Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Columbus or BUST!

Guess where I am? Ya, I'm sure you figured it out. I'm in Ohio....AGAIN! UG!

This time for two "sleeps" (like how I define the length of my business trips in little kid language? too)

My boss is having a staff meeting tomorrow. He didn't expect me to come, but we have talked about this, I need to be a big kid. My career may or may not depend on it. FUN.

So here I am. This time I decided to have a little bit of fun and meet a friend of mine for dinner. As much as Columbus would never replace Boston, they have amazing restaurants. And of course what else matters to me but food.

We went to this great Irish Pub and had Fish & Chips. My Pa Dukes commented on the fact that every time I come to Ohio it's raining. And that at least I can enjoy a nice "Irish Day". Then there was a family from Ireland on my plane from Ireland. So what better way to cap off the Irish themed day then to eat Fish & Chips.

The pub was great. There was a bunch of people there. Everywhere. It was a great party bar. Not much of a sit down dinner place. The fish part of the dinner was AMAZEBALLS! However, the "chips" were some chip/french fry hybrid that I didn't much care for. And they served it with fruit. Weird. They did have my beer that I'm in love with. The Lindemanns Framboise. Ridic. All in all. The food was OK, but the company was BEST!

We shall call her Lady. She is the best. I met her last summer when we worked on a big event together. I used my three days to attempt to convince her that she needed to move to Massachusetts. I was soooooo close, but alas she decided that uprooting her family wasn't the best choice. Go figure. I see her whenever I am in Ohio and this time we decided to take advantage of some extra time I had and head out on the town. It was fabulous. Plus, she LOVES to talk about my favorite subject, Big A!!!

Alas, the night has ended and I am back in my room. ALONE!!!


Let's talk more about food, so I can further distract myself from my situation. Ug!

I had a layover in D.C. today and actually had some time to hang out between flights. Usually I am running for dear life from one plane to another. This means that I don't eat until dinner. It makes for a cranky me. However, this time I had lunch. Shocking.

I decided to try Five Guys Burgers since I had heard so much about it. Plus, I figured that if it sucked I wasn't wasting MY money. There were big signs all over the place with comments about how good they were. Then there was the creepy guy who talked to me about good they were, and how he lives in CT and they used to have one in NY and he and his friends drove there to eat them. Then he talked about how good the prices were at the airport. Then he walked away without buying anything...weird!

Whatever, anyway. So I tried them. And the result? SWEET BABY JESUS THOSE THINGS WERE FANTASTIC! Seriously?! There have been cheeseburgers out there this delicious and I haven't tried them? Saddest story ever. These things were greasy as hell, but well worth it. And I may or may not be craving one of them I am going to gain 3,000 pounds on this trip.

Alright. I'm sure you have heard enough about my thousand pounds of food that I have consumed today. More of my wonderful trip later. Night people!

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