Monday, March 7, 2011

Same Old Same Old

I tried posting a couple times this weekend, but I am sad to say that I really don't have anything to post. Oy! I live a boring life.

Oh wait... BIG shoutout to Jackaline and B-Dizzle who got MARRIED on Friday. Although I think the two of you are INSANE and I just can't keep all with all of your amazing news, I love you both and could not be happier for you! Haha. I wish you two a life full of happiness! YAY! Now one of these days our schedules will work out and I can actually SEE you to congratulate you!

The weekend wasn't too exciting otherwise. Saturday I flaked out on my hair appointment (way to go me) and I spent the rest of my weekend noticing how gross my hair is and how badly I need it cut. Thankfully my wonderful friend rescheduled me for next Saturday, so I will make SURE to make it there. I promise. I can't go another week like this. UG!

Saturday Mad Dukes and I went rug searching again. The never ending battle. I think that I may have found one, but it's a little smaller than what I am looking for, so I am trying to decide if that's worth it. At least I am narrowing it down....kinda...

Sunday was a nice lazy day with Big A. We went out to brunch...which we haven't done in forever...and then I made him check out another store with me for rugs. He was less than enthused. BUT he went without complaint. However, due to his "surprising" lack of interest in finding the perfect rug, we left with nothing...again!

After that we hung out at home for awhile with Mr. Fresh and then we headed over to Big A's parents' house for his dad's birthday dinner. Can I say how much I LOVE Big A's family! I know I have. And I know I will again. But in the midst of hearing people complain about their significant other's family...I hit the jackpot. I have no complaints. They are truly amazing people! We had a great time hanging out, but sadly I had to leave(well, not sadly because I LOVE seeing my family, but sadly because I had to get what I'm saying) to head over to my parents' house for dinner. (Yes, I hate double dinner...what of it?)

I did six years of laundry, ate dinner (again) and then headed home to Big A.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend. No drama. No insanity. And good times with family. This girl can't complain.

Now I have two days to do EVERYTHING that I need to get done and then I am off to Ohio....again. However, after this I don't have anything else scheduled, so hopefully I can get a break from travelling for a bit. We'll see.

So that's the weekend recap. Exciting...I know.

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