Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a long, but good one.

Friday started with me running out of work and heading over to L's house. We went to the mall in search for something for me to wear to the Engagement Party. Despite having way too much fun trying everything on, we didn't end up finding anything. We did however learn that leopard print in "in" right now. Don't know who made the decision to bring animal prints back in full force, but I would like to thank them for limiting my clothing choice. There was one non-animal print item to every 20 animal print item. And I wish I was kidding.

So alas, we cut our losses and went to eat. However, the mall closed while we were at dinner and we had to be super sneaky about getting back in since my car was on the complete other side of the building. Ug.

Here's a little peak at the fun we had:

Animal print at its finest. What you can't see is that the bottom of my shoes (on the right) are chrome. Yep...leopard print & gold. Zebra print and chrome.

Needless to say, we didn't buy them.

L and her fabulous fashion sense. Unfortunately, with the lighting in the store you can't see how ridiculous the clothes are that she had on and it actually looks pretty stylish!

I found this little lady in Bath & Body Works. Had to buy it. It has Sweet Pea hand soap in it. My favorite!

Saturday, I met up with Pickles for coffee and then we went to get our hair done by our friend Marizzle. I just got mine cut, but Pickles spiced it up a bit by going dark again. The first picture I took she was scratching her nose and it looked less than ideal. This was the shot of me saying, "take another one or I am posting your nose picking one everywhere!"

Awww... such a nice hairstyle!

Saturday night, Big A and I went out to dinner and just spent some time by ourselves. We were in bed by like 10 watching TV. We knew we would have a long day on Sunday so we took it easy.

Sunday we had our Engagement Party. I can't believe how many people showed up! There was people EVERYWHERE! It was a great time and it was so nice of everyone to come out and celebrate with us. There were some great pictures taken and I can't wait to post them! We had people over after the party and then I turned into a grouchy mess and wanted to go to bed, so needless to say...I did not upload the pictures on our computer. I'll do it tonight though! I will show you a picture of the t-shirt that Big A's Aunt bought him.

Do you think she is trying to tell him something? Haha.

And that's all I have for this weekend. I am thoroughly exhausted and have 8,453,725 things to do for this big meeting that I am doing on Wednesday. It will be the death of me I am sure of it!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I will be continuing the fun with watching the Patriots kick some Dolphin behind tonight. After their last two pitiful games, they owe me!

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