Monday, May 16, 2011

Engagement Story Part 1

I started writing this post a couple of times, but I felt a little protective over it all. I honestly imagined that when I got engaged, it would go like this:
Oh my God! I’m engaged.

Hug. Hug. Kiss. Kiss.

Call parents & close friends.

I thought that I wouldn’t be able to wait for the entire world to know. But, it wasn’t like that.

I held onto Big A forever. Enjoying every single moment of it. Remembering every single facial expression. Soaking in every single I love you.

We made our phone calls. Saw some friends. Spent time with family. And thanks to my mom blowing it up on Facebook, I did say something the next morning (haha love you Mom)

But, I wanted everyone to find out from me. I wanted everyone to see my ring in person (except for a few long distance friends).

And I wanted them to hear our story from us. So I waited on this one. But, when I was talking to my mom last night, I said that I wish I could just relive it. Over and over and over again, because it was the happiest day of my life. I didn’t want to forget anything that happened. I wanted to soak it all in and remember every single tiny detail of it all, so I can remember it forever.

So, she suggested I write it down. And since I’m already blabbering, I’m pretty sure that this will be a two part-er so that I don’t go on forever. So here it goes:

As I already mentioned, our 4 year anniversary was on Thursday, May 12. We (mostly me, but Big A gets a little nostalgic too sometimes) had been talking about it for weeks. How excited we were. How four years is a long time. How happy we still were… blah blah blah.

You all don’t want to hear about our pre-engagement mush… you want the meat & potatoes don’t you?

Things were a little weird, and looking back on it all now, I get it…but at the time I was really wondering what everyone’s problem was.

Thursday night, I got home from work, took our Mr. Fresh, cleaned up a bit around the house, took a shower, and got ready. When I got out of the shower, my phone rang and it was my dad. He was telling me that his car broke down and he was getting it towed to the shop that Big A works at, but that he didn’t mean to call me.

I asked if he needed a ride home and he said don’t worry about it, he was trying to call my brother but couldn’t get a hold of him. He said he knew we were going out to dinner so don’t worry about it. I tried to explain to him that I wasn’t going to leave him stranded, but he said not to worry about it. I asked again, but he just asked that I call my Grandmother (since his cell phone was dead) and tell her he would be late. He then asked that I try to get a hold of my brother. I agreed and got off the phone.

So I called my grandmother and the first thing she said to me was “What would you like to tell me? I thought to myself, that’s an odd way to begin a conversation, but didn’t think much of it. I gave her the scoop and got off the phone.

I then called my brother. He said that he was at work, but that there was no one around and he only had 10 minutes left so he answered the phone. I didn’t think anything of it, but later I was like… he NEVER answers his phone. Weird. Gave him the scoop and got off the phone.

I finished getting ready and got a text from L: “Happy anniversary love. I expect an instant phone call if anything exciting happens. Enjoy your night. Love you”. I laughed and wrote back: “Thanks Lady! Nothing exciting is going to happen so I wouldn’t hold your breather. But, I am lucky enough to have him so it’s OK”.

Because I honestly thought that I would see this coming from a mile away. The thing about Big A and I is that we can’t get anything past each other. We read each other like a book, and if one of us just accepts the “I’m fine” excuse, then it is only because we realize we shouldn’t push it…not because we actually believe it. So, I figured that Big A would be a freak show and I would know that it was coming. I mean there was always the hope with holidays, special occasions, weekends away, but I kept reminding myself that I was lucky enough to have met the love of my life and that was all that mattered (although it didn’t help that everyone one and their mother was getting engaged…seriously…a friend’s mother got engaged and married in the past year).

I was just to excited to spend our romantic night together, and I was dying for the food. We went to the same restaurant for 3 years in a row for our anniversary and got the same thing each time…so it was kind of tradition…and we had been drooling over it for weeks.

I finished getting dressed. I cracked open a beer. I turned on the TV and started watching the latest episode of One Tree Hill. L had a meeting with her DJ last Tuesday (since she is getting married in less than two freaking weeks!) so she didn’t come over. Which meant that I hadn’t watched it since Big A put his foot down on the chick shows and said that since I wouldn’t let him watch Clint Eastwood movies, I can’t watch chick shows. So, I catch up when he isn’t home.

He texted me to let me know that he was on his way. I got his cards ready. Made sure that his present was all set (you know the present I was freaking out over making…more on that later…it was a little overshadowed…he totally won best gift for this anniversary hehe). And finished my beer.

About 15 minutes, he came in with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of a dozen red roses. They were amazing. I thought it was a little strange since he always gave me 6 red and 6 white, but didn’t think much of it. I figured that they had just been out. I haven’t even asked him if there was a reason, but it kicked a little bell off in my head that I promptly told to shut up.

I immediately went to put the flowers in water and started talking about dinner and such. And Mr. Cool as a Cucumber, was just talking to me like everything was normal. He was following me around the kitchen, but I figured that it was just because I had barely said hi to him before I noticed the flowers and grabbed them to put them in water.

I asked him if he wanted to open presents before or after dinner and he said it didn’t matter. He said that it was up to me to decide and that he really didn’t care either way. It was at that moment that all hope drained from my brain. I figured if he was ever to propose to me, then he would care when we did stuff. He would be acting like a gigantic weirdo. And he wouldn’t be Joe Cool over there like nothing was a big deal.

So, I decided that since I was so excited to give him his present then we would do it before dinner. I gave him his cards and told him to go sit down on the bed so that I could get his presents from up in the loft. It was too big to wrap, so I didn’t want him seeing it when I was walking down the stairs. I set it up on the couch, covered it with a blanket, and went back into the bedroom to watch him finish opening his cards.

Alright folks…that is it for now. I will post the rest of the story (or at least the juicy parts) tomorrow...although I am travelling for work tomorrow…so bear with me.

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