Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a good one. A great one even.

Friday night was pretty mellow. I finished up L's bridal shower gift (which came out awesome! if I do say so myself. I will try to remember to post pictures later). Then I met up with Big A and we hung out for a bit. When we got home I had informed Big A that he had missed out on his cooking window and that we were getting take-out (ya, ya, ya. I know I failed my mission...but just wait!). So we had a nice dinner at home in our PJ's and watched Ghostbusters until I assed out.

Saturday was filled with some busy running around. We had L's bridal shower so I spent most of the morning running around and then meeting up with the girl to set everything up. The MOH's did a fantastic job with the stuff that they picked and they were so prepared that it made it easy for the rest of us to set everything up in time. L LOVED it which was the most important thing. The place looked amazing, the food was delicious, and she made out like a frickin' bandit when it came to the gifts. She has a great (and very generous) group of friends and family. It was nice to see everyone there for her and I am so glad she she enjoyed it!

After the shower, and when everyone had gone home and we were done cleaning up, I headed home. I met up with Big A and we decided to take out the Chevelle for it's first ride this year. This was a pretty big deal since I have never been out with him for the first ride. It's usually one of his friends. And last year I only got to ride in it a couple times so it was nice to get to go for a ride and feel a little special. We just went for a short ride and brought it home, but it was great. Made me want summer...ummmm.....NOW! Then we decided to keep things simple and just hang at home. I made dinner (See! See! Saturday wasn't in my original plan so I made up for Friday! SCORE!) and we ordered a movie off On Demand. We watched The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale. It was pretty amazing. I suggest everyone goes out and watches it right NOW! AMAZING! It was nice to just hang out at home. We had some friends that were going out that we kind of ditched, but neither one of us was feeling going out. It's nice to see kind of a change in priorities. Not to mention it is good for the wallet! Since we didn't go out to eat or drink, the entire evening cost of the $4.99 for the movie!

Sunday morning, we were lazy butts and slept in. Then Big A and I went out to a nice brunch. It was delicious. He got the most amazing pancakes I think I have ever had and I ate like half of them. Haha. He always orders YUMMY food! Good thing he's a better sharer than me! Haha. After that we headed over to his parents' house. Big A took a look at his dad's Corvette (also Big A...but to keep the confusion level down...he shall be hereby known as Papa A). Papa A let us take it out for a little test drive to see what was going on with it. It was my first ride in a Corvette so it was pretty cool. But damn those things are small inside! Haha.

After the ride, we just went home and hung around like bums for awhile. We are pretty good at that. Haha. Then I headed over to Ma and Pa Duke's house for Family dinner. Ma Dukes and I cooked a delicious dinner (there may or may not have been a few issues but we did pretty good. haha).

So, all in all that was my fantastic weekend. I am going to continue to attempt to cook every night this week. Let's see how it goes. I am also going to attempt to clean at some point since my house is just BEGGING to be cleaned. It's pretty sad. Also, my goals for today is to work out and cook dinner. I feel that if I claim that I am going to do something on here... I feel like I HAVE to do it. Sooo... you get to hear my weekly and daily goals...because otherwise... I will continue to sit my fat butt on the couch and do nothing. Goooo me!

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