Friday, July 8, 2011

Exciting News!!!

Hey All... I'd like you all to take a moment and take a gander at my new little widget that I have on the right side of the screen... go ahead and take a look... it is right under the "All About Me" section... I'll wait...

Yeah... sooo.... in order to have a countdown... you have to have a date... and in order to have a date... you have to have a venue....

and guess what?!?!?!?!


Can you believe it? I'm absolutely amazed!!!

So... it went like this... originally we had three places that we were going to go look at. J$ and I went and took a little sneak peek at one, and I decided that although the price was right (dirt cheap) it just wasn't what I was looking for.

Go figure?! Apparently, I cared.

So I cut it down to two places, and last weekish (maybe two weeks ago) I found this other place randomly and decided to check it out. They asked for my home address to send me some information, which I thought was a little old school because most places were able to e-mail me a file if it wasn't on their website.

So...I checked out the packet and was immediately impressed. They hid nothing. They told me exactly what was included. All extra costs I could choose such as linens, chair covers, a separate cocktail space, etc. etc. etc. I knew walking into it that I wouldn't have any surprises. And they did all of that onsite so I wouldn't be working with extra venues (at least thats what I gathered).

So, I threw it on in there figuring that I had already told Big A that we were looking at 3 places, and didn't tell him that I cut one down yet, so whatevs. What did I have to loose?

We went to the first two places and they were kind of ho hum. There were no outside ceremony options which kind of turned me off and in one place, the ceremony room was so small and without windows, that the woman strongly recommended that we find some decorations for it because it can be pretty plain and stuffy. Her words...not mine.

Let's pause for a second...
Person A: Hey, how was your ceremony?
Me: Oh great, it was a nice small, plain, and stuffy room... ya know real romantic?!

Not happening. Now let's continue.

So Big A and I decided that since we kind of liked the place (well enough) that we could just try and find a place that we could have the ceremony somewhere else. We had some time to kill before the third place, so we talked a bit about it and I was beginning to think that our search was far from over. I was thinking that I was going to have to look at more places, find more places I liked, find more time to look at them, etc. etc. etc.

I was even beginning to think that maybe I just wasn't going to get into it as much as I thought I was and I wouldn't have that "wow" moment. And could I really be OK without that?

We ate some lunch and stopped by to check on Mr. Fresh to make sure that he had enough water and enough fans (it was f'ing hot today) and then headed out again.

We had quite the adventure trying to find it...ending up in Rhode Island a couple times, making a screeching turn, etc. etc. Thank God for GPS and the Google Maps app or else we would still probably be looking for it. And Big A threatened to go home more than once. BUT, we finally found it and went in for a looksie.

We waited for the woman for a minute and then she brought us downstairs to show us the first room. We walked in and I took one look at the room and the view out the windows and I turned around and told Alex that I was in love. That was it, I was sold.

And with every tiny detail that they showed us, I loved it more. The side patio with the tiki-style bar, with tables, and tiki torches for the cocktail hour. The beautiful landscaped lawn with the fabulous gazebo sitting next to a pond. Surrounded by trees.

When we went inside she went to her office to get us a picture slideshow so we could see what the actual weddings looked like, and I was damn near in tears. I had that "wow" moment. I had that clarity of "this is what I have been looking for" and when I asked Big A what he thought and found out that he loved it as well... I mentally checked it off my to do list. And once I saw the pictures of the foliage? I mentally picked up a thick permanent marker and put like 6,343 more checks next to "find a wedding venue".

Big A told me to get my poker face on and when I asked if we could give her the deposit check then and there...he said no. But he did say we would talk about it. So, I kept my cool as we said our good-byes.

We walked outside to the parking lot and I immediately jumped up and down screaming "please please please please" while tugging on the arm of Big A's shirt... like all mature brides do. We talked about it on the way home and decided that we definitely, without a doubt, absolutely, want this place.

So, I called her. Booked the room. Booked the date. Booked the patio. And booked the damn time too.

So here it is.... October 6th, 2012... I become a Mrs.

And HOLY SHIT! do I have a lot of work to do. But it is all perfect. And coming into place. Because I am marrying my best friend. And that is all that matters. Except for now I have a bomb ass venue too. Check!


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  2. yay! congrats on setting a date! I'll add you to my blogging brides page for that date!


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