Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Obsession... for like a minute

So my brother recently informed me of these adorable creatures that I never knew existed, called the Red Panda. See pictures below:

Are you done saying "Ohmygod! Those are the cutest things eeevvveeeer!"? OK. Moving on.

So what do I do upon spying these adorable creatures? Decide that I absolutely NEED to have one. Immediately thoughts of Mr. Fresh, Gerome (the petite lap giraffe...J$ and I changed the spelling from Jerome to Gerome since G is for Giraffe...gooo us!), and Benny (the Red Panda, duh!) holding hands while skipping in slow motion to a best friend soundtrack. Getting into all sorts of hi jinx, but really becoming best friends forever. I text Big A, inform him of our new family member and pass the news onto my brother. My mother and I decide that she will get one too and they will be best friends (you wonder where I get my insanity from. Hi Mom!).

My brother then responds, "no no no no no" and supplies me with this link: The Truth About Red Pandas: Stranger Fruit. Go a head and take a minute to read that. I immediately told Big A that we would not be getting Benny and that if we did he would eat Gerome, Mr. Fresh, and then the both of us.

In the attempts of proving my brother wrong, I go on Wikipedia. But don't really find anything one way or the other talking about their behavior...well in the 5 seconds I skimmed for cannibalism and such. I then come across this website: Red_Panda. Yeah I don't know what's going on with this animal, but I have decided that we are no longer getting one.

And thus explains the creation (and deflation) of my obsession for today. Questions? Comments?

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