Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wedding Recap: The Ceremony Part 2 (and details)

Sooo... I haven't done a Wedding recap in over a month! Whoops!

Doesn't really fit into my "blog about it so you remember every detail" plan.

Last time, I asked you to guess what I was laughing at. You can read that here.

(And you can read ALL Wedding related recaps here)

Some of you guessed it right! I forgot my bouquet.

You see, they took everyone out of my room to go line up for the ceremony to start. And I was all by myself. So, I looked out the window, walked around, brushed my teeth (didn't want Hubby to be scared away by my bad breathe! Haha), and just waited. Except, it was POURING rain at that point.

So, our coordinator came in to talk about options. And I pretty much just said, "I don't care what you do, just do it quickly". So the ceremony almost got moved inside, and then Big A and my mom were like, nah, it's fine. The rain is stopping.

And it did. Long enough for the ceremony and pictures. And then it rained off and on the rest of the night, but that was fine.

So... in all the craziness, I put my flowers down and never picked them back up. I got all the way down the aisle, looked at my soon to be Husband, he looked at me with love in his eyes and said "Hi", and I said...

"I forgot my flowers!!!"

To which the JP announced to everyone that if they had seen my flowers then could they go get them! Which was why I was laughing. Because, of course I would forget my flowers! Haha.

Luckily, our florist is a really good friend of ours, and she ran up to the room and got them. She then quietly passed them down to the Bridesmaids and by the end of the the ceremony, when I turned around, my Maid of Honor had them! Now THAT was good thinking.

Some of you guessed my shoes... I didn't forget them. I just wanted to be comfortable at that point. I was still a little scarred from eating shit multiple times at my Bridal Shower because of my shoes and  the last thing that I wanted was to fall in front of 150 people!!! Haha.

So, I wore them for a couple pictures, but they are still untouched. I need to find a special occasion to wear them to, because those beauties are too gorgeous NOT to wear.

Anyway, that's my story.

We laughed the entire time during our ceremony because our JP was so funny. Which was perfect because it really took the pressure off and we could relax.

Here are the pics:

I wish that I could remember what he was saying to me in that middle picture, but I am so glad that we have it. I know we were having a little moment, just the two of us (in front of 150 people...) so it is nice to have that!

Now... I want to share the ceremony decorations.

During the whole planning process, my mom said that I needed to decorate the ceremony site. And I just couldn't fathom planning one more thing, or spending any more money. I just didn't care enough at that point. I figured we would be there for like 5 seconds so who cared.

But, she was adamant about it, so I told her to go for it. She could do whatever she wanted. And seriously, I am SO SO SOOOOO glad that I said that, because it was absolutely GORGEOUS! It made the pictures that much more special and she did an amazing job.

Seriously amazing.

(And special thanks to my dad, brother, and cousins for helping her set up!!!)

Check it out:

She did all of it. Including the part on the ceiling. I wasn't able to notice most of it in the moment, but when I saw the pictures I was blown away at how pretty it was!

And that's all for today folks. Hopefully, I can get the rest of the Wedding recapped sooner rather than later! Haha.

Today is my Friday! I am looking forward to a day of shopping and lunch with my Mama tomorrow. Which means I am done working until the New Year. I SOOOOO need these few days off. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to want to go back! Haha!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Recap

Hello my lovies!!! 

I know it has been awhile, but let's just understand that shit has been crazy.


Let's catch up from the weekend, shall we.

Saturday, I headed over to my aunt's house, with my mom, my other aunt, and one of my cousins. We baked cookies for Christmas. It was a lot of fun. Definitely something that we have to do every year!

Saturday night, we had people over to our new house for a little belated bday celebration. It was so much fun! And my friends are great. I got about 18 billion bottles of wine. And then these awesome presents:

I got the sign from J$ and her hubby and the awesome mug from J & N!

Sunday, we went to watch the Patriots game with friends, our normal Sunday ritual. It was a pretty pathetic game, but at least we won. Hopefully, they will get their heads out of their asses and pay attention now!

After that we went over to the apartment and cleaned out the last of our stuff. I was bittersweet for sure. I took pictures to remember it by. Our first home.

There are so many memories there. I am definitely going to miss it. But like Big A says, "we are moving on to bigger and better things!"

See that spot that Big A is standing? That was right about the spot that he proposed to me. I think I am going to miss the apartment mostly because of that. Such a huge memory of ours. Hard to think that we won't be living there any more.

Crazy how big the apartment feels with nothing in it! Haha.

I shed a few tears, I won't lie. It was hard to say good-bye.

Monday, I only worked a few hours and then I ran around trying to finish all of my Christmas errands. Which I did in record time! I was pretty impressed with myself. Although, Big A and I decided that we are going to do all of our Christmas shopping in July next year! (It won't happen, but we can dream!)

Monday night, we headed to Big A's house and hung out with his family. My mom and dad came too. It was nice to have everyone together! Definitely a tradition that I look forward to every year!!!

Christmas was a great one. I dragged Big A out of bed and we opened our presents/stockings. Then I went to my parents' house and he went to his (We decided to keep it simple for as long as possible. We will have to join the families when we have kids, but for now we are cool with keeping it separate!). We met up back at home and then got ready to head to my aunt's.

We got there just in time to hang out with everyone for a little bit and then it was time to eat.

Hot damn that food was delicious.

This year, we all picked names out of a hat to decide who we bought presents for. With the youngest of the "kids" being 23 (24?) and the oldest being 40... it was time to start having the kids pick up the slack! Haha.

So all of the "kids" chose a "kid" and then all of the "adults" chose an "adult".

Although, there was some confusion as to whether we were supposed to sign our name or Santa's. We will have to clear that up for next year! Haha.

After that, Big A and I went home, made a fire, and just hung out. J & N stopped by for a little. Then they headed home and I proceeded to pass out on the couch. My nice husband made sure to escort me to bed and make sure I didn't hurt myself on the way! Haha.

And now I am at work. Cursing the fact that I wasn't able to take this time off, which I usually do. Bummer!

Tomorrow, I should be back with a recap on the presents. I was definitely a spoiled girl this year!!!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

2 to the 7...A Birthday Recap & Remembering a Friend

Yesterday, was an absolutely amazing day. Seriously, amazing.

I got home from work and immediately started in on a little plan that I had hatched the night before. You see, I was having trouble remembering that it was my birthday. I mean I KNEW it was my birthday, but it wasn't something that was constantly present on my mind. Which, if we have met, is NOT the usual for me.

Wednesday night, Big A and I went Christmas shopping and everywhere we went we could see the holiday cheer. The only problem was that we weren't feeling it. With everyone going on with the house, we weren't going to be decorating or getting a tree, so without that it was hard to get into the spirit.

Driving home, I noticed all of the houses with their Christmas lights and I got jealous. So, I told myself that I would spread a little bit of Christmas cheer around our house. So I went downstairs and picked out some stuff from our Christmas bins (pretty much the only well-packed, clearly marked boxes we have) and got to work.

Here's what I did:

We REALLY need to get some stocking holders, seeing as how these are attached to the mantle with duck tape! Haha.

Big A commented on how much he loved it when he got home. He said it was so nice to drive down the street and see our lights from the window. I'm so glad he liked it!!!

AND.... it is a good thing that I did decorate a little bit because this was my brother's present to me:

Back story: So, Big A and I decided we weren't going to have a tree, which was fine because shit was crazy. On Sunday my family was going to get their tree, but we had a whole bunch of freezing rain and the roads sucked, so they didn't go. Since we had JUST moved into the house, I wasn't going with them. They rescheduled for Monday night, and when my brother texted me a picture of the tree I was so upset because I missed out on helping pick and name the tree (I name everything) and it really sucked since we weren't getting one. I knew that they were just trying to leave me be because I was busy, but I was upset that I wasn't there. I knew they didn't do it on purpose and they were all very sorry, so I accepted this year as a Christmas tree loss and moved on. WELL...little known to me, my brother got me this little tree, texted Big A for ideas, and decorated it with his girlfriend. There's nips, candy canes, and dog kind of tree! He made me hide in one of the back bedrooms while he set it up and when I finally was able to see it, I cried like a little baby. He is just the sweetest brother EVER!!!

Next, was dinner. Crab legs, melted butter, Basmati rice, Tomato & Mozzarella salad, and some delicious bread. AMAZING! (I ate my weight in crab legs which meant no room for anything else, which is fine with me since I do it every year. Hahaha!)

P.S. One of the things I hate about seafood is that it is SO hard to keep the melted butter warm. And I think that when it gets cold it is gross. So I am constantly making someone get up and heat mine up, or doing it myself. When I saw these butter warmers while Big A and I were registering for our wedding, I knew I HAD to have them. And following a particularly Kardashian night, when N and I bought lobsters for us and the boys purely because we were craving it, and I was complaining about the cold butter, her and J bought them for us for my shower! Best mother effing invention EVER!!!

Next up, the loot!

I got a text from J saying, "Happy Birthday, hope you get hooked up!" and hooked up, I did...

1. Flowers from my honey (He gets them every birthday, Valentine's Day, and anniversary, without fail. He's the best husband ever). He also got me the funniest and the sweetest card. He's so good to em! 2. Super cozy slippers from my MIL and FIL! Seriously I want to snuggle with these! 3. Foot scrub (which is amazing since after being on my feet for weeks with moving and such my feet are HURTING!)
4. Super cozy, soft sweater from my mom & dad. (I'm wearing it right now!) 5. Foot lotion and cozy socks from MIL & FIL. 6. My Puma sneakers. I get them every year. I just found a hole in my current pair so this is perfect timing. 7. "New Home 2012" ornament. LOVE! 8. Patriots t-shirt (Special thanks to Megan for showing me the website that I could find them after I saw her football gear on her list and got SUPER jealous!!!) and 9. Fire place tool set. I think Big A is just as excited about this present as I am. Can't WAIT to have a nice cozy fire in out fire place!!!!!!

Seriously, I am SOOOO lucky to have such amazing people in my life. With my wonderful family, and fabulous friends, I truly am a blessed person. I know that 26 is going to be hard to top, but so far, I am really loving where I am.

And now... on a heaver note. I just want to take a minute to remember a dear friend of ours who passed away one year ago today. Your time was too short on this Earth John, and every single day we miss you. Things definitely aren't the same without you around and we often talk about the things you would say or do if you were still around. There's definitely been someone missing this past year. We are happy that you are no longer in pain, and hope that you have found peace. We miss you so much. Rest in Peace dear friend. We love you!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Birthday to...ME!!!

Hello Lovers!

Today we celebrate one of my favorite holidays (and yours I'm sure!), MY BIRTHDAY!!!

I have to tell you that this year has been a little different. With the whole house situation taking up 85% of my focus and work being about 14%, it really didn't leave room for much else. I've forgotten numerous times that it was almost my birthday, which is NOT normal for me.

Honestly, I was up for a good 15 minutes this morning before I realized.

Eh, shit happens.

I'm spending my birthday working, which is something that I would never EVER think of doing in the old days, but Mama has to work to pay them bills ya know!

So, here I am.

 I took a little time to reminisce through birthdays past, thought that it might get me in the spirit a little more ya know.

You can check out the posts from last year here and here.The BIG 2-6.

And the BIG 2-5 here. (Yeah, was SO not a fan of turning 25, but it was the year we got engaged, so it couldn't have been too bad!)

I'm a lucky girl. Seriously. I have the BEST family and friends that a girl could ask for. I am always spoiled rotten and they always make sure that I have a great time.

I'm a little apprehensive about turning 27, for a few reasons.

1) It seems so old. I mean, I am legit in my LATE 20's now. I know that I kind of was last year, but I labeled myself as mid to late 20's so that I could sleep at night.

2) 26 was such an amazing year for me that I'm a bit sad to let it go. With all the wedding planning, the wedding events, the freaking wedding itself, and now buying a house...26 was pretty fucking good to me. I really can't complain. It's just sad to let that time go.

BUT, I'm sure 27 has some good stuff in store for me too...I hope.

Tonight is a fabulous dinner with my husband and my family at our house. Followed by some shenanigans this weekend. Should be a good time. I'm going to have to remember that I am old now and can't hang, which was pretty apparent from last year when I spent most of my birthday weekend hungover as a mofo.

Now...I just need to get through these next 8 hours and head home where I can start drinking ridiculous amounts of wine! But not too much that I don't enjoy my delicious birthday dinner!

I hope you are all doing something fun to celebrate my birthday! This day is as much about you as it is about me. Hahahaha just kidding. This day is totally all about me!!!

But still feel free to celebrate...and send gifts...although I'm not currently getting my mail, so it might take awhile for me to get them!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!!!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I REALLY didn't want to come to work today, purely for the fact that it is Staff Meeting Day. And the sad part is that I haven't been at one in months. Between the honeymoon and being sick (that so conveniently fell on Staff Meeting days...but no really I WAS sick) I don't think I have been at one since August. And this one is going to last forever. WAH!

* The only reason that I worked on unpacking some stuff last night was because I wanted to make room for my wine rack. Which I did, and them promptly lugged the 3 million pound box down the stairs and put it together. YAY!

* I haven't started Christmas shopping yet. Well, that's not true. I bought one present. But, the majority of it still needs to be done. FML. Whose stupid idea was it to buy a house in December, huh???

* I keep forgetting that my birthday is tomorrow. Which, if you know me, is almost unheard of. I usually have a countdown from at least November first. I dunno, this year is kind of, meh. Ya know. I think we should just call December a loss and try again next year.

* I am absolutely petrified that either me or Mr. Fresh is going to get attacked by a coyote. We moved from a busy intersection off a major highway to the boonies and now I am nervous that they are going to see me and my dog as a special treat. And then I had to go be an idiot and read up on them. Which made me realize that my plan of just running away doesn't work since they can run up to 40 mph. Yeah...these legs don't move that fast. Well...Mr. Fresh's probably do. He'll probably run and find some way to open the door to the house, leaving me to fend for myself.

* I had a dream last night that my boss told me I sucked and I was barely hanging onto my job and I thought it was real. Woke up this morning feeling like a piece of shit, thinking I should just quit my job. Good morning to me!

* We have legit, no food in our house. I had to have Big A pick up a frozen pizza last night. we haven't had enough of THAT lately. So yeah, the first meal I cooked in our new house was frozen pizza.

* I walked into my new dentist's office and gave them a huge speech about all of my past shitty dentists, what I did and didn't like, and then may have mildly threatened to just pull my teeth out if they sucked too. Turns out they are amazing. The woman cleaning my teeth was an angel. Didn't hurt at all (except for when she accidentally stabbed my, but she apologized profusely so I forgave her) and the dreamy dentist was really nice. Turns out my old creep of a dentist was trying to pull one over on me by telling me my mouth was "riddled with cavities". Asshat.

* I just got super excited that one of the Christmas presents I was planning on buying someone can be bought online when I was totally sure that I would have to go to the store. Holler.

* I haven't had my eyebrows waxed since before my wedding. I know. I know. Gross, right?! My friend switched salons, so I can't go to the girl I was going to before and I am wary of driving all the way out to her new salon for someone I don't know. Which really means that I am lazy and don't really care, but want to make excuses so it looks like I am trying.

* Every time Big A talks about all the boxes that are in the basement, I just giggle because about half of them are my shoes! Haha. I don't know if he will be happy that it is less work than he thinks or concerned that he didn't know his wife had a secret shoe fetish (since I had them all in the closet or under the bed at the apartment so he never saw them). Whatever man. I love me some pretty shoes.

* I was a little surprised at myself that I was mopping the floors at 10:30 last night because I just couldn't take the fact that they were wicked dirty anymore, and we finally cleared some space to do so. Yeah... I'm not usually one to care that my house is dirty (unless someone is coming over, then I make excuses like I do with my eyebrows) but apparently now I care? Weird.

* I still haven't ordered the prints from our wedding pictures! I've been busy!!! Soon. Soon.

Alright lovers. That's all for today. Hope ya'll have a wonderful Wednesday and that you are all looking forward to tomorrow's holiday... MY BIRTHDAY!!! (Which I will probably forget by the end of today...)

Now...head on over to Shannon's blog and link up Bitches!!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Some Thoughts...

I thought a lot about what I would write today.

I thought about talking about our weekend, our house, what's going on in our lives.

But all of that seems trivial in light of Friday's horrific event.

I thought a lot about what I would write about the Connecticut shooting. How innocent children lost their lives. How innocent men and women lost their lives.

But, there are just no words to describe it. And you can't rationalize an irrational event.

Bottom line: It shouldn't have happened. Those men, women, and children shouldn't have lost their lives that day.

There's been a lot of talk about gun laws. And while I agree with some of the arguments, the bottom line is that guns don't kill people. People kill people.

And until we address the issue of what is going on with those who are pulling the trigger, no amount of amendments to gun laws will make a difference.

I read this article that I found on Facebook yesterday, and it really hit me. I think you should all read it too.

You can find it here.

And now? Let's just take some time to remember and honor those who lost their lives.

Let's not use this as an excuse to get up on our soap boxes and act like we can fix the world's problems. Let's not use this as an opportunity to fight with each other about our opinions.

Let's just realize that this was a senseless act of violence by a very sick person and it NEVER should have happened.

I hope everyone is giving their loved ones extra hugs and love. I know I am.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday's Letters

I'm simultaneously super freaking excited it is Friday and wanting to jump off the roof.

Excited, because it's Friday! Thank B JESUS! And tomorrow is moving day, so that's pretty freaking awesome!!!

Wanting to jump off the roof, because tomorrow is freaking moving day and I am not sure how we are going to get everything done in time. I keep packing shit and moving shit and then the apartment still looks the same. I have half a mind to just burn the place down throw it all away!

Now, on to Friday's Letters.

Dear Big A, thank you so much for being such a hard working and blackmailing recruiting your friends to help! I don't know what we would do if we didn't have all the help!!! And thank you for not punching me in the face for not being able to help with the painting, you know I would if I could!!!

Dear Pops, You are FREAKING AMAZING!!! You have been over at the house every day painting and I couldn't appreciate it any more. Seriously, you are legit the best Papa in the entire world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Mr. Fresh, you have done SUCH a good job with all of the craziness/transitions/boxes everywhere etc. Honestly, I don't blame you at all for ripping the sheets. We are going to do our best to get everything settled as soon as possible, just hang in there a few more days! And sidenote: feel free to rip up your dad's side of the bed some time. I understand that it is more fun to destroy my shit, but just remember that I'm the nice parent. OK? Cool.

Dear Friends, Mom, and Brosiff, thank you too for everything!!!!! Your help with stripping wallpaper, taping for painting, moving shit, is greatly appreciated. You know I would totally do the same for you! Just give me a little time to recover before you call upon any favors. Deal?

Dear Megan, thank you for introducing me to the Bakers website. I don't know what rock I have been hiding under, but I have been looking at it for the past hour and have decided that I NEED these shoes, ASAP!

Dear Weekend, please keep up with this weather forecast. I would rather it be freaking cold than  torrential downpour. Sound good. Also, if you wanted to push the snow shit to Monday, that would be cool. Feel free to dump a nice 6 inches on us. It would just make Big A's day!

Dear Self, I'm questioning your use of your time-off. Yeah that beach day was awesome, but you probably could have used that day now. Who am I kidding, that beach day WAS awesome! How about we turn this into work's fault for not giving me enough time off. Deal?

Dear Verizon, I'm a little BS with the games you are playing. Please come through or Big A is going to make me cancel you and get a shittier service. Please don't make me do that. K? Cool.

Alright lovers. That's it for today. Have a fabulous weekend and I will catch ya'll on Monday!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Whining & Complaining And A Whole Lotta CASH!!!

Raise your hand if you are sick and tired of listening to me bitch and moan about packing, moving, etc.!!!

*Raises hand*

Yes people, I know, even I am sick and tired of listening to myself.

BUT, there's literally nothing else going on in my life right now (who has the time?) so, suck it up and let's all just deal with it, shall we.

Last night was a bit of a change of pace. Big A spent the entire day with my dad and his cousin (Big A's cousin, not my dad's, just in case that needed to be clarified) painting at the house. I brought them food since they hadn't eaten all day (I run a tight ship, work first, eat later. Heh.) and then headed home to pack. Shocking.

This is what my living room looks like:
The bottom pic is my collection of shoes. Big A asked how many pairs of shoes I needed/have. I told him that he married a woman and that came with the territory, and not to ask silly questions. And then I hoped that he wouldn't look underneath the bed, where there are plenty more pairs. Whoops!

Things are coming along nicely. The boys got a lot of the painting done last night. They just need to finish the bedroom, paint the living room, paint the hallway, and  the upstairs bathroom. And the hallway and upstairs bathroom don't really need to be painted before we move in since we won't be using them for awhile. So we are trucking along.

In other news I would just like to announce that I won $1 on a scratch ticket this morning that I found in my wallet. I couldn't believe my luck and quickly ran around the office doing a victory dance. I promise not to let the money change me, and I will always remember who my friends are. :)

It's officially one week until my birthday and I have to tell you that I'm just not feeling it. The excitement that is. I think it is just because we are insanely busy, but I kind of forgot about it until just now. Hopefully we will have the house in pretty good shape by then since my family is coming over to cook me dinner.

Yes, I am making my mother, father, and brother come to MY house and cook ME dinner. They just better not mess up my kitchen. Heh. ;)

Other than that, that's pretty much all that is going on. Tonight consists of hunting down more boxes and packing packing packing. I think I am going to try to bring over whatever is in the living room too so that we can have more room to put more boxes.

That's all for today! Smooch!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So What! Wednesday

I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* I am so ridiculously excited about Shannon's announcement yesterday! I'm just so happy for her! I can't wait to see bump pics and of course those squishy newborn pics!!! Congrats again Shannon!

* I may have been slightly jealous of her announcement. Only slightly. If the stars were aligned, and we had a whole bunch of cash in our accounts, and we could afford day care, then maybe things would be different. I'm just taking it as, it isn't our time now. And that's OK.

* Jackums and N will use the former statement against me to convince me to have a child. Yeah... I got your number girls! :)

* I was annoyed when Big A came home last night and said, "You cooked dinner?" like it was the most surprising thing in the world. But, then I realized that I hadn't cooked since LAST Tuesday, so I decided not to punch him in the face.

* I had myself a nice little pity party last night about how shitty things are right now. Everything is nuts. Half the apartment is packed. The other half is a disaster. We are out of EVERYTHING. I tried to have a glass of milk with dinner last night and realized it was expired. Awesome. And the house is a disaster zone too. It's just a lot. But then I remember how effing ridiculous I am because if we didn't have a house then none of this would be a problem. And it will ALL be worth it. I am so so SO appreciative of where we are in life and what we have. It just doesn't mean that things aren't hard right now, ya know.

* I haven't done ANY Christmas shopping. And Christmas is in...oh...13 days. FML. I have no clue when I am going to do it either. Looks like last minute shopping. AGAIN! Sorry peeps! I will do my best. Just bear (bare?) with me.

* We left Mr. Fresh's water bowl at the house on Sunday and we keep forgetting to get it. So he's been drinking water out of a casserole dish. It works, right? At least he still has water. And he doesn't seem to mind. Although, the sound of his collar tags hitting the side of the dish is obnoxious. I have no one to blame but myself. Or Big A. Either way.

* I leave one of my bosses off meeting invitations that he asks me to send. Like, he asks me to schedule a meeting with him and his people and 95% of the time, I forget to add him onto it. I can't tell if he thinks my absent mindedness is quirky, or if he thinks that I am a fucking idiot. Either way, I still have a job, so that's a plus.

* Our wedding thank you cards have been sitting on my coffee table for like 2 weeks, all done, just needing to be sealed and stamped. So, I sealed and stamped them on Monday and still can't remember to send them. Sorry people! They're coming. I swear!

* This is the longest So What! Wednesday EVER!

Alright, that's all for today. I'm actually going to attempt to be a productive member of society today. Hopefully.

Now head on over to Shannon's blog and link up. (And don't forget to say Congrats to her on Baby Dew #2!!!!!!!!!!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pat's Game Recap

Last night, Big A and I took a little break from ripping our hair out working on the house and headed to the Pats game. (Special shout out to Boss Man for making this happen!)

I hadn't been to a game since I was like, 10 and it was the old stadium. I've been to the stadium for work events, but never on game day. To say you can feel the excitement in the air is an understatement. These fans are crazy! It was such a great atmosphere.

As you can see from the pictures below, the seats were ridiculous. They were so good. We were in the Putnam Club seats, so we were able to pretty much walk right in the door. We had our own bars, bathrooms, food, etc. that we didn't have to share with a bagillion other people. It was pretty awesome.

Check out the pics:

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics, but my camera is at the house so I can take progress pics.

You know... just more pictures that I will say I will post and then don't. HA!

It was an absolutely amazing experience and we had a blast! It was Big A's first game EVER so that was awesome to take him. He kept thanking me for bringing him and all I could think of was, "of course". I mean, he was the one who got me into football. He's the one who has answered my 12,000 questions. He's the one who makes sure to quietly let me know that what I am currently yelling isn't quite correct and tells me why and what I SHOULD yell. Haha.

And honestly, what kind of a shitty wife would I be if I was like, "Hey honey, I have tickets to the Patriots game, but I'm totes taking someone else!" and then flip him off, because that's essentially what I would be doing. Silly Husband.

I'm exhausted today, which is to be expected. Especially after the last billion days of working on the house and staying up late, and now staying up late AGAIN! I can't wait until I can have a bunch of nights in a row where I go to bed nice and early and get a full night's sleep. Apparently, I am getting old if that's what I am excited about! Haha.

Anywho, that's my Monday night! Hope you all had a lovely evening as well. And maybe you caught a bit of the game where the Pats kicked Houston's ass 42-14. Heh.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Oh hey Friends!

Happy Monday! If you're like me, you are still half asleep and wondering if there is enough coffee in the world to wake you up enough to be functional at work.

The answer to that question is still being answered, I'll keep you posted.

I spent my weekend being a slave to our house. Which, from what I gather from other homeowners, is pretty typical. The never ending to-do list.

We finally, finally, FINALLY finished stripping that god forsaken wall paper! OMG! For those who are saying that "wallpaper is coming back", think about the people who will one day buy your house. Please don't do that to them. 

Seriously, I'm having nightmares about strips of wallpaper chasing me down a dark hallway. Flames coming up from the floor, while an evil laugh booms from behind me.

OK... not really...but I'm close.

We got a lot of shit done this weekend. All the walls are clean and prepped for painting.

I'm off to meet Pa Dukes at Home Depot in a little bit to get the paint and he's going to get started. OMG! LOVE him!

Big A and I are taking a much needed/deserved/earned night off and heading to the Pats game. Special thanks to Boss Man for hooking us up! It's a 8:30 game, so we probably won't make it through the entire thing, but it is going to be freaking awesome to watch the game RIGHT THERE. I haven't been to a Pats game since they had the old stadium (and I was like 10 and went with my friend and her dad and I remember having a panic attack from all of the people... good thing I am old enough to drink to take the edge off now) and Big A has never been!

I'm looking forward to a night with just me and my hubby (and my co-worker and his wife, and about 10's of thousands of other people...).

Then it is back to the grind. I'll be packing up our wee little apartment this week and getting ready for the big move, which is hopefully on Saturday.

Seriously, we are so in love with our house, it is just amazing. It's the little things like:

1. Being able to have our own washer/dryer.
2. Gutters. Do you know how awesome it is to walk outside when it is raining/has rained and not have it pour down on your head from the roof? Amazing.
3. Heat. And an insulated house. With the field stone foundation under our apartment, little to no insulation, and the loft, our heating bills are redic and we have to turn the heat up to like 75 to feel ANYTHING. In our house. Turning it to 60 is pretty damn toasty. Which will be even better when we have a fire and finally get our wood stove hooked up.

It's the little things!

That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed another lovely house update!  Get used to it because it is all you are going to hear about!

Aaaannnnddd....because I promised and because I could actually find them! Pics of the house!

These are all pictures from the listing. What you don't see are the two bedrooms downstairs (one is really an office), the downstairs bathroom (with shower and washer/dryer hook-ups), the full bath upstairs, and then the full basement downstairs.

We are definitely trading up in the world. It isn't a mansion, but it is a lot more space than we had. The house was built in 1959 by the original owner on his father's land. They built everything themselves. And kept EVERYTHING up. We are only the second owners to the house. There's a new roof, all new windows, new heating system, the garage is about 10 years old, but never used, and the pool has been kept up as well.

So thankfully, we are saving a lot of money by not having to do all of that!

That's all for today lovers! Smooches!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday's Letters

Time for a lovely day of Friday's Letters!

TGIFF (thank goodness it's fucking Friday!!!) am I right?

Dear Readers, soooooo about all those pictures I promised. Yeah... well when they upgraded my computer at work, I lost EVERYTHING on it. Bye bye pictures, documents, design ideas, and 3 years of work. Awesome. And they took the listing down for the house so I can't steal the pictures. As soon as I can get a minute to breathe, I'll post them. I promise.

Dear J$ and N, seriously you guys are fucking animals. Thank you SO SO SO much for all of your help last night. That wall paper was no joke but we did it! (Last night we started ripping down the hideous wall paper in my house and thought we would only get a small portion of the wall done. We ended up getting the entire wall in the kitchen AND the entire hallway done. And I have the first layer of the bathroom done! Holler!) Seriously, I owe you girls one, or like 12 billion!

Dear Big A, I love you so much. However, if you keep me up until midnight again after I have been stripping wall paper for 6 hours AND I have to work the next day, I might have to punch you. Please ditch your night owl ways and become an exhausted person like me. Thanks!

Dear Co-worker, I totally forgot that you were coming here to train today. Whoops! Thank you for bringing me Starbucks though. You know the way to me heart. P.S. I will totally take you out to lunch, but I hope you don't mind a quick trip to Home Depot! :)

Dear Mumsie, I can't wait for you to see the house today! EEEeeeekkk!!!!

Dear Readers (again), I hope you don't mind my constant house posts. Get used to it. That is legitimately the ONLY thing on my mind right now. Big A and I will have conversations and he will be telling me about his day, and I'm all "Hey! What color should we paint the bathroom?"...yeah... it's bad. I WILL try to finish posting about the wedding though. Because, it's been almost 3 months and this is ridiculous.

Dear Nails, please just deal with the abuse for the next couple weeks. I promise when all of this shit is done, I will make you pretty again. Please don't hate me. I'm sorry you look like you belong to a 12 year old boy.

Dear Washer & Dryer, I can't wait until you're mind. I am having dirty dreams about you. It's ridiculous. I'm just so excited to do laundry whenever I want... I know... I know... I lead SUCH the exciting life!

Dear Birthday, I wish I could count down to you like you deserve. I wish I could honor you like you deserve. Unfortunately, once again, my timing is impeccable and I can not focus on you. Here's hoping things are less nuts by the time you get here... in 13 days!

Dear Christmas, sweet Jesus I can't deal with how close you are. I am grossly unprepared which may end in some shit shows, some shenanigans, and maybe some ugly girl cries. We'll get through it though. And next year will be better.

That's all for today folks. Partly because I can't think of anything else. And partly because I am borderline falling asleep at my desk.

Have a good weekend Lovers! Smooches!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hello Lovers!

I know I'm kind of a Bitch for leading you on and then not offering up the goods.

My sincere apologies.

I tried to post something yesterday, but apparently I can access Blogger on my phone, but not do anything other than write in a Post Title.

No pictures. No writing. Nothing.

So, I was all set to write a lovely little post today. And realized that I had no computer because the IT guy was working on it.

And now I have a computer, but apparently everything is erased off of it.


So, I have no pictures.

First of all, I have to say that the guesses to the announcement were pretty much the same with everyone. They either thought that we were having a baby OR we were buying a house.

Well... here it is folks!

I am currently expecting...



Yeap... I have many more chain smoking and binge drinking ahead of me as the announcement is not about a big fat positive pregnancy test, but in fact about us buying a house.

We are over the moon excited. We closed on it yesterday and immediately got to work bringing shit over and buying stuff to start our projects.

The whole process was really fast (despite the fact that it felt like forever) and we kind of just fell into this house. I didn't want to jinx anything by talking about it, mainly because I didn't want to have to explain that it blew up in my face.

But it didn't this time. Go figure!

We are now proud homeowners!

I'll be back tomorrow with more info and hopefully some pictures!

Thanks to everyone who dealt with me for so long talking about this big exciting news!!!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Show and Tell: My Christmas/Birthday List

Hello Lovers!

I once again, have no Wedding recap for you.

I am well aware of how much I suck. But, I'm busy. Crazy busy.

You'll find out why tomorrow. Or maybe Thursday. I haven't quite figured that all out yet.

Things are nuts.

I can't believe that we are on out fourth day into December. Insanity.

Straight insanity.

We are only 16 days away from my Birthday and 21days until Christmas.

Soo... in the interest of helping out my mother who asked me what I want for my Birthday/Christmas AND the fact that there is a link-up going on. I think I'll share my Christmas list!

There's not much on my list. I can't think of a whole lot this year. I know. I suck.

1. Ugg Boots. (I know expensive, but even $ towards them would be awesome! Size 8 please! This color.) 2. Puma Sneakers. 3. Back Seat Dog Cover (Hammock Style. Dark Gray or Black) 4. Slippers. (Something like this with a solid bottom. Ugg rip-off will do) 5. Gift Cards (Target, Marshalls, Aeropostle, anywhere!)

Other than that, I can't think of anything really. Apparently that's what happens when you are old and need the essentials.

Super boring. I know.

I have,  however, found a whole bunch of stuff that I can't wait to spend my Bed, Bath, and Beyond money on. We have a bunch of gift cards from the shower and I have been waiting to use them. AND I just got a call from them that I can schedule a shopping appointment and get 20% off. I'm excited!

And that's it. Wanna link up too? Head over to Becky's blog.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

I have to tell you that this is the first weekend that I was wishing went by fast.

Let's just say that I can't wait for Wednesday.

Big announcement coming people.

This weekend was a good one. Spent lots of time with the Hubby.

Friday night, we hung out with a few friends. Got some take out and played some pool. Unfortunately, I learned that I definitely can NOT drink Michelob Ultra Light Ciders anymore. I'm pretty sure that I'm allergic to them. :(
Why does everything I love have to go away?

Can we all just have a moment of silence? I am deeply heartbroken by this.
Saturday, I went and got my hair cut (finally!) and colored by the wonderful Marizzle. It feels a thousand times better! Although, we are pretty sure that my hair is falling out, so I need to start taking some Vitamin E. We decided that it might be stress. Go figure.
Saturday night, Big A and I ran some errands and then went out to eat. We capped off the night by watching TV in bed. I know. I know. Wild animals. It's been nice to kind of hang low. Minus the going out to dinner, we need to cut that shit out.
Sunday, we watched the game and then went to my parents' house for Family Dinner.
All in all. A nice little weekend. Now, counting down the hours until Wednesday!
Hope ya'll had a fab weekend as well! Smooch!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday's Letters

Oh Friday's Letters. I <3 you="you">
Let's begin, shall we.

Dear Sleep, oh how I love you. I get so sad every morning when we are broken apart. I wish we could be together more. I'm doing my best. Last night I threatened bodily harm on my husband to turn the TV off so that we could be reunited again. If that's not love, I don't know what love is.

Dear Marizzle, please excuse the hot mess that my hair is tomorrow. Although, you should be prepared since I don't let anyone else touch it but you, and I haven't seen you since the wedding. Yikes!

Dear Husband, thank you so much for the impromptu date night last night. Chile con queso and margaritas... you sure know the way to my heart. Conversely, when I say "For the love of Jesus Christ will you just shut off the TV already" that means we have reached Defcon 1 and shit is about to get real. Love you though. Smooch!

Dear Weekend, ohthankyoubabyjesusthatyouarehere. Love you! You, me, and sleep should have a threesome. Shhh... it will be our little secret.

Dear Dunkin Donuts White Chocolate Mocha Coffee, I am officially obsessed with you. Seriously. With a slightly less sweet taste (because I can never get through all of it) than the Starbucks White Chocolate Mocha, half the calories, and half the cost. I hope we never have to part. I may or may not have had 4 of you already this week!

Dear Work, jeezy creezy you are busy for a Friday. Cut it out.

Dear Pats, see you on the 10th!!! ;)

Dear Boss Man, you are freaking awesome!!!

Dear Readers, get ready for an announcement next week. Yeah Buddy!

That's all for today!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Warm Milk, Penny Candy, & Chocolate Milkshakes

I debated whether I should post this or not. I didn't want to be a Debbie Downer, but I didn't get into this whole blog world to sugar coat how I feel. Last night was a hard one. I have no idea why. And I'm feeling better today. But last night...was the worst. I guess sometimes it just sneaks up on ya.

It seems that things like this seem to pop up when you least expect it. You are just going through your normal life. And then bam. It just hits you like a ton of bricks. That little hole in your heart that you thought was still there.

For me it is smells, mostly. They bring me back to some time in my life. Sometimes it is a happy memory. Sometimes it males my heart ache.
Last night I was making hot chocolate. My first one of the season. I started warming the milk, mixing in the cocoa, and stirring it just so until it was all nice and mixed. Just like I was taught.

I've had about a million hot chocolates in my life. And they all remind me of my Nanny and Grandpa. How my brother and I used to go to their house to stay overnight. We always had the best time. And in the winter my Nanny always made us hot chocolate. I remember the giant Swiss Miss canister. She would let us scoop our own powder and then we both (my brother and I) would get a spoonful to eat.
But last night, when making my hot chocolate I caught a whiff of the warm milk and it immediately made me think of my Grandpa. I remember one night when my grandparents were watching us and I couldn't sleep. He made me warm milk and told me it would help me sleep. I never liked warm milk, but to this day, probably 20 years later it still makes me think of him.
I remember his smell. His voice. His jokes. How he always told us "not to talk to any strange cars" on our way home. Or how, without fail, he always asked if there were any checks for him in the mail...even if we weren't at his house.

And in that moment, I missed him. Like it was yesterday. A punch to the gut. The tears came rolling and suddenly it had seemed like a lifetime since I've seen him.
It has been a lifetime. An entire lifetime. He died in 2007. He never met Big A. He never saw me graduate college. He never saw me get married. I feel like he has missed such a huge part of my life and I would just give absolutely anything to see him again. To just hug him and talk to him. To go get a chocolate milkshake at Woolworths. To get penny candy at the Daily Market because his car, "The Blue Lady" would always head straight there after school no matter what Grandpa said. To have him call me his Rainbow Princess just one last time.
I just couldn't believe how much it still hurt. 5 years later. And I still remember every.single.minute of that day.

I don't know what it is. What it is about that day. I mean, with my Mimi it hurt so much. She was my first grandparent that I lost. It sucked and I was so angry that she was going to miss so much. But she was sick. It wasn't completely out of nowhere. We had many scares and many close calls but we had time to prepare.

With my Grandy it was awful. Watching the steady decline was devastating. Going from my grandfather to someone I barely recognized in a matter of months. I still remember the sound of his last breath and it will stay with me forever. And as much as I was in denial, I knew deep down that he was dying. I prepared myself for it every day. Every phone call. Every text. I expected it to be goodbye.

But with my Grandpa, I just suppose that I've never had peace with it because I never got a good bye. It came out of nowhere. My grandparents were in the process of moving back to Massachusetts from Florida, when we heard of news that my uncle died. They went to Ireland for the funeral and within a month, my grandpa had a heart attack. Which was devastating. But he was OK. He was up, he was talking. It literally took me the time to go pick up my car from a friend's house 15 min away and he was gone. Just like that.

No good bye. Nothing. Just. Gone.
Maybe that's my problem with it. Because I wasn't able to say good bye. But then again, how much would it have helped if I did? Ya know. I've posted this on here before, but it always seems to apply. My aunt wrote a poem when my Mimi died and it said:
"We are not to know which good bye will be the last.
For we might hold on to tight when the spirit is ready to soar"
Which I get. If I knew, I would have held on to that man so tight. Not letting him out of my sight. Not letting him go to Ireland. But it was his time. He always said that "when you are born, the day you will die is written right next to your name in a book. And that's the day it will happen".
Doesn't make it fair. Doesn't make it right. It just is.
I don't know if it's the holidays, or the wedding, or the anniversary of his death, or that my Nanny is going to Ireland next week, or just everything that is going on that makes me think "you are missing this! You are missing so much! You should be HERE."
Who knows. But, apparently I needed to get all of that out. I feel a bit better today. Still a little sad. But not as bad as I was. I don't know, I guess sometimes you just need a good cry to let it all out. Whether you understand why or not.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesday: Your Husband's Style

I'm linking up with Allie and Kay for Wedded Bliss Wednesday.

And confession time. I totally cheated and just wrote last week's post right now. And then back dated it so it looks like I posted it on time. You can read it here.

(P.S. I just noticed on the counter on my blog that we have been married for 81 days! Take THAT Kim Kardashian!)

Moving on... this week is all about Hubby's style. Which, most of the people that know us will laugh, because Hubby has 2 maybe 3 styles.
What is your husband's style?

Big A's style is pretty simple. He's a mechanic and is always working in SOMETHING so he is usually in work clothes. All.the.time. Other than that, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts. That's it really. Here are his Summer & Winter looks.

The flannel look is when he gets fancy. ;)
Always wearing a work shirt or sweatshirt!
What is your LEAST favorite piece(s) of his wardrobe?

Eh, his stuff is pretty simple. There's nothing really to hate. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have to look at him in his work clothes 24/7 but I guess why change if you don't have to. Ya know.

The only wardrobe thing that bothers me that he does is that he will tuck in his t-shirt when he puts on a sweatshirt. Which is fine. I get it. But if he gets hot, he'll take the sweatshirt off and leave the shirt tucked in. Which I can't stand. Dress shirts, totally get it. T-shirts. No thank you.

What would you love for your man to wear?

There's nothing really that I would want him to wear, clothing wise. I would like it if he wore cologne more often. He has this amazing smelling cologne but he NEVER wears it unless I force him to. Haha.

Other than that, I like the way he dresses! I'm kind of a no muss, no fuss kind of girl so it works for me.

That's all for today. Head on over and read all the other fabulous link-ups!

So What! Wednesday

Oh hey friends!

Better late than never, right?

I offered to drive out to one of our Operating Centers this morning to bring someone their laptop. We had a pretty huge event recently and people are going crazy, so I thought I would be nice and offer.

AND it got me out of the office for 3 hours, so I can't complain.

Anywho...FINALLY linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday!

This week I am saying So What! if...

* Everyone thinks that I am SO nice for driving out the laptop, when really it gave me 3 hours to chain smoke, listen to music, and just hang. The ride home was boring as hell, but whatever... I made it.

* I learned that my anti-social tendencies transfer over to driving as well. I don't like other cars near me. I like to be going the speed I want, in the lane that I'm in, and I don't really want to have to deal with anyone else. So I don't. I just do the speed I want in the lane I want. I'm sorry, 85 mph not fast enough for you? Go around me bitch! Smooch!

* It was a culture shock to go back to work on Monday. I mean, waking up early, getting myself dressed, actually functioning, NOT drinking and stuffing my face? This shit is for the birds man.

* I'm beginning to doubt if we are going to get a Christmas tree this year. Shit is crayzay and I don't know if I want to deal with it. There I said it.

* I wonder if I'm actually going to do a bday party as well. (T-minus 3 days until Birthday Month! Holler). See above for reasoning.

* I want to get Mr. Fresh snow boots despite the fact that Big A thinks I'm nuts. Homeboy LOVES to play in the snow. Seriously, I could leave him outside all day by himself (I don't) and he would just entertain himself. Throwing snowballs up in the air to himself with his nose (Adorable!) But, he gets snow stuck between his paws and they turn into icicles and get stuck to his hair. Can't be comfortable. On the other hand... he might bite me if I try. We'll see.

* I haven't been to the gym in about a week. With getting sick and drinking & overeating the holidays it was just too much. And then this week has been nuts. But... I've lost weight. Stress does have its upside!

* I missed Wedded Bliss Wednesday last week and I think I might do it anyway because I don't want to miss one. OCD much?

* I STILL haven't sent out the thank you cards for the wedding. I mean, I ordered them. I'm about 1/2 way through. I just haven't finished them. I DID ask Big A to get me stamps today. That's productive, right?

Alright, since I have like 12 more posts to write I'm going to end here.

Head on over to Shannon's blog and link up! Then check out all the other fabulous ladies who are linking up too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Women Connect Link-Up

I'm going to distract you from realizing that I forgot to post wedding pictures with this nifty little link-up that Becky is doing. 

Did it work?

I apologize for using the word "nifty".

Anywho... moving on.

I've had this post open for awhile. Like Becky, I'm having trouble introducing myself. I mean what are you supposed to say really?

My name is Kayleigh, I like long walks on the beach, dinners at sunset....

It's weird.

So I'll just jump on in. I suppose.

I started blogging about 2 1/2 years ago. With this post. (Try not to fall off your seat with how exciting it is) I've always been into writing and I missed it. Plus, my family was kind of scattering across the country (and half of my family lived in another country) and I thought that it would be nice to start a little place where we could all keep in touch.

You know... kind of like Facebook stalking, only you are actually emotionally invested in this person's life. They can read and know what's going on, but we don't have to have those awkward "Sooo... how are things?" discussions because we already know. And then my cousin started a blog and I thought, "yep... now's the time to do it. We will all start blogs and keep in touch and everything will be perfect!"

Wishful thinking, I suppose, but it was a good thought at the time.

So, I wrote. About everything. And my only follower was my mom.

And honestly? It was a lot more freeing then. I could write about whatever I wanted because I knew the only person that I had to worry about was my mom. I mean, not that I talked trash or anything, but I wasn't worried about what other people would think. I didn't know that there was an entire Blogging world out there. And honestly, my most popular post was written when I didn't have any followers (well, other than my mom). It was this one, where I demonstrate my ADD. And then there's the one on Petite Lap Giraffes. That brought a lot of readers.

But, back then, I wrote because I didn't really know where I stood in life. I was two years out of college. Had just started my first office job. I was living with my boyfriend. And I was struggling with the fact that I was caught in this "in between" stage. Ya know. I still felt like a kid, but I quite obviously wasn't. I mean, kids don't pay rent, or have to clean their apartment, or have 401K's. Ya know. And I wasn't sure how much I liked it.

So, rather than spend lots of money on expensive therapy, I just poured it all out here.

And then in 2011, Big A and I got engaged. I had been stalking every single wedding blog that I could find and I had found all of these amazing ideas and all of these amazing people and I just felt like I had found my place. Ya know.

I made friends. REAL friends. People I talk to daily about everything. The only difference between them and my IRL friends is that I don't see them. And I like some of them better. (HA! Kidding!)

It wasn't until recently. After getting married and going through all of the planning and such that I realized that this truly was. I have documentation of one of THE most amazing and important times in my life. I can look back on most days and know exactly how I was feeling. I can remember little details which I'm sure I have already forgotten. And I am so so thankful that I have that.

And now... I'm a newlywed. Navigating through another transition in life, only this time, my place is clear. I mean, I've always had trouble with change. I'm no good at it. Keep me on the straight and narrow and I'll be fine as pie (is that a saying, or did I just make it up?). Take me on a detour and my palms start to get a little sweaty. Not really a fan. But honestly, right now, I feel like this is where I was supposed to be. My entire life. When everything felt wrong, and off, and sideways, and upside down. It was all just to get to this place.

I was meant to be Big A's wife. I have NEVER been more comfortable in a role, in a space, in a time, in my ENTIRE life. And I'm not saying it as the only thing that I am aspiring to be is a wife (although I am STILL trying to convince Big A that I would be  BANGIN' Trophy Wife if he just gave me a shot... and maybe a boob job). I'm just saying that I found my place.

And I have all of that right here. Most of that journey has been documented.

I think I'm rambling now. And maybe getting off topic. But I guess I'm just trying to explain where I am now.

I'm a wife. A daughter. A sister. A sister in law. A daughter in law. A cousin. A friend. A blogger. A co-worker.

I'm crazy OCD. I cry at sad movies, shows, commercials, newspaper articles. You name it. I'm anxiety-ridden by the littlest things. I've struggled with depression. I've made it through some effed up shit. I've been at rock bottom.

I've worked my way up. I've made something of myself. I've kicked ass in this little thing called life and got to somewhere in life that I want to be.

I'm incredibly loyal to my friends and family. I absolutely DESPISE lying and won't tolerate it. I cut out toxic people, and don't apologize for it. I love to laugh and giggle and just be absolutely incredibly insane with my friends, and my husband. I like to be myself, and won't spend much time around people who I can't do that with.

I spent a lot of time figuring out who this person was. And she isn't going back now. I am me.
Unapologetic me.

And I guess that's all.

If you've made it this far, then I congratulate you. I know there aren't any fancy pictures. But, I haven't had a good free rant in awhile. So I guess this was a good thing.

Thanks to Becky, for putting on this link-up so we can all get to know each other a little better. And ourselves a little better as well, I suppose.

Now. Your turn. What about you?