Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Recap: Death by stomach

Mondays are such a gigantic bummer.Seriously. I can't handle them. I have wanted to call out of work for the past month of Mondays. Yay me.

This weekend was a good one though.

Friday Big A and I hung out with some friends and then had a nice dinner out alone. Our schedules and plans seem to be keeping us from actually spending time together so, we try and grab a few minutes alone when we can.

Saturday, I hung out with my mom and Pickles. We did the normal Saturday routine. Coffee, shopping, etc. I found my Yankee Swap gift for our wine night and bought the supplies for our Ugly Sweater Contest. (I'm already impressed at how hideous it is! hahaha).

Saturday night, Big A and I went over J$ & Ry's house for dinner. It was delicious. Ry & I played a crazy game of Jenga. I couldn't tell you the last time that I played that game. Let alone did well at it. But our game lasted crazy long... but then it went downhill.

Let this graph demonstrate:

Sooo... we called it a night.

Sunday, Big A and I woke up and headed for a delicious breakfast buffet at a restaurant down the street from us. We filled out plates and gorged on all of the fabulousness. Immediately, I felt sick. I probably should have taken this as a clue that it was going to be a bad stomach day (there's a list of issues, none serious, just none fun), but I did what any smart person would do.... I went to watch the football game, drank beer, and ate like crap.

Anyone want to guess how that turned out? Oy was I in so much pain. And the heartburn... forget it.

Needless to say I spent my night on the couch cursing my own existence rather than heading to my parent's house for family dinner (Sorry guys!).

I eventually was able to choke down some dinner, throw myself in the shower, and then crawl into bed where I inevitably passed out at some random time.

Today is a much better day, since I actually remembered to take my medication. Yaaay me. However, work blows, as work always blows on a Monday.

In exciting news, I just got an e-mail saying that our Engagement pictures are up! And OH EMMM GEEEE I am in love with them. I will hopefully get time to write a post out tonight and share them with you. EEEEK! Love them!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and your Monday's arent't sucking too much.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better girlie! I am having a pretty good Monday other than being rather bloated ;) Can't wait to see your pics!


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