to tell me that she was engaged. This is insane!

I mean, I understand that it has been almost 2 1/2 years, but think about that... it's has been 2 1/2 YEARS(!) of wedding talk. 2 1/2 years of looking at venues, wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowers, etc. etc. etc.

What the HELL am I going to do with myself after her wedding?!?!

I can't even imagine how crazy she feels right now. I almost feel like we need to start planning a second wedding for her. This has taken up the majority of our conversation for the past 2 1/2 years...what will be fill our conversations with now? (I ask this jokingly because everyone knows that L and I have NEVER had a problem finding things to talk about!)

I'm currently putting the finishing touches on one of her presents. L specifically asked me to make her this even BEFORE she was is imperative that it is perfect. I have had experience with this once before, but I was kind of a rookie with it (sorry you got the short end of the stick J$, but although it may not be my best you will always be my first! bahaha!)

I can't wait to post pictures of it because I am SO excited about how it is turning out so far! BUT in the off chance that L reads this (does she read this? Who knows? If so, HI L!!! LOVE YOU! hehe) I don't want to give it away. SOOO... hopefully next post will have the pictures and a recap from the shower. SOOOOOO EXCITED!

In other news...I am digging this beautiful weather! I understand that this will be short lived and we aren't out of the woods yet...but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. I'm not a huge fan of big winter coats and boots and mittens and scarves and freezing my ass off you can tell Winter in Massachusetts is NOT my favorite thing. I NEEEEEEEEED Spring and Summer.

I have also continued my cooking goal. Last night I made a fabulous Hamburger Helper with veggies. Not the most healthy thing in the world, but I am working on portion control...and...let's be 9 PM I ain't cooking no five course meal! (Nice English huh?) Next week starts the getting my fat ass into shape exercise portion of the plan! Here's to a Summer of not having to wait until night time (or when people are so drunk they won't remember) to get into a bathing suit. Hell... if all goes well I may just start wearing one to work just because I can (well, I can't really...they would probably be upset with me...but I wouldn't NOT be wearing it just because I was self-conscious about it! Seee! SEEEEE!)

Anyway... that's all I have to bore you with for now. I'm taking a half day today to get some stuff done and I think I am still going to have trouble making it until 12! Nothing like beautiful weather to turn you into a complete slacker who no longer feels like showing up to a job you previously loved! YAY for SPRING!

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