Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with the Prego Megos

Today is what we call, a fantastic day. Just as good as yesterday.

I originally made the bridesmaid dress appointment when I bought my dress for January, but since Mrs. C and Jackums are all sorts of Prego Mego, we thought it would be easier for them to go bridesmaid shopping now. Jackums is due in May and Mrs. C is due in June so there would be a little too much baby to try on dresses.

So we started the excitement early today and went shopping. We got there right as David's opened and pretty much had the store to ourselves. There were only a couple other people in the store so it was nice and calm. When we went for my dress, I swear every other person in the world decided to go too. Today was MUCH better.

Our consultant, (who helped me find my dress) asked some questions about what we were looking for and then told us where we could look and started pulling dresses. It was too funny. Jackums took a couple dresses, while Mrs. C pretty much took every dress that came in Apple. Haha. Then we headed to the dressing rooms. Mrs. C wore her favorite first, and Jackums saved the best for last. But they both picked the exact one they thought they were going to love. It was meant to be. Check it out.
Jackums in her beautiful dress

Mrs. C rocking her dress. Never one to strike a simple pose. Haha! (Ignore the color, the skinny bitch could only find the dress in her size in this color)


Me and my beautiful bridesmaids! (Well two out of six!)
After that, we headed to the mall to do a little shopping and grab lunch. Mrs. C and Jackums needed stuff, but I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be opening my wallet unless it was for lunch. Except for the fact that I found these amazing boots. They were the last ones. On sale. In my size. It was fate.
Oh hello my beauties!
I think I might wear them for Engagement pictures the sequel, tomorrow. I think they would look amazing with the sweater I bought. I am currently attempting to shrink the hell out of my jeans so that they will look great tomorrow. They tend to stretch out easy, so I'm trying to make sure they are going to look bomb tomorrow in the pics. (Especially since I felt a million times skinnier when we took the pics in September. I don't think I actually was, but I felt it. Soooo boooo).
Jackums needed to head off to a baby shower, so Mrs. C and I walked around the mall and chatted until we were literally so tired that we could barely make it to the car. At least she had the excuse that she is pregnant and tired all the time. Apparently I just need to make it back to the gym. Maybe after Turkey Day. heh.
I hope you all are having a marvelous weekend and wish us luck on our pictures tomorrow. Hoping there is no Round 3. Haha. Adios muchachos.

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