Thursday, November 17, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I feel whole again, now that Seriously?! Thursday is back.

Totally understandable that Becky had her hands full with her little chickie's 1st Birthday party.

But now my life is complete again. Heh.

Here are all of the wonderful things that made me say Seriously?! this week...

1. I was crazy exhausted when I got home last night. Like, I could have fallen asleep at like 5. But I didn't. Big A and I went out to an uber early dinner and then just watched some TV. I had trouble functioning in society, but he got me home safe & sound.

2. Despite the fact that I was exhausted, Big A said that he had two days of bugging me to catch up on. So he proceeded to bust my balls the entire night until I told him I was on the edge of a mental breakdown and to tread lightly. Talk about poking the bear... brave man.

3. Today is my Friday. Tomorrow, Ma Dukes and I are going to pick out invitations and save the dates (Big A gave me full permission to choose what I want) and then off to lunch and our appointments at the spa. I'm getting a massage, she is getting her hair did. Tough life.

4. I brought breakfast and lunch to work on Monday and I still haven't eaten it. Ug. And now I think it is gross. (Probably not, but I am weird with old food)

5. I was gone for over 24 hours and my kitchen looked exactly the same as it did before I left. Seriously Big A... would it kill you to put the dishes away that have been sitting on the counter since Monday. And rather than stacking more dished on top of the full sink, feel free to surprise me and do them (yes, I know it is MY job... but would it kill him to surprise me? And before you all go ape shit... we have a deal. I wash the dishes... he pays cable and internet. That's why it is MY job)

6. There is some strange noise coming from the ceiling above my desk and I am completely convinced that it is a family of snakes ready to attack at any second. I mean what else could it be?

7. We are getting our Engagement pictures re-shot on Sunday and I am hoping, wishing, praying, that Mother Nature isn't being a biatch and the weather works out. I NEEEEEED to get these done (not to mention the giant OCD fit going off in my head that I crossed it off my to do list and they aren't technically done anymore... ohh the life of a freak show)

8. Work events always prove to be insanely interesting. Especially when open bar is involved. The stories that are coming out of the wood work? Priceless. Oh how I wish that I could share each and every detail. Instead, I will be a good girl and keep my mouth shut. But I probably won't be able to look some people in the eye anymore.

9. I'm going Bridesmaid dress shopping with the Prego Megos on Saturday. I'm so excited to see what they pick! Jackums has a baby shower to go to later, but Mrs. C and I are using it as an excuse to catch up. I invited J$ along, but she just spent a week in paradise, so she doesn't know if she will have school crap to catch up on. J$ please be more irresponsible and pay more attention to me and less attention to school. Pleaseandthankyou.

10. It is crazy that the holidays are coming up so QUICK. I think it is even more crazy that time is going by so fast it will quickly be January and Enter crazy wedding planning, house buying preparation, too much on one plate, ridiculous New England weather, 18 feet of snow, Plow Widow status. Ripping hair out. Posts here. Get ready for some bitching, some wine drinking, and maybe a breakdown or two. Word.

And that's all for today. Head on over to Becky's blog and link up like the rest of us cool kids.

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