Friday, January 20, 2012

Firm Friday: Week 3

I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

Oy...this morning was disappointing. I was obsessing about weighing myself in all week (which is the opposite of last week since I figured I lost nothing so who cares...).

So naturally... I lost nothing. I would like to say that I think my scale sucks, but I'm pretty sure it isn't the scales fault/problem. I know my body does this. It loses those first couple like nothing...

...and then...heartbreak.


I decided to do my measurements to see if anything happened there. I've got a little something, but it isn't huge. At least it is something right.

Here goes nothing.

Weight: 179.5 (no change. Still the same 2.5)
Waist: 37.5 (down from 40.5 so that's a little exciting)
Hips: 42 (same, there's probably no getting rid of that. Even as a skinny bitch I've got big hips and a giant got back)
Arms: 13 (down from 13.5...meh)
Thigh: 25 (no change)

So there you have it. The nitty gritty.

I tried really hard this week. I only went over my calories twice and that was only by 30ish calories. I continued with Week 2 of Couch to 5K, so I ran 3 times this week.

I think I need to step it up next week though. I'm going to try to get on a schedule of running 3 days and then doing some sort of other exercise. Like my Jillian's video or something. Maybe look up some exercises I can do at the gym after running. Something with weights.

My goal for next week is to work out a total of 5 days. Stay under my calories. And lock it up.

Sadly, I think this means giving myself only one day to drink.
A) Because of the calories. Nothing I like it low cal. Wine, beer, hard cider. I tried vodka and sprite 0 but I just end up drinking too much because I'm not used to it and being hungover (see Thanksgiving Eve/Day). Not really healthy.
B) I had two tiny glasses of wine last night (not even out of my Big Bertha glass) and I had a headache before I even went to sleep. I still have it now. Apparently, homie can't hang anymore since I have barely drank in the past two weeks. BOOOO!

And that's all for this week. I would love to celebrate my accomplishments for doing well with eating and losing some inches, but I'm a little bummed. Eh. I'll get over it.

How did you all do this week? Head on over to K to the Law's blog and tell us all about it!


  1. OMG girl this is huge! You're doing it! You're kicking fats ass! LOVE it.

  2. My body is the same way. I will start losing inches, but I don't lose weight. We are doing a Biggest Loser thing at work and if you win first place you get like $300 so my butt is in gear right now to lose some weight. Money is a great motivator :) So is a wedding, haha! If I find any good workouts I will send them your way!

  3. Oh the drinks always kill me, I love me some drinks! My body sucks too, I swear something is wrong with me. I'm doing Firm Fridays to try not to gain 50 pounds while prego...and it aint workin'! I keep packing it on!


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