Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Visit to the Vet

Yesterday, Big A and I took poor Mr. Fresh to the vet. He had been having some problems with some goo stuff coming out of his eyes. We kept an eye on it and when it started to look worse we made an appointment to take him to see the vet. Luckily Big A had the day off of work, and the vet is right near my work, so I was able to meet them over there.

Mr. Fresh was NOT a fan. As soon as we walked in the door he was anxiety central. Can't blame the guy. He probably has horrible memories of shots and such. We waited in the exam room for a little bit as Mr. Fresh kept trying to remind us where the door was and that we should be going through it. Seriously... he kept looking at us...looking at the door....looking at us...looking at the door...then he would scratch the door and do a little"You stupid people. Don't you get what I am saying. Look! Here's the door. All done. Time to leave. Open the DAMN door!" He does that with his leash when he knows we are going somewhere and he has decided that he wants to come with us. It's like he's trying to telepathically tell us what he wants..."You will pick up the WILL put the leash on me... I WILL come with you...You are getting sleepy".

So, the nurse came in and took the poor guy's temperature. I don't know if you know this, but they don't exactly ask the dog to say ahh, and then hold the thermometer under their tongue. It's actually...ummm....the opposite end. The poor guy. I felt so bad for him. If I was a dog, I would have bit someone. But, he was good. He just growled a bit and looked at me like, "I'm really NOT happy with you right now. You owe me BIG TIME!" Luckily, he did not have a fever.

When our doctor came in, I was reminded, yet again, why we go there. He is the most AMAZING vet I think I have ever met. Very down to earth. He sat on the floor and let Mr. Fresh sniff him for a minute. He didn't pull him or force him to do anything. He waiting until Mr. Fresh came to HIM and then did what he needed to do as long as Mr. Fresh was comfortable. If he started to squirm, the doctor let go of his leash and let him walk around for a minute until he came back. He was great!

The doctor said that it was probably just something that was irritating his eyes, like perfume or spray, etc. That he might have some allergies and that he thought that if he gave us some eye drops he should be fine within a week. He also said that as soon as it was nice enough for Mr. Fresh to start going outside more that that should help some too. We thanked the doctor, asked if they could PUH-LEASE cut his nails so he would stop scratching us when he wanted us to pet him, and then were on our merry way.

I really like how comfortable Mr. Fresh can become there. How comfortable Big A and I are going there. And how I really feel like our vet knows that he is talking about. That he really has our (and Mr. Fresh's) best interest at heart and genuinely cares about it health. It is really nice. We will probably be very careful picking any future places to live, making sure that we are close enough to continue going to this vet.

I went back to work and Big A took Mr. Fresh home and he seemed to be just fine when I got home from work. We had our first experience with the eye drops and I must say that he did pretty well. I remember when I was little getting eye drops and I HATED them. And I still do. So, the fact that he didn't bite my hand off was a pleasant surprise. This morning he had a little more understanding about what was going on, so it was a little more difficult. BUT, he still did pretty well.

He got used to us continuously wiping his eyes, so I am sure he will be used to the eye drops in a couple days. Plus he gets treats every time, so it's not a bad deal.

I'm glad that it is just something minor and I can stop worrying about him. The doctor said that he would be very surprised if it didn't heal by the time the drops were done. I of course had found the "dog symptom checker" online before I made the appointment and had myself convinced of the worse. The internet really can be your worst enemy. There's just too much information out there. Sure it said that it was probably just conjunctivitis, but I automatically went to the fact that it could be the beginning signs of distemper which is very dangerous. Despite the fact that he has had all of this shots. Ya....

It's like having a kid... (OK...before all the mothers out there get upset saying that dogs are nothing compared to kids...please read what I said's in similar but not the having a kid) When something happens with them, you worry and get nervous hoping that they will be OK. Ever since we said good-bye to Odin and then the CATASTROPHE that was Mr. Fresh's 9th birthday (maybe I will explain that some day) I've been the biggest worrier about Mr. Fresh. Is he eating enough? Drinking enough? Going to the bathroom normally? Do his eyes look strange? Is he coughing more than usual? Is he sneezing more than usual? Etc. Etc. Etc. To the point that sometimes if I wake up in the middle of the night and go to the bathroom or something...and he doesn't wake up and follow me...I find him and make sure he is still breathing. A little psycho. But... I just get nervous. I can't imagine how insane I will be once I have kids. My own flesh and blood. That should be interesting. I apologize ahead of time. To my friends, family, and future children...I'm so sorry that I am a Looney Tune!

But...there's no need to worry. The doctor said he was fine. That he seemed perfectly healthy otherwise. And he has his yearly check-up next month, so I can be double sure that he is OK. He's my little baby and I just want to make sure that everything is going OK with him. Like Big A says, he can't tell us when he isn't feeling good or something is bothering him. He can't drive himself to the vet. It's our job to make sure that we notice these things and get him the help he needs when he needs it. And that's just what we did.

We have 6 more days of the dreadful eye drops... and hopefully...I make it the next 6 days with both hands, all ten fingers, and the rest of my body in tact. Hang in there Mr. Fresh, I promise this is only temporary...poor baby!

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