Monday, March 7, 2011

Hey Look...Another Post...

You know what two posts in one day means don't you? Slow day at work!

I'm working on a pretty big report, but 8,000 (which may be an understatement) emails later... I still have no answers. So I have to catch up on blogging until someone gets back to me....awww shucks!

Since no one is in the office today (and I forgot my I-Pod...gooooo me!) I decided to head out for lunch. I waited the standard 6 hours in line at Wendys since everyone else in the world decided to go there too (maybe that should have been a sign for me to take my big behind somewhere else). FUN!

The weather in good 'ole Massachusetts has been quite interesting today. Woke up to rainy and gray. Then just gray, but kind of warm. When I went out to lunch it was gray and FREEZING. Then it was sunny while I was getting food. Then dark and gray. Then raining. Starting snowing a bit on my 5 minute drive back, and then ended with sunny when I got back to work. Now it's windy as hell. I'm pretty sure Mother Nature is bi-polar. I wonder if we could put her on some medication to even her out a bit.... maybe? Doubtful.

Tonight is wine night with L. We have been switching between Mondays and Tuesdays due to scheduling conflicts. So far Tuesdays have been a big fat FAIL with a capital F (can you tell I just learned about making the font bigger hahaha) but we are going to keep trying. I had to switch days around since date night with Big A had to be switched to Tuesday since it's hard to have a date with someone in a different state. Soo... tonight... we are catching up on girl talk (which always proves that we need more than one night a week if we could find the time) and starting to put together her wedding invitations. Very exciting! I can't believe that her wedding is only 2 1/2 months away. Insanity... and let's put the insanity into perspective for you... L and her future hubby to be got engaged in December of 2008! So we have been waiting for this for a long time ("we" like it's my wedding too haha!) So happy for her!

Alright, work is picking up (for the moment) so I am outta here. Who knows... maybe today will be a triplet blogging day! Could you be so lucky? I'm feeling kind of lovey dovey today, so maybe I will dedicate a post to Big A and his awesomeness. I don't know if it's being out of town so much, and being so busy when I am home, or that I am still so amazed that he is awesome (OR MAYBE BECAUSE OUR 4 YEAR ANNIVERSARY IS COMING UP - EEK!) but I've been diggin' him more than usual lately (yes, on top of the already disgusting amount that I love/gush about my boyfriend - you might wanna grab a barf bag if there's a next post hahaha!)

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