Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So What! Wednesday

I can't believe that it has been two weeks since my last So What! Wednesday post.

I'm surprised I wasn't going through withdrawals. Heh.

Anywho, I am linking up with the FABULOUS Shannon! Don't know her? Get to know her. Stat.

This week I'm saying So What! if...
  • I didn't leave anything out to cook for dinner. I don't want toooooo. And if Big A says no to ordering out, then I will quickly defrost something and pout cook dinner. (Although he did say that he owes me dinner for all of the stuff I have been doing around the house)
  • I don't want a Christmas tree this year. We have a small apartment. And getting a Christmas tree requires rearranging our living room into a crazy mess for the month or so that we have the tree. I suggested a small, fake, table top one. I was vetoed. (Which I technically don't think is fair since I am the one that has to water it, usually end up decorating it by myself, and have to clean up after it... bah humbug).
  • I started compiling addresses for our guest list last night and immediately wished that we didn't like that many people. It isn't due to the fact that I don't want them there. I do. I just don't want to do the work. Call me lazy, but whatevs.
  • I am so excited to start Birthday Month tomorrow. EEK! I'm actually excited about my birthday this year. I am most years, but I am may or may not have thrown a hissyfit turning 25. Whatevs. 26 is totally gonna be my year biatches! Woo!
  • Yes I am still 5 and count down the days until my birthday.
  • I have free Christmas cards from Shutterfly and I haven't looked to see what I want yet. I'm kind of waiting out our Engagement pictures a little bit. I want to see if we get them within the next week or so and then I will just figure out something. Just call me "Last Minute Gal"
  • I love the fact that I haven't started freezing my patootie off yet. But... this whole warm weather thing with Christmas light... uber weird. Cut the crap New England. And... I have a wedding to pay for. We need snow. Bad. Sorry people. It doesn't ever have to snow again (that's a lie... we will still need money later...) but I need a snowy winter. Pleaseandthankyou.
  • I was super excited to profess my love for the new Blogger (yes, I finally switched over and gave it a chance) but it is pissing me off today and now I want it to go away. Ug.
And that's all for today folks. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up.

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  1. I feel ya' on the guest list! We had to invite SO MANY people. Granted, most of the people we just had to invite because they were family. My hubby's family is massive on both sides. I could count my family on two hands. Sometimes I just wished we didn't have to invite everyone so I could've bough nicer favors, nicer food, etc. The more people you have to invite, the more stuff you have to buy! :(


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