Monday, June 20, 2011


Due to my big fat blogging fail earlier today, I felt the need to come back and show you all the goodies!

I told you about the wine glasses that I painted. I really enjoyed this and think that just maybe this might become a new hobby. It was something different, so it is going to take me awhile to get everything perfect, but I kind of liked the whole hand made-ness of it...flaws and all.

So here they are for all of my ladies...

These represent some pretty awesome ladies!
So you can see them all...
The cards that I made everyone. I found the poem on another wedding blog before we got engaged and saved it for when the day finally came heh.
So you can see the last page. Matron of Honor and then the bridesmaid ones were similar. The pages were on top of each other and tied in the top left corner with a black ribbon. Didn't take a pic all put together. I stink at this!
Now to introduce my ladies:
This is the infamous L that I always talk about. We always laugh about how it was love at first sight when we met each other, but it was. We met through Pickles (another bridesmaid) and hit it off immediately. We talk constantly and have spent at least one night a week having girl talk and wine for the past five years. She is a true blue friend. The one that you can call at any time and she will be there in a minute. And she has been. She had a whole lot on her plate with just getting married, spending time with her hubby, and she has the most adorable little boy, but she always makes time for me when I need it. She's going to be a kick ass Matron of Honor. She just went through this all with her own wedding so she definitely knows what she is she will be able to keep my crazy ass in line.
This is J$. I talk about her all the time too. Her and I met because Big A and her hubby have been friends forever. I think Middle School. So when I started dating Big A there weren't that many other girls around. Some came and went, but J$ and I are the originals (for the most part - and I count original of when I came around heh). I was a bridesmaid in her wedding when she got married two years ago and it definitely made us 8,435,854,948 times closer. We talk all the time that we met each other because of our men, but became friends because we have so much fun together. She's good for a fun night (where she may or may not encourage me to drink more than I plan) or a heart to heart (which usually happens in the middle of a restaurant). I'm so glad I have met her and I am soooo glad that she said yes to being in the wedding!
This is Nat. She is my beautiful Future Sister in Law, so it was only natural that she is in the wedding. She is family. And stuck with me forever. Heh. I always used to beg my parents to have another baby when I was little because I wanted a Baby Brother. I never wanted a sister. BUT, I have realized the error of my ways and could not be happier to be gaining a sister. I'm so happy that we are so close and genuinely love each other (which isn't always a given).
This is Mrs. C (all the way to the right). I didn't have a picture of just the two of us so I had to include this rather comical one of her, J$ and I. Mrs. C is another friend that I met through Big A. He has been friends with her hubby forever as well. She is another one that I truly love because I genuinely enjoy her company. Which comes in handy since all of our friends hang out a lot. We definitely sealed the deal of friendship when we started our monthly wine night that has grown over the past 6-7 months. She has been amazingly helpful since we first got engaged; helping my buy bridal magazines, finding me color names that matched what I was looking for, and even the type of dress that I am now in love with for their dresses. I'm so happy that I met her and soooo happy that she will be a part of our special day.
This is Jack-ums. Ooooh.... Jack-ums. Where do I begin? We met because we worked at the same day care. And then fell madly in love. Heh. Jack-ums and I have a type of friendship that is hard to describe. We always have a blast together and the most simple things turn into adventure. Case in point... this picture was taken when we spent New Year's Eve in Canada. Jack-ums and I were sitting in my old apartment talking about how bored we were and then decided to book a trip to Canada. So we did. And it was a freaking blast! She is an amazing friend, and I further sealed the deal for her being stuck with me forever because she is now married to one of Big A's good friends. Heh. I'm sneaky like that.
Last, but certainly not least. This is Pickles. We met when we begin to bond over a mutual friend who was driving us batty at the time. 6 years later, neither one of us talk to the other friend, but we are still going strong. We have been through a lot together, good and bad, but always made it out the other side. She's a great friend and I am lucky to have her. And even luckier that she accepted my invitation to be in the wedding, fully knowing what I am capable of. Now if that isn't a friend, then I don't know what is.
And that's all of them. Six absolutely amazing girls. These next whatever-so many months are going to be a freaking blast! These girls are a genuine good time and I am so looking forward to going through this next part of life with them by my side. I couldn't think of more amazing people to have standing next to me when I marry my best friend.
That's all for now. I won't continue to bore you with all of my sentiments about my awesome friends. Like I said before... I have the most kick ass bridal party in the entire world. End.of.story.

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