Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Snow, No Power. UG

Well... this weekend turned out to be a little more excitement that we had originally thought. They predicted 6-8 inches...and 6-8 inches we got.

Saturday, Big A worked and then spent a good portion of the evening getting his truck ready to plow. We were secretly hoping that it was all for nothing, but we were wrong. By the time he was done it was snowing pretty bad, but he said we could still go to one of the Halloween parties (the other one was cancelled since the guy hosting it works for the DPW and he was going to get called out).

So, I excitedly got ready and ignored Big A when he mentioned 8 billion times, "Just for a little bit. When I say we need to go, we need to go. You know I have to get up early tomorrow. Blah blah, blah."

Yeap. OK.

We arrived home by about 11"15 (boooo) and enjoyed power for the short time we had it. By 3 AM it was gone and didn't come back until almost 8 PM last night. Which is why I don't have any pictures of my own to post. I will put them up tonight though. Here are a few that I stole from Facebook.

Biker Chick and Mr. Zombie

Biker Chick & Katy Perry
Biker Chick, Katy Perry, & Mrs. Zombie

It was quite the long day on Sunday. After getting practically no sleep from, Big A's boss calling at 3 AM because he was stuck plowing, the tree that fell next to our house causing a guy with a chainsaw and a loud idling truck to disturb my sleep from the hours of 4-5 AM. Then the alarm went off for Big A to leave. He finally left at 6. Then enter volunteer fire alarm going off for 15 minutes. Then the stupid Verizon Fios box was beeping constantly for 2 1/2 hours. Causing both of my phone to die while being on hold for 45 minutes each time without ever talking to someone. Then the various plows and trees falling. So eventually, Mr. Fresh and I just said eff it and got up.

With two dead phones, a dead Ipad, and no electricity. It was pretty boring. I went for a ride to charge my phone and wait 20 minutes in line to get a coffee (which I heard wasn't actually that bad of a wait) and then had the brilliant idea that I could watch DVDs on the computer. Except I got through 2 1/2 episodes of Sexy & The City and the thing died. Ug. I never would have made it back in the day with no electricity! Do you know how many freaking times I tried to turn on the lights?!

Luckily, the people we watch the football games with had a generator so we were able to watch the Patriots get humiliated by the Steelers. We enjoyed some good food since we hadn't eaten all day. And went home to find out that we had JUST got back power. YAY!

Quite the eventful day. Oy. Did anyone else get hit with the snow? Lose power? Snuggle underneath the covers with their Border Collie?

I will leave you with this picture of Mr. Fresh and I attempting to get warm when we got home last night.

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  1. the pic of you and Mr. Fresh - too cute!!! What an icky snow storm but I'm so glad y'all got your power back! Crazy weather for October!


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