Monday, December 19, 2011

My Birthday Weekend: AKA The Weekend I Was Spolied Rotten!

Oh, my goodness. What a LONG weekend. I mean, don't get me wrong. It was amazing. But... let's just say that I'm not 21 anymore and having wild and crazy plans Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday... is a bit much. Needless to say... we passed out pretty early last night.

Let's recap shall we?

Friday night was our Monthly Wine Night. J$ was nice enough to host it this time around and it had a lovely little holiday theme. It was a Ugly Christmas Sweater/Yankee Swap Wine night. We all wore our ugliest Christmas sweaters and the winner of the ugliest got a special prize.

I'm sure I have mentioned before that I am insanely competitive. Almost to a fault. Let's just say that I spent the better part of two weeks creating my masterpiece. And it paid off... I won! A lovely bottle of wine and the bragging rights were all mine. (Although, I did wonder who the hell cares that much about winning an ugly sweater contest. Oy... I may need to re-evaluate my priorities! Haha!)

Then it was time for the Yankee Swap. I ended up picking L's gift and LOVED it. I threatened everyone and told them that they better not take it away from me. Although, for the most part... no one switched their gift, so it worked out.

I then continued to drink WAY too much wine and not eat enough food. We know how that ends... it was a rough Saturday morning. But worth every second. I had an amazing time. (Sidenote: pictures to come, once I have enough time to steal them off of Facebook and maybe edit a few of them... it was a crazy night!)

Saturday was filled with some Christmas shopping with Ma Dukes (and going out to a fabulous lunch that cured my hangover in a heart beat). Once we had had enough, we both went our separate ways.

I went home to rest up for my night our for some BIRTHDAY SHENANIGANS!!! (Did you all forget that my birthday is tomorrow? I planned on being super annoying and reminding you multiple times a day, but... I dunno... life got in the way. Birthday countdown FAIL!) Big A and I went out to dinner with N & J (and Big A spoiled me rotten by paying even though he is taking me out for my real bday dinner on Wednesday!) And then we headed out to a local bar for some drinks.

Big A was there (obviously), N & J, J$ and Ry-dawg, my brosiff, Pagalonious Finch (long story), Mr. C and his brosiff (Mrs. C got called into work... booo), and L made the trek out too. I hope I'm not forgetting anyone! Anywho... I was spoiled rotten. Got fabulous gifts, and didn't have to pay for a drink all night. I have the most amazing friends!

Here's the recap of my loot:

A fabulous faux Coach bag from L and a gorgeous SO soft scarf!

Mrs. C and N got me the cups in the picture on the left. J$ got me the skull cups on the right (plastic so I couldn't break them... hahaha)
      I'm pretty sure that this was their way of telling me that I am a bitch and I obviously love drinking too much! Haha. I kid. I kid.

Big A and I rested up on Sunday and then I headed over to my parents' house for a FABULOUS brunch of french toast, poached eggs, and bacon (what diet?). Delish.

Then Big A and I bundled up and headed out to watch the football game. The Patriots must have known that it was my birthday because they beat the tar out of Denver (against all odds). It was an amazing game.

After, we were STARVING... so we did our normal trek to Stop & Shop, purchased a disgusting amount of food, and then we went home and stuffed our faces.

Case in point: (Notice the begging Border Collie)
Jalapeno poppers, Chicken Taquitos, Mozzarella sticks, and Honey BBQ Chidken bites.

And then Big A and I proceeded to pass the eff out. Because... let's face it... we just can't hang like we used to. I'm almost 26... I don't bounce back as quick. Hahahaha.

That completes the weekend that I was spoiled rotten. I'm sooooo excited for my bday tomorrow and then continuing the celebration with a romantic dinner with my number 1 guy on Wednesday. Then it is a straight shot to Christmas! (EEK! I've done almost nothing! Ug).

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend like I did. And that you enjoyed my 8,000 page blog post today. I have some more fun stuff to share, but I think I have gabbed enough and I will save it for another day!



  1. I am glad that you had a great Birthday weekend! I can't say that I am happy about the outcome of that game though(I'm from Colorado so I am a Denver fan born and raised, don't hate me, haha!)But I am glad that they won for your Birthday. Getting spoiled is fabulous isn't it? Hope you have a great Birthday tomorrow too!

  2. Wow! Sounds like an awesome birthday weekend!! You should post a picture of your ugly sweater from Friday night! Hope you had a great day! xo


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