Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Nice Day of Reeelaxationnnn

Hello Beautiful Blog World,

Excuse the complete MIA-ness of today. I took a little break from sanity today and focused on moi. Ma Dukes and I both took the day off and had a little mother/daughter QT.

I met Ma Dukes for some Starbucks goodness and then headed over to a printer to check out some wedding invitations. I already picked out ones that I absolutely love, but since we all know I have champagne taste on a PBR budget I was trying to find something cheaper. We looked through a bunch of books, but inevitably left empty-handed. Apparently I'm picky or something. Go figure.

Next we had a delicious lunch at our favorite sandwich shop. After that it was shopping. (of course) We hit up a few stores and found a great outfit for our Engagement pictures (round 2) on Sunday. (me and Big A's...not me and my mom's...obviously)

Now ready to be jealous? Then we headed to the spa. Yeap. Big A bought me a gift certificate for a massage for my birthday last year and since it is almost my bday again I figured it was time to use that bad boy (the gift card, not Big A obviously heh). Oh em gee friends... I feel like a whole new woman.

Next, more shopping. Obviously. He jacket I have been stalking at Target just went on sale for 50% off soo... SCORE! Had to get it.

The rest of the night was filled with a delicious dinner with Big A and then some drinks and girl talk with N. Ummm perfect day if I do say so myself.

I needed this. I needed to recharge my battery. I was all sorts of stressed out. And now I'm thinking I need a massage at least once week. Right? Big A wasn't buying it either. But I did convince him that I need one right before the wedding. Just call me spoiled.

Beautiful day. Tomorrow I am off with the Prego megos (aka Mrs. C and Jackums) to look for bridesmaid dresses. So excited. I'm looking forward to seeing what they pick. Yes, you have heard it right. They need to be my color and floor length. Those are my only stipulations. I've been a bridesmaid enough times to know they will be much happier in something they are comfortable with.

That's all for now folks. I hope you all have an amazing weekend and hopefully I will have dress/engagement pics for you all soon. Woo!

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  1. A massage before the wedding is a must! We had our rehearsal dinner on thursday and then had all day to relax Friday. I had lunch with my bridesmaids, followed by manis/pedis and massages - I highly recommend this plan! :)


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