Wednesday, December 14, 2011

So What! Wednesday

Ahhh SO What! Wednesday. How I love you.

This week I am saying So What! if...

1. I was up literally all night because the dog was licking himself. Yep, no big deal. It's 3 AM, I'm trying to sleep, and he is giving himself a bath. Ug.

2. I thought about writing that in my So What! Wednesday post at about 4:30 AM.

3. We still haven't bought a Christmas tree yet. Supposedly we are going tonight. Eh. I'm just not feeling the excitement about the tree.

4. I threw a hissy fit until my parents' agreed to let me pick what we have for brunch on Sunday. And then told them I might be too hungover from my birthday festivities to come anyway. And then still did not make a choice. Love you guys.

5. My new license picture makes me look like a drug addict. I was NOT prepared to get my picture taken. AND I can do a new one in 9 months... but I will continue to be embarrassed by my license until then. WAH!

6. I'm normally pretty cost conscience, but I was researching costs for our honeymoon and I think we should go all out. We have never been away for a week together, and we normally just do mini vacas. AND this will probably be the only time we can do this before we have kids and then it will be a million times more money (and stress!). Maybe Big A will agree.

7. I still get a kick out of when I call new vendors for the wedding and they say, "First off, Congratulations! How exciting!" Yes... yes it is exciting.

8. 25 year old me thinks that I should go wild on Saturday night to celebrate my bday. Almost 26 year old me tells me I am NOT 21 anymore and it will NOT feel good the next morning. Ug! Getting old sucks.

9. I am OVERWHELMED with excitement since Jackums is at the doctor as we speak finding out the gender of my her baby! UPDATE: IT'S A GIRL!!!!! i'VE ALREADY STARTED ORDERING ALL THINGS PINK AND PRETTY!!! CONGRATS JACKUMS! SO EXCITED!

That's all I gots Ladies. Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up!

P.S. You want some inside dirt. Beck over at From Mrs to Mama is hosting a giveaway worth $300 worth of amazing stuff. WINNER TAKES ALL. Now, listen carefully. I blog about this so that I can get the extra entries, NOT so you can go enter and ruin my chances of winning. SO... love the information... but don't sign-up. K? Thanks! Smooches.


  1. Gah my dogs ALWAYS manage to wake me up too, like always. I swear they are worse than KP!

  2. I think the folks that work at licensing places, intentionally try to get a bad picture. I'm not sure that I've ever liked one. & Congratulations :)


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