Thursday, July 28, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

Oh Seriously?! Thursday! Oh I love the excuse to bitch and moan...and talk about myself.
Wait...I do that every day.
Anyway... time to link up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday (like that wasn't already clear)
  1. Seriously... every morning before work Big A makes the bed. And every night when I come home from work...this is what I find...
At first I just thought that Big A was full of shit and never made the bed. BUT...then we realized the true reason.
Yep. Mr. Fresh is the culprit. And yes I made him take this picture. Originally he was lying on the bed and then when I got out the camera he bailed. So, I made him get back up and pose in his mess.

2. Seriously... this week has been pretty sucky. I don't understand why fate decided to take a gigantic crap on me this week, but alas here we are.
3. Seriously... my entire week was worth it when I received this baby in the mail today!

They didn't have the right shade of red, so I went with pink. It's not like people are going to be comparing the decorations at the wedding to my organizer. And if they are...then there are more problems going on than my organizer not matching.
3. kick as is my MOH that she got that for me? She knows how much of a pain in the ass I am and how picky I can be so she told me to pick whatever I wanted and she would get it. And when we were having problems with the print transferring over to the bigger size (which she rightly told me that I had to have) she worked with me until we got it right and then here it was. I am in love with my organizer (and my MOH we are soul mates).
And if you are looking for something this awesome, head on over to Monogram Gallery. I'm definitely going to be ordering more stuff from there for the wedding. They were awesome when we were having trouble and sent us a special link so that we could customize the larger binder.
4. Seriously... we have like 15 months until the wedding and I feel like there is so much to do and there is NOTHING that I can do right now. So I feel like a lazy slob.
5. Seriously...Jackums is giving me a free month trial to her gym and I just might take her up on it. I'm not guaranteeing that I will sign up after the month, but maybe I will get so into it that I will just HAVE TO sign up. I have to fit my fat behind into wedding dresses in a couple of months, so better now than never right?
6. Seriously... I was heartbroken when Becky didn't do Seriously?! Thursday this morning, but am now SO happy that she did. I promise not to freak out next week and I will wait patiently...kinda.
Alright you have all had enough of my mumblings for the day. Time to clean up and bit and enjoy the quiet in the house before Big A gets home from his car show.

Whining, Complaining, & a Little Christmas in July

You ever have one of those days, where you just feel like it isn't your day? Things kinda suck. People kinda suck. And you wish that you were able to see the future because you wouldn't have gotten out of bed. Sending an e-mail to your boss that you think you caught the stomach bug "that has been going around" (sidenote: Have you ever noticed that when you are sick it is always from something that has been "going around"? No shit Sherlock. I didn't make myself sick, it was probably that Creepazoid sitting next to me who wouldn't stop sneezing all over me. There are billions of people. There is always something going around. So for the sake of my sanity, the next time I say I am sick, skip the Captain Obvious speech and just say "that sucks" and leave it at that. End sidenote)

Well... that has been my week. Hello, my week blows. How are you?

I feel bad because by the time I get home and actually get to relax, it is bedtime and the few minutes that I get to spend with Big A. But I'm exhausted. And I don't like people when I am tired. I love Big A, but when I am tired I don't want anyone anywhere near my personal bubble that not only encompasses me entire body, but a 3 ft diameter around it. Back.the.F.up. Thank! :)

So needless to say, I have not been the World's Best Fiance this week (although I did bring him the steak I didn't eat from my work dinner last night from a Fancy Dance restaurant that we went to. Yay me!).

So today... I was so stuck in my Debbie Downer roll that I have grown into that I forgot about my special little Office Depot package that was coming. They normall deliver the next day, but every time I order myself something fun, I feel like it takes a few days. Like they keep all the boring crap on hand, but when it comes to the cool shit it is in the other warehouse. Bummer.

So this little ditty was delivered today.

Because it isn't enough that I am 20 years younger than everyone here. But, I have to have all of this pink office supplies shit all over my desk. It just screams "I am a responsible adult. Would you like a pink post-it from my pink puffy heart post-it dispenser? Yay!"

I think I should bring it home and glue some rhinestones on it. Make sure that everyone knows it really is mine. Because that is the real reason that I purchase this crap. Yes, I like pretty things, and have a slight obsession with office supplies, but do you remember this post? I basically buy all of this stuff so I have proof if someone steals it.

I hate people touching my stuff, so I like to make it known that there is no way in hell you can get away with taking my crap. I will not turn into Milton from Office Space. Never heard of him? Take a minute to Google "Milton" "Have you seen my stapler" and I'm sure a YouTube video will pop up. I refuse to be that guy.

And on other exciting news... my wedding organizer is on my front porch. I am so excited. I have printed out all of the pages and now I just need to put them together and get some cool ass dividers. I was thinking of putting something in it where I could stick pictures of ideas I find. Like maybe those sticky pages you use to put pictures in photo albums. Any ideas? I'm not really sure how to figure this one out. Yeah. I will hopefully post pictures tomorrow of all of the excitement that is my wedding planner. Not a huge deal to all of you I am sure, but then again I would probably be a little creeped out if you were into my wedding as much as I am. Ya know.

Alright, I am outta here. Catch ya'll later. (That was my first ya'll! I read all of these blogs from these ladies down South and I am jealous of their Southern Twangs... did it sound natural? Could I be a Southern Belle?)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I didn't lose any weight this week because I drank most of my calories this weekend, so I went over what was supposed to! I also didn't gain any weight either... so I consider it a break even *

* I decided to get an omelet instead of eating the cereal I brought. People are bugging me this morning and I deserve an omelet. It's only egg whites and a tiny piece of cheese, so whatevs. *

* I'm trying to figure out how I can swing another vacation, even though we have gone away twice this month. I need more sun. I need more beach. And waiting until L and I go away on the 20th of August is too.far.away. *

* I've been spending the last two says obsessively searching for signs that Football season is starting soon. Supposedly, the first preseason game is August 11th, which means I only have 15 more days until my lovely Patriots are back in front of my face. They JUST ended the lock out, so I am a little confused as to what is going on. And for the record... I have found nothing confirming or denying... soooo... I don't know whether to get my hopes up or not... sad. *

* I'm not as excited about going out to a fancy dinner with work people as I should be. I love the people I work with. And I am super sad that one of my coworkers is leaving (which is why we are having dinner), but I am still exhausted and I just want my bed. Wah. *

* I've been obsessively cleaning my rings so that they always look bright and shiny. Big A put a lot of thought and effort into getting me these bad boys, and it makes him smile when he sees me keeping them nice and sparkly! Plus, you should see these babies shine when they are all nice and clean! And...I may or may not be looking into seeing if I can buy an actual cleaner and not just a jar full of green liquid...*

* I've been meaning to call my venue for a couple weeks now to set up another time for me to bring my mom, Big A's mom & sister, L and anyone else who wants to go to see it. But haven't even tried. The woman doesn't get there until 4 and I forget every day. Plus, it is OVER a year away... I don't think we are in any rush here! *

That's all for today. Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Adventures in the Airport

Raise your hand if you want to read another post from me today?


Too bad. Deal with it! :)

So, yesterday was quite the trying day. We got home from Martha's Vineyard Sunday night around 10ish. I had to unpack everything and then repack. And I was exhausted. But I had to concentrate to make sure that I remembered everything for Ohio.

By the time that I got into bed it was 11:30. And the travel anxiety kicked in. And I was already homesick. And I was already counting the hours until I had to be up (3 1/2) and sleep just wasn't happening.

I saw 12:00. 12:45. 1:15. 2:15. And the next thing you know, my alarm is going off at 2:45 AM.

Kill me.

So, I drag myself out of bed. Get ready. Make coffee (that I had set up the night before and had to write a note to remind myself to just push start and not re-do the whole process) and said goodbye to my men (Future Hubby and the Furry One).

This was the first time I was driving myself to the airport, and what better time than when it is pitch black, I'm half asleep, and it is 4 in the morning. Awesome.

I eventually get to the airport. Go through the whole thing...get my ticket, go through security, regroup myself from all of the shit I had to take out of my bag to go through security, find coffee, figure that I do not have enough time to wait in line get coffee and actually drink it before I get on the plane, find my gate, and sit down.

By the time I sit down, I decided to check my phone. There was an e-mail from my boss saying that his flight was delayed, he heard that there were bad storms in DC and Ohio (our layover was in DC) and that there was a slight possibility that he wouldn't make it at all.

Now at this time, they had started boarding the plane. I wrote him an e-mail about what I should do since we had the same layover flight in DC, but my plane wasn't delayed to there. After a couple minutes on the phone, and them actually loading half of the plane up with people, he tells me to just stay home. That even if we got there, the weather would be horrible and that he knows I hate flying, and didn't want to put me through that.

Have I mentioned I love my bosses?

So, he told me to go home. That I get points for getting my ass to the airport at 5 AM and to have a nice day. I told him thanks, but I had expected on working today and that I had a project that I needed to work on for my other boss anyway so I would go into work as usual. He said fine, but don't stay past lunch and then go home and get some rest.

Once again... kick ass bosses.

So I get to work at the ripe hour of 6:30 AM. I have been "up" for 3 hours. Driven to the airport and back. And now I was at work an hour and a half earlier than I would ever be there. Ug. (As well as I only had my little travel purse with me so I didn't have my wallet with my a: money for coffee and b: key card to get in my building...luckily I found someone outside the building to let me in yay!)

Luckily, my other boss was here so we got some work done on the project and I got caught up on some stuff that I was asked to do over the weekend and I left after lunch time. I still put in a good 7 hours, so it wasn't like I slacked off and took half the day.

I wanted to sleep sooooo bad when I got home, but then I realized that it was too late in the day and I was going to screw myself for sleeping at all that night. So I "patiently" waited for Big A to come home. Talked him into buying me dinner under the excuse that I would probably fall asleep with my face on the stove, so he didn't want me cooking. And listened when he told me that he was going to pick up the food and why don't I get into my PJs "just in case".

I ate my dinner. I went into the bedroom to watch some TV. I talked to Big A for a little bit. And then it was 8 AM in the morning.

Couple of things wrong with that:
1) I have no idea when I went to sleep. How it happened. Or whether I did anything silly in my half-asleep about to pass the F out state of mind.
2) Apparently Big A put the dishes away, took the dog out, went on the computer, watched the news, and said good night to me and I was unaware of all of it.
and most importantly...
3) I'm supposed to be AT work at 8:00 AM. Not WAKE UP at 8:00 AM. Go me!

Luckily, like I said my bosses are the bee's knees so no one really cared and most of my coworkers weren't surprised of my comatose state after seeing me yesterday and remarking repeatedly... " look EXHAUSTED!"

Yeah... I looked that good.

So that was my airport adventure this month. I have to reschedule the meeting we were supposed to have in Ohio and I really don't want to. But, the fact of the matter is that no one cares about what I do or do not want to do, so I need to just do what I am asked and suck it up.

Isn't being a grown up great?

Wedding Goodies

When I first started looking for a wedding organizer, I noticed one thing... they were all ugly as hell. Yeah, they are the cute pastel colors...with the flowers...or the brides plastered all over it...which is fine. For some people. However, I've never been a pastel flowers kind of girl.

I'm a skull and crossbones kind of girl. I prefer the color black to any colors that remind me of the Easter Bunny. They just weren't me.

And if it was something that I was going to be carrying around with me for the next year then I wanted to make sure it was something I didn't mind being permanently attached underneath my arm. Soo... I found that my only option was to have something made for me.

Which is a great option... if you aren't cheap like me. But alas...I am. So I turned to Etsy. All of you wonderful people talk it up so much, I thought it was worth a try. So I found someone who was able to customize me the pages that go into the book. The guest lists. The venue information. Vendor contacts. Etc. And the great thing about it is that I can print oout however many pages of each section that I want. That was something that I hated about all of the ones in the store is that she didn't match up with what I needed.

They had a spot for the Matron of Honor and 5 bridesmaids in the wedding party section. Mint right? Then in the section where you write down their size information, there was only 5 spots. Someone in editing wasn't paying attention to detail. Maybe my OCD is going a little crazy, but whatevs. I want what I want. So I bought the file off the woman and then L yelled at me saying it was her job to do that. Whoops. I was just trying not to be a pain in the ass.

I didn't find anything on Etsy that fit me and my price range, but I did find something amazing on They have some pretty great stuff. I was impressed. And when we had problems with the design in the personalization section...I just emailed the woman who owns the shop and she fixed it within a day. Now that's service. So...since it takes time to actually personalize something I am still waiting for it. BUT... I will post pictures when I get it. And be prepared to be shocked...there's some pink on it. Not pastel... but pink nonetheless.

However... I didn't leave Etsy empty-handed. I wanted to have a personalized engagement Christmas ornament made for us. I thought that maybe someone might buy us one along the way, but we probably wouldn't get it until Christmas and then wouldn't really get a chance to be on our tree. And we only get one Christmas engaged. I had to make it count. So I found an awesome shop with a wonderfully understanding woman who was very patient with me when I asked where this purchase was and she kindly reminded me that it was clay and handmade so it takes time to make it perfect. Duh. I'm so used to the whole machine made overnight existence that I forgot handmade shit takes time. Whoops.

Soo... here it is. I got it in the mail today and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Sorry for the crappy flash but it was the best I could do.
If you want to check out her store it is here.
Sunshine Ceramics. She's amazing.
Then in even more exciting wedding goodies. Big A and I got a package from my cousin and her husband. They gave us a card congratulating us again and then the book below. She said it helped her out a lot when she was planning her wedding. LOVE them!

Honestly, how much more awesome could today get? Well probably yesterday by the time you read this. And I still have to explain to you how hellish the beginning of today was. I've been up for about 16 1/2 hours and it is only 7:30. Awesome. Ug. But... I got excited about wedding stuff. Now I have to go stalk when my planner is coming. Yay!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend me, Big A, Mr. & Mrs. C, and Mr. Fresh had a grand old time at Martha's Vineyard. I swear that there is just no better place than there. Seriously. Perfection.
To be honest... I think that I could go to the island all by myself and have a phenomenal time... other people there just make it that much more awesome.
Here are some pics to show you how great it is!
Sunset in Menemsha. Wish I could have got a picture without all those people in them. But unfortunately I had a Border Collie who had decided to be anti-social for the evening soo... we kept our space from people.

Big A and I by the water in Vineyard Haven.

All of us in the backyard before we had to catch the boat. Of course Mr. Fresh couldn't be bothered to cooperate.

I have loads more pictures and a funny video of this random rabbit that was just digging in the dirt and then rolling himself around in it. We watched him for about 10 minutes before I took the video. When I get some energy I will video how the hell to get it on here.

Unfortunately, I have been up since 3:15 AM...not that I slept much anyway. I am exhausted and have to re-type every word 8,542 times to spell it right. Ug. I will explain all of my woes later because we all know I love to complain.

ALSO... I'm going to be asking for some of you lovely people's help! I entered Big A and I in a contest with StoryMix wedding video, to win one of their video packages for our wedding. When they start it, it will be open for a certain amount of time and then the person with the most comments wins. I am DYING to win this so please please please throw us a bone and comment! I promise that I will owe you big time and if you ever get into the same situation I will comment so much that they block me from the website. Sound even? Awesome. Thanks!

For now, I am going to go lazily watch TV and hope that I don't fall asleep and completely screw up my sleeping habits. Adios.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Island Time

Today has been a bit stressful. I got a little late start to my day because I was still writing things down on my to do list long after I should have left for work. Go me!

We leave for Martha's Vineyard tonight with Mr. & Mrs. C. I get insane travel anxiety about heading to the ferry, so as you can imagine my chest is straight out burning right now. Awesome.

Luckily, my bosses know I'm a freakshow (I have mentioned this before) and said I could go home early. Earlier in fact, than I had originally asked. Awesome.

But... I decided it might be a great idea to finish my work before I leave. But I am still waiting on some stuff people should have sent me four hours ago. Sooo... I don't know how long I will be waiting. I said 2:00 PM, but I'm still here soo...

Big A is getting out of work a little earlier than we had originally planned. And I am getting out early and doing the errands that Big A was supposed to do. Since the thought of him attempting to do them, come home, pack and get on the road in half an hour is enough to want to make my hyperventilate.

I don't do travel well. This is not news.
I'm a little high strung. This is also not news.

Plus... I'm trying to get everything ready for Ohio since I won't be coming back to the office before I go. 6 AM... that will be me... Monday morning. Ug. So essentially I am double packing. It really isn't a lot of fun.

Especially since most of the stuff I want to take with me to Ohio, I am taking to Martha's Vineyard. Sooo... I'm hoping I don't spill an entire pot of spaghetti sauce all over all of my clothes or I am screwed. There's a washer and dryer there though... so I guess that example is pointless. Yeah...

I really hate the fact that I get like this. I do it even if we aren't on a timeline. Add a boat or a plane to the mix and it is times a million. They don't wait for you. They don't care that you aren't on time. They are leaving with or without you. You miss your plane? Tough shit. You miss your boat? Tough shit. Good luck finding new transportation.

Maybe it has something to do with my control freakness. I mean these are things that are out of my control, so it wouldn't be a shock if that is why they freak me the F out.

I'm sounding a little manic right now. When I get like this I start to feel bad for Big A. That he is stuck with all this crazy for life. But then I think that he knew what he was getting himself into. And I deal with his crazy. Sooo... I guess it is pretty even right? Right.

It has officially been over an hour since I had emailed those people who are late with their info. I really need to accept the fact that it isn't happening today and I will have to do it when I can. Hmm... maybe I can work on it in the three seconds I will have Monday night. Just to get it out before Ohio, since it would probably be helpful at our meeting.

OK. That is what I am going to do. I am going to go home. Get my ish ready. Get the dog ready. Pack the car. Wait for Mr. and Mrs. C. Maybe enjoy a glass of wine. Because as of right now... I am on Island Time. And that's all that matters.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, while I am having an amazing time on the beach. Hanging with some great people and the cutest Border Collie you will ever see. Ever. Adios.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday

Here are all of the things that made me go.... "Seriously?!" this week.

1. I didn't really think this whole weight loss thing through... because what do I do when my clothes don't fit anymore? We all know that I am too poor cheap to buy a whole new besides the skinny clothes that I have saved "just in case" you might be seeing me wear a lot of belts, duck tape, and whatever else I need to not get arrested for indecent exposure.

2. The tool bag that cut me off on my way home from work yesterday... the one that went .5 mph after he trashed me... the one too busy talking on his cell phone in his shit box car that looks like it was used as a bumper car... merged onto the highway yesterday without looking. To his surprise (but not mine because I actually look to see what cars are coming) there were two tractor trailer trucks coming and they almost hit him. But don't worry... he continued driving like a moron after his brush with death... so all is right in the world.

3. Sometimes I wish I had the right to take away someone's driver's license for being a bone head. Where's the 5-0 when you need them? They are always around to tell Big A he is going .5 mph over the speed limit, but not when Mr. DB runs the red light and almost plows into the side of my car... I think I need a hover car so I don't have to deal with these idiots.

4. I have been fighting Big A on getting an air conditioner since we moved in. I lived without them almost all of my life, so I wasn't willing to shell out the cash. But, I finally gave in and we got one. It has been mighty chilly in our house, so they seem pointless to me because it is one extreme to the other. BUT... when I woke up this morning and it was already 80 degrees at 7:15...yeah I'm gonna love that baby when I get home.

5. We leave for Martha's Vineyard tomorrow and I am an anxious wreck as usual. I don't understand why I don't just take a half day before all of these trips away, because we all know I am going to work as long as I can tomorrow before my head explodes and then ask to go home early to settle my OCD. Luckily my bosses understand my crazy and usually don't have a problem with it.

6. I have a 6 AM flight to Ohio on Monday. That means that I have to wake up at 3 AM to leave the house by 4 AM to get to the airport by 5 AM. What the hell is this? Plus, I have never driven myself to the airport before... so what better time to do it than at 4 AM when I have trouble functioning until about 9. I asked my boss what the corporate policy was for how much coffee I was allowed to purchase on my company credit card. I think he thought it was a joke so I only got a "haha" back....but....I wasn't.

7. I think L and I are going to see that movie "Friends with Benefits" next Tuesday. How amazing does that movie look? We have seen the previews but we watched the official trailer the other night and almost peed our pants. I am seriously excited.

8. This week has been the week from hell. Work = crazy. I think the heat has been getting to Big A (understandably) so I think he is a little off this week too. I'm all out of sorts. I just want to be sitting in my cottage on MV. Because I'm not dealing well with all of this... so before I rip someone's head of... I should just go on vacation. Deal? Deal!

Well that's all of the bitching Seriously?!'s that I have fir today. Head on over and link up with Becky. Or just pee your pants laugh at her hilarious posts!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I can't believe I almost forgot about So What! Wednesday!!!

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew... head on over and check her out... she's pretty awesome!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I forgot to leave something out to defrost for dinner...after begging Big A to try Turkey Burgers instead of real was well aware of my absent-mindedness when he proposed *

* The agenda that I handed out for today's meeting had last month's date on it...and I changed the name of a topic, but not the presenter...and he happened to be sitting next to me in the meeting...and then I just decided to call him by the wrong name because it sounded better than admitting I was wrong... raise your hand if you are super professional like me! Eh... you can't win them all *

* I ran like it was my job to the cafeteria to be there first for lunch and then wanted to throw a mini temper tantrum when people cut me and I had to wait in line... it had been forever since I had had my bomb ass chicken sandwich (Which I switched out white wrap for wheat and cut down on the cheese and bacon in true Operation PMMNFLDCWTOWD fashion) and it was free because of my meeting...I was super excited*

* Every time I reference Operation PMMNFLDCWTOWD I have to look up all of the letters and I have already forgotten what it stands for exactly... (which stands for "Project Make Me Not Feel Like a Disgusting Cow When Trying on Wedding Dresses... which shows I really forgot since it is Operation Project? Go me...) and I was going to change it until I just wrote about it and decided I can remember it now... and no one probably cares *

* Shannon's SWW post makes me want a glass of wine... but L and I drank the whole bottle last night... bummer...*

* In talking with L last night about the wedding, I decided that I am not a huge fan of etiquette and "how things are supposed to be". I figure I'm a good enough person, most of what is "etiquette" are my actual opinions... and the rest is for the birds. To which she replied that it wouldn't be MY wedding if we didn't throw etiquette out the window... which I took to mean I have full permission to do what I want... yay! *

* most days I do love my job and feel lucky that I actually HAVE one... but this week is totally testing me and I am having trouble staying sane. It is OK not to be perfect aaaallll the time... right? ACK! *

Yeah I'm going to go ahead and end there because this could go on forever, but as you can probably tell I'm swamped at work. No bueno. Ug!

What are YOU saying So What! to??

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Recap and an Ode to my Hatred of Acid Reflux

This weekend was a pretty good one. I can't complain.

Friday we kept it pretty low key. But, Saturday we headed out to a friend's house for a Summer BBQ. The weather was perfect and everyone was awesome. Seriously couldn't have asked for better.

Well... maybe... my acid reflux has been pretty killer lately. I don't know if it is just being a pain in my ass or if I am doing something to piss it off, but seriously this junk has to stop. Let's just say that I had to leave the party on Saturday because my acid reflux was causing me to revisit my dinner. Awesome.

It reared its ugly head on Thursday when I was hanging out with the Little One. Luckily, I had my entire arsenal with me since I was at home, so I chugged some milk like it was my job and popped more pills that I think were medically recommended. Whatevs, it stopped.

Last weekend... I wasn't so lucky. Maybe this is my body's way of telling me that I need to chill the F out. (Hmm... couldn't it find a nicer way to say so).

Soo... I have scaled back on my drinking, my caffeine intake, I'm drinking more water, I've cut out red meat due to some other health issues with it, and so far... not too bad. Not sure how the pink lemonade I'm drinking with it is doing, since I'm feeling it a bit... but seriously... I can't cut everything out.

On a different note... Operation PMMNFLDCWTOWD is going pretty well. I have been monitoring my calorie intake and the only day I significantly went over was Saturday. And since acid reflux took care of most of that... I think we can say this week has been pretty successful. So yay. Weigh in tomorrow... not that I will share too much about that anyway... but I am feeling slightly positive. Now if the weather could stop being such a damn beast I could exercise. I keep wanting to take Mr. Fresh for a walk, but even if I think I could make it, it is just too hot for him. Poor little guy. He's been digging hanging out in front of the fans while we aren't home, so he hasn't really been itching to get outside.

Can't say I blame him.

Well, that's all the nothing I have for you today. I am attempting to find some good pics to share of Saturday, but most of them were taken by other people and they aren't very flattering. I don't encourage my friends to post unflattering pics of me, so I won't do it to them. I will be back with a post of the few I can share. Oy. I need to get better at taken usable pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Only 5 more days until the next one (well four and a half now)... and next weekend my behind will be on Martha's Vineyard. I may be a little excited. However, I have to be on a 6 AM flight next Monday morning, so my mini vaca will come to a crashing halt early Sunday night... bummer!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lame Friday Post... but there are pics.. cool?

It has been a super long day. And a super long week. And the fact that I just sat in bumper to bumper traffic driving home... I'm going to take the easy way out and post about our trip to New Hampshire. Told mostly through pics. Hope you all have a great weekend. I will be partying it up at Mrs. C's Summer BBQ tomorrow... and then recovering on Sunday.
Perfect weekend? I think so.
Big A and I on the Kangamangus Highway. Beautiful.
Big A enjoying the fire he built!
Oh hey! Big A chilling on a rock in the river.
Look at those mugs. In.Love.
Seriously... check out this scenery. Perfection.
We had an amazing time and we so sad to leave. It was a much needed escape from home, but went by way too quick. Now we are counting down the days to our Martha's Vineyard trip!

Ay Carumba

Let's talk about guest lists. And how much of a pain in the ass they are.

I put together a preliminary guest list to get a general idea of how many people we will have at the wedding. I knew it was a rough draft. I knew I was forgetting people. But it was preliminary. And too many people. Ug!

I took advantage of the fact that I had actually printed out the list to go over it with Big A. Thinking he would just nod his head, uh-huh uh-huh, and correct a couple questions I had about his family, and that would be the end of it. Ta da. This is going to be easy, I thought.

Heh. Famous last words.

Not only did he point out a bunch of people that were quite obvious that I forgot (ug), but all of a sudden out came all of these people from the wood works.

What about this person? What about this person? What about this person?

Apparently, when I had decided that something small would be lovely (even after the sizes of our families made that impossible), Big A looks at this as a time where he wants everyone to come together and celebrate. And until now, I thought that I was the out-going, friendly one. Ha!

I'm not saying that I don't want all of our friends and family to be there. I do. I really, really do. It's just that my past ideal of this small, intimate ceremony has now turned into easily being closer to 200 than 100. Blarg.

Which of course makes the cost go up. The work go up. The effort go up. Everything goes up. And my nice, little, breezy wedding blows up in my face. I guess I just figured that it would be a small group of people, no muss, no fuss.

I really can't complain. I have an amazing Fiance. And an amazing family. And an amazing family that I am marrying into. And a group of friends that most people would beg for. Seriously, I've got it made. I just think that I am having my first, little, tiny glimpse, that this thang ain't gonna be as la-di-dah as I thought it was going to be. And that's OK.

Regardless, it is going to be an amazing day. I am marrying my best friend. It will be beautiful even if it snows, and the cake never shows up, and everyone gets food poisoning. Because regardless, at the end of the day, Big A and I will be husband and wife. And that's all that matters.

Plus, I have a fabulous Mother, and Mother in Law, and a great group of Bridesmaids (plus the most kick ass Matron of Honor ever). On the other hand, their workload just got a whole lot bigger. Sorry ladies!

Heh. Besides, I'll just kick OCD into over drive. I've got 14 1/2 months. I think I can do it.

Oh boy... I hope so.

So What! Wednesday

It's that time again. I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew for So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I really had absolutely no desire to come back to work after having a few days off. I love my job, don't get me wrong, but I would much rather be working on my tan at the beach *

* My nails look absolutely gross since they are all chipped and ragged. And the fact that I like to put random colors over what I already have at stores to see if I like it doesn't help the fact. To be honest, I am dying for a professional manicure and pedicure... but since the funds don't allow it... I might be protesting *

* I feel like the fact that Big A and I picked a venue and a date gives me all the reason in the world to slack off now. I mean I will get stuff done...and continue to obsessively look around...but maybe I will wait until the Fall to do anything else. Blah. *

* Operation PMMNFLDCWTOWD (first mentioned here) is a gigantic pain in my butt already. Everything is just so delicious. And those SmartOnes meals are not the bomb ass chicken sandwich that I want... I think I might allow myself to cheat on Friday...just maybe*

* I started our wedding website even though I have almost no information to put on it. And I figured that I could start on the wedding party, but Big A hasn't picked his people yet so I can only do mine and who I guess he will have *

* It slightly bothers me that Big A hasn't picked all of his people because I am OCD like that. I just need it so be done. I don't mind procrastinating, but once you start something you have to finish it (and yes I count the fact that I have already picked my bridesmaids as "starting" hehe) *

* Every night I tell myself that I am going to work out after work the next day...and I don't even bother to bring my clothes to work with me. I like a good routine and it is hard for me to start a new one. But once I'm in it... I can' Crazy much? *

* I saw that the designer who makes my dress came out with her Fall line and I am terrified that I won't even be able to try on my dream dress. And then slightly terrified again that I care so much about a god damn dress. I hate dresses. Ug. This whole wedding stuff turns you into a girly girl and I'm not sure I'm down with that. Blah again. *

* I'm praying that the girls I met last night don't move into the apartment below us. It is nothing against them... I've just really enjoyed having virtually no neighbors. And I am slightly pissed that there is someone moving across the hall from us. She seems very sweet, but given our luck with neighbors (see here and here) I have no desire to get any new ones *

* I desperately want to re-do my blog template, but am too lazy to look around. Any of you crafty ladies out there wanna helo a girl out? *

And that is all for now. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Recap and Project PMMNFLDCWTOWD

Aaaaaaand I'm back!

I took a much needed hiatus from every day life and spent the last few days just enjoying spending time with friends and Big A.

I was way too excited about finding our venue, so I wrote the post on Thursday night. But, set it to post the next day. So, I haven't written since then. Craziness.

Friday, we just hung around. I had a much needed day date with Miss Jess and Big A does whatever Big A does when he has a day off and doesn't have his woman around to whine at him to do something. Heh.

Then we had an early(ish) dinner and headed out to hang out with some friends. Nothing crazy. Nothing exciting. But we had fun none the less.

Saturday was a wonderful day spent of cleaning the house and packing for our trip. Big A had to get his bicycle fixed. Good thing too because he spent a whole 5 minutes on it the whole weekend. Would have been a shame if it wasn't rideable. Hehe. To his defense, I never told him I was planning on cleaning, so he can't get in trouble for not helping. Although I am sure I could come up with a good reason if I wanted to. Maybe I'm just feeling all sentimental since we set a wedding date and I'm turning into a softy. Who knows.

Then we met up with friends and make the two hour trek to New Hampshire. They rented the most amazing cabin in the woods. With a private beach on the lake. And kayaks. And a bar in the living room. A cool deck to hang out on. Two fire pits. A ping pong table. A horseshoe section. There was even a punching bag (which we did not use). We spent two days doing absolutely nothing. Just relaxing.

Sunday we took a ride down the Kancamagus Highway since Big A had never seen it. We stopped a couple of times to check out the view. I got some amazing pics, but every time I remembered to put them on the computer, Big A was using it, so alas... I have nothing for you. I promise I will be better at it!

And that was it. Before we knew it, it was time to come back home. We picked up Mr. Fresh. I spent some QT with my dad. Big A went to visit his parents and we met up at home for some good 'ol take out. No complaining here. It was an awesome weekend and I wish it wasn't over. But it was... which was probably good since I had nearly 100 emails to catch up on and it took me the better part of the morning to weed through all the crap I had to do to catch up.

Good thing for my I'm super awesome because I'm pretty much all caught up. Except a couple of things that I am avoiding because they aren't fun. Whatever. I did have time, however, to order myself some pretty purple pens. Have I mentioned my obsession with office supplies? Check this post for the proof!

I'm hoping to post some pics tonight, but we all know I get distracted easy and if I see something shiny my whole night is shot. Plus L is coming over and I might be too busy drinking wine! Oops! On another note... I started Project Make Me Not Feel Like A Disgusting Cow While Trying on Wedding Dresses today! My day consisted of grapes, an apple, a side salad, and an almost edible SmartOnes meal. I'm sure the wine will put me over my calories for the day, but whatever... I'm sure it was less shit than I would have normally eaten.

Wish me luck! I'm already crazy chili cheese fries! Yay for having the attention span of a fruit fly and the motivation of a sloth! I see this working out well.

Good grief!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Hey All... I'd like you all to take a moment and take a gander at my new little widget that I have on the right side of the screen... go ahead and take a look... it is right under the "All About Me" section... I'll wait...

Yeah... sooo.... in order to have a countdown... you have to have a date... and in order to have a date... you have to have a venue....

and guess what?!?!?!?!


Can you believe it? I'm absolutely amazed!!!

So... it went like this... originally we had three places that we were going to go look at. J$ and I went and took a little sneak peek at one, and I decided that although the price was right (dirt cheap) it just wasn't what I was looking for.

Go figure?! Apparently, I cared.

So I cut it down to two places, and last weekish (maybe two weeks ago) I found this other place randomly and decided to check it out. They asked for my home address to send me some information, which I thought was a little old school because most places were able to e-mail me a file if it wasn't on their website.

So...I checked out the packet and was immediately impressed. They hid nothing. They told me exactly what was included. All extra costs I could choose such as linens, chair covers, a separate cocktail space, etc. etc. etc. I knew walking into it that I wouldn't have any surprises. And they did all of that onsite so I wouldn't be working with extra venues (at least thats what I gathered).

So, I threw it on in there figuring that I had already told Big A that we were looking at 3 places, and didn't tell him that I cut one down yet, so whatevs. What did I have to loose?

We went to the first two places and they were kind of ho hum. There were no outside ceremony options which kind of turned me off and in one place, the ceremony room was so small and without windows, that the woman strongly recommended that we find some decorations for it because it can be pretty plain and stuffy. Her words...not mine.

Let's pause for a second...
Person A: Hey, how was your ceremony?
Me: Oh great, it was a nice small, plain, and stuffy room... ya know real romantic?!

Not happening. Now let's continue.

So Big A and I decided that since we kind of liked the place (well enough) that we could just try and find a place that we could have the ceremony somewhere else. We had some time to kill before the third place, so we talked a bit about it and I was beginning to think that our search was far from over. I was thinking that I was going to have to look at more places, find more places I liked, find more time to look at them, etc. etc. etc.

I was even beginning to think that maybe I just wasn't going to get into it as much as I thought I was and I wouldn't have that "wow" moment. And could I really be OK without that?

We ate some lunch and stopped by to check on Mr. Fresh to make sure that he had enough water and enough fans (it was f'ing hot today) and then headed out again.

We had quite the adventure trying to find it...ending up in Rhode Island a couple times, making a screeching turn, etc. etc. Thank God for GPS and the Google Maps app or else we would still probably be looking for it. And Big A threatened to go home more than once. BUT, we finally found it and went in for a looksie.

We waited for the woman for a minute and then she brought us downstairs to show us the first room. We walked in and I took one look at the room and the view out the windows and I turned around and told Alex that I was in love. That was it, I was sold.

And with every tiny detail that they showed us, I loved it more. The side patio with the tiki-style bar, with tables, and tiki torches for the cocktail hour. The beautiful landscaped lawn with the fabulous gazebo sitting next to a pond. Surrounded by trees.

When we went inside she went to her office to get us a picture slideshow so we could see what the actual weddings looked like, and I was damn near in tears. I had that "wow" moment. I had that clarity of "this is what I have been looking for" and when I asked Big A what he thought and found out that he loved it as well... I mentally checked it off my to do list. And once I saw the pictures of the foliage? I mentally picked up a thick permanent marker and put like 6,343 more checks next to "find a wedding venue".

Big A told me to get my poker face on and when I asked if we could give her the deposit check then and there...he said no. But he did say we would talk about it. So, I kept my cool as we said our good-byes.

We walked outside to the parking lot and I immediately jumped up and down screaming "please please please please" while tugging on the arm of Big A's shirt... like all mature brides do. We talked about it on the way home and decided that we definitely, without a doubt, absolutely, want this place.

So, I called her. Booked the room. Booked the date. Booked the patio. And booked the damn time too.

So here it is.... October 6th, 2012... I become a Mrs.

And HOLY SHIT! do I have a lot of work to do. But it is all perfect. And coming into place. Because I am marrying my best friend. And that is all that matters. Except for now I have a bomb ass venue too. Check!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Seriously?!?! Thursday

It's that time again... I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday!

1. 1/2 an hour Big A and I will be looking at our first possible wedding venue. Which I didn't think was such a big deal...and wasn't really getting all hyped up about...until I just typed this and now my chest is all tight.... EEK!

2. I am a little bit over being treated like a child. There are some people, who shall remain nameless, who inappropriately talk to my like I am 5 in inappropriate settings. For the record... it is really hard to get people to take you seriously as a professional adult when people are using "baby talk" voice and calling you Sweetie Pie. Vomit. Kind of driving me nuts.

3. I was really trying not to comment on the whole Casey Anthony trial... but I apparently made it to my third one and couldn't help it. The whole thing makes me sick. And I feel bad for those jurors who had to set her free. Unfortunately, "beyond a reasonable doubt" is hard to prove. I just hope that this was too close of a call for her and she never puts her hands on another child again. May Caylee rest in peace and someday get the justice that she deserves.

4. Now I need to think about something positive, because seriously the whole thing gets my blood boiling.

5. How about this weather huh? Pretty damn great! This almost, somewhat, makes up for the 8,478 feet of snow that we got over the Winter. Thanks Mother Nature... I almost don't want to punch you in the face anymore. Keep up the good work.

6. I am going to have a nervous breakdown thinking about this whole venue thing. And I'm not even ready and we need to leave in like 2 minutes. ACK! Seriously...can someone just do this for me?

Well that's all for today since I am running late as usual. Shocking!

Head on over to Becky's blog and link up!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon again over at L.A.I.D (tee hee) for So What! Wednesday.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I actually caved and went to sign up for Pinterest…only to find out that they put you on a “waiting list” and I still haven’t heard anything back…and I slightly take it personal. I thought it would be good to compile some wedding ideas, but whatever Pinterest…you lost me now *

* I threw a mini temper tantrum last night (by myself) because I had to go grocery shopping. But then skipped happily through the store as I realized that I will finally be able to make my vanilla and cinnamon coffee for the first time in 8 million years…and they finally had my peanut butter (which has been gone for months due to a salmonella scare)… ahhh… the little things in life. *

* I am completely petrified that I am going to make a fool out of myself at our venue visits tomorrow…I have nightmares of snooty old women telling me to come back when I actually know what I am doing…which I realize will probably be never… *

* I don’t even know where to begin with asking questions about the venues… I’ve never been married before…never planned a wedding. Which also seems ridiculous to me since everyone who has already HAD a wedding knows what to do… and those currently planning one… clueless… apparently this is bothering me *

* The only thing getting me through this day is knowing that I have 5 days off following it…and five days to figure out how to never have to return to work again, but still make money…ideas? *

* My house is disgusting… and the laundry hasn’t been done in weeks… it is the Summer… we never hang out inside…and we have enough clothes apparently to last us this long. Let’s be honest… I.Just.Don’t.Care. There I said it. *

* I felt uber tan (due to my wonderful annual burn) until L came over last night and then I remembered that I am a pasty ass Irish girl and I need more than one day in the sun to play with the big boys… so I am now thinking of how many opportunities I can find to sit out in the sun…hmmm…maybe I could work from home until August…or if I figure how to not work…JACKPOT! *

Well… that is all for today. I plan on posting a whole thing about visiting vendors… but we all know that I have ADD and I will forget that I said that…like I did yesterday… and won’t do it. BUT…I will definitely post something when we are done (and hopefully with a date).

I am also going to do a shameless plug for advice…I know most of you have already planned your weddings… any tips? Tricks? Questions you wish you had asked from the beginning? Throw a girl a bone here and help out someone who thinks she might be missing the Bride gene…because I thought I would have been all over this.


Head on over to Shannon’s blog and link up. You are bound to find someone a little more interesting then me…although I’m sure it will be a challenge. Heh.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Long Ass Weekend Recap

To say this weekend was jam packed is an understatement. It was non-stop for the most part. Let’s recap shall we.

Friday night, we met up with friends and attempted to see the fireworks. Unfortunately, since we forgot that we were not setting off the fireworks ourselves and our opinion of “it is still too light out for them to set them off” didn’t really matter. Thus, they started on time and we spent the majority of them in the car on Route 9 watching them, trying to get to the hill where we watch them. We got there in time to see the last few minutes, but they weren’t letting anyone stay there, so as soon as we got there, we left. We then drove around and found a nice little spot to hang out. Then we had to get home quick-quick because we have to wake up early the next day.

The next day, we were supposed to meet up with everyone at 7:30 AM (on a Saturday…ug), however I thought that I was going to work, so I woke up accordingly… at 7:20. Yeah…needless to say that we were unable to get ready, Big A gets the car, I pack up the stuff, take care of the dog, grab coffee, and then be in the next town over in 10 minutes. Surprisingly, Big A handled this very well and I am still alive to tell the tale. We made it there around 8 (which is when we were scheduled to leave) and they were still waiting for someone. So I took my time taking the stuff out of the car, only to turn around and see half of the people driving away and Big A yelling at me to get in the car. So there I am…running with my purse and two iced coffees in my hand, attempting not to eat shit in front of all of this people, and get in the Chevelle without spilling coffee. Yes, please take a minute to picture this…although I was pissed at the time (I hate being rushed…or yelled at) I’m sure it was quite the sight to everyone else).

We made it to the park where there was plenty of space to put the cars…go figure… and then spent some time unpacking the car and relaxing for about .5 seconds. Then we took a walk around the park to check out the rest of the cars. We were uber early…so there weren’t a whole bunch of cars to see…go figure. So after I got my yearly corn dog, we went back to the cars to relax for awhile. We chatted for awhile and the boys wanted to go back for a second round and check out all of the cars that had been driving by. I politely declined and told them if they wanted to walk all the way back then be my guest, but I would be sitting in the shade. Mrs. C had brought some delicious slushy adult beverages so we happily drank those. All I asked was for Big A to bring me back another corn dog (don’t judge…it was 1:30 and all I had at that point was a coffee and a tiny, pathetic looking corn dog…plus me + heat + hunger = bad news bears).

Alas, Big A returned without a corn dog (although he had got himself something to eat) and Mrs. C and I set off to hunt our own food. We giggled at the many women who we saw in stiletto heels, short skirts, and even some in corset tops that were walking around. Now, I totally understand that hot girls and cars go hand in hand…but at some point practicality comes into play that maybe…just maybe…wearing stilettos to a place where 99.5% of it is grass…and muddy grass at that since it rained the night before…is not the best idea. And short skirts? Well…I would wear them if I had the legs. But a corset on a billion degree day? I’ll pass. In my opinion they were not dressed appropriately…so we giggled as they weebled and wobbled attempting to navigate around the park…silly ladies). When we returned it was time to leave.

Big A and I continued tradition with our lobster-esque sunburns and headed back into town. We relaxed in the shade for a bit and then headed home to grab our sleeping gear and then headed back to the BBQ. By then most people were starting to show up and the fun began. There was food, burnouts, fireworks, and great people. Including some quite interesting stories that I will be laughing about for months to come.

Big A and I were responsible adults and slept in the back of my Tahoe. We pack it full of sheets and comforters and bring our pillows. It isn’t horrible to sleep there, not as good as a bed, but it beats the whole driving under the influence prospect. Gotta drink safe kids!

We woke around 8:30 (after going to bed after 2 AM…not sure what time, but the last time I looked at a close it was past 2 and I had decided that was a perfect acceptable time to go to bed…that I had made it that far and no one could stop me). So we were up for a good 19 hours…in the hot sun…and drinking for half of it. LONG ASS DAY!

Big A and I decided to go home and have ourselves a little nap and re-entered the awake world at around 11. We puttered around for awhile, and then set out for some errands. We had to go get his car. He had to hook the exhaust back up because he had had enough of the open headers. Then we needed to go put the car back in storage since it was raining at this point. Then we headed back up to the park to pick up our picture we purchased the day before.


Monday was spent with my family at yet another BBQ. I have family visiting from Ireland so it was nice for Alex to get to meet all of them (well most of them for the first time) and catch up since we never see them. We were thoroughly exhausted but our, couple hour plan turned into about 5 or 6 hours, so we didn’t get home until lateish again.

Can we say exhausted?

Though no one can say we wasted the weekend.

Now Big A is home, probably all cozy in bed or puttering around, enjoying the fact that he is on vacation and I have to work for the next two days.

BUT, on the bright side…we look at venues on Thursday (I have another post planned for that later), Friday is a bummy day, and then we are heading to NH with some friends Saturday through Monday.

Raise your hand if you are going to have a kick ass weekend coming up? And you better believe that my hand is raised high in the air.

But alas, for whatever reason they actually expect me to work while I am here…so enough procrastinating and more…well…working.

And that is my long ass recap of the weekend. Told you it was packed. Did everyone else have a good weekend? Are you all lobsters as well?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Christmas in July

So we have made it through the week of hell. I can definitely say that Big A has been 1,000 times worse, so this year wasn't that bad.

He has his car closer to where he wants it, so that makes things a lot easier. There are less and less projects that he puts off all year until right before the Summer Nationals. Plus, we live about .5 seconds from where he keeps his car, so he isn't having to trek back and forth to get it, which helps.

I know I complain a lot, but it really isn't that bad. It is his one time of year that he has something that he is SOOO into. Like I said before... it could be a lot worse. He could be interested in running around with bar floozies. He's just into cars...and usually takes me out with there are no bar floozies. So I can't complain too much.

But, today is Freedom Day. The day where all of the preparation comes to a head and it is time to have some fun. It's Big A's Christmas in July. He's pretty amped about it.

I have a lot of fun at all the car things anyway. It is fun to walk around and see some of the cool things that everyone has. Plus, we go with some pretty bomb ass people so it is a good time all around. The waking up at the ass crack of dawn to get to the park so we get a good spot? I could live without. Luckily, Big A is a smart man and makes sure that I have a coffee before we leave...although I can't actually drink it in the car...ya case it spills.

This also marks the beginning of his vacation. The shop that he works at closes for the week of the 4th every year so he gets a mandatory paid vacation. It is pretty sweet. He busts his ass like no other all year round, so I am happy for him that he gets this break. He turns into this completely relaxed, chill person. I swear if I could figure out a way to support him for the rest of our lives, he would never have to work again.

I'm not saying he is an asshole when he is working. I'm just saying that he has a very physical job and when he comes home he is tired. And stressed. And trying to fit 8,456 things into the random free hours that we have in the day. As anyone with a job does. But he is just SO HAPPY when he isn't working.

Me on the other hand? I would go insane not working. It would be cool for about .5 seconds and then I would be running circles around the house. Big A has enough hobbies to keep him busy... plus maybe he would do some cleaning....

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....are you all laughing your bottoms off too?!?!

It was a nice thought for a minute there.


So it is going to be a pretty exciting weekend. Mr. Fresh is going for a sleepover at his grandparents' house so we will miss him dearly. But he will have fun running around in their backyard. Swimming in his pool. And growling at their dog. Ya know...the new Fourth of July tradition. Although I don't think they got their dog until the end of July... ahh well.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I probably won't be around since I will be the Front Seat Chevelle Bitch all weekend...but then again I knew what I was getting myself into when I started dating Big A...and even more so when I agreed to marry him.

I shall leave you with this awesome picture of Mr. Fresh living the life last year. This was when he first got his pool and my dad sent this picture to me and Big A when we were at the annual cookout that we went to.