Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Show Me Christmas: Traditions

First off... let me start off with how excited I am that it is MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! YEAH!!! I have already been spoiled rotten and it isn't even noon yet. I will have a fabulous birthday recap post tomorrow!

This week Becky and Aly want to know about traditions. And I'm going to be honest with you. My traditions are all sorts of messed up.

Let me explain....

I had many traditions growing up. How we would spend Christmas Eve all together as a family. We would cook a bunch of yummy appetizers and just all spend time together. We would wake up together the next morning, open presents, and depending on the year... have a nice Christmas lunch! (We switched every other year having Christmas meal at my aunt and uncle's house).

Then we would head out to my aunt and uncle's house. We would all sit in a circle and wait patiently as all of the presents were passed out.

But over time that has changed. And to be honest... Big A and I are still working out our traditions. They have been tweaked a little each year and hopefully one year we will have it down to a science... but probably not! Haha. And since we are all over the place, I'm just going to tell you about how we celebrate Christmas!

We're working on it though. And our new traditions are that much more special because our family is growing (sidenote: not a preggers announcement. I mean we are getting married and gaining more family... didn't want to start any rumors). Our traditions are growing together.


Christmas Eve is now spent at Big A's parents' house. Our two families have combined and it is a special time where we get to spend time with our parents and siblings all in the same place. Which doesn't happen often. We still make delicious food and probably drink too much wine (no? just me? oops!) and it is even more special because we are all together.

Christmas still gets tricky. Big A and I do our own Christmas. Then each go to our respective parents' house to open presents.

This is when one of my favorite traditions happens. Every year, my dad hides a pair of earrings each for my mom and I in the Christmas tree. Then he tells us which side our earrings are on and we race to find them! Some years my mom wins, some years I win. But it is so much fun. And Pops picks out some killer jewelry. I never used to change my earrings often, but now that I am older, I do every now and then and I have an awesome collection to choose from. Not to mention, I will have these earrings as a forever reminder of my dad and my family on Christmas.

When we are done at our parents' houses. We meet up again and head to my aunt and uncle's house. There we visit with my side of the family. I'm happy that Big A gets to be a part of that with me because my family is very important to me. The past couple years we haven't had time to stay for presents, but at least we get to see everyone.

Then it is off to his aunt and uncle's house to spend time with his family. We ate way too much food (again) and catch up. They do a yankee swap instead of individual gifts since their family is so big. But, it is so much fun to get everyone together and all oooh and aaahh over the presents. Hoping that if you get a good one you can hide it quick enough that everyone forgets about it! Haha.

The most special part about it is that I feel like our families have successfully merged. It makes all of these traditions mean that much more.

I'm looking forward to seeing what traditions we start as a married couple. Or when we start a family. I know they aren't done changing, but I hope that some day we can enjoy some of these traditions with our kiddos.

And that's all for today. My long, sordid story of our crazy, but amazing, Christmas!
Sidenote: This is totally unrelated to Traditions, but I just figured out how to make a Facebook Page for "Down at Fraggle Rock" AND make a button to "like" it. For the technologically challenged. That is a pretty big deal.


  1. Happy Birthday!! You should get spoiled rotten! I mean, it is your Birthday after all. The thing your dad does with the earring is pretty cool. I have never heard of anyone doing that, but I like it. It seems fun!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Loved hearing your traditions


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