Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding To Dos.... CHECK!

So... this weekend I crossed another to do item off my list.

Can you guess what it was?

Let's start from the beginning. Saturday, I woke up far earlier than my body wanted to and somehow managed to dress myself and take care of the dog. I then drove, caffeine free, to pick up my future mother in law and then off to my mother's house to pick her up.

I was running late, which I HATE, but caffeine was necessary, so we stopped at Dunkin's quick so the Junkie could get her fix (and before anyone reads into that, the Junkie was me and my fix was coffee... please no interventions, thanks).

We made it to David's Bridal by the skin of our teeth and L was there. Nat was running a bit late, but we had time to look around for a bit and she made it there by the time I was trying on dresses. Perfect timing.

It was a little overwhelming at first. I started to look at the dresses and immediately started to tear up. Seriously, I don't know what took over my body, but since we got engaged I have been a gigantic blubbering mess. And although Jackums is having fun with the fact that I am so "human" now, I'm not cool with it. But I digress.

I composed myself and we began to pull out a few dresses. I felt like it was a million, but apparently it was only 4.

I tried on the first one and thought it was pretty, but it just wasn't me. Please notice my uncomfortable arms in the photo on the left. Blech. So we moved on.
Dress number 2 showed some promise. I came out, took one look in the mirror and immediately burst into tears. I think it was just real at that moment that I was actually trying on wedding dresses. I was going to be finding THE dress that I would marry the love of my life in. If you have ever experienced true, all-consuming love, then I'm sure you can understand that the thought of being lucky enough to get to spend forever with them is a little emotional. I loved the dress it was absolutely amazing. (Sorry the pics are so small, just look reaaaal close)
Then I tried Dress # 3. Which I HAD to try. It was one of the first ones that I fell in love with when I started looking. However, my mother quickly told me that the top of the dress looked like lettuce and it was not the one. End of story. Which was kind of sad, because I loved it, but she knows what looks good on me and if she said, it wasn't the one. Plus, FMIL, Nat, and L weren't feeling it either.
Then I found a dress. It was one of the one's that I picked and really hadn't remembered about it. Until I realized I was having so much fun trying on dresses (go figure since I spent most of Friday night wanting to vomit at the thought of going) then I realized that I had one more and why not try it out. And I LOVED it. I didn't cry. But I LOVED it.
But, of course since I cried with Dress # 2 I got concerned. I loved this dress. More than # 2, but I didn't cry. Did that mean I didn't like it? Did that mean that it wasn't the one? Was I just so confused because I liked more than one? I went back and looked at the prices and they were the same. So that made things easier. I didn't want to be swayed by price.
I was running around in the dress. Dancing. Being silly. I could sit in it without dying. It was great. So, I've watched enough "Say Yes to the Dress" to know that I needed to try on Dress # 2 again. I had to be sure. So, L and I went back into the dressing room. (Sidenote: L was an effing ROCKSTAR. SO much that the consultant that we had offered her a job numerous times. She knew her stuff. How to get in and out of the dresses. How the petticoat should fit. How to tie a corset. Ev.ry.thing. Seriously, I am thinking she needs to become a Professional Maid of Honor. She is the bees knees. End sidenote.)
When I went back in. I put on Dress # 2 and walked back out. And I knew. I knew. I wasn't as comfortable in it. It was heavy. The train was ridiculously long, which would have made my butt look weird when it was bustled. Seriously ridiculous. And I knew, in that split second it wasn't the one. So, I put Dress # 4 back on and told them I was done. This was it. Wrap it up. Done and done.
The alterations woman came out and fixed the corset back again (since we didn't tie it up the second time since it was crazy hard) and sized me up. She then decided that since the corset didn't look right I needed to go a size DOWN (take that stupid BIATCH that told me I was too fat for the wedding dress that I tried on at the Expo. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. And maybe choke on it... ya know...if we're gonna be bitter). I had to get the extra length on the dress too because I am so effing tall. I was 1/2 an inch away from it being perfect. Ug.
Then the amazing manager came out with the most amazing veil (which I never thought I would have because I wanted a birdcage veil, but that was quickly turned down as well) and that was that. Signed. Sealed. Delivered. (Well, not really since it won't be in until January, but you get it)
And that is the story of how I bought my mother effing WEDDING DRESS!!! I can't believe it. And sorry folks, but you won't get to see the big reveal until the wedding pictures. And I promise you that I am not pulling a fast one and saying that one of the dresses above isn't mine when it is. Just trust me. I will promise that you will think it is fabulous when I finally show it to you. Otherwise, you are just silly and have no sense. Hahaha.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! We finished ours off with a nail-biter Patriots game, but finished off the night with a W. Woo hoo! I am off to spend some time with my honey! Adios Muchachas!


  1. Congrats! That's such an amazing feeling! I'm sure you'll look beautiful! Just be careful now when losing weight. I learned (during my wedding) that every 10 pounds is a dress size... I lost 20 in preparation for the wedding and had to return the dress and get 2 sizes smaller. I got lucky they let me do that.
    I can't wait to see the real one! But looks like we have to wait AT LEAST 327 days... ugh.

  2. Congrats! The same thing happened to me. I tried on the one and then every dress after that was compared to the one. I even went to a high end salon to try on other designers and it always came back to the one I fell in love with!


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