Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Staff Meeting Day

Staff Meeting Day. Oh how I HATE Staff Meeting Day. Seriously. With a burning passion.

Once a month we have these staff meetings. The third Wednesday of every month. And each time, they get longer, and longer, and longer, and longer…

My favorite is when I get set-up by a false sense of hope. When the agenda says that we will finish early.

But….then EVERYONE talks for 10 times the amount of time they had originally predicted.

Today, I knew it was going to be bad. I KNEW the agenda was bad. We weren’t even going to finish until about an hour later than we normally do. THAT was wishful thinking.

By lunch time, we had only made it through half of what we were supposed to. I couldn’t take anymore. I really couldn’t.

I asked if I could do back upstairs and get some work done. I am well aware of the fact that this isn’t ideal. That I am expected to be in these meetings. That it would be good for me to soak up all of the information that I can.

But… I couldn’t do it. I figured that my boss’ disappointment would beat watching me spaz out from sitting still for too long. That probably would NOT be good for my career. But, that’s just an assumption.

I am not on my A game today either. I drank too much wine with L last night. Shocker! I wasn’t planning on it. It just happened. It usually works out that way. We had some great girl talk though. So despite the fact that I am NOT hungover (SCORE!) I’m still tired.

These are unfortunately the moments that make me still feel like a little kid. As much as I joke sometimes, it can get rather embarrassing not being able to sit in a meeting for long lengths of time. Luckily, in my position there’s a lot of things that need to get done, so I usually have an excuse to escape. But, what am I going to do when I HAVE to stay for the whole thing. It’s bad enough that everyone pretty much has kids my age…I don’t need them associating me with my tendency to be a complete spaz. Once again…not good for the career. Go Figure!

Onto bigger and better things…

Tonight I am having a wonderful ladies dinner with Lil Miss, her mama, and one of her friends. It’s going to be the Bee’s Knees. The Cat’s Meow? It will be pretty damn awesome. Big shout-out to Big A (just in case he ever decides to read this) who has graciously let me reschedule our date night two weeks in a row (travelling last week, dinner with Lil Miss) when we all know I wouldn’t be so understanding. Haha! I’m working on it!

I also have L’s Bridal Shower this Saturday. Since the cat is out of the bag (which would have been my fault…but in my defense…well…I’ve got nothing. She got it out of me. Bottom line) I can now talk about it. Well…kinda. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t believe that we are already here! And then it’s just a little over two months until the wedding. Craziness!

It going to be a long week. But, I’m looking forward to it. Planning for Ma Duke’s Nifty Fifty is in full swing so that’s exciting. AND despite the torrential downpour today, the weather is finally getting better in good old Massachusetts. Things are looking up (although purely by saying that I have just completely jinxed myself and all hell is about to break loose.)

Oh and I continued my quest last night. I was going to make my famous Chicken Marsala, BUT I ran out of time. It is delicious, but that damn meal takes FOREVER to make. So I made chicken and rice with veggies for dinner. AND I had a tuna wrap for lunch yesterday, so that was relatively healthy as well. I did, however, have an entire bottle of wine so I am sure that doesn’t help with the calories. Whatever!

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