Thursday, March 24, 2011

Killer Mouthwash and a Weenie Body

OK, so I am going to admit fully that yesterday, I SUCKED!

I went home after work and since Big A has Wednesdays off he was home. I felt a bit awkward saying:

“Hey Big A, do you mind getting up and leaving for 30-45 minutes so that I can work out and then you can see JUST how out of shape I am by the insane redness of my face?”

So I just left well enough alone. We also went out to dinner. To be honest, I needed to wash the dishes in order to cook dinner and I just couldn’t be bothered. So we had a nice dinner out spending money we shouldn’t and eating food that I shouldn’t (cheese fries anyone?)

I WILL be back on track for today though. I promise. I am going to work out, wash the dishes, AND cook dinner. Gooo Super ME!

Also, I wanted to share with you an upsetting situation that I am going through. Maybe I can warn all of you and you won’t have to go through my pain.

About a week or two ago I went to the dentist for a cleaning (YUCK I KNOW!) and they suggested this mouthwash called Crest ProHealth. They said that if I used it then I should have better results when I got back for cleanings and such. I figured, “Hey why the hell not?! Anything to keep that drill away from me as much as possible”. So I tried it.

Within a day or two I had noticed that my mouth felt weird. I had also started another new toothpaste, and a different kind of toothpaste from the dentist within a few days of each other so I didn’t think anything of it. I figured I was just getting used to it and it would go away. But guess what?! IT HASN’T!

I have lost almost complete taste of EVERYTHING! PLUS, my mouth hurts and my gums are incredibly sensitive. Yesterday, I went online and figured I would start googling (PS. Spell check get with the times! “Googling” is a real term now and I DID spell it right) the different things that I am using and got a hit off the first one. THE FREAKING MOUTHWASH!!!

Apparently, there have been many complaints that people have lose their sense of taste, that it makes their mouth uber sensitive, that it stains their teeth brown. There are LAW SUITS against the company for it. Umm… why is this still on the market? And WHY are dentists recommending it? UG!

So today is my second day not using it. Everything tastes bland because I can really only taste things with the side of my tongue. Which makes drinking coffee and eating absolutely miserable (especially since it also made my teeth sensitive and hot liquids do NOT feel good at all. The smart thing to do would be to not drink coffee until it is better, but if you know me you know better)

I’m really hoping that it goes away within a couple days. I think that is has gotten a little better, but it is hard to tell because it has changed a little and I am not sure if it is better, worse, or the same. But it is HORRIBLE regardless!

I didn’t see any information on how long it took for people to go back to normal. I know that a lot of people had to pay hundreds of dollars to get their teeth cleaned, polished, whitened, etc. from the brown spots. I can notice it a little, but I think (HOPE) I caught it early enough. I’m going to do a little more research of what people are saying about how long it lasted. UG!

Sooo… if you are in the market for a new mouthwash, I would strongly recommend AGAINST Crest ProHealth. Unless you don’t really enjoy the taste of food, drinking hot liquids, or having a pain/stain free mouth. Then by all means, go for it!

UG! Why do all these crazy reactions happen to me? I have to have the most sensitive body in the entire world. My body is a wimp. It needs to toughen up and deal with this crap! SUCK IT UP! Weenie!

I’m sure I will post again later, but for now I think my mouth/mouthwash/weenie body rant is enough for you right now. Don’t you agree?

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