Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Boys' Tuxedos

Yesterday, I took a half day and Big A and I set out to pick out the tuxes for the wedding.

Now, please don't think I am crazy. We had a coupon for $40 off each tux and if we had 5 or more rentals, Big A could choose between a free rental or a free suit up to $450 (which turns out is their most expense suit, I thought it was a scam). BUT, it expired on 12/31/11 so we had to go in and leave a deposit in order to get the deal.

AND... I figured I might as well go in and help Big A pick everything out. I mean. I trust him and all, but I know he would come home saying he got something like this:

Whether he actually did or not. And then he would torture me up until the wedding day. Yeah... not happening.

So, we had talked about some ideas before hand, but when we got there I let Big A do the deciding. He asked my opinion and such, but I tried not to be over-bearing. This was his thing. He would be wearing it. Not me.

We decided that we wanted the groomsmen to wear red vests. They color-match to David's Bridal so it was easy to pick. Big A looked at all of the options and picked this one. Along with the tie with the pattern.

Then we decided that Big A would wear a silver vest so that he would stand out. (Ya know... in case anyone was confused who the groom was). And he picked this one. It is the same pattern as the red one (totally coincidental), but he is going to wear the plain tie.

Now for the fun part. Big A really liked the black, pin stripe tuxedos. But, we wanted him to stand out still. So we were going to do him in pinstripe and the rest of the boys in regular black. BUT, then I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have his Best Man in the pinstripe too? But, then still have the red vest. So he will stand out from everyone else, but he kind of connects to both Big A AND the rest of the groomsmen.

Then she asked about our Dad's. I had talked to my dad the night before and suggested that he rent one. I don't know what Big A's dad is going to do, but Big A thought he might. So, we decided to leave it up to them what color vest they wanted to wear. The woman said they usually match it to their "dates" (which we had a good laugh about, because I know she was trying to be all PC, but it was funny to actually have to explain that they were in fact bringing our mothers as their dates... at least we hope so haha!).

So, the boys need to go within the next 30 days (no clue why it is so quick) and get measured and leave a $20 deposit. No bigs. And then they don't have to do anything until close to the wedding. The boys have it SO easy.

Thank goodness that football season is dying down, or I would have had to be like... yeah... that's not happening since the only day they could really all go is on a Sunday.

Aaaaand... that is the story of our tuxes. We had a blast with the two women there and it was nice to get to spend some extra time together. And VERY nice to cross another item off of our to do list.

I know I keep saying this, but each thing we do makes it seem that much more real. EEK. I can't wait!

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  1. It sounds like you went to Men's Wearhouse(or Men's Whorehouse as we affectionately call it). That is where we went too. They tried to tell us the same thing about the thirty days thing but told us that we had up until two weeks before the wedding to get everyone to go in and get fitted, so we really didn't listen to them on that, haha! I am glad that you guys were able to find tuxes that you liked! I like the colors, a lot. You are a lot nicer than me though, I made the color decisions and our guys all ended up with pink ties, haha! They weren't real happy with me about that, but oh well!


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