Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Winter Holidays

Tuesday already?! Craziness. I honestly can't believe how this year has FLOWN by. In a couple weeks it will be Thanksgiving. Then my BIRTHDAY! Then Christmas. Then New Years. And before you know it, it will be the year I get MARRIED.

Anyone else find that effing crazy? No? Just me? OK.

I always find something magical about this time of year. The weather is getting colder. The snuggles get a little longer. (As opposed to the get the eff away from me heat of the Summer). It's almost Thanksgiving and there will be yummy food and good times with family.

Big A is hoping for a whole Winter filled with snow. It is no secret that we need some good cash-ola this Winter so I don't have to resort to turning tricks to pay for the wedding. I told him that he has the go-ahead to do the snow dance after our Engagement Pictures Round 2 (ug). So as of November 21st...let is snow, let it snow, let it snoooow.

I just really can't begin to wrap my head around where this year has gone. And all of the amazing things that have happened this year. Big A and I promised each other on New Year's Eve that this would be OUR year. And it is. He says he already had plans to propose then, but I'm not quite so sure....

And next year will be our year too. Of course, we will be sharing it will all of these other amazing people who have amazing things happening next year. I just can't believe how much will change by this time next year.

I will be married. Jackums will have a baby. Mrs. C. will have a baby. L could be having a baby. Maybe we will have a house.

Everything is changing, and to be honest with you... for the first time in my life... these gigantic life changes don't scare me. I am excited about them. Oh don't I just sound like a bowl full of sunshine!

Maybe it is all the Holiday magic. Although... that will only last for so long... and then I will be spending January, February, March, and possible April complaining. For those of you in warm climates. We can't be friends in a couple weeks. But, no worries. We can be friends again when New England thaws out. I'm sure you were worried.

Well, that is all. I am off to finish the gigantic mound of work that I must get done today. Ug. Hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday.


  1. I know how you feel. My wedding is in January so my timeline kind of goes like this, Thanksgiving, My Birthday, Christmas, New Years and then my wedding! I love this time of year too! I love the feeling you get about Christmas and all of the holidays. It is really hard to explain but it is just a great feeling!

  2. Just wanted to introduce myself! I saw your guest post on Life After I Dew. Just wanted to say Hi and I'm a fellow blogger in the process of wedding planning! xo


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