Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Engagement Story Part 2

If you haven't read it already...read Part One first!

Big A laughed at my funny card and then read the sweet one (it is a tradition in my family to get one of each for EVERYTHING). We smooched and he said thank you, and he loved me. I asked him if he was ready for his present. He said yes, and I brought him out to the living room.
I had made him this collection of pictures of past cars that he has owned (or his Dad owned, or meant something to him, there were a bunch). I picked 9 great photos, placed them on canvases (similar to what I did back in November- did I ever show you guys those?) and attached them to each other in this cool design. There were 3 different sizes, and three different depths. It came out AMAZING if I do say so myself.

So…after that I asked if I could open my present. Big A had brought in a cute little gift bag with the flowers. He gets me gift certificates for massages and stores I like, so I was honestly expecting that. He told me to open my card and I did.

We had bought each other almost the same card. They both talked about how we were lucky to be in love with our best friend. That we have truly enjoyed our time together and that we couldn’t imagine live without each other or anyone else, because we were a perfect fit. It was cute. We commented on how similar the cards were. I told him thank you and I love you and then he told me to open my present.I fished through the back for a couple seconds because there was a bunch of tissue paper in there. And then I saw the box.My heart skipped a couple beats. And then began pounding harder than I have ever felt. I told myself to calm down. I told myself not to react. I told myself that this could be earrings. Or a pendant. Or some other type of ring. The box was big enough. It could have been anything. I looked at Big A. And I looked back at the box. I pulled the box out of the bag.I prepared myself to open it up and find anything, but an engagement ring. I didn’t want to act like I wasn’t happy if he had bought me something else.

I imagined him trying so hard to pick me out something amazing, and I ruined the whole thing by being disappointed because it wasn’t an engagement ring.I took a deep breathe. I opened the box. And there it was.

The most beautiful ring in the entire world. My entire body started shaking. I burst into tears. I looked down at the ring. And then up at Big A. Then down at the ring again. And he wasn’t saying anything.I thought, Oh, my God. What if this isn’t an engagement ring? What if he just bought me a diamond ring and he doesn’t know that that’s not OK. (Goooo me!)So, I looked up at him again.

And when I could finally choke words out again, I said:“Is this…is this…what I think…it is” Between sobs.Big A looked at me and smiled. He took the box out of my hand and got down on one knee.

And said:“Will you marry me?”And with those four words, my entire life changed. I kept screaming “Oh my God!” and “Yes of course!” and different girly squeals while attempting to calm myself down, slow the tears a bit, and return to breathing like a normal person.

I quickly took the ring off of my right ring finger, took the promise ring Big A had bought me two years (to the day) ago on my right hand, and watched as he slid this amazingly perfect ring onto my finger. I pulled him up to me, and we both had tears in our eyes. And I just remember smiling so hard the my face hurt. We laughed and we cried and we kissed. We told each other how much me loved each other. We held each other.

We moved from room to room to room as we tried to function as normal human beings that were so drunk with happiness and love that it was completely impossible to remember how to act.I wanted to savor every single moment of it.

I wanted to spend every single second with him. I wanted to hold on to each minute that this was our own little secret. That everything in the world had changed and no one had known it but us. I watched cars drive by and people walking in and out of the restaurant across the street and they had no idea. They had no idea that the world just changed.

That Big A and I were getting married and that everything in the world was perfect.Eventually, we parted for a moment. Took some deep breaths and calmed ourselves a bit.

Big A said that he needed a beer and a cigarette because he had been holding onto this (and silently freaking out) for days. I told him that he was an amazing actor because I had absolutely no clue what was going on.I called my parents and my brother.

I called L. I texted a picture of the ring to Lil One (I always said that was what I would do, she agreed. Unfortunately, it was a different story when I had actually done it hahaha LOVE YOU!). We called his parents.Then we went down to where most of our friends hung out to tell them all of the good news. Although, of course, most of them weren’t there. So we made more phone calls (I use we, but really mean that I kept screaming… “Oh My God! I have to call so and so and tell them” and Big A would laugh and smile and kiss me and yell thank you when I told him so and so said congratulations!)

More of our friends came down to join us.We were having too much fun basking in the glow of all of our excitement. We never made it to dinner. We ordered a pizza and Big A ate it on the way to my parents’ house. I choked down a couple of pieces, but gave most of it to the dog when no one was looking so they thought that I was eating.

I was just too excited. By the time we got home that night, it was past midnight. We were still so amped up from everything that we didn’t even attempt to go to sleep until past 1 AM. We were just talking about everything. Relieving all the amazing moments we had that night.

Big A told me that my reaction was priceless. That it was the best thing that he could ever ask for. He said that when life gets him down, or he is having a bad day, he knows that all he has to do is remember the look on my face and he will know that it is all worth it. That all of the bad stuff, it is all worth it, for that moment. This just reassured me even more (not that there was a doubt for a second) that I said yes to the right man.

That he is absolutely perfect for me. And I for him.I am so incredibly lucky to have found my soul mate. My best friend. My partner in crime. My everything. We are so incredibly happy to start this next chapter of our life. We can’t wait to start planning our special day (and figure out how the hell we are going to pull it all off haha). Thank you to everyone for your kind words, your support, and your well wishes. They mean the world to us.And of course… I couldn’t finish this off without a picture of the ring…because I am finally ready to share it…

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