Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random Rambles

It’s almost 11 AM. Almost 11 AM on the longest.day.ever. My God! Every time I look down at the clock on my computer I expect it to be minutes away from lunch time. Ya… that’s a big fat negative. I might not make it. UG!

I suppose the time slowing down isn’t all that bad. I have a dentist appointment this afternoon which you all know how much I love. It’s about time I slap on my big girl panties (That one is for you Jackalina!) and get what I need to have done. Yep. I suppose the only alternative is to let all of my teeth rot out of my mouth. But, I’m pretty sure Big A won’t be “settling down” with a toothless woman and no one likes black smelly gums lady… so in the interest of keeping my friends and boyfriend… I need to just suck it up and do it! WAH!

Anyway, today is the first day of March. Pretty exciting. Spring is right around the corner. THANK GOD! I’m pretty sure that this is the longest.winter.ever. (Can you tell the dramatic theme of the day? 500 points to whoever guesses it right!) I can’t wait for nice weather, driving with the windows down, taking Mr. Fresh for walks. It will be AMAZING! Although, I am aware that with the nice weather comes busyness. Everybody and their mother (minus me…cough cough haha jk…kinda) is getting married. L, Jackalina, and Big A’s uncle. That’s it? It seems like more. I may be forgetting someone. But they are all right after each other. BAM. BAM. BAM. Haha. I am so incredibly happy for all of them. It’s going to be an exciting and busy couple of months.

With the upcoming nuptials it would only be natural for work to become insane as well. Right? I have two big events in May. Like….BIG events. Plus it’s Ma Dukes Nifty Fifty birthday. Me and Big A’s FOURTH anniversary…(can you freaking believe it? That’s just NUTS to me!) So it’s going to be a long March and April preparing for everything and then a BUSY May/beginning of June actually doing it all. Should be a great time.

In the interest in the re-decorating saga, I am still waiting for the new couch covers. The couch cover arrives today and the chair cover arrives tomorrow. Pretty exciting. Ma Dukes and I are hitting the pavement again on Saturday to find a rug. We have to start ALL.OVER.AGAIN. OY! I am perfectly aware that I do this to myself. It will all work out though. Just a little more to go. Unfortunately, I have already spent half of my budget… so whoops! Haha.

Other than that. Life is good. Things are pretty much awesome. Can’t say that too often. But, it’s true. Anyway…back to continue working… hoping that lunch time will come soon and save me from this never-ending morning and my stomach that is threatening attach if I don’t feed it… oy!

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