Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

Can I just say that I am pretty excited about the upcoming long weekend?

And what better way to celebrate, than bitching (or raving) about everything that happened to me this week?

So here I am... linking up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday.

Seriously...Big A walked in last night and the first thing he said was... "Hi honey...I'm hungry". No, missed you, no how was your day..."I'm hungry". Apparently this was my cue to start cooking. But not until I made him feel like an which he saw my point and then asked how my day was...too late buddy...hehe

Seriously...I had a sad incident with my big toe, ending in a very sad big toe...and when it finally healed and was beginning to look like a normal toe happened again. Apparently Summer means getting to finally wear flip flops but only with a big gigantic band-aid on my foot. And yes I know I complained about this already. I did, however, decide that I needed pretty band-aids if this was going to be my life. So I am currently sporting a cute purple band-aid.

Seriously...I get to have dinner tonight with some of the most amazing people I know. My mom, my nanny, Big A's mom, and Big A's sister. We do a monthly dinner and tonight is that night. So this time tonight...I will be sitting outside, enjoying the Summer breeze, spending some QT with some pretty bomb ass people. doesn't get any better.

Seriously...I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I made shishkabobs last night and marinated the steak for a little longer than usual. With a different combination of spices than usual. And seriously must be the best steak I have ever eaten. No.joke. Amazeballs as Ma Dukes would say.

Seriously...I was supposed to go to one of our other building today in another town. And I JUST remembered about it. Haha. Guess I'm not going since I have already been at work for almost an hour. Whoops. was kind of by choice so I'm sure no one is too upset about it! amazingly awesome is this weekend supposed to be? The weather is supposed to be superb. We have 8,000 fun things to do...all of which involve an ice cold beer...and I get to catch up with some awesome people, that I see often, but never for an entire weekend.

Seriously...I made all of our appointments to look at venues. Next week. Like in a week from today. As in a week from today, I will be looking at venues...for my wedding...because I'm getting married. Holy shit! It still strikes me as crazy! Not crazy in a bad way, just crazy in a "oh my god I can't believe I am marrying my best friend!" kind of way. Ya know...and now it is like crazy real. Booking a venue is like crazy real. Crazy. (Have I said crazy enough?)

Well that is it my friends. Head on over to Becky's blog and link up. It is a great excuse to bitch & moan, or brag, about anything that has happened to you. Not that I ever need a reason to do either.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Venues Galore...unless you plan to get married in September 2012

As many of you are aware...we are coming up on Fourth of July weekend.

I know I have previously mentioned the insanity that will ensue this weekend. But the biggest part is that when it is all said and done. When the weekend & holiday are over. And I return back to work.

Do you know what date that will be?

If you said July 5th, then ding ding ding you get a prize!

And why is this date significant you may ask?

Because that was Big A's timeline for when we could start wedding planning. Well... when HE would start wedding planning. Heh.

Didn't expect it to go that quickly now did ya?

But it wasn't quick at all... it kind of drove me insane. And while he was sitting there with his smug little smile on his face... I wanted to punch him. We sound married already don't we?

Now I'm the one with the smug little smile. Because D Day is here my friend. Bring on the wedding planning.

I called and made appointments for tours at my top three venues for next Thursday, July 7th. I spread them out a bit across the day so we could grab lunch and such as well. I'm hoping to make it a relaxed day. There shouldn't be too much driving. And hopefully not too much complaining.

However, I am a little nervous though. I talked to two of the places about dates for next September... and it wasn't looking good. Either September 1st (which is available at two of the venues) or September 15th (which is only available at the second one I talked to). Lots of August and October dates though. I was a little discouraged so I didn't even ask the third place when they finally called me back.

That's not a lot of options. And who knows what it will be when we go next week. I mean we are 15 months out from September 2012 and I figured that some people would be booked, but we would still have a chance.


Funny, I think someone mentioned this when Big A first said his July 5th rule - which for the record completely went against our first rule that when we got engaged we would wait one month before doing anything - which would have been June 12th. Maybe I should ask when these dates were booked... they might save Big A's ass.

So, I'm trying not to focus on it too much. I mean honestly, who knows if I will even like any of these places. Maybe I will hate them all and we will be back to the drawing board. However, since these are the only three that their pictures don't make me want to yack and their prices don't make me want to jump off of a cliff...I'm not sure of how many options we have.

Then comes the question. Do I want to push it up to August and have it be more Summerish than Fall (which would raise the question of whether I should change my color scheme which would make me want to cry) or do I want to wait until October...(which I really don't want to but I don't know how I prefer it to August).

So alas, I wait. Hopefully in one week we will have a place booked and a date set. Otherwise, I may just give up the whole thing and Big A and I will get married in the Price Chopper parking lot.

This is precisely why I didn't want to wait, but unfortunately this wedding isn't only about me and there is a whole other person that I need to be concerned about. And at this point, I have a better chance of convincing Big A to dye his hair pink and start calling himself Bubba then I do to get him to move up his deadline.


All I can hope is that it goes as smoothly as everything else has. I have been pretty proud of myself for keeping my shit together so far and I have no plans on changing that any time soon. I have a nice goal of one week before the wedding before I completely freak the F out. By then I think it would be completely understandable and not a single person in the world would blame me.

Only time will tell I suppose. Did anyone else have a tough time choosing a venue and wanted to rip their hair out while simultaneously chugging a gigantic bottle of wine? Or am I the only one?

So What! Wednesday

It's Wednesday... so you know what that means... I'm linking up with Shannon over at

Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What! if...

* I am wearing flip flops to work today even though it is against dress code... my big toe and I had an unfortunate incident and the heels I wore yesterday nearly killed me *

* I'm seriously considering this uber strict crash diet thing that Mrs. C showed me...I'm not usually one for them...but I can't get around wearing a bathing suit on Martha's Vineyard and I don't want to scare the children at the beach with my big pasty behind *

* I kind of feel a little bad about my post yesterday since Big A said he would wax his car at our house so that we can still have date night and grill...he's making an effort and I'm so happy I won't be sitting by myself tonight *

* I have like 8,000 days of fun stuff ahead of me, but I'm exhausted so I am slightly looking forward to them being over. It is non-stop Friday through Monday... just thinking about it makes me want to take a nap *

* I have been turning into a 5 year old near bed time the past week or so. I have not had a decent night's sleep in almost two weeks and it is wearing me thing... so by bed time I am a hot mess and Big A has to walk on egg shells... poor guy. But then again... all he has to do it slip a sleeping pill into my drink and his problems would be over *

* I didn't eat dinner last night because I had a big lunch and was attempting to compensate for it. But, L and I drank wine and then I felt sick... and hungry... which then led to me making Mac & Cheese at 11:00 last night. Because I'm sure eating something entirely consisting of carbs and cheese at 11 right before you go to bed is super healthy...just saying. *

* The Lil One is on her way home from Arizona. And I don't know how to talk to her without saying "are you here yet" every other I am just liking her status on Facebook and considering that my hello. I'm pretty sure no one wants me hounding them as they drive cross country *

We all know I can go on forever. But alas, I won't because despite the fact that I have already checked out for the long weekend...I'm been swamped at work. Go figure!

So head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Be an Understanding Fiance...

Last night was a good one. Big A and I went to see a friend for his 40th birthday partyofsorts. During the Winter, we watch the Patriots’ games at their house, so we see them almost every week. During the summer, however, we are kind of crappy friends.

It’s not because we don’t want to see them, it is just that the Summer pulls us in all sorts of directions. And forget Spring all together because the weather is so unpredictable that you can’t even plan anything. Although, when the fourth of July comes around we pretty much spend every waking minute of the weekend with them.

So last night was a good night to catch up after not seeing them for awhile. The last time we saw them was a couple days after we got engaged. So it had been a wee bit. Plus, next weekend is the Summer Nationals so we all got to come up with a good game plan about where we want to go and when.

I have to admit. I am getting a little excited. (If anyone tells Big A, you are in big trouble. I’ve got an image to uphold here) We don’t really go downtown anymore since it turned into a complete shit show time and time again. By the time we get down there, anyone and everyone is parking their supped up Toyotas down the streets so those with the real muscle cars have to pay for parking somewhere else (and yes, that would be on top of the passes that we have to buy). So we just avoid it all together. Big A put too much time and effort into his Chevelle to risk it getting hit or scratched from some Jackhole who can’t handle his beers while he is attempting to do a burnout in his ’95 Subaru.

So last year, we went up to the park to watch the fireworks and that was the only time we went up there at night. The next day we went early in the morning and then we have friends who have a huge cookout every year. THIS year though, they have added a whole bunch of stuff to the park. In addition to the fireworks, they are keeping the food vendors then all night, they will have live bands playing, and they are even setting up a drive-in movie theatre. Which is pretty exciting to me. Last year was fun, but slightly creepy being in a gigantic park at night in the pitch black…attempting to stumble your way down the hill to find the portapotties without getting kidnapped. No bueno.

Although, the downside of all of this was that I was lulled into a false sense of security this year. Big A already washed and waxed the car, which has been sitting in storage ever since, so he was prepared. I figured maybe I wouldn’t be sitting by myself for the week of hell this year. But alas, it was too good to be true. Big A took the car out on Sunday, only to find that the new wax he used made it look streaky so he has to wash and wax it all over again. Apparently a streaky car is completely unacceptable.

I get it. I do. This isn’t my first rodeo. But now he figures since he will be working on it anyway, why doesn’t he do some more stuff on it too. So he is going to need tonight and tomorrow to work on it (umm… thought it was date night tomorrow…) and then Thursday night the boys all go down together to get their passes. It is some form of ritualistic man thing. If they could find somewhere to put it, there would definitely be a sign that said: NO GIRLS ALLOWED.

So, I’m a little bummed. But L is coming over tonight. And on Thursday I have dinner plans with my mom, my Nanny, my future MIL, and my future SIL… so it will really be only one night that I don’t have plans. And the house IS screaming to be cleaned… so maybe I will be all domestic or something.

Or maybe I will find someone else who doesn’t have plans and drink wine. Ya know… either way.

But… at least he will get this all out of his system…because as of Tuesday…oh yes that is one week away from today my friends…it is WEDDING PLANNING TIME. Heh!

Although, I only have plans to find a venue. And there are only like 2-3 places I want to look at… so it really isn’t that much. But it is something. Maybe we will even have a date set!

But… I have a week full of being the “understanding fiancé” before anything else. I guess it could be worse. He could be into going out and getting loaded at bars every night. I guess being madly in love with his car isn’t so bad. Although… I will admit that I get a pang of jealousy when he calls it his “baby”. So what am I? Chopped liver?

I used to joke that the car was really his girlfriend and I was only the mistress. But… sometimes…especially during the Nationals…it seemed more real than a joke!

But alas… he is a good future hubby all year round… I guess I can give him a week. Although I think that maybe I need to come up with some event that everything is all about me for a week…seems only fair right? Heh.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Invitations... check!

So it is no secret that I have sort of been falling into finding things for the wedding.

I will mindlessly google everything in the world that has to do with weddings, and then eventually come across something that makes me go...Check! And it is done.

I did that with the cake topper. I did that with the bridesmaid dress colors. And now the invitations as well. (And I may or may not have already found the wedding dress that will ruin me for all other wedding dresses... eek!)

I knew what I wanted. I wanted a pocket invitation. In red, black, and either white or silver. Incorporating all of our wedding colors. I also knew that I wanted a beautiful invitation, but a relatively plain enclosure so that I could add my own little touch to it. I wanted them to be my own, not some insert bride's name, insert groom's name, insert wedding date...done cookie cutter version.

I had heard that Michael's had some great invitations, but when I went to their store, I was incredibly disappointed. Plus... I didn't want to print them myself. I didn't want to mess with that and that was the only option. And every other pocket invitation that I found online was like $6-$8 each. Which did not fit into our budget.

Then I went on the Michael's website randomly one day and found that they have a whole separate line of invitations online that are completely 110% customizable. Ummm....done and done.

So, when I finally found our invitations, I fell madly in love. The gigantic booming voice in my head screamed...check! And that was that. However, we all know that I have a tendency to get a little too excited about things and not fully research them. And... I tend to have a need to be reminded to focus and not just go off and running.

Enter Pa Dukes. Who was not entirely convinced by seeing them on the web page and said that the shade of red was all wrong. To which I promptly told him that I didn't care. I liked the invitations. They didn't need to be perfect. And I would have rather spend the money I was saving on something that was more important than completely color-coordinating something people will look at for two seconds and them promptly throw out.

But alas, Pa Dukes won and I ordered a sample. I knew I wanted the black background and immediately started planning accordingly. Unfortunately, Michael's will only send you the color background that was in the picture online, so it came in Merlot.

Ummm.... way to go Pa Dukes because I am now in love with them all over again. It was great to see what the actual color looked like, which was a lot darker than we thought it was going to be, and despite the fact that it said Audra and Joshua on it instead of K and Big was pretty freaking cool to see what our invitations were going to look like.

Plus... I'm in love with the Merlot background. And now I have thought of some cool ways to personalize it with the red instead.

I'm pretty effing excited.


Here's hoping that the rest of the planning goes this easy! (Famous last words)

Weekend Recap... and a little Sunday Funday

This weekend, we somehow lucked out with some fairly decent weather. Saturday was a little overcast, but turned out pretty nice. Minus the torrential downpour at night that we so happened to be outside for. And Sunday was cloudy, but warm.

Saturday, I spent the whole day with Mrs. C. We went out shopping with the goal of finding me a wedding organizer and hitting up the $2 tank top sale at Old Navy.

Well... we got to Old Navy at 10:30 and all that was left of the tank tops were white, black, and navy blue in sizes XS, S, or XXL. Yeah... needless to say that was a big fat fail.

Then we headed over Barnes & Noble, but I am picky as hell and thought that they all sucked. They were all uber ugly and I refuse to carry something that looks like that around with me. Plus, I looked on Etsy and they can custom make one for about the same price... so I think that is the route that I am going to go.

Sidenote: Anyone know anyone good on Etsy to order a wedding organizer from? I've never ordered from Etsy so all advice is more than welcome. Thanks! End sidenote.

We did, however, buy some delicious wine from the most gigantic wine store I have ever seen. And then participated in a little day drinking over a delicious lunch. So all in all I would say that the day was a success.

On Sunday, Big A and I did our normal Lazy Bone routine until I grumpily made him go get me Dunkin Donuts coffee and a breakfast sandwich. Luckily, he is amazing and did it... with a smile even. He knows the way to my heart...caffeine.

Then I met up with J$ and we went on our hunt to find a gym. I need to get my bottom in gear so we checked out a couple. We think we have made our decision and should be signing up some time this week. Then we headed over to JS's house to meet up with the boys.

We brought Mr. Fresh along so he could get out of the house and stretch his legs a bit. Now that the weather was cooperating.

Mr. Fresh going for a dip. He never goes in fully...

just lounges on the steps.

Playing with one of the 8,000 sticks that he found

Bringing the stick back to Big A

My handsome boys!

And this is the face you get when you ask J$ to

smile so you can blog about her tomorrow.

Obviously less then thrilled, but a trooper


After that, Big A, Mr. Fresh, and I headed over to my parents' house for a little impromptu BBQ. My nanny and Grandi were there so it was nice to have everyone together.

We stuffed our faces until we couldn't stuff them anymore, and until the mosquitoes had officially bitten every inch of us, and then we called it a night and headed home.

I attempted to get Big A to watch Bridezillas with me under the pretense that I was studying what not to do, but although he thanked me for my effort, he was going to watch it. So we watched a little Simpson's action and then headed off to Lullaby Land.

Nothing too exciting, but at least we got the hell out of the apartment for a little bit. We were starting to get some Cabin Fever.

I hope all of your weekends were fabulous as well. And lets all cross our fingers that the 4th of July weekend is BEAUTIFUL! Otherwise, I will have one sad man on my hands and one beautifully washed, vacuumed, and waxed '69 Chevelle stuck in storage all weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ramblings from a Woman on the Brink of Insanity

I'm having another one of those days.

The ones where everything I touch blows up in my face.

The one where I look at the clock and realize that the day isn't even half over yet and it feels like bed time.

The one where I am itching to just leave. Wondering if I could just wrote my bosses an e-mail telling them that I have to leave early today. But, I have lying to them, so I never do. And then I would just have to tell them that I just want to go home because I don't feel like being at work. And I'm pretty sure that doesn't scream "I'm a valued employee who works hard at their job".


I'm getting kind of antsy in my job. As much as I love the fact that I have so much freedom, I thrive in a busy chaotic environment. Which is pretty much the opposite of what I do.

I would love to move into a different position with the company, but I'm not sure if that is an option any time soon. No one really likes to leave here, which I guess is a good thing, but isn't really when you are trying to move up the corporate ladder.

Plus, like I said everything is blowing up in my face today. Nothing says "please promote me" like screwing up the smallest of tasks. "Yes, I can barely do the little nonsense things you ask me to do right...but please give me more responsibility and money...thanks!"

Yeah... not sure if today is one of my "selling point" days. Whatever... I've never claimed to be perfect. I just can't handle this one thing at a time bullshit. Give me 12 things to do? I will have them done, on time, and perfect. One? Yeah... I just can concentrate.

I start thinking about something random, or the light above me starts flickering, or I see some shiny object that catches my eye (Update: I have stopped staring at my engagement ring while driving, so the roads are much safer now) and then it is all over. I can't go back to what I was doing until 12,000 google searches later.

Awesome. Maybe I should put that on my resume for when/if I apply for a different job in my company.

ADD & OCD will make me a strong contribution to this company.

Guaranteed to be productive with high quality output...

just please make sure there is nothing shiny in my office.

Sound good? You would want to promote me wouldn't you?

I knew you would.

This weather isn't helping me either. I'm going stir crazy. I have been stuck inside all week due to this wonderful rain and it is slowly diving me crazy. And guess what? It will continue to be shitty all weekend long but should be nice on Monday.

Seriously... if we have another one of those beautiful weeks (while I am stuck at work) and then it is crappy all weekend... I am either going to scream, move down South, or both.

Plus we have the Summer Nationals coming up and no one wants to deal with Big A if it is raining all weekend and he can't have his Cam2 fueled fun. It would be a bad time for all. And then I have some time off the following week... so it has to be nice out or I am pretty sure that someone is going to have to commit me. Because I will purposely make myself go crazy just so that I can live inside my own little warped mind where it is sunny and beautiful every day of the year. Which won't work out well since they closed the state hospital near me and I have no idea where the closest one is now. No one will visit me. I will be all alone in my crazy little world. And it will be a sad ending to my story.

So you see... my mental condition is dependent on the weather being nice.

Can you tell I am already losing it?

Alright... so before some blog reader decides that this is a call for help and I may or may not be a danger to myself or other...and then decides to call the authorities to hunt me down...I'm going to end here. is almost lunch time and I found a bomb ass new sandwich for the chef to make in our cafeteria and it is pretty much the only thing getting me through the week.

Toodles. Hope you all have a wonderful, sanity filled weekend. Because we all know I won't.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday...

Seriously...thank you Mr. I am going to drive at 15 mph for half of your commute to work. I'm happy for you that you don't have to drive like a lunatic, but I am already running late and you are in my way. Please go somewhere else. This is MY road.

Seriously...when J$ gave me my engagement present (that she had bought two years ago) and I shattered it in the sink, I was heartbroken. We searched some stores, but couldn't find it so I finally ordered it online. And it came yesterday. A whole day early.
Isn't it amazing?

I'm obsessed with Lolita glasses so this was perfect. If you haven't heard of them, check them out here: Designs by Lolita. They may or may not have been my inspiration to pain my own glasses. Maybe some day mine will be awesome too!

Seriously...what the hell is up with this weather? Raining... again! I am not going through a rainy Summer so Mother Nature better smarten the F up!

Seriously...sleeping has sucked this week. I either can't fall asleep or can't stay asleep which then equals Zombie Girl in the morning...thus explaining why I was running late. UG. I neeeeeed my sleep.

Seriously...if it is going to be crappy this weekend, then I am finally going to have to bite the bullet and clean my freaking house. AND I am going to try to dye my couch cover. Might as well do it all right? Ug, I need a maid. Seriously.

I'm feeling whiny today, so I think I could go on forever if I'm not careful. Head on over to Becky's blog and link up. I'm sure you have a thing or two that you have said "Seriously?!" to this week.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking with with Shannon at Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.

This week I'm saying So What! if...

* I started to include eating breakfast into my daily routine, but it has been an egg & cheese sandwich on an English Muffin. Not the healthiest choice, but at least I am remembering to eat in the morning! *

* It was Big A and I's plan to wait to ask our wedding party until the end of the Summer, but I got so excited and asked mine a month after we got engaged. I just couldn't help myself. He can ask his people whenever he girls are all set!*

* I gave Big A (a small amount of) crap for buying Betty, but was deeply saddened when he sold her. I have the right to change my mind whenever I want. And she was so much fun....waaah...*

* I have a big report that I have to put together for work and I am procrastinating like no other. I don't waaaannaaaaaa doooo it!*

* I saw a sign about Seafood at the restaurant across the street from our house and now I have to have lobster. NOW!*

* Big A I have still not folded the laundry that I complained about in last week's post. We just grab what we need in the morning. It is annoying as hell to have to search through it all, but it is also annoying as hell to have to fold the laundry. *

* Even though I know it is better to have Saturdays off, I still get annoyed when Big A has his Wednesdays off. If he doesn't have to go to work, I don't wanna! But then when Saturday comes around and he has to go to work and I get to stay in bed (and he curses my name all the way to work) I'm just fine. Go figure! *

Well... that is all for this week. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up baby!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding Ramblings from an Impatient Bride

Sooo... we are down to the final 14 day countdown for Operation Wedding. Big A said July 5th, so July 5th it is. I just hope he wakes up that morning with his planning shoes on.

I kid...I kid.

I did, however, take the 7th and 8th off from work. Big A's shop closes down the week of the 4th every year and I have never been able to take the time to hang out with him. So I figured we could spend part of one day looking at a couple venues and (hopefully) picking a date. And then the rest is gravy.

We might hang out. We might go do something fun. Maybe if a friend is off too I can leave him to go do boy stuff. I don't want to take up his whole vacation, but our days off together are few and far between since he works Saturday and we have to attempt to throw an entire week's worth of crap into the one day off that we have together...and are never really that productive. Sigh.

I think he thinks that it is going to be a thousand times worse than it is, but I really just want to find a venue and pick a date. End.of.story. I don't plan on trying on wedding dresses until the Fall and then probably bridesmaid dresses in January. So, there really isn't much else that we have to do before next year. I plan on trying to find some good deals at the Bridal Expo in September, but Big A won't be around for that so it will be on me.

I can't wait for him to go, "that wasn't as bad as I thought" and I'm gonna say "in your face!" because I'm pretty mature like that.

Yeap. It's going to be a good time.

Another thing I need to do is start getting my big fat behind to the gym. I am already past when I wanted to start going, so I really need to get in gear. My problem, as we have talked about before, is that I am a cheap bastard. And I think things are a good idea for about .5 seconds. So when I am stuck paying for a gym I'm not going to? No bueno.

Luckily I have some bomb ass friends who are going to tell me I am a gigantic piece of poop and I need to get my lard covered butt to the gym (well more nicely encourage me to go because shockingly I am the bitch in the group...I know we are all so surprised). I am hoping to be slightly more accepting of this joke of a body and to be ready to try on wedding dresses (and not look like a beached whale) by October.

Sidenote: I'm really not that self-deprecating. I have a pretty healthy view of myself. I am well aware of what my body is and what it could be. I also know that I am a lazy butt who hates change so I have no one to blame but myself. Do I believe that I am morbidly obese? No. Do I think I could eat a bit healthier and a little exercise probably wouldn't kill me? Yes. I just didn't want my jokes above to be confused with pity talk because that ain't my style. End sidenote.

Other than that, I think that we have things under control. It's not like I want it all to be over...but I just can't wait for the time to be here. I'm pretty sure that next summer is going to rock my socks off since it will be filled with all sorts of wedding excitement. Plus this whole being the center of attention this is going to be really hard to shake once the wedding is over. We all know I like a crowd. Especially when the crowd is focused on me.

But then again... if my parents didn't want me to be such a loud and obnoxious attention-seeking pain in the ass...they probably shouldn't have named me after a gigantic party. Just saying.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Due to my big fat blogging fail earlier today, I felt the need to come back and show you all the goodies!

I told you about the wine glasses that I painted. I really enjoyed this and think that just maybe this might become a new hobby. It was something different, so it is going to take me awhile to get everything perfect, but I kind of liked the whole hand made-ness of it...flaws and all.

So here they are for all of my ladies...

These represent some pretty awesome ladies!
So you can see them all...
The cards that I made everyone. I found the poem on another wedding blog before we got engaged and saved it for when the day finally came heh.
So you can see the last page. Matron of Honor and then the bridesmaid ones were similar. The pages were on top of each other and tied in the top left corner with a black ribbon. Didn't take a pic all put together. I stink at this!
Now to introduce my ladies:
This is the infamous L that I always talk about. We always laugh about how it was love at first sight when we met each other, but it was. We met through Pickles (another bridesmaid) and hit it off immediately. We talk constantly and have spent at least one night a week having girl talk and wine for the past five years. She is a true blue friend. The one that you can call at any time and she will be there in a minute. And she has been. She had a whole lot on her plate with just getting married, spending time with her hubby, and she has the most adorable little boy, but she always makes time for me when I need it. She's going to be a kick ass Matron of Honor. She just went through this all with her own wedding so she definitely knows what she is she will be able to keep my crazy ass in line.
This is J$. I talk about her all the time too. Her and I met because Big A and her hubby have been friends forever. I think Middle School. So when I started dating Big A there weren't that many other girls around. Some came and went, but J$ and I are the originals (for the most part - and I count original of when I came around heh). I was a bridesmaid in her wedding when she got married two years ago and it definitely made us 8,435,854,948 times closer. We talk all the time that we met each other because of our men, but became friends because we have so much fun together. She's good for a fun night (where she may or may not encourage me to drink more than I plan) or a heart to heart (which usually happens in the middle of a restaurant). I'm so glad I have met her and I am soooo glad that she said yes to being in the wedding!
This is Nat. She is my beautiful Future Sister in Law, so it was only natural that she is in the wedding. She is family. And stuck with me forever. Heh. I always used to beg my parents to have another baby when I was little because I wanted a Baby Brother. I never wanted a sister. BUT, I have realized the error of my ways and could not be happier to be gaining a sister. I'm so happy that we are so close and genuinely love each other (which isn't always a given).
This is Mrs. C (all the way to the right). I didn't have a picture of just the two of us so I had to include this rather comical one of her, J$ and I. Mrs. C is another friend that I met through Big A. He has been friends with her hubby forever as well. She is another one that I truly love because I genuinely enjoy her company. Which comes in handy since all of our friends hang out a lot. We definitely sealed the deal of friendship when we started our monthly wine night that has grown over the past 6-7 months. She has been amazingly helpful since we first got engaged; helping my buy bridal magazines, finding me color names that matched what I was looking for, and even the type of dress that I am now in love with for their dresses. I'm so happy that I met her and soooo happy that she will be a part of our special day.
This is Jack-ums. Ooooh.... Jack-ums. Where do I begin? We met because we worked at the same day care. And then fell madly in love. Heh. Jack-ums and I have a type of friendship that is hard to describe. We always have a blast together and the most simple things turn into adventure. Case in point... this picture was taken when we spent New Year's Eve in Canada. Jack-ums and I were sitting in my old apartment talking about how bored we were and then decided to book a trip to Canada. So we did. And it was a freaking blast! She is an amazing friend, and I further sealed the deal for her being stuck with me forever because she is now married to one of Big A's good friends. Heh. I'm sneaky like that.
Last, but certainly not least. This is Pickles. We met when we begin to bond over a mutual friend who was driving us batty at the time. 6 years later, neither one of us talk to the other friend, but we are still going strong. We have been through a lot together, good and bad, but always made it out the other side. She's a great friend and I am lucky to have her. And even luckier that she accepted my invitation to be in the wedding, fully knowing what I am capable of. Now if that isn't a friend, then I don't know what is.
And that's all of them. Six absolutely amazing girls. These next whatever-so many months are going to be a freaking blast! These girls are a genuine good time and I am so looking forward to going through this next part of life with them by my side. I couldn't think of more amazing people to have standing next to me when I marry my best friend.
That's all for now. I won't continue to bore you with all of my sentiments about my awesome friends. Like I said before... I have the most kick ass bridal party in the entire world. End.of.story.

Weekend Recap & Blogging FAIL

It was quite the productive week/weekend. I finished up my super secret surprise and was finally able to reveal them!

I made cards asking all of my bridesmaids to be in our wedding and then I hand painted wine glasses and put each of their initials on them. This way, they are all able to drink out of their pretty glasses at every wedding-related event. Because let’s be honest…everything is better than wine.

I attempted to upload pictures so that I could post them all today, but Blogger seemed to be having some issues because it kept telling me that there were errors. So, alas. I have no pictures.

Big. Fat. Fail.

BUT, I plan on trying again when I get home tonight so you all can see. I had a blast making everything and everyone seemed to love them so that was good. AND no one laughed in my face and said no, so I think overall it was a complete success.

I also was planning on uploading pictures of my bridesmaids to introduce them, but we all know how that went didn’t we. So, my super awesome post that I was supposed to write today, is unfortunately just this boring, picture-less one.

Sad story.

Although, I must say that I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief since everyone has been asked, and everyone said yes! I am so excited to have all of these girls sharing this journey with me and I think the next whatever-however-many-months are going to be a blast.

Plus, I’m pretty sure that I have the most kick ass bridal party ever. I’m pretty sure that it is a fact.

The rest of the weekend was spent hanging with friends and drinking too much wine (obviously).

Sunday, Big A and I went to visit his parents for a little bit. Then I headed over to my parents’ house and we had dinner. It was a blast. I can’t remember the last time that we ate dinner and never turned on the TV. Usually, we will eat dinner and then all go into the living room. Or we will eat in the living room. But yesterday, we were all just talking so much that we didn’t even think about it. And by the time I looked at the clock it was PAST the time to go home.

You know it is a good night when you lose track of time!

All in all it was an absolutely fabulous weekend and I couldn’t have asked for more.

Well…maybe. Big A sold Betty on Saturday and I may or may not have got a little emotional. I didn’t know anyone was coming to look at her until they were on their way. And I had planned on taking her for a drive since it was so nice out but I was too hungover under the weather. And then just like that…she was gone.

It’s going to be sad since we had so much fun with her. But Big A was right. We need the money now more than we need a convertible to drive around in.

Although she sure was a blast. I’m going to miss riding in her with the top down at night on the back roads. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

But, she went to a new home where someone is going to completely restore her and treat her like the princess that she is…so I can’t be too upset. I guess.

And that’s all for now. Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A little mush...a little gush, and a lot of memories

I wasn’t really sure about what I was going to write today. Usually, I write when I get inspired by something, and if I can’t think of anything…I just don’t bother. I mean who, honestly, wants to hear a whole bunch of random ramblings from someone who is just trying to get out a blog post?

Not me. So, I wouldn’t do it to you either.

However, I just went downstairs to the cafeteria to get a breakfast sandwich (a little Friday routine with Miss Sass and I) and walked up to the cook to place my order. And right after me walking in there…Big A and I’s song came on. Just like that.

It’s not a song I hear often on the radio, so when it comes on I consider it special. It is a fairly oldish song, so I love the fact that it isn’t overplayed. Every time I hear it, it brings me right back to the beginning of our relationship.

The craziness. The uncertainty. You know…all of the insanity that comes along with a new relationship. The thinking of them constantly. Wondering when you are going to see them again. The butterflies in your stomach when you finally do. It was like a chase. We were constantly chasing each other back and forth. But when we were together…there was no denying what we had.

It took a long time for us to admit what it was. Neither one of us wanted to admit it or scare the other one off…but it was real and it was there. It was love at first sight.

Not the corny big Hollywood love at first sight, when you see each other for the first time and then fall into this perfect fairy tale romance. We had to work at it. It wasn’t easy. It was scary as hell. But, it was love. It was the complete realization that we had indeed met our counterpart in life. You see…Big A and I are very adamant about the fact that we are both completely whole people. We weren’t looking for ‘our other half”. We were looking for our match.

And we found it that night. I’ve talked before about the extreme set of emotions that smacked me in the face that night. The fact that every time you meet someone and you share that first kiss, you have that big “first kiss” moment. But with Big A…it was all that, but a sense of comfort as well. Like we had been kissing for years. It was as if the entire universe had aligned just right and everything was in its place.

We were meant to be together. Plain and simple.

We were meant to go through everything in our lives the exact way that it all happened, so that it could line everything up for us to meet.

In my situation, there are many steps. If I had never had the job at the daycare. I never would have met the people I was babysitting for that night. I never would have met the girl that I was friends with back then who was having the party (literally right down the street) where I met him. I mean I guess you could go back to even further that if my grandmother had never come here from Ireland and opened up a day care, that my father eventually worked at, that I attended, I never would have had that experience that inspired the desire to become a teacher.

There is a book that I read many years ago. It is called “From the Corner of His Eye” it is by Dean Koontz who is one of the few authors that I read. The idea of the book is that there is this little boy named Bartholomew who became blind at a young age when doctors removed his eyes to save him from a fast spreading cancer. At the age of 13 he regains his sight, based on the premise that throughout your life you make choices. And at each crossroad, the direction you take determines the next path in your life. BUT, at that same moment a split you goes off into another dimension, acting as if they made the opposite decision that you did. The boy was apparently able to see again, based on him tapping into “another him” that was never blind.

It is really hard to explain, and if you are into those types of books I would HIGHLY recommend it. But, I always loved the idea that everything happens for a reason. It is a comforting thought when everything is going to shit. Because I can’t help but think that I am here, where I am, because I am supposed to be.

I met Big A that night, because I was supposed to be with him forever. We were actually at a party together at that same house 5 months earlier, but neither one of us would have been ready for a relationship. We met when we did for a reason.

And the night we met, when we stayed up talking until almost 5 in the morning. I remember thinking that things would never be the same after that night.

At one point, Big A looked at me and said “I might as well put a ring on your finger right now, because I am never going to find anyone else like you”.

I questioned whether this could have been a line for about .5 seconds before I realized that he could have come up with more believable stuff if he was trying to be a Sleeze Ball.

And four years later…here we are. Getting married. Because he didn’t want to look any further. And neither did I.

I’m a lucky lucky girl. And even when he is driving me nuts, I know that.

Alright…that’s enough mush & gush for today. I was feeling a little sentimental about my future Husband and our beginnings. All because of a song. Our song.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be spending my evening enjoying some wine with some awesome ladies! What more could I ask for?

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I'm linking up with Becky on From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! again this week.

I'm having a little too much fun with this one.

Seriously…I am not going to make it through this week. I am well aware that today is Thursday and tomorrow is Friday, but MY GOD this has been a long week. I just keep thinking that in 34.5 hours I will be home drinking wine with my girls…but who’s counting?

Seriously…the dreaded Summer Nationals is coming up. The Summer Nationals are a big 3-4 day event for people with classic cars (although some people think it is for shit box Toyota Carollas with tricked out rims…but that is a different story) this is Big A’s thing. Every year he gets all into it. The first year we were dating he just completely disappeared off the face of the Earth the two weeks prior. It is a big deal. It is the one time of year when I have no say on what we do. I just wait for my assignments and follow Big A around like a puppy dog. Although, I do feel quite honored that I am not his Shotgun Babe…but…the next few weeks are going to be tricky. Someone give me the strength (and wine) to get through this. Anyone want to hang out while I am a Chevelle widow for the next couple weeks? Please?!

Seriously…I won a contest on Becky’s blog and won a sign of my choice. So I designed a street sign with Big A’s (and my future) last name on it. I just ordered it a couple days ago and it came last night. Talk about service! I meant to take pictures, but seriously I lack motivation. Shocking! Big A LOVED it. He is going to hang it up in his man cave and said he couldn’t wait to have a garage to hang it up in. Thanks Becky for scoring me points with Future Hubby!

Seriously…this week has been OK with weather (started a little rainy) today is supposed to be almost 90, and then it is supposed to rain for the next two days. WTF?!?! Why can’t we just have a nice weekend for once? Is this going to be like that summer a couple years ago where it rained the whole way through and we all wanted to jump off a cliff scream? I really don’t think I can take it.

Seriously…I have yet to join my fat ass up for a gym and I just realized (OK, more like I have been avoiding) that I need to be trying on wedding dresses in like 4 months. Hmmm….yeah if that isn’t a wake up call then I don’t know what is. J$ is going to be my life coach and kick my ass encourage me to go to the gym. Lord knows I’m going to need it!

Seriously…my cousins are coming from Ireland. Or they might already be here. I don’t listen very well apparently. I see them about once every blue moon (although one of them was here with her four kids last Summer…speaking of that…she has four kids who are all madly in love with her and fight for her attention, and she was cool as a cucumber the whole time…can I nominate her for Sainthood?) I haven’t seen the other one for quite some time…let’s put it this way…she didn’t have kids the last time I saw her and now she has two. I think it is time to catch up. Plus I am looking forward to meeting their Hubbys. And introducing Big A as my Future Hubby. Hehe.

Seriously…I am straight up dying to post about my super secret surprise. I know that no one cares about it, but me but I am so happy with how it came out I just want the world to know (lame. Yeah I get it). But alas, I can’t. Maybe the beginning of next week. I am hoping to get all of my ducks in a row this weekend. I have the pictures taken and the post almost completely written (pathetic or productive?) sooooo….keep on hanging in there. It’s coming!

Seriously…I came into contact with one of those people who completely tests your patience and ability to not lose your shit keep your cool and I really must say that I am proud of myself for not punching her. I’m not going to get into specifics, but it was a rough couple of days and both my mom and Big A told me that no one would blame me if I hauled off and hit her. But, I made it through without bodily harm and I am proud of myself. With the help of Pink Punk Cosmos and some major venting…I made it through. I’m just hoping she doesn’t come around any time soon. I’m going to need a full 6 months to fully recover from this one.

OK. Apparently, I am having too much fun with this one this week and we don’t need to be writing a novel about all the things I want to bitch about. Sooo…I am cutting myself off. Head over to Becky’s blog and link up!

BTW… I nearly just lost it because I thought I deleted everything I just wrote…I think I am a little too into this. Do they have blog addiction support groups?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon again this week at Life After I Dew (and I am soooo glad she is back from her blogcation because what would I have done without SWW?!)

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I drank a little too much wine last night and may or may not have woken up with a slight headache. I haven't seen L in like 2 1/2 weeks and we had a lot to catch up on...we didn't even watch TV...just talked for hours. I <3 her! *

* I credit my complete and utter mental breakdown on Monday the exact reason for my awesome mood...sometimes you just need to do a good verbal vomit to get everything out and feel a million times better. *

* I have no motivation to cook anything unless it is on the grill. And I only know how to make cheeseburgers and shishkabobs. Cooking inside is no fun. And Big A hangs out with me if I cook outside. *

* Big A and I have three huge piles of laundry that need to be folded. We both hate it equally. It will get done about .5 seconds before I leave for my parents' house on Sunday to do more laundry. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. *

* Wine night on Friday will get me through the rest of my week. I big giant heart my lady friends and it has been long overdue. *

That's all for now! Head over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aaaaannnd....we're back. A little less stressed.

Today is going a little bit better. Although, after yesterday it didn’t take much to beat it. I feel slightly better after having a complete mental breakdown last night. Apparently, all you need to do is burst into tears the second your fiancé walks through the door, and you feel a hundred times better.

Poor Big A.

We both do it. We bottle everything up (knowingly or not…we don’t always see how stuff is bothering us until it is too late) until it all comes boiling out. He will just randomly explode one day, and I do the typical girl thing and cry. I’m not proud of it. I actually hate that I am such an emotional beast. But…can’t control it. So whatevs.

Big A talked me off my ledge and made me feel about a million times better. Work is still a pain in my butt today, but that’s work. At least everything else is feeling a bit less suffocating. It totally made me just remember all over again why I am so in love with him and why marrying him is probably the best thing I ever said yes to.

I have a tendency to get myself all worked out. Not one of my best qualities, but it happens. I work myself up until my head is spinning and I don’t know which way is up. Very few people have the ability to stop this. Usually I have to just let it run its course, which could take days. Big A can stop it though. He’s always been able to. He’s my balloon holder. Heh.

I was able to finish my super top secret project last night. Well almost. I need to hit the store for a couple last things. Then I can hopefully post pictures. I spent the majority of last night after I finished attempting to get the super glue unstuck from my fingers. It was gross. I had like 10 layers on there. Nothing is sexier than soaking your crusty glue fingers in nail polish remover. Big A is a lucky man.

I’m glad I had my little project. I always find that I am able to work out some stress when I am doing something artistic. I am pretty sure that is why I started them and didn’t wait like I had planned. I needed something to do other than attempting to strangle something. Apparently crafts are a more acceptable outlet than murder. Go figure.

I would also like to thank the three Pink Punk Cosmos that I drank last night for contributing to attempt to get out of my craptastic mood. If you haven’t tried them (Fridays sells them and L introduced me to them). They are vodka (I used cotton candy vodka), pineapple juice, and cranberry juice – mix together – then pour over cotton candy in a glass to dissolve. Stir it a bit to get all the cotton candy dissolved. And then enjoy the deliciousness. Seriously. These things are amazeballs. No.Joke.

We are quickly (at a snail’s pace) approaching July 5th. As part of my meltdown last night, I told Big A that I needed to be able to bounce ideas off of him. That we could wait to actually visit venues until after the 5th, but I can’t act like we aren’t getting married. He agreed and said that he would have been fine with that all along. Talk about a communication breakdown. I showed him the invitations that I found and he totally loved them. He’s digging the colors too, although he said he would settle for silver instead of chrome. Yeah…I don’t think chrome is a popular wedding color. Nothing says classy like wedding decorations that you can see your reflection in. Heh. Oh this is so why boys are not in charge of plans. So, that’s another thing checked off our list.

ü Invitations

ü Cake Topper



Ask wedding party

Bridesmaid Dresses






Insert a million other to do’s here J

Yep. Making progress. Not super awesome progress, but it has only been a month. Sooo…yeah. I am hoping that by the end of July we have a location picked and a date set. I plan on asking my people soon (since we all know that I have a hard time waiting…I’m a liiiiiittle bit impatient) and Big A can ask his whenever he wants. Hopefully by the time the wedding rolls around. Heh.

And that’s all I have for today. I am going to attempt to be productive, but it is almost lunch time and I have errands to run. We will see how it works out. Thanks for listening to my bitching venting. Things are looking up (hopefully) so…I’m hoping to have happier things to share.


Monday, June 13, 2011

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Today is just one of those days.

I was stuck in a meeting all morning. When I finally escaped, every single thing that I attempted to do to pay catch up blew up in my face.


And I am in a bad mood. Because when everything blows up in your face, all you want to do is scream.

Or grab a cocktail and smoke a cigarette. (I know gross, don’t judge).

The weekend sucked. The weather was crappy and that crappy weather seemed to infiltrate everyone’s mood. So everyone was crappy. It sucked.

I went to see one of the venue possibilities for the wedding with J$ this weekend and I didn’t feel anything. I didn’t like the options for a ceremony and there was nothing else around. But it is what I was from a reception point of view. And there was a hotel 2 seconds down the road. But the locations is kind of sucky.

I told Big A this and told him I had pictures to show him on July 5th. He wondered why I went without him. Seriously?! You want nothing to do with it. And even when you say you will be involved you are still going to stomp your feet when I tell you we have to look at a place. Oh, well OK then. Ug. Sometimes I wonder why I bother. I’m usually wrong anyway.

Are you sensing the craptastic mood yet? Because it is full force. I’m dreaming of the giant mixed drink that I will be making the second that I walk in the door. It might not be pretty by the time Big A walks in the door. We all know how I get. Heh.

There are about 8,000 loads of laundry that need to be folded tonight. One of my least favorite tasks. And I already made plans to cook Chicken Marsala. Pain in the ass to make, but oh so delicious. I already promised it to my stomach and I know better than to go back on a food promise. That would just be silly.

I’m hoping it becomes one of those therapeutic things. Where I fully immerse myself into the process and it all comes out in the cooking. I will sit down at the end and enjoy my delicious meal while all the stress had floated away,


A girl can dream can’t she?

This is just one of those days I should have stayed in bed. What was that book about the “no good terrible bad day”…I’m googling as we speak. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. How fitting.

The theme of my day

This is what I look like sitting at my desk.

Yep. That is where we are. I would love to go into the specifics of it all, but I am pretty sure this gets a little too personal. Plus, as much as I love the verbal diarrhea, the internet might not be the best place for it. As well as I am pretty sure it will cause me to put my foot in my mouth and regret what I said.

Working on filters, right Cull? Filters and knowing when to shut the hell up. And this is one of those times.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabulous Fridays

I'm linking up again for Fabulous Fridays!

This Friday is extra special Fabulous because I have been whining, screaming, begging for it all week. My head just wasn't in the game this week. I should have been home drinking cocktails and now I can for two whole days!

Tonight we have dinner with some amazing friends! It is always a good time when we get together so I am SO excited! The last time we all got together was the day after Big A and I got engaged so it has been an entire month. Craziness. I'm thinking the Sangria may be needed for this evening!

I started a special surprise for my bridesmaids last night. I am incredibly excited about it and wish that I could share it with you, but I want it to be a surprise. And especially since we haven't formally asked anyone yet (not that we aren't sure, we are just waiting to enjoy going through this step by step). But, I promise I will upload pictures and such when everything is done and I have handed them out. Until then I will just continue to bug Big A, my mom, dad, the woman whose desk is next to mine at work, maybe even the mailman too, to tell me how awesome it is until I can reveal them to the world!

Tomorrow I am having coffee and some QT with Ma Dukes and my nanny! It has been forever since Mama and I have done our normal Saturday ritual of hanging and such, so it is nice to get back to normal. And it means that I get to spend some extra time with my grandmother. Win. Win. Although, this probably means that I need to clean my house so my grandmother doesn't think I am a lazy slob. She already gave me "a talking to" about not eating enough fruit last night. To which she solved the problem by sending me home with a giant plastic bag filled with grapes and apples. Which I think I will use in the aforementioned Sangria. Heh. Thanks Nanny!

L comes homes tomorrow! I know that she is probably so sad to be leaving Aruba and coming back (although I know she misses her son and dog like crazy) BUT I am super excited to have my friend back. We haven't had a normal Tuesday in forever! Although I think that we are going to a movie, so it wouldn't be a normal Tuesday anyway. Regardless, I haven't seen her since her wedding, so I am going through a bit of L withdrawal!

And that's all for today. I could go on forever, since we all know how much I love my Fridays, but I think I actually need to be slightly productive today. Go figure.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Too Cool for School & Waiting for the Bus

So we all remember being little kids and having our parents wait with us at the bus stop. In the world of Stranger Danger and all that scary stuff, our parents felt the need to keep an eye on their investments that they had spent the past however many years bathing, feeding, clothing, etc. etc.

And then we all remember the day when we realized that we were far too grown up and mature to have out parents wait with us and then having that awkward...Can I just wait by myself? conversation.

Well, this Dad took it to a whole new level. On the first day of school, he ran by his son's bus waving like a lunatic (I think it said he was a 10th grader...poor kid) and that night the son asked that he not do it again. Which inevitably came across as a challenge to the day, who spent the next 170 days dressing up in a costume each morning to wave his son off to school. Here are a few of my favorites:

Such an attractive mermaid...
Bat Girl... wow

A chicken...notice the eggs on the ground. WTF?!

And the final day... a pirate

You can read all about it on their blog Wave at the Bus. I haven't looked through it yet, but I am dying to see the rest of the costumes. Except for the fact that he was this killer clown with a peg leg one day...not cool...there is nothing funny about clowns.

When I heard this on the news last night, it made me think of my own "I'm too cool to wait for the bus with my mom" moment.

Our neighbors had a girl who was like 3-4 years younger than me and in Elementary school we both went together. So every morning my mom, my neighbor, and her mom, and I would wait for the bus.

And then came Middle School. I was on my own. And I remember walking out to wait for the bus. And then my mom coming out to sit with me. It broke my heart, but the words came out nonetheless..."Mom...can I wait for the bus by myself?"

I remember the look on her face. Which couldn't have been anything other than, "Even though you just shattered my heart into a million pieces, I am going to say OK because I know I need to let you be independent even though I wish you were my little baby forever". And then she said OK. And went inside.

That was it. She never came out to wait with me again. And it sucked.

I wish I could go back sometimes, and tell my fifth grade self to not be such a chump and to enjoy this time with our mom. That some day she wouldn't be living at home anymore and couldn't just call out "Mom?!" when she needed something. And that would suck.

But I can't. I know that some day my kids will do the same to me. And I will call my mom crying because my little babies don't need me anymore. Then we will talk about when I was too cool for school and how it is all just a part of life.

Or maybe I could just dress up in embarrassing costumes and torture my children...because that sounds like a million times more fun than being sad. Maybe I should start my collection now so I am all prepared for when future kiddos hit high school and really don't need me anymore.

Heh. Torturing and embarrassing my kids is going to be so much fun. It could start a little family tradition. They can embarrass their kids and so on and so forth. Heh. This is going to be fun.

Seriously?! Thursday

I'm linking up with Becky on From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday again this week!

Seriously…Big A and I went out to dinner last night to celebrate our anniversary/engagement (finally) and I was teasing him because he was “soooooo full” and told him that he shouldn’t have eaten so much… and then I ate too much and had to listen to his squawking all the way home…karma is a biatch!

Seriously…as I was already running late this morning this wonderful woman decided to pull out right in front of me, trashing me like I had never been born, and then proceeded to drive 12 mph the rest of the way. Seriously, if you are in that much of a rush that you risk crashing into me to pull out of a street then I think you could go a bit faster. Obnoxious.

Seriously…I think Big A is catching onto my impatience about this whole "waiting until July 5th" thing and is slowly caving. Last night I was talking to him about some random wedding thing, and he said "Great! We can go look at it after the 5th" and as I rolled my eyes for the thousandth time...he said "or sooner". Hee hee hee. He's caaaaaviiiiing!

Seriously…I've heated up my coffee three times this morning. And each time I put it back on my desk to cool down a bit and then forget about it. Thus making it cold when I go to drink it. Making me need to heat it up again. Arg!

Seriously…I just smacked myself in the teeth with my coffee mug drinking my luke warm coffee. Waaaah!

Seriously…Lil One is flying back to AZ today, but then she will be back foooorrreeeeevvvvver! I am beyond excited. This will make life a thousand times easier. And probably lower my monthly text count.

Seriously…I was watching "Secret Life of an American Teenager" (don't judge) and was waiting for the insanity that they promised to happen and was shocked by what happened. I then proceeded to cry hysterically until Big A finally came over and attempted to console me. What the hell ABC family? And sidenote: what the hell is wrong with me that I was not only in hysterics, but deeply depressed by this show? ACK!

Seriously...I'm pretty much checked out. Donzo. Gone. Adios. This weather makes me feel like every day is Friday and that I should be sitting outside with some sort of delicious cocktail. So this whole going to work, doing work, remembering to pay my bills, cleaning, cooking, etc. isn't really working for me.

Seriously...I have some excited kind-of/sorta news...but not really news that I am DYING to share, but afraid that I am going to jinx it and then there really won't be any news. So it is taking me everything in my power to keep my big fat mouth shut, which we all know is hard for me!

Now head on over to Becky's blog and check out Seriously?! Thursday...and the baby pics she has been updating every day this week that totally may or may not be giving me a slight amount of baby fever. But then again I am supposed to fit my big behind into a wedding dress in a little over a I guess I can wait!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday again this week!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* it has been almost a month later and Big A and I are just going out for our anniversary/engagement dinner tonight. We have been crazy busy and didn’t want to have to rush through it. *

* everyone commented on how cute my hair is today since I have a little braid in the front, but it really is only because the girl who did my hair for L’s wedding trimmed them weird and now I can’t stand them…shouldn’t let anyone touch my hair, but Marizzle. I know better. This one is my fault. *

* I am wondering if Mr. Fresh would share his kiddie pool since it is supposed to be balls hot the next few days. *

* I am supposed to be banned from wedding planning until July 5th and I am doing it anyway. Big A listened for awhile, but now when I tell him stuff he says “That’s nice, I can’t wait to hear all about it on July 5th. *

* I feel like I should still be in school because I have totally checked out like I am on summer vacations. News flash: apparently you can’t take two months off of work in the summer…who would have thought?! *

* I didn’t eat dinner last night, so when Big A and I got hungry we cooked two boxes of pizza rolls and shoved them in our faces as fast as we could…and now I am wondering if they are still on sale so I can buy more…I needed to eat they cook in 10 minutes. Done and done. *

* I’m a little ADD today which has resulted in me wandering all over the office doing various things…I’ve been super (kind of) productive! *

* my boss questioned why I looked nice today, like something was up. At 7:30 AM after wrangling a Border Collie and getting him outside, I can NOT be bothered to care about how I dress. I follow dress code. That is the most that you are going to get out of me. *

Welp… that is all for this week. Head on over to Shannon’s blog and link up!