Friday, September 30, 2011

Tricky Tricky Friday

Oh Friday. You tricky little minx you. Just when I think you will never get here. You show up!

Ahh! Good old reliable Friday.

I love Fridays because they are filled with such promise. Such excitement. Not knowing what is to come of the weekend. Knowing that it will be a million times better than work.

And then comes Sunday night. The ultimate downer. I feel like a little kid again, the day before school starts after Summer vacation. Although, I'm stuck in a Groundhog's Day story with it happening every week (yes I know it was every day, but get the comparison).

Oy. This weekend is filled with what every weekend is filled with. All of the crap you don't have time to do during the week. Grocery shopping, cleaning, walking the dog, blah blah blah.

This weekend we have our Engagement pictures, so that takes up a good chunk of our Sunday. Of course, that is pending that Big A can make it through work today and tomorrow without effing himself up. Again. His burn has miraculously healed and you can't even see it. We might get some pictures without the hat after all. Yay.

I am currently trying to figure out that schedule. Since I need to fit in lunch with the family AND the football game as well. It is going to be a busy day. BUT, until then...there is always Friday night and all of Saturday before us. Oh the joy.

I know I am lacking a bit today, but the ADD is kicking in full force and it is hard to focus on one thing. Case in point. I just wrote 3 separate blog entries, while discussing when I should go get my eyebrows waxed with a co-worker. Yeap. It is one of those days.

So I think I will head out. Take care of said furry caterpillars on my face. Run around in circles a few times to get some of the pent up energy out and hopefully become a productive part of society for the afternoon. Although, that might be difficult. We shall see.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! And wish us luck on the pictures. Hopefully we can get some good ones! Adios!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I think the theme of this week's Seriously?! should be.... "Seriously?! It is only THURSDAY!" ug.

I'm linking up with Becky again this week! (Because we all know I wait all week for this and So What! Wednesday! haha)

Here are all of the things that made me say Seriously?! this week!

1. Every single day this week, there is this road I take to go to the gym. And two lanes merge into one. And there has been some jack-hole that rides the center line so I can't get by them. Seriously?! YOUR lane merges into MINE. Get the buff out of my way. Jack-hole.

2. I do not understand why you can't work out for a few days and get super skinny. I've been working my butt off. I am kicking ass and taking names. I am drinking the disgusting protein shake that I am supposed to. Cut a girl a break here. Show me some PROGRESS!

3. Yesterday, I left work 15 minutes early to try and beat some of the traffic / gym craziness. No one usually cares. I work hard enough. No one questions what I do. Except I walk down to the lobby and the President of the company is there. "Oh hey! Insert awkward small talk here and then slowly back out the door". Ug Busted. I felt like I was ditching school and the principal busted me.

4. We are supposed to get our Engagement pictures done on Sunday. And seriously, I'm not in it. I've always been uncomfortable with photo sessions, so I'm sure that this one will be no different. BUT, it needs to get done. So, I will suck it up and smile for the camera (while trying to block Big A's burn haha jk. It is actually looking pretty good!)

5. There is this woman at work, and seriously I think her main mission in life is to bother me. I have to chase her down to get anything from her and when I ask her to send me information on anything she blatantly ignores me. And then when I chase her down she tells me that she doesn't know how to do it. Well...if you had said that 6 days ago. I could have taught you this easy at shit process and I could have had my stuff by now. BUT instead, I'm getting hounded for information and YOU can't be bothered to do ANYTHING. Jack-hole!

6. Big A talked to a mortgage guy yesterday. And when I told him that maybe we were jumping the gun since we will obviously be in our apartment for another year until after the wedding, he goes... "Not necessarily". Seriously. I don't know what he has up his sleeve. And I thought we had already discussed this. Oh well. I'll just wait for the guy to do our credit check and laugh in our faces. Ug.

7. Seriously. I have too much fun complaining. Sometimes I think that I need to chill out more. And maybe try not to explode into a loud rant with trucker language. I'm wondering how many people know about my outbursts since I sit near the men's room. Ug.

Well... that's all for this week. Head on over to Becky's blog and link up!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So What! Wednesday

It's that time again! I feel like it was JUST So What! Wednesday.

Shows how fast time is going.

I'm linking up with Shannon again this week.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I skipped the push ups in my workout routine on Monday. People were in my way and I didn't want to stand there and wait. *

* I contemplate taking a loan out from my 401K to pay for my wedding dress. I can pay it back over time and the money will be back in there LONG before I retire. I know it is a horrible idea... but tempting. *

* Despite my best efforts, my desk is ALWAYS a hot mess. Isn't messiness a sign of genius? *

* I am a little disappointed that the weather has been so warm. I am ready for Fall weather. Sweaters. Brisk air. The smell of fire. Delicious. *

* I wore flip flops to work today. If the weather is going to be warm, then I am going to wear flip flops until I can't anymore. *

* I've been avoiding paying my bills because I can't bare to see my bank account go down to nothing. *

* I saw the ticker at the top of my blog the other day and had a little panic at how many days until the wedding. There is SO much to do and NOTHING that I can do right now. Total OCD nightmare. *

* I told Big A that he could wear his hat in our Engagement Pictures. He has a gigantic burn on his forehead and we need to get them done. Plus... him and his hat are a package deal. It is just the way he is. He's a hat man. *

* I don't really care when it comes to picking our JP. I mean, they are around for like 20 minutes. As long as they aren't a total Jack-hole then why be picky? Who knows, maybe I will change my mind, but... meh. *

That's all for today. I'm oh so happy that it is Wednesday, because that means that Friday is not far away. Oh thank goodness for Fridays!!!

What are you saying So What! to?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I'm lacking motivation today. I don't want to be at work. I don't want to be working. I want to be somewhere else.

Where? Who knows.

But somewhere.

I find myself wanting to rush time lately. Like, I always am looking forward to something that is making me count the minutes away. The end of the work day. The end of the work week. Which is pretty standard right?

Except for that I am doing it with the wedding too. And I know that is completely normal to be counting down the days from excitement, but I'm getting nervous that I am going to be missing out on some important things because I am waiting for something else to happen.

I think my biggest issue with the wedding is that I feel like there is so much to do and there is nothing that I can do right now. It is still too early to really do anything. Right now. We are good on our to do list. Ask me again in January when the list gets crazy. I might be wishing to be back to these days.

I've also been feeling very strange lately. I just feel like I have no patience at all. Which, on the one hand, with some things going on I'm just done. I don't care about them anymore. I don't want to deal with them. I just want everything to go back to the way it was, but I'm not sure if it can. On the other hand, it leaves me with no patience for normal things and normal people that don't deserve me wanting to bite their faces off and say "really?!".

I've never been good at the whole different reactions, different situations. I've always been very all or nothing. So I am learning to be a little more patient with things. Bite my tongue a little bit more. Be a little more understanding. Except that it is hard. And there are a couple situations that keep nagging at me and honestly make me want to scream. I don't know what to do with it and just when I think that everything is better, it all comes creeping and crawling up again. (And these are the times I wish that my blog was private).

I guess sometimes things are perfect. And I know that. I just don't know what to do with myself. My problem is just how to find a balance between wanting to tell people to go eff themselves and being a doormat. And I'm struggling with it. So right now, I am just keeping my trap shut and hoping that all of my problems magically disappear.

Anyone thing that will work? I got my fingers crossed.

Monday, September 26, 2011


I've seen this going around and thought that it looked like fun. least it was something to kill time until lunch. Heh.

  • If I were to get pregnant…to be honest, I would have mixed emotions. Obviously, I would be excited, but we are getting married in 11(ish) months and the timing isn’t exactly awesome. But, we would figure something out.

  • If I could have any job in the world…I would want to be an event planner. You know one of those planners with huge budgets to do all of this amazingly awesome stuff. Maybe even a wedding planner, but I think I should go through it as a bride first before I tell anyone else what to do.

  • If I had a day to myself I would…say that I would do all of this great stuff, but I probably wouldn’t. I would tackle as much as I could on my to do list. If I had a day to myself and wasn’t allowed to do chores? I’d sleep in. Take Mr. Fresh for a nice long walk. Maybe get a massage. Read. Relax. Treat myself to a delicious dinner that I didn’t have to cook. Get a manicure and pedicure. (Although this would also require money I don’t have)

  • If I could get married all over again… since we aren’t married yet, I don’t really know what I would say. BUT, if I could start the process over again. I would definitely look at more venues before deciding on anything.

  • If I could live anywhere in the US…probably somewhere that is warm all year round. But I would have to drag my family and friends with me.

  • If I could have any talent in the world…I would want to be better at drawing in painting. I would like to think that I have some basic skills when it comes to art, but most of the time I can’t get my work to match my imagination. Which becomes frustrating and defeating.

  • If you met me in real life I think you would find…that I really am as all over the place as I am on my blog. The difference is that I don’t verbalize my crazy as much as I write about it. And I swear too much.

  • If I could go back to school and get a different degree…I would maybe go for Communications because I think it would help me with my current job. Or maybe English/Journalism so that I could maybe find a career where I could write.

  • If money were not an object…I would be living in a house. I would have the wedding of my dreams. I would have a car that has a fully functioning gas gauge (instead of one that has quite obviously been smoking crack). I would pay off all of my loans. I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying Starbucks more than once or twice a month.

  • If I could shop at one store for the rest of my life…it would be Target. They have everything there. Clothes. Stuff for the house. Beauty products. One stop shopping.

  • If we get another pet…I would get another Border Collie. I know they are a lot of work and YES I remember how much of a pain Mr. Fresh was when he was a little baby, but they are amazing dogs and I don’t think I would ever own anything else.

  • If I could go on a trip RIGHT NOW…I would go visit my nanny in Ireland. I haven’t seen her since May and I would love to catch up with her. Plus, I could see my family that I haven’t seen since we were there for my grandfather’s funeral in September of 2007 (the downside of having family who live in another country).

  • If I had to choose between a house cleaner and a personal chef…it would take a lot of time to decide. I think ultimately, I would choose a house cleaner because I actually enjoy cooking when I don’t have to worry about cleaning up or the 8,000 other things I need to be doing around the house.

  • If I had the option of plastic surgery… I think that I could get breast reconstruction after having kids. Well… depending on how horrible they look. Haha. I would also want to see if they could do something about the scars on my stomach. I have four belly button piercings all around my belly button at one point, which was cool until one got ripped, and two of them grew out. Doesn’t look too cute now.

Boardroom / Rainy Days

I had planned to profess my love of the Boardroom in my office on Friday (ya know, when these pictures were actually relevant) but the day got away from me and I am not getting to it until now.


Friday, was your typical rainy New England weather. But, I didn't mind. If it rains in the Summer I get pissed. Spring or Fall (especially Fall) I actually enjoy it (as long as it isn't overkill).

I'm Irish. Rainy weather is in my blood. I like to think that is the reason I can enjoy a nice rainy day. Or "an Irish day" as my dad calls it.

Friday was one of those days. And my favorite place to watch the rain is in the Boardroom in my office. It is right near my desk and no one ever uses it. Seriously, it has a beautiful view and it gets used for cake for birthdays (which we don't really do anymore) or the random days that our meeting rooms are all full. Which is almost never.

Case in point:

This is the Boardroom. Very Knights of the Roundtable.

"Irish weather"
The view. Although it is obviously clearer when it is sunny, but check it out.

This is where you can find me on a rainy day. Or sometimes even during a nice snow storm. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back and watch it all. I keep the lights off. And no one has ever come in. It is like my own little private island where no one can bother me.

I sneak off to it when I'm having a tough day. It lets me hide for a little bit to chill myself out. Sometimes you just need an escape. Ya know.

And that my friends, is my little office secret. If I am not at my desk (during working hours) then I am in the Boardroom.

As for my weekend. It had its ups and downs. I started my Saturday out by locking myself out of the house. And then continued to have some special moments the rest of the day. Wine night was WAY too much fun (pictures to come when I have time to review them). I drank too much and played Dance Central until I couldn't move anymore.

Needless to say, Sunday was a bit of a struggle. I left the house to watch the Patriots in their embarrassing loss, and then crawled back into bed where I stayed for the rest of the evening. It was not my finest moment. Apparently, I am not 21 and I can not drink a gigantic bottle of wine to my face and be OK. Whatevs. You live and you learn (and if you are like me you make the same mistake over and over again). I should have kept with my original plan of going easy, but since our Engagement pictures got rescheduled (Big A burnt his forehead at work Friday afternoon, IT.IS.BAD. So we had to give it some time to heal/figure out a way to cover it) I figured it was fair game.

Big mistake.

Well, I hope you were all smarter than I was this weekend. And I hope you all have a Happy Monday! (ug!)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

Oh Friday. If I could make out with you I would. I heart Friday.
Like most Fridays, you are going to make me earn my weekend. I started with a juggling act with all of my crap trying to get into my car. And then I hit the hang up button on my phone during a conference call instead of the mute button. Just call me Captain Smooth. (we won't even talk about the car accident that almost was yesterday as a result of seeing a gigantic alien spider trying to climb in my car window. ug)
I have so far completed 2 days of my wonderful new fitness plan. My armpits hurt a bit less today (thanks for asking) but my abs still feel like someone used them as a punching bag. Awesome.
I felt really good yesterday. It was my just cardio day and I found myself killing the incline on the treadmill and rocking the elliptical. Let's just say that I made them by bitch. (And the fact that I actually remembered my IPod for the first time helped...a bunch. It is SO boring without music). I finished off the evening with a nice salad with a little bit of Taco meat made with Ground Turkey and Fat Free Sour Cream. And then when I realized that I was under my calories even before my exercise points, I poured myself out one cup of wine.
Yeap, I looked up the nutrition info and measured out what I could drink. Big A thought that I was hilarious and was probably wondering why I wasn't just drinking out of the bottle as per usual. He thinks he is so funny.
We have quite the exciting weekend planned. I have a Wine Night planned with some of the most fabulous ladies that I know (which is super exciting especially since I just found out that my Moscato is on the lower side of calories. Woo hoo!) for Saturday. And permitting...we are supposed to have our Engagement pictures! Which also means that I need to figure out what the hell we are wearing.
Sidenote: What the hell am I supposed to wear to an Engagement shoot? Am I supposed to have multiple outfits? Anyone have any tips and tricks? Big A and I are both clueless. Shocking, I know.
Other than that, it is going to be a regular weekend. The first weekend of Fall might I add. Who is excited?
Aaaaand apparently, I'm not feeling it today. I think I need to hook up a caffeine IV and I should be all set haha. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned as well!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

What better to do on a rainy day then have Seriously?! Thursday?

I can't think of anything.

I'm linking up with Becky again this week.

This is what made me say Seriously?! this week...

1. I woke Big A up this morning by saying Happy 50 weeks! Poor man. To be honest I'm not really sure how accurate that is. Since I'm counting every Thursday and we are getting married on a Saturday. Whatever.

2. There is a serious issue of suicidal squirrels and I think someone should look into it. The number of squirrels that have tried to run under my car in the past week is astounding. But I refuse to do it and swerve out of the way. Which will probably result in an accident some day. Oy.

3. Although I love my friends and family, sometimes I wish my blog wasn't so public. It seems it would make it easier to vent sometimes. So I think I am creating a private blog. If I don't know you in real life. E-mail me and I'll let you in on the secret. (Because what is the use if NO ONE hears me complain, right? heh)

4. Work has been absolutely insane lately. I guess you get what you ask for. I'm having a lunch with my boss today (hopefully) to see if I can pick his brain about a career path. This whole being someone's assistant is getting old. Quick.

5. I started my new workout routine yesterday and my armpits KILL! Yes, seriously, my armpits. Ridiculous right?

6. I have been dreaming about buying a new calendar. Strange right? We got ours for free last year so I figured whatever, right? Wrong. I miss personalizing it. Decorating it. Color-coding it. Yep, OCD at it's finest. Now I'm DYING to buy a new one and add in all of our wedding stuff that we have to do. Freakshow. I know.

7. I either need someone to manage my money for me, or get a second job. Because this whole being broke as a joke thing is getting annoying. And it isn't like I buy all of this stuff all the time. I can't wait until my loans are O-V-E-R so I can breathe a little again. Ug.

8. Big A said that he would buy me a new pair of Uggs for my birthday. BUT, I have to wait until he gets money in from his first plowing. That's the deal. And that could be FOREVER. So I'm praying for snow. Who is with me? No? No one.

9. I'm procrastinating when it comes to my to do list. My best procrastination technique? Re-writing my to do list so it is neater and more up to date. Freakshow. Right? Oy. Sometimes the things I do even seem weird to me. Is that a sign?

10. I am simultaneously dreading and anxiously awaiting going to the gym. I know. I know. Pick an emotion. Blah. I just can't wait until I am back in a routine so it isn't so much of a struggle.

And that is all for today. I figured 10 was a nice round number.

I'm excited that today's post was less biatch-ey than yesterday. Yikes, what was my problem?

Oh yes, I know. I got to help interview people for a job that I applied for and didn't get. Conflict of interest much? Oy. It kind of stung. And I didn't like either candidate, but apparently it isn't all about me, so that didn't matter. Oy vey. Is it Friday yet?!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So What! Wednesday

Oh, So What! Wednesday how I missed you!

I'm linking up with Shannon again for So What! Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So What! if...

* My patience level is almost completely non-existent. It's been coming for awhile now, but I have almost completely lost my filter. Which I'm sure will get me in trouble sooner rather than later.*

* Every time I see some one's cute house decorations for the seasons or a remodel I get a little angry inside. It is really more jealousy than anything. I can't do anything in our apartment and more and more I am feeling like a guest than it is actually our home. *

* I have no clue what I am wearing for our Engagement Pictures and they are on Sunday. I kind of have no interest in figuring it out, but I know that I will regret it later. *

* I came to the conclusion today that I need to be on some sort of medication to attend Staff Meetings because my ADD was seriously out of control. And the sad part was, my boss came up to me and told me how good of a job I did sitting still this time...mortifying. Maybe they should just give me a coloring book next time to keep me entertained. *

* I have also come to the conclusion that I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. My boss made the point that I have made no indication of which direction I want to go in the company and I have been thinking about it ever since. And so far? I've got nothing. *

* Today is one of those days when nothing significant has happened, but I will still like to scream at the top of my lungs. *

* Big A mentioned that yesterday was the first day in his entire working career that he was craving a beer half way through the work day. It was a tough day and all he wanted was a beer, but had to wait. And then I thought about it and told him that I have one of those at least once a week. I'm a little more tightly wound than him, whatever. *

* I have an annoyingly fake happy work voice for when I am in a bad mood. Apparently telling people to go eff themselves is frowned upon, so I must overcompensate. *

* Today is one of those days that I am craving wine half way through the day :) *

And I am apparently just going off on a tangent here about being crabby, so I'm going to end here. That's all folks.

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Little Bit of This...And a Little Bit of That

I need a kick in the pants. I do.
(And as a warning...this is going to be a post about weight loss...again. So feel free to skip over to your next blog if you aren't in the mood)
After my little pity-party that I had yesterday, I was determined that it was going to be the motivation that I needed. If some 3 foot tall 90 year old woman thought that I was Shamu in a wedding dress... than I could use that (after I find her shop and attack it with stink bombs...but whatever...I'm not bitter).
But alas, it was a nice day yesterday so I decided that I would go home and take the dog for a walk instead. However, when I got home I noticed the 8 million things that needed to be done. Dishes needed to be washed. Laundry needed to be folded. Etc. etc. And I did nothing. Shocking.
Today, I have a meeting with a girl from my gym (who I actually went to high school with) who is going to give me some tips and tricks to use. I am hoping that it gives me some umph, because shoving McDonalds down my throat and sitting on my ass isn't going to help anything. Just saying.
Shannon has a post today talking about how much of a rockstar she is. She has lost so much weight since having her baby and I am so proud of her! Except for the fact that she actually has a good excuse (the adorable KP) for why she gained the weight. I have no excuse for whatever happened (although I call them love pounds and blame Big A for them all the time) to me. That I am jealous of.
So Shannon will be my inspiration too!
I just wish that I had someone sitting next to me all day slapping the crap food out of my hand and dragging me to the gym. I wish I had money for one of those big mean trainers who scream at you for months, but break down in tears with you when you reach your goal. I wonder if Jillian Michaels is in my price range? Maybe?
I have my dress appointment in like 25 days and that is not enough time for a miracle.
Speaking of miracles...this wedding is killing me. Every single extra cent that I have is going into our savings account. Except for the fact that it now means that I have no money. I guess that's the price you pay though. It will be all done in less than a year and I can breath again. I have 2 months off my car insurance so that should help. And then it is almost tax time. Oy. This would be the time to win the lottery. I guess I would have to enter first though. Oy.
Other than that life is peachy. I'm attempting this new thing called "keeping the house clean". And trying to get Big A on board with it. I told him his new job was vacuuming. I'm not sure how well this is going to go over, but it is a bit of a science experiment at this point. I got him to fold two huge piles of laundry with me last night without a fight. I did give him 24 hours notice though.
There we go.... "Tomorrow Big A, you will vacuum the rug. Sound good? and then remind him periodically. He vows to jump on board when we get a house. Even says he will do laundry. But, he's never been one to just change his habits overnight, so I am breaking him in now. I figure I have about a year and a half. That might be enough time. Maybe.
Work is a pain in the behind, but when isn't it. I just keep staring at my to do list wondering who is going to get it done. Eventually, I will have to realize that it is me. Today is not that day however. It is raining and I am alone in the office. I think I might go take a nap. (HA! If only!). Hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday! I'm sure you are all counting down the days til Friday again!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Bridal Expo Adventures

Yesterday, I hit up the Bridal Expo with my mom and L. I had been there once before with L for her wedding, but for the most part I was just walking around and trying to find stuff for her. It was a little overwhelming to be the center of attention.

Everyone kept saying congratulations, when is the wedding, your ring is beautiful, and then "oh have you decided on (enter whatever they were trying to sell me here). After the first few people, I was done talking. But I smiled like a good girl and made it through.

I had heard that there would be dresses there to try on, but I wasn't planning on actually doing it. I had planned on having this big moment with my mom, L, my future MIL, and my future SIL when I found my dress. And my FMIL and FSIL weren't there. But there wasn't anything that I LOVED, so I figured it couldn't hurt. I tried on a total of three dresses. None of them actually being my size, but it was fun to get an idea of it all. There was one I didn't like at all, so you won't be seeing pictures of that.

Here is one that was different from what I originally though I wanted, but I thought it was pretty so I tired it on. The bottom was a little too poofy for me, but they said that they could take some of it out, so it wasn't so big.

I love how flattering it was on my waist line.
Except for the fact that the back made it look like I had four bums. Oh such a pretty dress and then the back had to ruin it. Ick!

Then I HAD to try on a Maggie Sottero because she is my favorite. It, again, wasn't my size, but I HAD to.

The beading on the side. It went almost all the way around. I wasn't a gigantic fan of the bottom, but I was in a Maggie so I didn't care.

They were, of course, trying to get me to buy this dress on the spot. They had already asked me if I had tried anything on before, and I had said no. I don't know why they thought that I would jump at buying the third dress I tried on, especially when I HATED the first two. And this wasn't my size. Yes, you heard that. They were trying to sell me THIS dress. Which was too small for me.

And the Biatch that was working with us kept reminding me just HOW MUCH this dress didn't fit. How it was too small, I was too big. Blah blah blah. She told me that it would be worth losing the 20 pounds that I needed to for the amount that I would be saving on the dress. The dress that she originally told me was $1500. And I told her there was no way it was. Turns out it was $900 before the sale. She tried to make it look like I was saving $1000.

I was pretty pissed at first. And then I got sad. She had kind ruined the whole experience for me. And now I'm nervous about trying on dresses at my ACTUAL appointment (not at their shop). I just couldn't believe how rude she was. And the dress wasn't even THAT small for me. So she can shove it.

Other than that, the show was OK. I got to meet the other wedding coordinator that I will be working with so that was good. We saw the fashion show. Unfortunately, we didn't win any big prizes, but that's OK. We got some good ideas and information, so it wasn't a total bust.

I then finished off the day by watching the Patriots kick ass AGAIN. It was a good game, but I was exhausted by the end of the day. I don't even remember falling asleep last night. Whatevs. I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Can we talk about something for a minute?
I'm kind of upset about it.

This morning I woke up. Got ready and got into my car.

And this is what I saw:

50 Mother Effin Degrees?!?!

What is this? It was like 85 on Wednesday.

Thanks New England.

This is what our weekend looks like. A whopping high of 65. UG.

I'm not ready for the Fall. I mean don't get me wrong. I HEART the Fall with a passion. BUT...I love the Summer. I love Summer clothes. I love not being cold. I love flip flops.

Ug. If Big A and I could get all of our friends and family to move with us, we definitely wouldn't be living in Assachusetts where the weather is either freezing, hot as hell, or rainy. That is all.

Whatevs. I can't help thinking that Winter is right around the corner. Then comes Spring, Summer, and then our Wedding. It will be here before we know it. EEK!

I told Big A that it was 51 weeks from yesterday. He asked if this was going to be his life for the next 51 weeks, a constant countdown. I told him yes. But I'm kind of freaking myself out doing it, so I don't know how long it will last. Haha.

This week has been ridiculously long. In 15 minutes, I will be on overtime. My boss told me to go home. I don't know whether I want the money more or the time. I'm exhausted, but time and a half sounds pretty nice too. We will see how I feel I suppose. Haha.

I'm looking forward to laying low tonight (which means something crazy will happen), sleeping until like 4 PM tomorrow (that may be only a slight exaggeration), and the Bridal Expo on Sunday. I'm hoping to get some stuff done so that I can sit on my big behind for the next few months and not have to do anything. Sounds like a plan to me.

Does anyone else have anything exciting going on? Anyone else running on empty and waiting for 5 o'clock? Anyone have any suggestions for those pesky fruit flies who are slowly taking my sanity?

Questions? Comments? Smart ass remarks? We take 'em all.

Well...I hope you all are having a Fabulous Friday! Thank GOD it finally came!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I apologize for being MIA. It's been a long week.

Yesterday, I was stuck in a meeting all day with zero signal. On both of my phones. Ug.

It went off without a hitch, so all of my hard work paid off. It was great to see everything come together. Even better to see it over.

I didn't even get to do So What! Wednesday. I can't remember the last time I missed one. Sad.

I was too exhausted when I got home to do anything. I barely managed to throw myself into the shower. Big A convinced me to go out to dinner for Date Night though. We got some gift cards for our Engagement Party, so we took full advantage. It was nice to have a night out. Especially when we didn't have to pay for it!

Tonight we are going over N & J's house. It's been a weekly thing for us to get together and have dinner. Always turns out to be a good time. I just hope I can get my 6th wind by the time we head over there.

Other than that... the only thing getting my by is that tomorrow is Friday. I have no clue what is going on for the weekend (other than the Bridal Expo on Sunday) and I like it. I can't wait to sleep in and relax for once. I'm really feeling how stressed out I am and it isn't making me the nicest person ever.

No one wants to hang out with a Grouch. Blah.

So, I hope you enjoyed my super interesting update on life. I will hopefully be back at some point in life with something meaningful to say. Until now, I am drowning my sorrows in my Mosacto and waiting for Big A to come home.

Sidenote: Does anyone have any tricks on how to get rid of fruit flies? I don't know where they came from, but no matter how much I clean they will.not.go.the.eff.away. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Engagement Party Pictures

I'm pretty proud of myself for remembering the pictures from our Engagement Party. I said that I would try to be better at posting pictures, and so far I'm doing pretty good!

Except, I loaded them backwards to they are a little out of order. Aaaand I just accidentally deleted one. It was a picture of a bottle of Jack Daniels and a gigantic bottle of my new favorite Yellow Tail wine. Thanks Josh & Julie for the his & hers drinks! Haha. They will come in handy over the next year...although they probably won't last a week. Well, the Jack will...the wine...welll that will last about as long as it takes me and L to drink it tonight.

Now on to the good's pretty picture heavy, so if you are a picture stalker like me, feel free to move along.

Some swag we got:

A beautiful invitation frame from N & J. I can't wait to have our invitation and wedding picture in there...hehe wedding picture...still gets me every time.

An amazing Willow Tree Figurine. I tried to get a picture of the box, because I loved what it said, but apparently it didn't come out well.
It is called Together. And says: "For those who have found their true partner in love and life". It is perfect. L had one just like it (maybe the same one) and she put it next to her wedding cake at the reception. I love that idea!

Big A cutting the cake.

Cutting the cake together. We need all the practice we can get. Big A's mom gave us the knife her and Big A's dad used to cut their wedding cake 31 years ago. I was honored that she let us use it.

Dishing out the cake. Check the little guy in the bottom right corner. He was DYING for some cake!

Some MOH love. Me and L looking fabulous as ever!

One of the guys brought cigars, so they all went down to smoke them. Thanks Dan-O. Great pic of everyone!

The basket Big A's Aunt gave us. It has four beautifully painted wine glasses in there (Big A can't get mad because I didn't buy them they were a gift!), some champagne, potpourri, a candle. She was too sweet to give us all of that. She was the one who also got Big A the "Game Over" shirt! Too funny.

Marizzle and I. It is because of her that my hair looks so fabulous! Can't wait to see the amazing job she will do for the wedding, it pays to have a best friend who does hair!

The happy couple. We took 3 pictures like this and this is the only one that we don't have weird faces. Of course, my (older) brother and my cousin were doing bunny ears...yes apparently we still do bunny ears.

Another picture of us. I love this man. I can't believe that he will be mine forever.

Our cake. His mom was so sweet to get it in our wedding colors!

Us during the toast. When everyone came inside, it really hit me how MANY people were there to celebrate us. And I got a little teary-eyed. I was crying in this picture, I'm glad my face isn't a red mess. And check Big A's Best Man J all the way to the left. He's a great guy. I'm glad Big A has him!

And that's all I gots! N took a BUNCH of pictures and I'm so glad she did because I was running around everywhere that day. L took most of the ones on my camera. Including this last one, which is by far one of my most favorite pictures of us.

It is all starting to feel pretty real now. I'm just so happy and excited. I have a Bridal Expo this weekend, so hopefully we can cross some things off our to-do list. I was talking with Big A's Aunt and she made me feel SO much better about what we already have done. Venue, Florist, I think we have our Photographer, and we pretty much have the invitations picked out too. Although some friends have offered to make some for us, so we will see how that plays out.

Alright, I'm sure you are all gagging over there from my mushy-gushyness. Don't worry, give me 20 minutes and I'll be back to my good 'ole cynical self.

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a long, but good one.

Friday started with me running out of work and heading over to L's house. We went to the mall in search for something for me to wear to the Engagement Party. Despite having way too much fun trying everything on, we didn't end up finding anything. We did however learn that leopard print in "in" right now. Don't know who made the decision to bring animal prints back in full force, but I would like to thank them for limiting my clothing choice. There was one non-animal print item to every 20 animal print item. And I wish I was kidding.

So alas, we cut our losses and went to eat. However, the mall closed while we were at dinner and we had to be super sneaky about getting back in since my car was on the complete other side of the building. Ug.

Here's a little peak at the fun we had:

Animal print at its finest. What you can't see is that the bottom of my shoes (on the right) are chrome. Yep...leopard print & gold. Zebra print and chrome.

Needless to say, we didn't buy them.

L and her fabulous fashion sense. Unfortunately, with the lighting in the store you can't see how ridiculous the clothes are that she had on and it actually looks pretty stylish!

I found this little lady in Bath & Body Works. Had to buy it. It has Sweet Pea hand soap in it. My favorite!

Saturday, I met up with Pickles for coffee and then we went to get our hair done by our friend Marizzle. I just got mine cut, but Pickles spiced it up a bit by going dark again. The first picture I took she was scratching her nose and it looked less than ideal. This was the shot of me saying, "take another one or I am posting your nose picking one everywhere!"

Awww... such a nice hairstyle!

Saturday night, Big A and I went out to dinner and just spent some time by ourselves. We were in bed by like 10 watching TV. We knew we would have a long day on Sunday so we took it easy.

Sunday we had our Engagement Party. I can't believe how many people showed up! There was people EVERYWHERE! It was a great time and it was so nice of everyone to come out and celebrate with us. There were some great pictures taken and I can't wait to post them! We had people over after the party and then I turned into a grouchy mess and wanted to go to bed, so needless to say...I did not upload the pictures on our computer. I'll do it tonight though! I will show you a picture of the t-shirt that Big A's Aunt bought him.

Do you think she is trying to tell him something? Haha.

And that's all I have for this weekend. I am thoroughly exhausted and have 8,453,725 things to do for this big meeting that I am doing on Wednesday. It will be the death of me I am sure of it!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will be continuing the fun with watching the Patriots kick some Dolphin behind tonight. After their last two pitiful games, they owe me!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wedding Update

You may have noticed a new little ticker at the top of the blog...

Didn't notice yet? Take a gander. is counting down the days until our wedding. Which means...


Don't be confused by the year is a leap year.

The date is September 8th, 2012.

I couldn't be more excited.

Big A and I signed the contract and left the deposit yesterday (I struggled to make sure it was all set on the one year mark and my coordinator was nice enough to get it all done quick quick).

I am in love with my coordinator (not like that, Big A is the only one for me). She is absolutely fabulous and when I went all crazy OCD chick on her with the contract she accepted all of my changes and had the new and improved contract back to me within 24 hours.

She gave me a huge hug when I was leaving and told me to take a deep breath because now the fun could start. I feel so comfortable that our wedding is in her hands.

I cried when I was leaving her. Not sad, but happy. After everything that has been going on. The venue bullshit. The drama. The crap. It was nice to finally have a big step done and can sleep easy.

I'm so excited. This time next year... I will be a married woman.

Let the fun begin..and the panic attacks! Haha.

Here's a couple sneak peak pictures for you:

This is an example of their head table. Ours will be a sweetheart, but we are getting the cool lights in the background!

The outside ceremony spot. It is set up for cocktail hour, but you are looking at the aisle in the center.
This is a picture of the ballroom set up for a wedding. We won't have those chairs ($10 a piece? No thanks!) though. We will have the chair covers in the first picture.

So there you have it. We have a venue. We have a date! (God I just LOVE saying that!)

What a great way to start the weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I woke up this morning... looked out the window... and said Thank goodness it is Seriously?! Thursday...because I have to bitch about this to someone.

I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs. to Mama. is POURING out. So bad that Mr. Fresh would not go outside, and usually Home Boy loves the rain. This has never happened. So Mama got to go outside too! Don't worry, once he got outside he quite enjoyed himself and took his sweet ass time.

Seriously...I dragged Big A with me to Target last night because apparently I decided that it was time to get a new trash can (ours was white and disgusting). I turned around to say something to Big A and this is what I saw...
Oh so cozy! (And fresh)
Seriously...I'm supposed to drive over an hour to one of our other offices for a BBQ today... and it is pouring... and I didn't want to go in the first place...not happening.

Seriously...I leave Big A and Mr. Fresh alone in the bedroom for 30 seconds and I hear... "Hunny... come here... quick...oh you're so cozy aren't you" and this is what I find...

He's insane...but I do it what does that tell you? umbrella broke this morning...the person driving in front of me was going 15 mph and would come to a complete stop when driving through a puddle (because my breaks work really well in a foot of water), and then I stepped in a gigantic puddle on my way into work...obviously I should have stayed in bed today!

Sidenote: after writing this, I went to take a sip of coffee and smacked myself in the mouth...fat lip anyone?

Seriously...I understand it is my own fault for asking for changes in the contract, but can't this woman work faster... I want to sign it and have a wedding date! (Sidenote # 2: She's awesome, don't get me wrong, I'm just impatient as hell)

Seriously...I went to go print out all 150 name tags that I have been working on for our meeting next week, and realized that I bought two different sizes...awesome. is a very special day and I can't wait to tell you why! Oh how I LOVE secrets! (Especially when I'm the one who knows them...scratch that... only when I'm the one who knows them...other people having secrets annoys me because I'm a nosy biatch!)

And that's about all. I would like to thank the New England weather for providing me with a good portion of my Seriously?! Thursday material. And a special shout out to work, without you being a pain in my ass, I wouldn't have have the shit I have to complain about!

Now head over to Becky's blog and link up!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

So What! Wednesday

It's another So What! Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Shannon over at Life After I Dew again this week.

This week I am saying So What! if...

* It is only Wednesday and I am already done with this week. It sucks. *

* I forgot my work phone at home and the most thing I am concerned about it how am I going to stalk Facebook without it... ya know... who cares about the work calls. *

* I have some new opportunities at work (finally) and I don't think I am going to take them. I mean, I know they mean well, I just don't think that it is the right thing for me right now.*

* I've been stalking my e-mail all morning waiting to hear back from the coordinator at our possible new venue. Her out of office said she would be back today, and I am dying to get this damn contract signed and over with. *

* I'm excited about our Engagement Party this weekend, because it makes things feel a little more real. I mean, I know it is REAL, but right now we have no date or venue, so it kind of feels like we are playing pretend. *

That's all for this week. I am counting down the hours until it is Friday again... pathetic I know. Why is it that the short weeks always seem the longest?

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

You ever get the feeling like the entire world around you is going insane and you are just at a loss of what to do?

Welcome to today.

I just feel like everything is spinning around and around and I can't get my bearings.

This goes for all aspects of life. Work, friends, family, home, etc. etc. etc.

I just feel like everything is such a cluster.

So, needless to say, Big A and I didn't do much this weekend. We took some time to chill out and regroup. That's about it.

We spent some time with friends of ours Friday night and a little BBQ action on Monday, but that was about it. Saturday, we stayed in and watched a movie. (Hall was OK. I thought it was going to be funnier).

Sunday, we kind of just hung out. I met up with my mom and my future mother in law to hatch out a plan for the engagement party. I think we have everything all figured out, so my OCD feels a lot better. It should be a lot of fun. As long as I figure what the hell I should wear.

Sunday night, was family dinner (which also meant 16 loads of laundry...yay). And then Monday we did a bit of cleaning (figured out the the vacuum was broken, so that stopped the cleaning) and had a little BBQ with some friends.

I got to shoot a BB gun which was of course the highlight of my weekend (other than spending all that QT with Big A). I was a little shaky at first, but once I figured out to line up the shot, I was good. The boys shook up soda cans and we shot at those. It was fun to watch them explode everywhere. I told Big A that we need to get to the shooting range. This was way too much fun!

Other than that. The weekend was meant for relaxation. We are still finalizing wedding stuff, so when I have a definite date and some details I will share with you all. The girl gets back into the office tomorrow, so hopefully I can go over there and figure everything out.

Eek! So much to do. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I've come to the conclusion that I suck at posting pictures. I'm trying to get better. I promise.

My problem is that I do most of my posting during slow times at work. Which means that all of my pictures are at home. Then I have full intentions of adding pictures when I get home, and quickly forget that fact that I normally forget things after 5 minutes.


Anyway...I was dying my hair this afternoon and I started going through my pictures (because when you have already destroyed the bathroom by covering it in hair dye, you learn to keep still in the rest of the house...and put a plastic bag on your head for protection HA) and realized that I never posted pictures from bridesmaid wine night.

I thought I had a lot more pictures, but apparently in my wine fueled haze, all that flashing was coming from someone else's camera. Go figure. We had a great night though, so I wanted to show the pictures. I have a great group of girls, so we had an amazing time. We drank. We ate. There was a Wilson Phillips sing-a-long. Some Michael Jackson choreography. Ya know the usual. And of course the next morning headache. That was a blast.

Here are all the girls together. Next time we need to hire a photographer so that we can get a really good one. (Back row left to right: L, Jackums, J$, Nat, Me. Front: Mrs. C and Pickles)
This is when Mrs. C and I were in the bathroom. Yes I am blow-drying her hair. J$ was to the right of me, but was hiding. Jackums took the pic. So there was 4 people in my tiny bathroom. It apparently was the place to be.
This is us before taking the shots that L brought. Everyone looks a little excited and a little nervous.

There were two extra shots. Since it was my house and my party I was elected to take one. And since Pickles had a crappy week, I decided she needed an extra one too. Aren't I a good friend? Encouraging my friends to drink more.
That's all I really have for pictures. The rest are our attempts at a group pictures and me trying on the gigantic diamond napkin ring that I bought for decoration. Ya know... to dream.
I'm going to try and get better at pictures. Not really because I think everyone is quietly sitting at home cursing my name because I post sans-pictures, but because the whole point of this blog is so that I can remember all of these times. I started it because I realized that my family was getting further away. And that the time to catch up was getting less and less, and I was struggling to find a way to hold on. To stay connected.
Now with everything going on with work, regular life, the wedding, etc. etc., it is a good way to really keep track. So some day I can remember exactly where I was and how I felt on a specific day or during a period in my life. Let's think of this as a "past mid-year resolution". We will see how it goes. I suck at taking pictures too, so I guess I have to work on that as well.
Speaking of pictures. I think I finally finished Big A and I's photo book. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so I keep going back and changing things. I'm hoping to get it ordered soon. I should probably just bite the bullet and do it. Whatevs. I think I can post it on here too, so I can share all of the glory! I know, you can hardly contain your excitement.
That's all for now. I'm off to enjoy what is left of this beautiful day. I think tomorrow is supposed to be crappy. So that's fun. I also heard that supposedly we have another hurricane/tropical storm that is supposed to hit next weekend... ya know...during our engagement party. Awesome.

Friday, September 2, 2011

A Little Inspiration... Thank you Pinterest.

So, quite unfortunately, the Patriots did not deliver the performance I was expecting. It was the last Pre-Season game, so I did not throw anything at the TV, but the last few minutes were pretty painful. I may have had some choice words to say to Mallet. And if I was Belichick, I would have even more choice words to say to him. But alas, I am not. So… unless I get into the hate mail business then he will never know how I feel. Whatevs.

I wish I had more of a wedding update for you, but alas I do not. I will say that we are currently working with a location and we should have the contract signed soon (I hope) , but with everything that happened, I don’t want to say anything until it is final.So, I will share with you some inspirational pictures that I have for the wedding.

And the fact that I have become absolutely obsessed with Pinterest. I added a button on the right hand side of the blog if you want to follow me and see all of my ideas. I started with just throwing everything into one big wedding board, but I’m in the process of dividing it out more. So I apologize for the absolute insanity that is my Pinterest right now.

So here is my inspiration right now. My plan (if I can somehow pull it off) is to have an Old Hollywood Glamour theme. Romantic. A little glitzy. Swoon.

Not a gigantic fan of the pink, since red is our color, but OMG... love!

Our cake comes with our package, so I don't think we are going to have the option to do anything crazy with it, but don't you just LOVE this cake? I love the crazy things that they can do with them now.

I would seriously give my right leg for this venue. It would be perfect. I'm doubting it is in my tiny budget though. Or anywhere near me. I'm highly disappointed with Massachusetts venue choices. I've seen amazing ones out of state. Meh... the grass is always greener I suppose.

I don't plan on having white flowers, but I love how they wrapped this. And the feathers. I die. I'm figuring out a classy way to work black feathers into the theme without making it look like there was a bird fight in our reception. Wish me luck.

These invitations are beautiful. Mucho dinero, but beautiful.
And this is what happens when your taste doesn't meet your budget. I found these invitations. Under the title, "Roaring 20's". Black. Classy. Feathers. Glitz. Perfect right? Ummm... check out the SAMPLE price. Yeah... um... no. (And I know that the picture is fuzzy, but yeah... that says $150 for the sample).

What do you all think? Am I nuts? Is it going to cost me millions? Do you have any cheap tricks or ideas? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just getting my feet wet with this whole thing, so I am open to suggestions.
That's all for today. I'm hoping that we get the venue stuff sorted out so that we can breathe a little easier. I'll keep you update because I know you are all DYING to know! Haha.

Have a great long weekend everyone! I am counting down the hours until I have an adult beverage in my hand!