Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

It was a long weekend. I am exhausted. I need a weekend to recuperate from my weekend.

Friday, I arrived home (finally) as a shell of my former self. After traveling, two days in Ohio, and traveling back (including a nice hour and a half delay sitting on the plane), I was EXHAUSTED!

Oy! I had plans to be super girlfriend and go food shopping, clean the house, and cook dinner before Big A came home. However, the fact that I was later than expected and had difficulty walking or forming full sentences…I decided it might not be the best idea.

So, I sat my lazy ass on the couch and had some QT with Mr. Fresh while I waited for Big A to come home from work. We hung out for a bit, grabbed some food, and I was asleep by 11. I know, I know. WILD!

Saturday I got my haircut and met up with Ma Dukes for a little retail therapy. All in all, I spent $13. Not too bad.

When Big A came home we went out to eat…again (ya, his girlfriend is kind of a slacker and hasn’t been cooking lately. Or cleaning. Someone needs to keep that girl in line!). After that we headed over to a friends house for a birthday party. It was a blast. They have that Kinect system for the Xbox and we played some sports games before sending the boys downstairs for us girls to play this dancing game. It was hysterical and I am madly obsessed with it (I may or may not be attempting to convince Big A that we need a Xbox). I didn’t really think much of it, but it’s a great workout. Every muscle in my body hurt!

We had so much fun. We were both kind of tired, so we figured we would go for a couple of hours and then head home. Ya…. Next thing we know it’s 1 AM. We headed home shortly after that, but with travel time, unwinding when we got home, and the clock change…it was nearly 3:30 AM by the time we went to sleep.

I haven’t been up that late in a really, really, really, really, really LONG time. We aren’t big partiers, night owls, etc. By Friday we are usually exhausted. So this was big for us. So… we did like anyone else would have done…we slept extra late on Sunday!

Unfortunately, with being the laziest people on the face of the planet sleeping in and the loss of an hour… I felt like I wasted my Sunday. I did end up going grocery shopping. I kind of figured I had to. I had this conversation with Big A:

ME: Hmmm…. I can’t decide it I want to go grocery shopping or clean the house today”

BIG A: “YOU ARE GOING GROCERY SHOPPING?!?!?!” (he asks in a loud, hopeful, excited voice)

ME: “Well, apparently I have to now since it is quite obvious that you are starving to death”

I figured when your BF gets SUPER excited about the fact that you are going to get food from the grocery store… it may mean that you are really are low on food. Haha!

So, I grumbled, and pouted, and complained to Mr. Fresh…but eventually dragged my ass to the grocery store. I had so much food in my cart you would have thought that I was buying for a family of four, or five. Since I despise going I try to buy at least 2 weeks worth of stuff at a time. It makes the amount a little more, but I usually go right after I get my paycheck and I’m sure I would be buying more junk food if I went every week. (The way it works now is I get Big A a couple things every time I go, but when they are gone they are gone. He either has to wait until I go shopping again or go get some himself. He usually ends up buying stuff I don’t like since we have different tastes in junk food, so either way I don’t end up eating it. It’s a pretty good deal)

Big A was a rock star when I got home and carried everything in. I usually go when he is still at work, so it was nice to have help for a change. He then helped organize and put everything away. It was fabulous. My normal routine is whine, shop, unload the car, sit and drink a beer/glass of wine for about an hour and then put the groceries away. So, it was nice to have someone else there to help with the grunt work and get it done quicker.

After that there was some more lazing around and then dinner/laundry at the parentals’ house. All in all good weekend. But I’m exhausted! I’m still in some muscle pain. I am well aware that I am uber out of shape, but this thing really was a great workout. Fantastic!

Also, I’ve decided that as a result of my slacker ways, I need to get back into cooking (and cleaning. YUCK!). So I am holding myself to posting every day what I cooked the night before. This way I (and you) can hold myself accountable. Since I go to my parents’ house for dinner every Sunday and I have plans Saturday that might interfere with dinner… I’m going to just shoot for Monday through Friday. Let’s see how it goes!

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