Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Snow, No Power. UG

Well... this weekend turned out to be a little more excitement that we had originally thought. They predicted 6-8 inches...and 6-8 inches we got.

Saturday, Big A worked and then spent a good portion of the evening getting his truck ready to plow. We were secretly hoping that it was all for nothing, but we were wrong. By the time he was done it was snowing pretty bad, but he said we could still go to one of the Halloween parties (the other one was cancelled since the guy hosting it works for the DPW and he was going to get called out).

So, I excitedly got ready and ignored Big A when he mentioned 8 billion times, "Just for a little bit. When I say we need to go, we need to go. You know I have to get up early tomorrow. Blah blah, blah."

Yeap. OK.

We arrived home by about 11"15 (boooo) and enjoyed power for the short time we had it. By 3 AM it was gone and didn't come back until almost 8 PM last night. Which is why I don't have any pictures of my own to post. I will put them up tonight though. Here are a few that I stole from Facebook.

Biker Chick and Mr. Zombie

Biker Chick & Katy Perry
Biker Chick, Katy Perry, & Mrs. Zombie

It was quite the long day on Sunday. After getting practically no sleep from, Big A's boss calling at 3 AM because he was stuck plowing, the tree that fell next to our house causing a guy with a chainsaw and a loud idling truck to disturb my sleep from the hours of 4-5 AM. Then the alarm went off for Big A to leave. He finally left at 6. Then enter volunteer fire alarm going off for 15 minutes. Then the stupid Verizon Fios box was beeping constantly for 2 1/2 hours. Causing both of my phone to die while being on hold for 45 minutes each time without ever talking to someone. Then the various plows and trees falling. So eventually, Mr. Fresh and I just said eff it and got up.

With two dead phones, a dead Ipad, and no electricity. It was pretty boring. I went for a ride to charge my phone and wait 20 minutes in line to get a coffee (which I heard wasn't actually that bad of a wait) and then had the brilliant idea that I could watch DVDs on the computer. Except I got through 2 1/2 episodes of Sexy & The City and the thing died. Ug. I never would have made it back in the day with no electricity! Do you know how many freaking times I tried to turn on the lights?!

Luckily, the people we watch the football games with had a generator so we were able to watch the Patriots get humiliated by the Steelers. We enjoyed some good food since we hadn't eaten all day. And went home to find out that we had JUST got back power. YAY!

Quite the eventful day. Oy. Did anyone else get hit with the snow? Lose power? Snuggle underneath the covers with their Border Collie?

I will leave you with this picture of Mr. Fresh and I attempting to get warm when we got home last night.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas!

So, last year the wonderful people at Shutterfly made all of my dreams come true.

I was DYING to send out Christmas cards with our pictures on it, but they weren't exactly in the budget. We had JUST moved into our apartment right before Christmas the year before, so I really didn't have a lot of time or money to put anything together. So I HAD to last year. But alas, I had given up my dream.

Until... they were offering bloggers 25 free Christmas cards. Seriously. Dream come true. So I excitedly signed up and made this wonderful little gem. In love. Aren't we such a cute little family?!

Quite the attractive family. Although I think our "son" looks more like his dad. Heh.
This year, Shutterfly is going it again. And I can't even imagine what I would want to do with them. I am DYING to get our Engagement pictures back so that I can get them done! Here are a few that tickle my fancy:

How cute is this? Although is would probably be better for next year when we are married.

LOVE. This.

Simple. Yet still awesome.

This one really goes with out wedding colors. (Although so does last years)

I can't even tell you how excited I am to be able to do these Christmas cards again this year. (Or how absolutely upset I will be when one day I actually have to start paying for them again). Want to get in on the action too? Just head on over to here and fill out the form to get your own Shutterfly Christmas cards!
And seriously... check out their other amazing products that you can get!
Calendars... I keep telling Big A that I want to make a calendar of us! Maybe with our Engagement pictures.
Photo Gifts...I am pretty sure that next Christmas, everyone is getting something with one of our wedding pictures on it! Heh. Hope you all love our faces!
Personalized Gift Tags...wouldn't these be great for Christmas?! I always buy them since I am super OCD about how my presents looked wrapped, but I have never bought them PERSONALIZED! (I have a secret obsession with personalized things because growing up there was NOTHING with my name on it... well at least my spelling!)

First Snowfall....UG

So it happened... mark it on your calendars (well...unless you don't live in Mass, because you probably don't care to know this). First snowfall. October 27, 2011. (Mind you... October 8-9 it was in the 80s. Yeap!)
Pictures to prove it.
So I decide, that since it is snowing I would make myself some hot chocolate. AND I was so excited to find out that we actually HAD some (usually my wants don't always match what we have...remember the chicken parm and tears episode?)
And I was all excited to make it until THIS happened...
Yeap. Hot chocolate FAIL.

This was a gigantic biatch to clean up. AND I only got about half a cup out of the remaining amount. Ug. Bummah.

So needless to say...if my hot chocolate incident is any indication...I am NOT ready for winter. Snow, please go far far away, and sun and warm weather please return. Thanks!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Do When I Probably Should Be Working

As I mentioned before... it is kind of a slow day. Yeah... so this is what I found myself doing.

Looking up hysterical baby costumes. Enjoy. And have a nice giggle as I did.

Baby Elvis. (Crappy pic, but I refuse to delete)

Not exactly sure what this is, but it involves a baby with a moustache and a beer. 'Nuff said.

Woopie Cushion. Coolest ever.

Turkey dinner. Heh. Hysterical.

I think what makes this photo the most awesome is the look on the kid's face! Like..."umm...what the hell are you doing and why am I in a pot?"

Princess Leia. Adorable.

Gallagher. Not 100% sure, but I think he is the guy who smashes the Watermelon. Regardless... the kid has a moustache. We know how I feel about that.

And. My ABSOLUTE favorite. This is what started the Google Search.

Dwight Shrute. LOVE IT!!! Hahaha

And that is all. I hope you enjoyed these pictures. All found on Google Image Search under various keywords "hysterical kid's costumes" "hysterical baby costumes" "unusual baby costumes" etc. etc.

Seriously?! Thursday

Oh Thursday. Almost like Friday, but not quite. Ug.

I'm linking up with Becky for Seriously?! Thursday.

This is everything that made me say Seriously?! this week...the good and the bad.

1. This is how people find my blog. They search for "petite lap giraffe" and come to my blog. Glad to know that I am not the only freak show that is obsessed with them. There are at least 82 other people out there. (yes I counted)

2. Date night last night? 10/10. We did our usual visit to the Halloween Outlet. And as usual it was a shit show so we were there for all of .5 seconds. (Long enough to freak out about the Killer Clown guy who jumped out at us when we walked in. And how they moved the entire life size killer clown doll collection to the front of the store. Ug.) We then went to one of my most favorite restaurants...Tweeds! Had some great conversation and then went home and watched TV until I eventually passed out face down into my pillow at some unknown hour. All I know is that one minute, the lights and TV are on, and the next it is 3 AM. Regardless... perfect evening.

3. I am NOT ready for all of this talk about snow. Seriously... where is my 90 degree weather and tank tops. Ug.

4. This woman at work said she deleted her e-mails and was wondering why she wasn't able to find them after that. Well... let me try and explain this deleted them. They are gone. Adios. Bye bye. Really?!

5. Young House Love is doing a Pinterest Challenge and it makes me want to make my own Christmas Ornaments. (Sorry Mom, I know it isn't December). Maybe have them be Christmas presents for people. I can be crafty, I love being crafy. (Is is sad that I am REALLY excited...and may have already opened up a new IE tab to go to Pinterest...right now...).

6. Despite our visit to the Halloween Outlet... I still have no clue what I want to be. Sad.

7. I have like...20 minutes of work to do. That has to last me today and tomorrow. Seriously... like 20 minutes of work. I know that on some level I should be excited about the down time (and we all know I complain when I am buried) but I feel like my brain is turning to mush. A monkey could do my job. I actually tried to figure out if I could get a monkey for a day to sit at my desk and see if anyone would notice. (Work wise...obviously looks wise wouldn't work. I am FAR more attractive than a monkey... although that's not saying much. ug... why do I share these ideas?)

8. It is almost time to start the countdown to my bday! And I am that much more excited about it this year since last year I had a mini meltdown. So, now that I got that out of my system I am all excited. I am going to rock 26. It is after all... the age I will get married! Eeeek!

9. "Look Who's Talking" was on TV the other day and I may or may not have excitedly watched every single second of it. And then wistfully thought of "Look Who's Talking Too" since that is obviously the best one. (I won't even mention the third one...ridiculous.)

10. Laura is going to be re-doing my blog soon and I am SOOOOO excited. I can't wait to see what it looks like. Especially since I wasn't that helpful... (dark colors, swirls... sorry Laura I wasn't more help! haha).

I think that 10 is good for one day. I also think that I was surprisingly positive today. Yay me! Haha.

So... what made you say Seriously?! this week? Head on over to Becky's blog and link up.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So What! Wednesday

You know what time it is....

Oh how I LOVE me some So What! Wednesday!

And the sad thing is...I was thinking about what I would write about all last night! Haha.


This week I am saying So What! if...

* I was in such a craptastic mood last night that I decided I needed a little comfort food a la Chicken Parm (diet what? wedding dress who?)...and then dissolved into tears when I realized that I didn't have any spaghetti sauce. But then I dragged my emotional ass down to the store and all was right in the world.*

* Formerly mentioned craptastic mood made me not touch a single dish or piece of laundry last night. They both desperately needed to be done, but I couldn't be bothered. *

* I am so in need of a vacation that the fact that it was lightly sprinkling this morning almost made me call out of work. No bueno. *

* Just 2 1/2 weeks ago it was 80 degrees (no joke. 10/8/11 our engagement pics...80 effing degrees) and it is supposed to snow on Thursday. SNOW! Mother Nature has been hitting the sauce apparently. (OK, so that's not about me...but I had to throw that in somewhere because I'm majorly pissed off).*

* I brought breakfast today, but when I found out someone had a meal ticket in the cafeteria (free food!) I put it in the fridge and quickly jumped on the free breakfast train. Now i have breakfast for today AND tomorrow! *

* The fact that it was rainy and cold this morning and Big A was all snuggled in bed not having to go to work, made me want to smack him. We all know I get jealous every Wednesday. This is no secret. The positive part is that I DON'T slap him. YAY! *

*The countdown to the wedding on my IPad made my stomach turn. There is sooooo much to do. *

* I was a little snotty when a woman at work responded that it is normal to feel ill at the thought of only sleeping with one man for the rest of my life (apparently she didn't hear it was because there was too much to do). A) It is none of your business. Move along. B) Big A is the EASY part of this wedding. I found my happily ever after. Everything else is just gravy. C) THAT is what you think of when you think of marriage. Ewww. *

And that's all for today. Maybe later I will post about the wonderful panic attack I had in Wegman's yesterday. Me + too many people in a small space = no bueno.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Complaints of a House"Wife"

Remember when I thought it would be cool to be a house wife. Ya know... back when I was pretending that getting a ring on my finger wasn't the only thing that I thought about day and night? (Pathetic much?)

Let's go back to that shall we? Let's be clear. I was more focused on the wife stuff than the house part. And now let's go off on a little rant shall we?

I hate cleaning. I hate grocery shopping. I hate doing laundry. I hate washing dishes. Despise, is probably a more accurate word. Because honestly, in my free time... that last thing that I want to be doing is any of those. Seriously. But alas... it is.

When it comes to cooking. I don't mind it so much. It really isn't that much of an inconvenience, I just hate the fact that all of the clean-up (counters, stove, dishes, etc.) is left to me. That makes me not even want to start.

Now, don't get me wrong. Big A isn't a complete degenerate who spends his nights sitting with a beer in one hand and his other hand down his pants a-la Al Bundy... but...when it comes to that stuff... he just doesn't get it.

I don't know if he notices when the house gets messy (he could and just not say anything because we all know I will tell him to clean it himself). I don't know if he cares that there are dishes all over the counter that haven't been put away and there are dirty dishes overflowing in the sink, because there is no room on the counter (and apparently I have done something horrible in life to not deserve a dishwasher). I don't know if he cares that there is dog hair over every single surface of the house. That there are dirty clothes all over the floor and the clean clothes that have been sitting in the laundry basket for 3 weeks need to be put away.

I don't know if it bothers him when people come over and the house is absolutely atrocious. But it drives me absolutely batty. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a clan freak by any means. Trust me. However, I can't stand living in filth. And even more so... I can't stand other people seeing us live in our own filth. I would be more likely to be more comfortable in the crap if no one knew about it (gross right?)

I guess I just wonder why... in this world where women can do anything they set their minds to... and it is all about equality... are the women still predominantly responsible for the "stereotypical female jobs", cleaning, etc. Really? Now let me get this straight.

I am supposed to go to school, because women are pushed to be more educated. I am supposed to have a thriving career, because women are bread winners too. I am supposed to know how to use a hammer, operate a drill, change my tire, change my oil, etc. etc., because women are supposed to be able to fend for themselves too. Those aren't "men" jobs anymore.

AND... I am supposed to do all of the cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, dish washing, insert other menial tasks here. Please explain to me how ANY of this is fair?! UG.

I know when we have a house, things will be different. There will be more to do (and maybe even a dishwasher and washer & dryer) so we will split more... but sometimes it just gets frustrating to be doing both halves of the work simply because I was born a female. Ug.

It isn't usually a problem because Big A usually does more and I am not usually so effing tired so it isn't as big of deal, but between work, and wedding stuff, the 8 million other things I am trying to do, on TOP of the normal house stuff... is getting to be slightly overwhelming.

It will all get better. It will all get easier. Things will return to normal and I will no longer want to rip my hair out. is just one of those days. :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, October 24, 2011

My Weekend in Review

Happy Monday Folks! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as I did. I will get to my weekend in a moment, but there is something that I want to touch on quickly. Just a little something I think needs some attention...

The fact that it is 44 effing degrees out and I am sitting at my desk wearing a jacket AND a blanket. WTF is this BS?!?! I am NOT ready for this.

Don't believe me? This is from

Big A and I have decided that we are not turning the heat on until November 1st. We are sticking to it, but it isn't easy. What happened to those October days when it was like 80? Can we get a few of those please?! Ug.

Anyway. Now that I am done whining. Let us begin.

Friday, I took a half day. There wasn't much going on and everyone else in the office had something else to go to at lunch time, so I wasn't about to sit here by myself. So I went home. I stopped at Walmart to get L's son's b-day present and some stuff to make brownies for Wine Night. And diet bills. Yes, I bought brownie mix AND diet pills at the same time. The worst part is that the brownies have rice krispies, peanut butter, and chocolate chips on the top (amazing recipe, if you want it just ask! I stole it from L). So I had all of that and diet pills. The guy looked at me like I had 6 heads. Little did he know that I'm not huge on brownies (I mean I like them but I don't crave sweets. I might have a little here and there. Which is why I made them. So I won't eat them. Smart. I know). Meh.

Then I went him and spontaneously cleaned part of my house. I got about 3/4 of the way through before I realized that there is no way in hell that I was taking a half day and spending it cleaning. So I stopped and watched some TV. The house was clean enough. Meanwhile, I was making the brownies in stages. And they were all done by this point. I packed up and headed over to Mrs. C's early. It was good to get some alone time with her before anyone else got there. Although Mr. C was there. Which was fine. He did his best to stand us, but when everyone else got there he disappeared into the bedroom. Smart man.

Saturday, I met up with Mama and Pickles for coffee. We spent a good hour chatting and then Pickles and I went to Target for a little bit before we headed over to L's house for the birthday party. I STILL can NOT believe that her little man is 4! That is nuts to me! We had a great time hanging out with everyone, eating tons and tons of delicious food, and watching Little Dude open up his presents. Funny how last year was all about Toy Story and this year was all about Ninja Turtles and Spiderman. He's getting way too big.

After that, I headed over my parents' house to pick up the belt sander for some work I was doing at N & J's the next day. Talked to Ma & Pa Dukes. And showed Papa my wedding dress. It was just pictures of me when we went shopping, so it will be a totally different experience on the day of when it fits right, my hair is done, etc. etc. etc. After that I headed home. Big A and I got take out. Watched some TV. Were bums and in bed earlyish. Haha wild. I know.

Sunday was spent with N over at her new house. I was sanding benches that we will be staining. We had quite the adventure at Home Depot, including, but not limited to, almost getting run over by some crazy man and a giant cart. It was interesting to say the least. The plan was to get the first coat of stain on there yesterday, but we got a late start and I only got to finish sanding before heading over to Mama & Papa's for dinnah. I am heading over there tonight to do the first coat. Probably for the best, since my hand was so cramped and I am not completely devoid of all fingerprints. I think I needed a night to rest.

And that is all. Now I am freezing my ass off and pretending that it isn't Monday. UG. I hope you all had a fantabulous weekend as well. Here's counting down to the next one! We have Halloween parties next weekend so I am excited. Except for the fact that I have no effing clue what I am going to be. Thoughts?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Verbal Vomit...and I get emotional...AGAIN

Remember when you were a kid and it rained so hard that all of the worms came out. And they covered every inch of the ground. You would jump over them, poke them with sticks, pick them up and scare your friends with them (no? just me on that last one?).

And then all of a sudden, you find yourself in this same situation. Only this time, you are leaving your office building. About to drive home through rough hour traffic. Your home. That you live in with your significant other. That in less than a year you will be married too.

And you are caught somewhere between...holy shit how the hell did I get here? and... holy shit how did I get here? Trust me. They are very different things.

On the one hand... all of a sudden, you blink and you are 25. Your childhood has pass you by and it is time to be an adult. Soon you will be having kids of your own. And you somewhat mourn your childhood innocence. You wish that you could go back there and savor it a little bit more. Tell yourself to enjoy it. Don't grow up too fast. Remember every moment of it. Take risks. Have fun. Be a KID.

On the other hand... in all of my dreams I never imagined life to be like this. I may not have some big, high-paying fancy-schmancy job (sidenote: Dear Fourth Grade Me, did you really think that you were going to be the first woman President? You don't even LIKE politics.), but I have a job. A job that I got based on my hard work, good reputation, and completing my college degree. I may not have a mansion, but I have a place to call my own. I have food in the fridge (whether I cook it or not is another issue). I have a roof over my head. I have electricity. I have an amazing group of friends. Seriously. These people would have my back in a second, no questions asked. And while they may drive me nuts sometimes, they are still mine (and I'm sure I'm not always a peach...yes...I said it). I have the most adorable dog in the world, who only asks to be fed and loved. Lather, rinse, repeat. That's all he needs. And I have the most INCREDIBLE man. A man who picked ME to be his forever. Someone to laugh with. Someone to cry with. Someone to share life's ups and downs. Forever and always.

I've been rather nostalgic lately. I know that I have joked about slowly losing my mind in planning this wedding and really wishing that sappy commercials about love wouldn't make me dissolve in tears anymore. BUT, I have just been so overwhelmed with how incredibly blessed I am. My cup runneth over. I just can't help it.

On Monday, I was at a meeting with a woman who I have planned over a dozen meetings with. We never really got too into our personal lives, but coming off the high of buying my wedding dress I was practically talking her ear off. We were talking about Big A and I was saying how excited I was to marry him. How our planning was going. And somewhere in the conversation I mentioned that he was my best friend.

Now... I'm going to head into a little sidenote here. Because I can hear some of you in questioning this. Let me explain. I have friends. I do. I have my own friends. I have mutual friends with Big A. I have a complete, fully sufficient life outside of Big A. I am a whole person, with or without him. It is part of what makes our relationship so great. BUT, I spend most of my time with him. I see him more than I see any other person I know (well...except for work people. But none of them are going to come drinking with me on the weekends). I can be 110% myself with him. I can be silly. Weird. Funny. Sad. Hysterical. Psycho. Happy. Elated. Crazy. *Insert every other emotion here* and he will not judge me. He accepts me for everything that I am. The good and the bad (although I am having trouble thinking of any bad right now...). And I know, that no matter what. No matter how angry we are with each other. No matter how bad things can get sometimes (because I will not pretend that our relationship is perfect. It gets a little hairy sometimes) he will be there for me. He will be standing by my side. And nothing will change his love for me (well...maybe if something happened to the Chevelle, but I am about 75% sure he wouldn't leave me...he just might never talk to me again). And... if that isn't a best friend? Then I don't know what is. Now... I will step off my soap box and continue my rambling.

As I am talking about Big A, this woman was just staring at me. When I finished, she looked at me and said, "Do you know how incredibly lucky you are? I have been married to my husband for 25 years. I love him to death. But, I don't think I have ever been able to say that he is my best friend." I told her that I knew I was lucky. That for whatever reason, I was lucky enough to have found my one true love. And that if nothing else comes from life. If I have a mediocre job. If I have a ho-hum house. If Mr. Fresh all of a sudden decides to disown me as his Mama and no longer keeps my feet warm in bed at night? I will still consider myself a lucky person. Sometimes it is easier than others to remember that (especially when Big A is driving me nuts and I want to punch him in the nose) but I still know it somewhere (I mean there has to be SOME reason that I don't haul off and hit him).

I guess my whole point of this is to just say that, I can't believe how much life has changed. I can't believe how different things are. I can not believe that I am 25 and not 12. But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. This is my life. And although sometimes I wish that I could have a time machine for just a little bit... I wouldn't do anything different.

Alright. Enough mush and gush. I probably should have prefaced this post with, If you are known to have a sensitive stomach, please make sure to have a barf bag handy. This post is heavy on the mush.

Anywho. I hope you are are having a wonderful day and that you all have something (or someone) that makes you lucky.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

It is Seriously?! Thursday! How exciting!

I'm linking up with Becky to bitch and moan... I mean... tell you what made me say Seriously?! this week...

1. Seriously... I bought a freaking wedding dress!!! I told Big A that there was no backing out now...because apparently you can before you buy the wedding dress?

2. Seriously... I have been fighting it for about a week and a half, but I think I am officially getting sick. I have sneezed 80 million times today and that it totally and understatement. Wah.

3. Seriously... the thought of the chili that I have cooking at home is what is getting me through the day. Yummm....chili.

4. Seriously... I came across a random blog today that a girl wrote through her wedding planning. It's called Chelsea Gets Married and I seriously spent my morning stalking it. She doesn't post on it anymore, but she has a new one that she posts about her married life on and I can't wait to read it. BUT, seeing as how I spent WAY too much time reading Every.Single.Post this morning... I should probably hold off on that for another day.

5. Seriously...L's little man is turning 4 this weekend. And I can't believe it. I mean... I know I am supposed to be the supportive friend because she is emotional about it too, but my little dude... he's so big. And don't even get my started on his 4 Year pictures. Sad.

6. Seriously...Big A and I started looking at invitations last night. There wasn't a whole lot in our color scheme in the book that we were looking at, but we managed to actually sit down and look through them. So that was a plus. I don't want to jinx it, but he is really being helpful when I talk to him seriously about wedding stuff. I'm impressed.

7. Seriously... I would like to go home and crawl into bed. I think it is still raining out, even though the weather people promised it wouldn't. That's what I get for listening to someone who isn't my Kevin Lemanowitz (I have no idea if that is how you spell his name, but I am not looking it up).

8. Seriously... I keep forgetting that tomorrow is Wine night. That is so not like me. Further proof that I must be getting sick. Uuuuuug.

And that's all I gots for you today. It is almost lunch time. Which is halfway to home time. Which means chili time. I just might make it through the day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

So What! Wednesday

It is another So What! Wednesday.

A rainy, cold, So What! Wednesday. Where I would rather be home in bed.

Ug. But, instead I spent my morning in a staff meeting and am now linking up with Shannon.

Linking up with Shannon is awesome. Staff meetings blow though. Ug.

Anywho... this week I am saying So What! if...

* my level of productiveness this week is almost nonexistent. I have been stuck in meetings up the wazoo and I just.can't.catch.up. *

* L and I were the only ones watching FootLoose last night who actually laughed at the movie. I swear everyone else was asleep. And no... it had nothing to do with the Grey Goose and Moscato that we snuck in. There were like 6 other people in there and it was dead silent except for our cackles.*

* I haven't been to the gym in over a week and I probably won't be going today either. I have been uber busy and actually upset that I couldn't find time to go. But today... today I feel crappy and the last thing I want to do is go run on a treadmill...wah!*

* I walked around my house for two days when Big A wasn't home with my veil on. I stopped after I almost ripped it...the second time...eek. I'm excited... that's a GOOD thing. *

* I told the dog to get a job this morning and then huffed away. Just once... I wanted to be the one who stayed home being lazy all day and HE had to go to work, do the dishes, cook dinner, etc. Plus, the extra income would really help with the heating bills this winter. (this is what happens when I have to wake up too early)*

* The phone just rang and before I looked to see who it was for, I had already decided that I wasn't going to pick it up if it was for me. I don't really know if I can do that, but it was going to happen. You better believe it. *

And that's all I gots for now. I am actively trying to convince myself to stay at work and not go home sick... so maybe I should actually get some work done just in case I don't make it.

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesdays with Maury...but not really...

I seem to have fallen off the proverbial diet wagon. Ug.

After my wonderful dress appointment (and spending two days walking around the apartment with my veil on...until I almost ripped it...eek!) I decided that I was going to give myself one last hurrah and then be done with it.

This is serious business. There is NO way that I can NOT fit into this dress. is too big. Heh. However, last night after conquering the gigantic pile of dishes that was mocking me for days (I need a dishwasher) I was not about to cook. So Big A and I ordered from across the street. Anyone else see anything wrong with that?

1) Hey dumbass... you are supposed to be saving money for a wedding and a house. Not getting take out when you have perfectly good food to cook.
2) Hey double dumbass.... you know you can not control yourself when it comes to their delicious crab cakes and oh so juicy cheeseburgers.


If it makes anyone feel any better, I was still under my calorie goal though! AND I felt like crap for eating crap that my body wasn't used to. Woo hoo!

Anywhoo.... enough about my lack of self control.

L and I are going to see Footloose tonight. Not my first choice in movies, but it looks like it could be interesting enough. Plus L really wants to see it. And we always go for drinks Win Win. Yay.

Other than that, it is a pretty normal week. I seriously keep thinking that I have something to do, but can not for the life of me remember what it is. I am sure I will figure it out eventually. I just hope not after I am supposed to be there! Haha. Alrighty folks! Have a wonderful Tuesday! I will be spending the rest of my day trying not to lick the glass between me and what ever wonderful food they are cooking in the cafeteria. And I will proudly walk over (sobbing silently) to the salad bar and get my lunch. Boooo.

Monday, October 17, 2011

I'm at a meeting all day today. Slowly wasting away precious minutes of my life.

I'm at a meeting all day today. Slowly wasting away precious minutes of my life.
Haha. I kid, but it has been a long day.

I'm going to preface this with telling you that this is the first time that I have emailed a blog entry. So if this comes off as all kinds of strange, I promise you that I have not gone off the deep end and I am not hitting the sauce early. It is just technology at its finest.

I hope you all enjoyed my lovely little post about finding my wedding dress. It was truly an amazing experience and I am sad that it has passed. Yep. You heard that right. I apparently enjoyed trying on big, fancy, fluffy, expensive dresses. WTF?! Remember when I talked about how this wedding is changing me? It is turning me into a major chick. Ug. What is it about a wedding that brings out the feminine side of you? Maybe I really do need to put some more black and skulls into the mix. Just to even out all of this estrogen fueled crap. Ug.

Other than slowly losing my mind. Things are going well. Wedding planning is going well. I think other than finding a JP, we are ahead of the game. I really need to start looking into that. Eek!

I think Big A and I might be looking into houses again. We did the math and realized that we have given our landlord way over $20,000 in the two years we have been in our apartment. Did that just make anyone else vomit in their months? So, we are going to take things nice and slow. Just put some feelers out there. Big A's mother (otherwise known as my Fabulous Future Mother in Law) really made some great points to us that got us thinking. So, we will see how it all works out. I think we are going to give ourselves a cut off date. That if it gets too close to the wedding and nothing has happened, we will take a break and refocus after. I, of course, say this without running it by Big A first. Haha. We have made some steps and the bank didn't pee themselves laughing at us, so that is a start right?

That is all the news I have for now. I have secretly managed to blog during my meeting. I am now trying to figure out how to secretly read blogs during my meeting. Sometimes I wish the screen on the IPad wasn't so big. Then people wouldn't be all up in my bizz-ness. Bummah. Hope your day is more fun than mine.

Sent from my iPad

Wedding To Dos.... CHECK!

So... this weekend I crossed another to do item off my list.

Can you guess what it was?

Let's start from the beginning. Saturday, I woke up far earlier than my body wanted to and somehow managed to dress myself and take care of the dog. I then drove, caffeine free, to pick up my future mother in law and then off to my mother's house to pick her up.

I was running late, which I HATE, but caffeine was necessary, so we stopped at Dunkin's quick so the Junkie could get her fix (and before anyone reads into that, the Junkie was me and my fix was coffee... please no interventions, thanks).

We made it to David's Bridal by the skin of our teeth and L was there. Nat was running a bit late, but we had time to look around for a bit and she made it there by the time I was trying on dresses. Perfect timing.

It was a little overwhelming at first. I started to look at the dresses and immediately started to tear up. Seriously, I don't know what took over my body, but since we got engaged I have been a gigantic blubbering mess. And although Jackums is having fun with the fact that I am so "human" now, I'm not cool with it. But I digress.

I composed myself and we began to pull out a few dresses. I felt like it was a million, but apparently it was only 4.

I tried on the first one and thought it was pretty, but it just wasn't me. Please notice my uncomfortable arms in the photo on the left. Blech. So we moved on.
Dress number 2 showed some promise. I came out, took one look in the mirror and immediately burst into tears. I think it was just real at that moment that I was actually trying on wedding dresses. I was going to be finding THE dress that I would marry the love of my life in. If you have ever experienced true, all-consuming love, then I'm sure you can understand that the thought of being lucky enough to get to spend forever with them is a little emotional. I loved the dress it was absolutely amazing. (Sorry the pics are so small, just look reaaaal close)
Then I tried Dress # 3. Which I HAD to try. It was one of the first ones that I fell in love with when I started looking. However, my mother quickly told me that the top of the dress looked like lettuce and it was not the one. End of story. Which was kind of sad, because I loved it, but she knows what looks good on me and if she said, it wasn't the one. Plus, FMIL, Nat, and L weren't feeling it either.
Then I found a dress. It was one of the one's that I picked and really hadn't remembered about it. Until I realized I was having so much fun trying on dresses (go figure since I spent most of Friday night wanting to vomit at the thought of going) then I realized that I had one more and why not try it out. And I LOVED it. I didn't cry. But I LOVED it.
But, of course since I cried with Dress # 2 I got concerned. I loved this dress. More than # 2, but I didn't cry. Did that mean I didn't like it? Did that mean that it wasn't the one? Was I just so confused because I liked more than one? I went back and looked at the prices and they were the same. So that made things easier. I didn't want to be swayed by price.
I was running around in the dress. Dancing. Being silly. I could sit in it without dying. It was great. So, I've watched enough "Say Yes to the Dress" to know that I needed to try on Dress # 2 again. I had to be sure. So, L and I went back into the dressing room. (Sidenote: L was an effing ROCKSTAR. SO much that the consultant that we had offered her a job numerous times. She knew her stuff. How to get in and out of the dresses. How the petticoat should fit. How to tie a corset. Ev.ry.thing. Seriously, I am thinking she needs to become a Professional Maid of Honor. She is the bees knees. End sidenote.)
When I went back in. I put on Dress # 2 and walked back out. And I knew. I knew. I wasn't as comfortable in it. It was heavy. The train was ridiculously long, which would have made my butt look weird when it was bustled. Seriously ridiculous. And I knew, in that split second it wasn't the one. So, I put Dress # 4 back on and told them I was done. This was it. Wrap it up. Done and done.
The alterations woman came out and fixed the corset back again (since we didn't tie it up the second time since it was crazy hard) and sized me up. She then decided that since the corset didn't look right I needed to go a size DOWN (take that stupid BIATCH that told me I was too fat for the wedding dress that I tried on at the Expo. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. And maybe choke on it... ya know...if we're gonna be bitter). I had to get the extra length on the dress too because I am so effing tall. I was 1/2 an inch away from it being perfect. Ug.
Then the amazing manager came out with the most amazing veil (which I never thought I would have because I wanted a birdcage veil, but that was quickly turned down as well) and that was that. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. (Well, not really since it won't be in until January, but you get it)
And that is the story of how I bought my mother effing WEDDING DRESS!!! I can't believe it. And sorry folks, but you won't get to see the big reveal until the wedding pictures. And I promise you that I am not pulling a fast one and saying that one of the dresses above isn't mine when it is. Just trust me. I will promise that you will think it is fabulous when I finally show it to you. Otherwise, you are just silly and have no sense. Hahaha.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We finished ours off with a nail-biter Patriots game, but finished off the night with a W. Woo hoo! I am off to spend some time with my honey! Adios Muchachas!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Babies and Weddings and Parties... Oh my!

TGIF... no seriously... I NEEDED today.

Especially after getting .5 hours of sleep last night. Ug.

Last night we headed over to a little birthday shin-dig do I describe him? He was in a band with Big A's mom. He is a close family friend. He is the father of one of Big A's friends. The Father-in-Law of one of my bridesmaids. An all around awesome guy.

It was a lot of fun and great to see everyone and celebrate such an amazing person. There was delicious food and wine and great times.

There was also some great announcements... (and you posted this on FB Mrs. C so I feel cleared to announce it)... Mrs. C is prego mego! Soooooo exciting! I know how much she wanted this and I could NOT be happier for her. Seriously, so excited. It brought tears to my eyes to think of how much of an amazing mother she will be. I can NOT wait!!!! (And she did good, she will have the baby before the wedding, so she followed my instructions! Haha. My only rule was that no one was allowed to give birth at the wedding. That's not too much to ask right? haha)

Another one of my bridesmaids has some exciting news too! I have been dying to share it! Jackums is Prego Mego toooooooo! I've been waiting for the go ahead to announce it and literally just got the OK. (Seriously... 5 seconds ago this part talked about other exciting news that I would share when I got the A-OK haha and then she texted me and the rest is history). I am SO excited for her too! I can't wait to meet her crazy little baby! (Because we all know that this child will be nuts. But, I appreciate it because by the time I have my little hellions, no one will be surprised when my child is nuts! haha).

It is a wonderful time for babies. Correction: Other people's babies. I have to fit my ass into a wedding dress in 10 1/2 months. No babies over here for awhile.

So I am currently bursting with excitement over all of the fun there is to be had! Lots of parties and changes over the next year! It is going to be a wild ride!

Yaaaaaaaaaay for babies and weddings and awesomeness!

Now to suffer through the rest of my day and anxiously await the excitement of wedding dress shopping tomorrow. All of you pray to the wedding gods and cross your fingers that I find something my price range! Haha.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

This Seriously?! Thursday is brought you to by one rainy ass day here in Good ‘Ole Massachusetts. Get out your rain gear and your canoes… you’re gonna need it.

Here is a list of all of the things that made me say “SERIOUSLY?!” this week… (good and bad)…

1. I am trying on wedding dresses in two days. Two mother effing days. Seriously? It kind of almost feels real now. Kind of. Almost.

2. To the dude who stopped in the middle of the road to let 8,342,615 people out of a side street, for no other reason other than to let 8,342,615 people out of a side street…thanks for making me late for work. Also, thanks for letting out that very last car that I had to follow doing 12 mph the rest of the way to work. You’re ass is grass a peach.

3. When it is dark, cold, and rainy, it should be a law that you get to stay home and lay in bed for as long as you want. This whole freezing thing on the way to work is for the birds. Ug.

4. I had two glasses of wine with L on Tuesday night and had a killer headache all day yesterday. My lack of drinking is not only causing me to shower with socks on, but also not allow me to be able to hang with the big boys (well, L isn’t a big boy, but if I can’t handle two glasses of wine then I guess shots of whiskey are out too).

5. I spent my entire time getting ready this morning trying to keep Mr. Fresh off the bed since he was wet. And I succeeded. Until the damn dog asked for more food, I turned out to get him some, and when I turned BACK around…he was laying on my side of the bed with his head on his pillow. A) My pillow is going to smell gross. B) How the hell is he so quiet jumping up on the bed? Sneaky. He must be a ninja.

6. Last night, I spent the entire evening breaking into song & dance whenever Big A said something that was a line in a popular song. And for some reason he still wants to marry me. It MUST be love.

7. I have this meeting that I am helping to plan, that is supposed to take place on Monday and Tuesday… and I’m reaaaaalllllyyyy not into it. And I’m wondering if anyone would notice if I just… stopped working on it… it’s kind of already planned. No one will know. Right?!

8. Big A and I went to see N & J’s new house last night. SUPER adorable and I am totally jealous of their homeownership. And N asked them to leave the picnic table because she wants me to paint it. I’m trying to play it uber cool, but I am honored and touched that someone would pick ME to do something like that when I think most of the things I do are silly. SO excited to go get the paint and work out what she wants to do!

And that is all for today. At some point I have to start pretending that I am working. (When in all reality both of my bosses are in an all day meeting so the chance of them actually asking me to do something today is slim to none…whatevs…)

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So What! Wednesday

So What! Wednesday. We meet again.

Oh Shannon, thank you for giving me a wonderful excuse to complain every week.

Although we all know I do it anyway.

This week I am saying So What! If…

* I immediately transformed back to 5th grade when asking Shannon if I could guest post on her blog for SWW. It was like seeing if someone wanted to be your friend and waiting for the rejection because you obviously aren’t cool enough… way to be confident K. Haha. *

* I am attempting to pretend like buying a wedding dress is no big deal and if I don’t find something then it ain’t no skin off my nose…but I will really be crushed if I can’t find anything.*

*I got teary-eyed watching Kim Kardashian’s wedding special. To be fair, I started to get upset when she was talking about her dad…soooo… it isn’t really my fault. *

* I only worked for about two hours yesterday. I had to drive all over creation for some Safety presentation (which was actually pretty emotional, I think I will post on that more lately, this guy’s story is heartbreaking) and then by the time I got to work, I only had two hours before I had to leave for a doctor’s appointment. *

* I bought Big A a Christmas present yesterday, swore I wouldn’t give it to him until Christmas, and then gave it to him within 30 seconds of him walking in the door. Ug. *

* I skipped the gym the past two days. Monday I was still struggling walking after my Jillian Michael’s beat down and yesterday the damn biatch at my doctor’s office waited FOREVER to tell someone that I needed blood work done, then I got stuck in traffic, and at that point I just wanted to go home. Plus, I didn’t know how getting my blood taken + empty stomach would transfer over to working out. *

Ug. Alright. ADD is kicking in and I’m struggling to write this post whilst simultaneously looking for a present for a friend, looking at wedding stuff, pretending to work, checking Facebook, and remembering to drink my coffee before it gets cold and I have to reheat it for a third time. I think I need a vaca.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Pictures, Jillian, and Patriots... Oh My!

Oh Monday, you never fail to show up. AND you never fail to suck.

I'm at the office today, with like 3 other people, since everyone else took the day off. Making me think that I should have just taken the day off. But alas, I am here. Ug.

At least the weekend turned out pretty well. It was in the 80's during the day on Saturday and Sunday in good 'ole Assachusetts. Which was wonderful. Confusing, but wonderful.

Friday night, I went out with good 'ole Jackums and we chowed down on some Olive Garden. Not good for my diet, but it was amazing. And I was starving. It was not a pretty sight as I was shoveling food into my mouth while simultaneously attempting to get some more bread sticks as well. Always classy. Always.

After that, I dropped Jackums off and went home to meet Big Al. If you remember this wonderful story from Friday, you can figure that we were pretty tired. So it was early to bed for us. Oy.

Saturday we had our Engagement pictures, FINALLY! The day was absolutely beautiful! And even though Mr. Fresh cooperated for a while 12 seconds, I think we have a few good pictures with him. Then we let him loose and we did the rest ourselves. It was actually pretty fun. A little weird at times when someone is telling you to kiss and hold it while they take a picture, but whatever. I can't WAIT to see them!

After that Mr. Fresh and I headed out for a run since it was such nice weather out. Seriously, amazing. I then decided to follow up our run with a little Jillian Michaels, because I have been going to the gym, so obviously I am in shape and it was going to be a quick little workout.... Nope, that bitch is still an effing psycho. LOVE her, but she is NUTS. I am STILL having trouble walking. Pa.the.tic.

Then Big A came home and we went for a ride in the Chevelle since those days are numbered in good 'ole New England. We finished up the evening with a nice dinner with friends. J$ and N came over with their men and we ate, drank, and played card games. I learned that although vodka and Sprite Zero has less calories than beer, I can't drink the same amount. The headache Sunday morning was quite nice.

Sunday, whilst nursing my hangover and messed up legs from my buddy JM, I had a lovely brunch with the fam-damly. It was a good time. I learned how to cook eggs a new (healthier) way (yes Dad, I was paying attention) and enjoyed some good QT. Brosiff's GF was there too and I haven't seen her in forever, so it was nice to catch up. And bring up some awkward stories from my Bro's past. Ya know, just to make sure that she knows what she is getting herself into. Muahaha. That's was Little Sisters are for right?

After that it was time to head home and get ready to watch The Pats slaughter the Jets. Heh. It was quite lovely watching them think that just maybe they could win and then kicking their ass anyway. Heh. There was a million more people than normal at the game with us, which was a little uncomfortable at first (stranger + a longer lone at the bathroom + 8 billion kids = yikes) but it was a lot of fun. Especially by the end of the night when everyone had had enough adult beverages to start singing karaoke...when there was no music.

I finally was able to drag Big A home and fed him a little food to soak up the Wobbly Pops and then he was out for the evening. I enjoyed watching the first part of Kim Kardashian's wedding special and silently cursed her for being able to put on this elaborate affair and get married before me even though WE were engaged first. But, whatever. I'm not bitter.

And that was the end of my weekend. It was a blast and of course here we are at Monday again. This week is going to creep I just know it. Because I am FAR too excited about NEXT weekend because I am finally going DRESS SHOPPING!!! So excited!!!

I hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend as well and that Monday treats you nice!

Friday, October 7, 2011

If Every Week Were Like This... I would be in a mental institution

It has been a long week. A looooong week. The kind of week that you forget you still have your socks on when you get into the shower (Yeah, it happened. No I was not drunk. Moving on.)

Thankfully, I had the day off yesterday to recover a little bit from my overstressed life. It was lovely. Except for the fact that I spent it cleaning, doing laundry, and going to the grocery store (only to buy too much food and realize I didn't transfer enough money on that card and then had to split it between two cards like some poor shlub... while everyone was staring at me, and my palms were sweating, and they left a handprint on the ledge you sign things on...yep the week keeps getting better). And then the washing machine broke before I could wash our towels.

Our towels that are wet and have been shoved into the laundry basket wet, so they stink (for the record, I let mine dry first). Yep, so they are still stinky. But, that's cool because I forgot to get dryer sheets anyway when I was spending too much money at the grocery store. Awesome.

To top it off, Big A had to be up and out of the house at like 5:15 this morning because he was going racing with his dad. And me being me, I know that I have a hard time waking up that early, especially when I go to bed late. So I had trouble sleeping. I was up all night. Between nightmares that is.

Nightmare # 1: I dreamt that there were people at the restaurant across the street and they were all drunk and they tried breaking into our apartment (we have a door to the backyard in our bedroom so uber creepy). And then they somehow had a key. They kept coming in and out and every time we thought they left they would burst in again. We had a newborn baby and I was petrified that something would happen to him. So I called the police and Big A told me that I was overreacting. And I told him that we were parents and our number one priority was to keep our son safe. I asked the police to put deadbolts in the doors and our landlord showed up and told us we were allowed it. Then I woke up.

Nightmare # 2: I dreamt that my mom didn't pay Mr. Fresh's dog license so they took him. Apparently it was a law that if you don't pay it they take your dog for a certain amount of time. Leading up to keeping him if you still don't pay it. So I told her I would take over paying it and she told me no, because she earned bonus points when she paid them and was saving her points for a big prize. And when they returned what they thought was Mr. Fresh, it was really a whale. In my swimming pool. They eventually returned Mr. Fresh, but they put him in the pool and I was trying to get to him before the whale hurt him. I finally saved him and tried to find out when they were taking the whale (because apparently someone didn't pay their whale license? WTF?!) and they brought a TIGER. A mother effing TIGER. And the tiger was swimming with the whale and we were stuck in the house because we thought the tiger was going to get us.

What the hell is this? I honestly don't know what goes on in my head, because I have the most effed up dreams... EVER. And I remember them so clearly. Which doesn't help when they are extremely frustrating/frightening/sad/upsetting, etc. Soooo... needless to say... I had a hard time waking up at 5:00 this morning. Luckily, Big A got himself up. And I then proceeded to sleep through my alarm and show up late for work.

Awesome. It's been a long ass week. One of those completely bust your balls weeks. And I can't do anything but laugh at how ridiculous it is.

Oh, and it was 42 degrees this morning. But, don't worry it will be 80 tomorrow. When we have our Engagement pictures. And the new clothes that we bought for the pictures that are warm F;all clothes since it has been so cold. But, it will be 80. So now we have nothing. SUPER awesome.

So that has been my week and I could NOT be more excited for the weekend. I have a dinner date with Jack-ums tonight, so it is a wonderful way to start the weekend! Hope you all had a better week then I did, and you all have fabulous weekends!

Update: Immediately after finishing this, I got a bloody nose. Just wanted you to know that it didn't end yet. Smiles.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

Seriously?! Thursday! So exciting since it means that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
I'm linking up with Becky over at From Mrs to Mama.
1. I am spending my day off cleaning, doing laundry, and going grocery shopping. Ug.
2. My allergies are absolutely insane. I am a sneezy stuffy hot mess. No bueno.
3. The keyboard on our computer is messed up. The J wouldn't work and I thought I had finally fixed it. Except, now the N barely works. Do you know how many times you use the letter N? I've used it 18 times so far.
4. We have our Engagement pictures on Saturday. And so far no new burns and the weather report is awesome. Cross your fingers. (And I bought two new sweaters that I think look awesome. Sooo... yeah... they need to be worn)
5. I seriously?! can NOT wait until we live in a place that has a washer & dryer. That is one of the things that I absolutely HATE about our apartment. Well... that and no dish washer. Ug.
6. I think we fixed our photographer problem. Did I even mention that? Well... turns out our original one is uber expensive. So L gave me the info for the one she used and I think we are going to go with her. She does great work! Woo!
7. I found save the date magnets with skulls on them! If you know anything about me, you know I love me some skulls. AND they have heart shaped eyes! Haha. Now I just need to decide whether or not I think they are going to go over well with some family members. I'm thinking that maybe there will be family ones and friend ones. Thoughts?
8. It is freezing out. And it is supposed to be warm this weekend. I can't keep up. This is how I get sick. Ug. Enter deathly cold here.
Aaaaand that's it. I'm off.
What are YOU saying Seriously?! to this week?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I have been thinking that something has been off with me lately, but I wasn't exactly sure. However, the fact that I forgot it was So What! Wednesday really tells me that something must be seriously wrong with me! Haha.

Thank you Shannon for reminding me of one of my favorite days!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I took time off tomorrow because I have a doctor's appointment (and time to kill) and they asked if I could come in earlier and I said no. So I rescheduled the doctor's appointment until next week and I am still taking the time off. I need a break from this place. *

* Something was going on with our Expense Report software and instead of figuring it out I just stopped doing it. And it was due last week. I can't be bothered. *

* The fact that there is no one in my office (well my part) makes it hard for me to actually stay for all of my scheduled hours. If you know you can get away with something, why not do it? (This does not however, mean that I skip out on working ours. Just saying that I could if I wanted to) *

* I secretly resent the fact that Big A has this week off. I'm tiiiiirrrreeeeeed. I need a vacation. Although, the good Fiance part of me is happy that he gets some time to chill. The bad Fiance part... well she curses his name every morning when she is leaving for work and it is freezing and he is all snuggled into bed. *

And that's all for this week. It's almost lunch time and I think I am actually supposed to be productive at some point today. And we KNOW it won't be in the afternoon.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

I've been AWOL.

I'm aware.

Yesterday was the suckiest of all Mondays, so rather than talk about how annoyed I was, I decided to just keep to myself.

I decided today would be better. But seeing as how it is freezing and raining. And I began my morning with a bloody nose at work. Well... I think the joke is on me. Whatevs.

Our weekend was good. I had dinner and some drinks with J$ on Friday night. And then Saturday Big A and I went out to dinner with friends of ours. And who could forget the fact that the Patriots kicked some serious ass on Sunday, so all in all it was a good weekend. Of course, it was raining Sunday morning so we had to reschedule our Engagement pictures... again.

We rescheduled for Saturday and it is supposed to be 75 and sunny with 0% chance of rain. Cross your fingers! I think our photographer is busy the rest of October, so we are pretty screwed if we don't get them done soon. Yeap.

Other than that, we are doing pretty good with our timeline. Check it out:

16 to 9 Months Before (May – December 2011)

· Start a wedding folder or binder

· Pick your wedding date!

· Work out your budget

· Pick your wedding party

· Start the guest list

· Reserve your ceremony and reception venues

· Book your officiant

· Research photographers, bands, florists, and caterers

· Throw an engagement party, if you wish – invitees should be on your wedding guest too

Pretty good right? I think I am going to start a page with our to-do list on it and mark it off as I go along. Maybe it would help me feel a little more accomplished! Haha.

Other than that, things are good. Work is busy as hell, but what else can you expect? Hope all is well with everyone!