Monday, November 21, 2011

Bad Influence

Just thought you would all enjoy a little update on my shoe situation.

I called around, but couldn't find the shoe. Then I found an exact replica, but they were $150 so... no.

In my search for new shoes (because I was obviously robbed of this pair) I found a website with some pretty cute shoes. They weren't real suede, but who cares? Mama needed some shoes.

Then of course, I couldn't decide between two pairs. But I found a 40% off code and bought both of them for pretty much the price of one (a little more with shipping).

So, now I have TWO new pairs of shoes coming in the mail. Big A is going to KILL me. Oy. Especially since...well... remember this post? Please check # 2. Crap.

And the worse part, is knowing all of this, I asked my mother for advice on whether I should buy them. When she said yes, I told her she was a bad influence. That they were cheap shoes and I would probably think they are uncomfortable. Her response?

"Then wear them for a year and throw them away"

Yeah... in case you were wondering where I get it from. She's supposed to be the voice of reason, but she is really a bad influence.

Now I need to go straight home and surrender my credit cards to Big A. Otherwise, I am pretty sure I am going to get myself into a lot of trouble. I may need Shoppers Anonymous. Ug.

Someone help me!

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