Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Show Me Christmas: Decorations

It's the second link-up for "Show Me Christmas". I'm going to participate, regardless of the fact that I am slightly ashamed, embarrassed disappointed with our decorations. It's not that I don't like them, because I do... it's just that we don't have a lot of room to decorate. And until we have a house, there really isn't a point in buying all these decorations that we won't have anywhere to put. Also, as I write this (early because I am trying to be efficient with my time) we don't even have a Christmas tree!!! I don't even know when we are getting one. Hopefully, I will have an update for ya before I actually post this ish.

I will say that we are pretty damn lucky when it comes to decorations. For the  most part, they were all gifts. Big A's aunts are truly amazing people and give us some sort of decoration each year. We usually get them around Thanksgiving time, so it gives us plenty of time to enjoy them before the Christmas season is over. He even has an aunt that gives us each an ornament each year. Yeap... we are pretty lucky people.

So... here you do. Don't judge. Someday, when we have the space, time, and money... I will be a decorating genius. We will all look back on this post and laugh about how little there was and how poorly put together it all was.

1. Our stockings. The one in the middle is for Mr. Fresh. I have been attempting to find him a letter one each year, but the reality of the matter is that they are from the Christmas Tree Shop and those bitches be crazay around X-mas time. I just can't do it. 2. Our Engagement ornament!!! Since we will only be engaged for one Christmas, I really wanted to make sure that we had a special ornament for our (currently non-existent) tree. 3. Our wall boxes. The ones that I begged Big A for week and they are hardly ever filled. I do them at Christmas and sometimes in the Fall. The plan was to do different ones for each season/holiday...eh maybe some day.

4. Winnie the Pooh and Friends! I saw these one year and had to have the whole crew. My mama bought them for me 'cuz she's just the best! 5. Our sleigh and snowmen. Everything you see here are gifts from Big A's aunts. THANKS GUYS! 6. Again, more gifts from the Aunts. They are the only thing that is Christma-fied in the kitchen.

7. This little ditty it new this year. I saw all of these items crazy-on-sale at Michael's... worked a little magic, and you have the beauty that you see here. It looks really pretty on our coffee table. Except for the fact that we use our coffee table for EVERYTHING, so it just gets moved around. 8. We got this wreath right after we moved into our apartment. I hung it up on that hook and then pretty much never took it down. It was the running joke with our friends that by the time I took it down it would be Christmas again. AND... it was. I left it up for last Christmas. And then for fear that it would be up there forever, I packed it away with everything else. I got a bit nostalgic about it when I put it out. Thinking of how far we have come from our first Christmas living together.

Sooo ladies and gentlemen... those are my our Christmas decorations. I hope you enjoyed having a little Christma-fied tour around our apartment.

Now... snap some pictures... and head on over to Becky's blog or Aly's to link up... and SHOW US YOUR CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. don't be embarrassed, they're perfect. It's all about bringing the spirit into your home, whatever way possible. i think you did great!


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